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StovePop Stainless Steel Popcorn Popper $88.45 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) at Amazon US via AU


Great stainless steel popcorn popper at a decent price. Lowest price according to the camels has only been $4 cheaper.

If you're after cinema like popcorn, this is the answer. Use 1/4 coconut oil (or canola/vegetable/sunflower), 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels and a teaspoon of Flavacol.

I previously worked at the cinemas so even though the cranking is manual, the sounds and smells of cooking popcorn like this at home brings back so many memories! (Note - the oil at the cinemas is coloured to give it the orange-ish tinge. You can buy sachets like this to be really authentic).

Our kids refuse to eat the microwave popcorn now. 🙄

We've also used Glaze Pop for decent caramel popcorn.

StovePop Stainless Steel Popcorn Popper by VICTORIO VKP1160
GEARLESS HAND CRANK: Unique smooth-turning design keeps popcorn moving so virtually every kernel pops
EASY POUR: Magnetic Lid Lifting Rod makes pouring the 6 quarts of popcorn a snap
NO BURNS: Cool-Touch Handles for safe and easy use
USE ON ANY RANGE: Works on gas, regular electric burners and induction ranges

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    $90?! How’s this better than using a similar size saucepan and lid? (That most people already have)

    • +4

      This, but also thanks for the oil tips.

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      How’s this better than using a similar size saucepan and lid?

      Good question… probably easier than shaking a pot and prevents kernel burning.

      This popper mimics the automatic crank in the commercial poppers at cinemas.

      • +1

        probably easier than shaking a pot

        It's a simple shake vs holding the pot and rotating the crank… Also, a genuine question, where does the popcorns spills to when overflowing through that lid? I guess not onto the stove?

        Still probably a nice gift for popcorn lovers.

  • Where can I buy quality popping corn Kernels from?
    The quality of ones at supermarkets is quite poor.

    Also any idea where can I find mushroom type Popping corn?

    • We just use Riviana from Coles or Woolies.

      I had no idea there were different types of popcorn!

      • +1

        Riviana popping corn is not that great compared to varieties I used overseas. Hence my question.

    • Add more oil for your kernels to pop fully. Thank me later!

    • There's party supply shops where you can buy ~10kg bags for crazy cheap

      • -1

        ~10kg bags

        Great for those looking to start a cartel…

      • I did this just under a 18 months ago. Got 15kg mega cheap and on the last 5kg now. It was the best decision!

    • Amazon sells big bags of it. Galaxy Foods Popping Corn 1kg for $5.

  • +1

    Interesting, I just use a large pyrex bowl with a plate on top, olive oil in the microwave for 5 minutes. Great results and good for you.

    • I just use a large pyrex bowl

      Borosilicate or lime soda version?

      • Lol
        Believe it's borosilicate…

        • Ahhh the good stuff!

    • I do the same with a lidded glass casserole dish in the microwave without the oil. Pour over a little bit of melted butter at the end and salt to taste. Best popcorn and super easy! Going to try olive oil now too

  • What the difference between this one ; https://www.amazon.com.au/Cook-Home-02626-Aluminium-Stovetop...

    And the one OP posted?

    • It’s aluminium and more expensive with postage added.

  • the oil at the cinemas is coloured

    What about using butter?

    • -2

      What? A healthier, more expensive input product? How does that work with the cokes and diabetes ?

    • +1

      Ghee is the way.. which is just clarified butter. I personally like the nutty taste it offers.

      EVOO is also very acceptable.

      You just need 1 teaspoon to coat approx 1/2 cup of kernels. I normally just eye ball it.

  • +1

    These work well. But if you have a round-bottom wok, they work almost as well for making popcorn. With a little shake now and then, the un-popped kernels sink to the bottom of the wok and you get very few left at the end. The oil spraying everywhere (don't forget to use a lid!) is great for seasoning the wok also!

    I use a 1:4 ratio of coconut oil to corn kernels (I find a 1:2 ratio, as the OP suggests, is excessive on the oil). Then add Flavacol afterwards, to taste. I don't add Flavacol directly to the wok, because it is quite abrasive and may cause pitting.

  • 1/4 of a cup of oil! There goes any health benefits!

    • +1

      Use olive oil, way better for you.

    • Just use a non trans-fat oil… (so no cottonseed oil)

    • 1/4 of a cup of oil

      True… I should reduce that amount.

  • What's the consensus on popcorn makers like this one from Kmart? Also these microwaveable ones?

    • +1

      The Amazon one there looks like someone found a second use for a slightly leaky coffee pot

    • +1

      The Kmart one is an air popper. I’ve tried an air popper before but couldn’t find a decent seasoning. We tried melted butter and salt.

      • I use Chicken salt yum .

  • Flavacol for its artificial butter flavour and colourings or just plain butter, hmmm…

    • +1

      Melted butter makes for soggy popcorn. That's why cinemas use Flavacol or similar flavourings.

      • Use flavcol and get some of this stuff to put on the popcorn after its popped-

        Odell's Super-Kist Buttery Popcorn Oil, 1 Gallon www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B002YLNUL4/

        Sadly it is out of stock now but you can sometimes import it from amazon US.

  • +1

    I've been wanting one of these for the longest time but cant seem to understand why they're so friggin expensive. Its basically a pot with a spinner, no way it costs $90.

  • A popcorn popper?
    sshyeah, right.
    I don't even eat popcorn, let alone a lot of popcorn that would facilitate a popcorn popper.
    What am I going to do with a popcorn popper?

    • Good find for C&C or low shipping costs. Shipping was $30 for me.

  • +7

    This is overpriced folks.

    I bought my Whirley-Pop from Williams Sonoma at full price at $60.

    It's a lot to pay for a device that makes popcorn, but I am an avid popcorn eater and have made popcorn at home for over a decade using a variety of techniques and pots/pans.


    Currently on sale for $48 plus delivery, which is not cheap but far cheaper than this Amazon version.

    I personally use a teaspoon of ghee and 1/2 to 1 cup popcorn kernels, a teaspoon of fine salt (Kirkland Fine Sea Salt is the jam)… apply medium to high heat, and 97-99% kernels will pop. I have used all brands, even random kernels from eBay (mushroom and butterfly varieties), and the Whirley Pop is the only device or means of making popcorn that actually works without any issues. The brand of kernels is irrelevant I have found.

    The reason why this works so well: 1) The main base where you insert popcorn kernels I made from aluminium which conducts heat very well and quickly, and 2) The mechanical spinning arm that helps move the popcorn kernels around as heat is applied in a relatively even manner and helps cover the kernels in ghee/oil/butter/salt etc.

    • Thanks for the insight - I'll need to try the ghee and salt.

      This is overpriced folks.

      I bought my Whirley-Pop from Williams Sonoma at full price at $60.

      Induction cooktop users will need the stainless steel version (pasted here in the comment just above yours) however the Amazon one may be cheaper depending on shipping costs.

    • +1

      $62.95 shipped to metro NSW.

    • +2

      The one you link is made of aluminium, not a fan of aluminium cookware especially when it is in direct contact with food. The other link by Terra Australis above you would be a better option, stainless steel.

    • I use one of these too. They're the best. I always go with the 1,2,3,4 method. 1/2 cup kernels, 3/4tsp flavacol.
      The only thing I haven't soaked in yet is the coconut oil quantity.

  • I prefer the hot air method and then apply 10-20 grams of butter depending on batch size and melt it in microwave.

    To avoid the sogginess issue, I butter paint the popcorn - use a silicon brush which by dipping in the butter and brushing over the popcorn prevents it from getting moist.

    Add salt after each coat of butter paint, mix/toss, repeat.

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