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Acer 27" KG272S Gaming Monitor $260 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas) @ Officeworks


This monitor has a 27" display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.
It has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and response time of 0.5 ms.
This monitor is ideal for gaming thanks to its smooth, immersive visuals and true-to-life colours.
It's also suitable for everyday computing like working, browsing, and entertainment.
It has a DisplayPort connection.
Explore new worlds in stunning Full HD with the AMD FreeSync Premium feature.
The BlueLight and Flickerless modes help to prevent eyestrain and increase comfort.

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  • IPS.

  • Is a bargain at this price. If you can find stock.

    • Free delivery to Metro or C&C even don't have stock at your store.

      • Yeah lucky you.

        No stock any where here in Central Queensland.

        And they want to charge $25.95 delivery for us here in regional QLD. We are always subsidising the free delivery for you metro city folks.

        • What happen if you select Click and Collect at check out? Can you select your local store for free C&C? It allow me to select any store at Sydney.

          • @superforever: Oh yeah i can select C&C for free. Yeah the irony is i can do a free C&C and wait for it to be delivered to the store free of charge to me. Yet if i select delivery suddenly it's a $25.95 fee.

            • @hollykryten:

              Yet if i select delivery suddenly it's a $25.95 fee.

              Yeah not sure why deliver to nearby store C&C is free but deliver to home is not for some area.

              Zone 2
              Deliveries to zone 2 incur a delivery fee of $5.95. Delivery will occur between 1-3 business days.
              Large items will be delivered seperately within 1-5 business days and will incur an additional delivery fee of $49.95

              Zone 3
              Deliveries to zone 3 incur a delivery fee of $25.95. Delivery will occur between 1-5 business days.
              Large items will be delivered separately within 1-5 business days and will incur an additional delivery fee of $59.95

              • @superforever: Yes that's why i have always selected C&C even for not in stock items. And have never selected delivery from OW. It's just too much of a ripoff for regional areas. Even a tiny item like a computer cable incurs a $25.95 delivery fee. Yet if you select a computer monitor it's also $25.95 delivery. I would hate to be some one in regional with no OW store any where nearby.

                I think Zone 2 must be regional areas close to captical cities. And Zone 3 is any where that isn't.

  • How does this compare to say the ozb special Dell 2721dgf ?

    I’m not super across monitor specs but is the 1080 resolution good for office based work? Word spreadsheets etc? Along with gaming

    • +1

      Personally I'd say if you can wait for another Dell special, do that.
      Normally 2 k resolution and 144hz is around $300-$350 when the do a LOVEKEANU drop.

    • If you can wait for the DGF to be $399 again, definitely worth the wait.

      1440p in a class of its own.

      • Apparently it won't be down at that price again (at least in the foreseeable future). Dealbot suggested we might have already seen the best Dell deals that we'll get

        • Personally I paid $470 by memory. I'd buy it again over this monitor.

    • Get the Dell. It's 1440p compared to the 1080p of this monitor and has a higher PPI being higher resolution so everything would look better on it and you'd be futureproofing yourself as the monitor will last a long time.

    • For games it kinda depends on what grfx card you have and if it can handle 1440p at the frame rates you want.
      For work Id go for a 1440p in a heartbeat. The higher definition means you can fit more data on the screen at the same time, like more columns in a spreadsheet and at 27 inches things should still be readable just fine.

    • gaming only needs high hz and thats just for competitive game titles.
      other than that, aiming for high res as much as you can.

  • 27" Acer 1080p monitor with a 144hz refresh rate - is this just a rebadged EG270P?

    Still a ripper of a price despite being only 1080p.

  • good price

  • Ahh remember the days of the $159 BenQ 28" FHD monitor. I have one that reminds me every day :)

  • +1

    Dumb question I think but would this be good for a work monitor ie word processing, excel etc? Ie is there any reason not to use a gaming monitor for those type of activities?

    • +1

      You'd get that sweet 144Hz scrolling through Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. In all seriousness, it might be better than your average desktop 60Hz stock standard office monitor because these have warm light options which will save your eyes from straining in the long run.

      • Thanks bought one.

    • +1

      No reason to avoid it. Other than once you start using high refresh monitors you're going to be ruined for anything else. It's hard to use 60hz afterwards haha

      • Thanks - I’ve ordered one, hopefully there is stock.

    • if you care about screen real estate, i'd wait for a 1440p deal. way better for productivity.

  • +1

    I had this monitor before I slithered it away to my wife so I could buy a 34 inch wide screen.

    It was fantastic and I feel this is a great price for it. Sometimes I wish I had kept it instead. Was just perfect for work and CS:GO and easy on the eyes with the right settings.

    • +1

      Bought one! Thanks

  • Thanks OP have ordered one.

  • Thanks OP, got one. Seems to have decent specs for a work monitor.

  • Clearly I'm doing something wrong, can anyone advise for Melb how to get one? I keep getting out of stock for C&C or having it delivered…unless it's genuinely all sold out 🥵

  • Thanks op, got one in sydney C&C.

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