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Free 6 Months of Unlimited Calls/Text + 25GB/Month @ Circles.Life


Full credit to MrL


Free 6 Months of Unlimited Calls/Text + 25GB/Month @ Circles.life

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$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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    1. The Exclusive Promo (Promotion) is provided by Circles Australia Pty Ltd ABN 25 630 647 (Circles.Life) and is
      available from 12:00:00 AEST on 03 September 2021 and ends at 01:00:00 AEDT on 08 October 2021 (Promotion

    Expired ?

    • still works

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        I wouldn’t try it. They will go back to the T/C dates at the end of the term (6 months later) and charge you for the standard normal price for the 20Gb/m plan because you did not meet the activation dates for the FREE plan.

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    Circles.Life Sigh!

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      If it wasnt Circles.Life, it wouldnt be free obviously.

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        That would be circus.life

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        I'm looking for a plan where they pay me for using their service… And I'm still not sure if I'd take it up.

        • Did you miss this deal? 4 months free and $8 cash back.

    • whats wrong with circles.life? this offer is so enticing ~60+$ value and the website seems to be well designed. anything else that we should know about?

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        See the search box up there on the top right? Type circles.life in and flick through a few threads.

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    just a catch on terminating the service slightly ahead of the date you want to disconnect from the service, otherwise they'd charge you for the next month, but it's $10 so it's still ok if you forget to do it after 6 months

  • It's a post paid right ? Do we need to tell them if we are porting out from them at the end of 6 months ?

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      you can, but best to complete a transfer slightly ahead of the end of service so that theres no vagueness if they were still servicing your number

      • Cheers

  • Wow, very good post. Got one 6 months free :)

  • wow, thats great. just signed up

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    Post paid means they do a credit check, right?

    • I think so

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      Yep, a hard check going by another poster's comment.

  • thanks for the post.

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    What's the catch?

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      Bad customer service

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        Been with them for a year and never had to contact them for anything.

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          you cant , they dont have Customer service :)

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            @Ehty: Only for pros as they do not need it.

        • Yeah it's all sunshine and rainbows as long as you don't need them. Please report back once you've had to get support from them.

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      They will charge you for excess data and make it incredibly difficult to port out. Search forum posts for this company to see.

      • What do you mean by difficult to port out ?

        • Still getting billed after port out months after doing so.

          But I've ported out twice with no issues so far.

          • @OrbDaggerZ: Maybe we need to let them know before end of month that we are porting out so that they can stop billing us ?

            • @yht: I've seen 2 comments say this, can't recall what post.
              I did not do this for both times that I signed up.
              No telco provider should need this done first, but it is always wise to double check with them about billing cycle dates & any amounts owing and allow for a few days in case there is some delays with porting, this can happen with any provider thou.

              I've read so many posts and comments in the last few weeks, as I'm trying to get my mobile plans under $25 but with a decent amount of data, like Circles $16/60Gb for example, my aim is 2 plans, 1 for main use/phone (say with Moose/Iinet) & 2nd for junk calls and good data amount in 2nd phone like Kogan or Circles plans and sim hop between them or even with Moose & Iinet.

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        i used a prepaid mastercard with $1 on it….

    • I am an English Learner. I noticed there are so many replies with the word 'catch'. What do you mean by this word? Does it mean disadvantage?

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        Catch is a termed used to mean that something may be too good to be true; that there could be something wrong with it.
        "What's the catch"?
        We use it when something sounds good, but we are worried about any hidden problems.

        • thanks mate. Now I got it.

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            @McHeisenburger: Oz English help

            I think you were negged because you should have said "now I get it"

  • Optus always does credit check.

  • Seems to be 25gb per month not 20gb

  • Now
    You've got to wonder
    How does a company make money giving away mobile services….

    • +1

      Hoping people forget to cancel. Same as BNPL

      • BNPL works off people missing their payment deadline, the only service they provide is a temporary credit advancement.

        I feel this is a different kettle of fish all together, they're literally providing a service for free.

        • +4

          After 6 months, you're likely happy with what service they've provided and continue via loyalty.

          e: Also, I cant even find where to get this $10/month plan from the website. Prob another promo offer which wasnt intended to stack with the free data and $10 off.

        • +1

          BNPL works off people missing their payment deadline

          Tiny part of their revenue. They make money off of providing the service to the merchant.

      • BNPL doesn't work, if by "work" you mean make an operating profit. Afterpay lost a very large amount of money, like just short of a billion dollars. It only works by someone like Square coming along and paying the guys who created Afterpay an even bigger amount of money to buy the established company off them.

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    How's this sustainable? Are they dodgy?

  • To make it more appealing, Shopback gives you $14 cashback..

    • +2

      Yeah if you don’t apply the code

      • Tracked for me though

        • +8

          Tracked ≠ paid cashback.

