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Acer EG270P 27'' FHD Freesync IPS 144hz Gaming Monitor $298 & Other Gaming Monitors @ Officeworks


For anyone looking for a decent budget gaming monitor at $298 this is decent price for a monitor considering the current monitor shortages and increased prices in Australia due to weak AUD where this monitor has decent features for its price which are IPS 144hz FHD 27 inch. I believe this monitor is similar to the AOC 27G2 except I believe the Acer has a worse monitor stand compared to the AOC monitor though I am not 100% sure if it uses the same panel due to Acer having no English specs on their website and that apparently only Officeworks sells this Acer monitor in a English speaking country so cannot even find a English manual online.

Acer EG270P website product page archive link thanks to Hellfire for finding the deleted Acer web page.

Other gaming monitors that Officeworks has in more limited stocks compared to the Acer EG270P are:

  • MSI 27 G271 at $419 is more expensive than the Acer for the same specs unsure if MSI offers any better quality for their price compared to Acer or if they are just more expensive.
  • ASUS VG279QM at $699 currently has limited stock available at Officeworks it is a IPS 240hz (280hz overclocked) FHD 27 Inch monitor and I believe from current reviews such as Hardware Unboxed and TFT Central is one of the fastest IPS monitors with only slightly slower response times compared to current 240hz TN monitors. Also ASUS is giving away steam gift cards for eligible ASUS products before the end may which this monitor is eligible for a $50 gift card redeemable at ASUS website.

Also here is my tips for finding product that are available in particular Officeworks stores, when looking at our website in general for products that are technology or furniture they will show unavailable or out of stock if there is between 0 and 1 and it will show limited if there is 2 or more stock that is listed on our stock levels which is designed to account for display units though currently for new products at Officeworks there is generally not going to be any displays units at the moment so some stores that have 1 stock available will be showing as out of stock. The best way to find out which stores has stock is either to call a store or our call centre and ask us to check which stores in the state are showing stock so you can called them to confirm if the item is available ie it is not a faulty product displaying on our stock levels.

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  • +53

    It is 27" in size with a FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Do not get a 27" with only 1080 - you will see the "dots" on the screen.

    • -16

      No I won't lol

    • The hero we need, but not the one we deserve.

    • +15

      Agree, 1080p at 24" is okay but at 27" the pixels become visible. 1440p is much nicer for 27-32" screens.

    • -12

      Lol dots on the screen, how close are you sitting to the monitor?? You must have the sharpness at some dumb level if you're seeing dots, or incredible eyes.

      Each different kind of panel has a different filter, so some are more noticeable than others but most come out of the box with terrible sharpness which does show pixels. Proper calibration negates this and people need to stop saying 27/1080p is shit.

      • +9

        I'm not disagreeing with you about the 'dots' on the screen, but after buying a 27" 1440p, I could never go back to using a 27" 1080p (or any other lower PPI) monitor.

    • +14

      I think FHD 24'' vs 27'' can come down to personal preference I personally prefer higher PPI but I know some people who prefer having bigger screen size or have different desk setups where they prefer looking at the monitor further away compared to having it close up to them which a 27'' monitor may be better for.

      Though in my experience is hard to sell higher PPI to ordinary customers they just see bigger is better and do not care what the resolution of the monitor is or whats the PPI, they only seem to care about the size of monitor they are getting and bigger is better.

    • +2

      Depends how spoiled you are already. Going to 1440p was amazing, now I won't be happy with anything less.

    • what's a good price for an IPS 27 inch 1440p 144hz monitor? Cheapest ones I'm finding are 2-3x the price of this

    • +3

      I've been using a 27" at 1080p for years and have never had this issue. Perhaps I sit too far back for it.

    • +1

      That depends on your viewing distance from it and your individual eyes. You can't make that statement definitively for everyone.

    • I think 27" is on the border of 1080 or higher, and a lot of graphics cards won't be able to utilise the 144hz on larger resolutions.

    • I have this monitor. Between this one and the 24" 1080p next to it, I can't see a difference.

  • +1

    This is a good price for 27" monitor….

  • +1

    are you sure this is an ips panel? no mention of this on the officeworks site

    • I am pretty sure it is an IPS panel because I seen box of it in store that clearly had IPS on it also look at 4ms response times this generally indicates that a monitor is IPS or VA and as most VA are curved and not flat. Note as mention there is very little specs on this monitor because it currently I believe only sold in Australia by Officeworks and Acer I believe sells this in the Chinese market but cannot find much more information.

      • +6

        "most VA are curved"

        That's just straight up not true.

        Its the same as any other display technology and comes in lots of different configurations.