          • @yojabbajabba: That too with Shopback , who dont pay even the regular ones on time.

  • So after 6 month I just cancel it ? Free service for 6 months ? Must be a catch ..

    • +6

      Catch is , can you survive 6 months with them!

    • +2

      Credit check.

    • Sometime before the 6 months ends, not after.

  • From memories of previous offer, you may have to cancel before the start of final free month?

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    Bad vendor. I took up a old circles life deal and there was a error so couldn't port number. Yet they show up on my credit report but have never resolved it.

    • Yeah, so they credit check you, then if ok with your credit check, port you

      That can't go back and undo a credit check because they can't port you. That isn't how it works.

      • +1

        They didn't say the credit check didn't work out. It was some port number technical issue. All I know never ended up being their customer because of the experience.

        The online chat customer service is also useless.

  • compatible with esim???

    • They don't offer esim.

  • I presume this will involve a credit check?

  • Easy sign up process and fast delivery (can receive by midday tomorrow). Aside from a credit check involved which is not necessarily a bad thing but customer service, anything else to look out for?

  • Will this work in the optus modem posted yesterday?

    • I think they are on the optus network.

    • GOdZbargain.

  • Even $14 cashback at Shopback tracked for me lol

    • +1

      it tracked for me too, but from previous experience with tracking, it gets declined later on. Hopefully it's an exception here

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    Just judging by the issues with porting this deal would probably suit as a second data SIM

    • +1

      Yep, this is what I'll be using if for, hopefully works in my netgear nighthawk.

  • How long do you have to activate the sim?

    • +2

      30 days according to their TCs

  • Did I read that the "bonus" data only gets applied in month 2? So youget 5GB for the first month and then 25GB for month 2 onwards? Is that how it works?

  • Crazy deal, hope the joining process goes smoothly. Good luck fellas.

    • +4

      Porting out with them - what a pain, never again!
      And not to mention their shady billing practices.
      Just remember, in business there is no such thing as free.

      • Do you mind elaborating? What issue did you have porting

      • +1

        I agree with what you said about business. However I'm willing to risk it for the biscuit. Fingers crossed.

  • Where is the link for 25GB/Month plan? I can only see 30, 100 and 160GB.

  • +8

    Please please don't use these guys worst provider I've ever dealt with by far. I bought one of their plans to try it for a month then decided to go with someone else, three months later they tell me I owe them $100 for the past three months of service.

    I told them that was a load of bullshit I bought a prepaid voucher at Woolies there was no credit check or contract at signup absolutely nothing to indicate it was a post paid service. They insisted I need to pay them and I told them to (profanity) off, almost a year later they're still sending me emails telling me they'll send debt collectors after me and I need to pay or it'll impact my credit score.

    Extremely sketchy company, horrible experience stay as far from these guys as possible.

  • OP, could you please also confirm if the cashback works by any chance?

    • +1

      Not OP, but cashback claims are invalid with coupons that are not listed (as per ShopBack and Cashrewards' T&Cs). YMMV - no harm in trying; the worst they do is decline the claim, and the best is that you get free money.

  • +2

    "Bonus 20GB (6 months). Bonus will be added from the second month onwards."

    • hey, where did you read this, have you got a link? can't find it on their CIS nor the TCs for the bonus offer. all i see on the TCs are "and +20GB/mth Bonus Data for 6 months". seems to suggest it should be effective immediate

      edit: okay nevermind. saw it on my order confirmation email.

  • +1

    I've used Circles.Life three times – no issues at all. Customer service has been good too.

  • +1

    Tried a couple years ago when it was 3 free months.

    Was (profanity) terrible.

    Fast forward a couple years, double the amount of time (and a shitload more internet to boot) on offer, and people still coming out in droves to steer clear.

  • Just signed up after an hour of looking for new number. freebie is good! hope they will honour it.

  • -1

    Please put credit check in post, as so many comments are asking for it. I think that's a big catch, bigger than their bad customer service.

    • +1

      Could you please elaborate more? isn't it normal to have a credit check for a post paid mobile service? and a small post paid mobile service wouldn't affect anything when you apply for mortgage right?

  • +2

    I followed the link and tried the promo code, says “code has expired”

  • +1

    Says code has expired

  • Been with them for a year, $28 for 100Gb data. Never used more than about 5 though. Got a "Discount" of $10 if I pay on time, but you can choose if you want to auto-pay or not. I was wary of the neg reviews on OzB so I turned off auto-pay, forgot to pay - and no reminders (hmmm), so the $10 "discount" was not applied this month… but it will be next month.

    Looks like it's when you port out that there are most issues. My OH works for a telco so I might try it to see what happens…

  • Now you know how dodgy they are, when a new deal posted here and they are watching and make it expired.

    If you post something like $100/100GB per month, I guarantee you that the deal will never be expired, the code will never be expired.

    • Promo ended on the 8th stop complaining

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