        • +1

          I said most VA are curved not all VA monitors are curved probably should have put gaming 144hz VA are mostly curved to be more clearer, I know that there are some VA monitors are flat I happen to own a few flat VA monitor in my house though generally for gaming VA monitors they come in curved and rarely do you see them in flat models.

  • +6

    I bought one of these from the East Victoria Park store(WA) on the weekend(they had 5 left after I bought one).

    For the price it's a great monitor and I would recommend it for anyone who wants a cheap 144hz ips. No noticeable ghosting so far and it feels really smooth after playing on a 60hz monitor. The stand has no height adjustment and is fairly low so I would recommend using a different stand with it.
    Colour wise it seems a little cool when compared with my ultrasharp but that could just be the ultrasharp showing its age and the FHD resolution doesn't bother me even when sitting next to my 1440 27" monitor.

    Also just an FYI it doesn't come with a displayport cable just a hdmi.

    • I tried to google but havent been able to find an answer. Do you know if it has a vesa mount?

      • It has 100mm vesa mounting holes. Doesn't come with screws but uses M4 10mm

  • +6

    Great deal from a work from home tax deduction perspective as it falls under the $300 threshold for deduction in a single year.

    • Agreed. Been after a sub$300 so that I can claim 100% on tax immediately. This one ticks the box

      • Can you claim back 100%? I need a second monitor for work, this would be useful to know. Is it max $300 so if I bought a $600 one, can i claim back half?

        • +2

          Paraphrasing ATO: You can claim an immediate deduction for the cost of a depreciating asset if the cost doesn't exceed $300.

          If you're buying a $600 monitor for work, you'd need to add this to your low value pool and claim deductions based on prescribed rates/schedule. Pretty sure you can't claim $300 this FY and the remaining $300 next FY. I'm sure work from home claims will be on the ATO's hitlist so be careful with your calcs/claims

          • +2

            @ilubbargains: Can someone actually explain how this work? I would love to be able to claim this

    • +2

      i wish this one would come back ..

  • Grabbed one with free shipping - was looking out for a 27" IPS 144Hz monitor and just had to grab one at this price.

  • I'm after a 4K monitor >27". What about this:

    • +1

      I think that monitor is currently out of stock I cannot look up stock so best to call a Officeworks store or our call centre to determine if local store has stock as some online only items where given to stores because of stock shortages. Though personally I do not think Officeworks has many good 4k monitors the ones we currently have are either cheap budget TN 4K monitors and some better ones we have are limited stock online only either expensive or average quality monitors.

      I would recommend going through websites such as pcpartpicker to check different range of 4k monitors available in Australia and prices and compare which monitor meets your needs and budget and see which stores has it for cheapest price or coupon deals available.

  • -3

    any good gaming laptops on sale?

    • Lenovo L340, stack with 10% cashback today. Under $1100. Or the Y540.

    • +22

      Doesn't FHD imply the resolution?

  • 144hz vs. 75hz
    Are there any conceivable benefits of using a monitor with a 144hz refresh rate (vs. 75hz) for just office use/documents/browsing? I've read that 75hz is ideal on eyes for tasks like office work. Or does it, in reality, boil down to personal preference or trial and error, that is, some office workers actually discover that their 144-260hz gaming monitors are more comfortable (even in the long term) than their 75hz one? Is it true (not just on paper) that 144hz is significantly more demanding/straining on many/most users' eyes/brain versus 75hz? Thanks for your advice and help.

    • +2

      It's more up to how you use it. If you're constantly scrolling it could be worth it, if your screen stays mostly static then it could be a waste.

    • +1

      Never heard anything about refresh rate and strain on eyes. I have a 240hz and it's so incredibly buttery smooth I sometimes move my mouse around just to admire. I can tell the difference between even 144 and 240 when just browsing and scrolling so I would say definitely 144hz is worth it over 75 especially at this price point.

    • +1

      Ive always found higher refresh rates easier to look at, dont know why.
      I still remember the old crt days, when low refresh rates where painful to look at for long times….guess it goes for lcd aswell.

  • I have a 24inch 1080p benq with 60hz. Should I bite the bullet and try this? would it be a big upgrade? Ive never played anything over 60hz

    • +3

      I know it's hard to believe, but even 60 -> 75 was a big deal for me. There's a perceptible increase in smoothness.

    • +3

      From what I've heard, the difference in smoothness between 60hz and 144hz is like day and night. Especially in competitive games or even anything your PC is getting 60+ FPS in.

  • How good is this laptop for work and uni purposes? I had dual screens in the office and would like to do that from home. Any experiences that someone can share?

    • +4

      It would be good as any other 27'' FHD IPS monitor only with the added benefit that it has higher refresh rate at 144hz so can be used for PC gaming with a computer that has strong enough CPU and GPU. If you are only getting monitor for work and uni purposes and do not care about gaming Officeworks and other retail stores do have other cheaper monitors than this from 21.5'' to 27'' range some of them include better monitor stands for work purposes.

      • I bit the bullet and ordered one. Thanks for the details.

  • Thanks a lot.

  • Waiting on a good ultrawide sale to replace my LG 29

  • +6

    27in at 1440p is the sweet spot in my opinion for office/normal work.

  • I was all set to grab this earlier in the week, but decided to order the AOC instead. Hope I made the right choice! :D

    • +1

      Does not look like the right choice… VA panel and more expensive unless you got it for cheaper.

      • Bugger. :(

        • We win some we lose some mate

          • @gram: Yeah, I'm sure it will be fine. :D

  • Should I wait until EOFY?

    • yeah probs, who knows bargains will come

  • I got delivered it yesterday and have to spend time to adjust brightness and colour set. Finally gave up.
    But I'm still happy with 144fps gaming

  • Good to see monitors coming back in stock.

    I am eying off the 34GL750 for flight sim with price beat hopefully

  • +1

    Does anyone know what the MRPT is on this monitor ??? I can't find much info on it.

    I've got my eye set on a AOC 27G2 but just waiting for the price to come down again.

  • OOS now I believe.

  • +2

    It's been taken down from the acer website but this used to be the product page:

    • +1

      Thank you for this I though I once saw a product page on Acer website when I looked up this monitor awhile ago but could not remember where I saw it. This is why in my personal opinion why I find Acer terrible that there website is so shit compared to other monitor manufacturers and that they make it difficult to find specific Acer monitor specs or manuals on their website and some have very little information on them.

  • Any 2k resolution deals?

    • You just missed out this morning lol

    • The only 27'' QHD IPS 144hz monitor that is sort of a deal is the BenQ 27 EX2780Q at $698 was $798 in store only with very limited stock (note website is incorrect on online only these were given to stores due to monitor shortages) so to find which stores have it you will have to call our call centre or an Officeworks store and ask which stores have 1 in stock as they will show out of stock on our website if the store only has 1. Also in my opinion this is kinda of average quality monitor has some weird features and better than normal speakers for a monitor but nothing that special about it.

      Though this price is I believe the current lowest price without the use of coupon I once saw last month that Mwave did a coupon offer of $100 off which brought it down to I think $699.

  • Does this monitor have internal speakers?

    • It does not have internal speakers I think it is one of Acer budget models with bad stand and limited features though I believe it might have audio out according to Acer website product page that saved thanks to Hellfire for providing the link to this page.

  • There are cheaper alternative for work purpose

  • Any thoughts on that’s also mentioned?

    • +1

      My only thoughts are I think it has similar specs but a lot more expensive then the Acer with the only difference I think I can find looking at another retailer website who unlike Officeworks website actually have the correct monitor details is that the MSI monitor might have a wide colour gamut backlight and maybe better quality on their design but both monitors are very unknown at the moment where there does not appear to be many reviews on them.

  • +1

    Does this have a VESA mount?

    • +1

      It does have VESA mount support I just updated the post with the Acer webpage archive link that has slightly more information and pictures compared to Officeworks website.

  • This is not much of a deal. looks like it was this price from Jan to march.

    still now looks to be one of the better deals.

  • Gosh that was hard to read OP.

  • Says not available online or in stores. Out of stock already?

    • Just had quick check on stock for Acer EG270P on our website and using the Officeworks app (which is sometimes better at checking which stores have stock not having to check every post code) I think it is now out of stock in our warehouse so it cannot be ordered to delivered as a click & collect or delivered to an address so it is available in store only now.

      Looking at current availability in is in stock in some VIC, NSW, QLD, and WA Officeworks stores so best to look at which stores are nearby to see which store has stock.

      • Customer centre told me I got the last stock and restock will take at least 2 weeks.

      • Thanks - Decided to buy one of these even though I pulled the trigger and ordered a AOC 27G1 on the weekend. At least for $298, I can include as an immediate tax deduction. :D

        Any thoughts on what the better monitor will be for 1080P gaming when paired with this bad boy which I'm hoping will arrive by the weekend?


        • Immediate tax deduction?

          Isn't it done at tax time?

          • @ssjmark: Yeah, could have worded it better - but you know what I mean. ;)

        • +2

          My thoughts on 144hz IPS vs VA is that IPS are generally best all rounder for response times, viewing angles and decent image quality while VA are better at using for dark content such as media usage and playing in dark environment though generally at 144hz they tend to suffer from their slower response times. So if you are going to use both monitors I also have dual monitors a 144hz IPS and 60Hhz VA to take advantages of pros of both different monitor technology. So if you playing fast pace games the IPS would better choice while if you are playing slower games or games which you prefer having highest graphic quality with lower FPS then the VA can be better due to its superior contrast making image quality better due to blacks actually look like black instead of being a darkish gray on the IPS.

          My current opinion on technology of gaming IPS vs VA is that IPS has made the most improvement where we now have FHD 144hz IPS gaming monitors that have gotten cheaper with similar prices to comparable VA and TN panels compared to before where IPS attracted a premium price. Also looking at 240hz IPS has really improved their response times where even without overdrive they can be faster then some IPS with overdrive and if it continues to improve IPS may eventually get similar response times as TN. VA on the other hand I think it is great for the advantages it gives with contrast ratio the only problem is I find it harder to get decent VA than IPS where you have to find a manufacturer who has implemented great overdrive and looking at Samsung new 240hz VA monitor C27RG50 there does not appear to be much improvement in response times though this might use be Samsung's fault as this monitor cannot use Freesync with overdrive on and overdrive setting did not actually work on TFTCentral sample of this monitor which is a worse software implementation similar to what Acer occasionally do which is locking overdrive to normal when Freesync is enabled.

          • @AgentXKnight: Thanks - Faster games without great quality = IPS, Slower games with better blacks and contrast = VA.

            Looks like I might be trying to return or offload the AOC…although I think my son will really like the idea of the curved screen. :p

  • called nerang officeworks, apparently all sold out everywhere?

    • Just to let you know that Officeworks stores can only check stock in our specific state so since I work in VIC the store computer and Officeworks's phone app can only check VIC stock and not stores in other states so it looks like it is now out of stock in QLD.

  • Is this a deal ? I just rang Officeworks Bourke Street and they said this is the regular price. And they have stock (limited)

    And 1080 on 27" is OK for my not so great eyes

    • It is not deal in technical sense is just our regular price though we had a temporary price increase matching Acer RRP when we got stock back in but lowered it back down to normal soon after and some other monitors we sell. It is good current deal for budget gaming monitor considering 144hz monitors have increased in price so it is relatively a good price to pay for a 144hz IPS gaming monitor compared to other budget monitors that are out of stock or now too expensive to be considered a budget monitor.

      As for whether 27'' is good for you eyes it depends on the person and how you use your monitor where generally Windows will make text and images bigger on lower PPI screens such as 1080p 27'' and with screens with higher PPI the text appears sharper and smaller. So sometimes ie for 4k 27'' monitors you need to use Windows scaling setting to make text appear bigger and scaled better because default scaling on Windows is shit compared to Mac where it normal to have higher PPI on their screens compared to Windows.

  • Thanks OP.

    Got one from Glen Waverley. There are 6 left. After I bought mine it went from “In Stock” to “Low Stocks” online for that store.

    Only minor thing is that it only has 1 HDMI input. The other input is Display Port but doesn’t come with a cable, so need to go and buy a display port to HDMI cable today for hooking up the Xbox! 😀

  • What're your thoughts on this monitor? I would like a 144hz monitor under $300 for tax purposes :)

    • 1920x1080 on 27" is disgusting :( you literally see the pixels.

      • @patzorz So if my usage pattern is mostly work purposes with some gaming and I'm having a bit of difficulty seeing small text at 1080 on a 24 inch monitor what monitor would you suggest instead ?

    • +1

      This monitor will depend on your preferences if you prefer having fastest response times TN monitors are still the best while IPS has improved considerably and are one of the best monitor type for all round usage and IPS is generally considered better for work environments with normal office lighting and have better viewing angels reducing colours looking different on different parts of the screen. Also if you prefer higher PPI a monitor that is 23.8'' to 24.5'' is generally considered the preferred size for FHD resolution.

      Unfortunately I do not have much experience using modern TN 144hz monitors only used cheap very old 60hz monitors and currently my only experience with recent monitors are 144hz and 240hz IPS and 144hz VA.

      • Thanks for the advice mate

      • Cheers for the advice mate

      • No stock of this monitor

  • Any idea if this is coming back in stock any time soon? I cracked the LCD on my Acer VG270, and this looks like a good upgrade/replacement.

    Website shows unavailable online and in store in Tassie.

    • I unfortunately do not have any idea when it coming back in stock because it came back into stock relatively recently at around the start of May and so it might take some time until it comes back into stock and may depend on whether Acer has enough supply of them for the Australian market. All I know right now is I believe it is still available in store in some VIC and NSW stores.

  • Aaahhh I missed this deal -

    Would have liked to grab that Acer.. I see Harvey Norman has stock but they are $399.. Guess they will not price match an item that's out of stock?

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