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50% off Haldiram's Frozen Indian Food Variety (e.g. Samosas $5.40, RRP $10.80) @ Coles (Selected Stores)


In time for Diwali. Looks like prices have increased a bit for samosas.

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A few frozen samosa packs are for 50% off in Coles this week. They can be deep fried (for the most tasty and authentic output), air-fried or oven-baked.

Haldiram's Cocktail Samosa, 20 per pk, 500gm - $4.50 (RRP $9)(
Haldiram's Punjabi Samosa, 8 per pk, 650gm - $5 (RRP $10)(
Haldiram's Hot & Spicy Samosa, 8 per pk, 650gm - $5 (RRP $10)(
Sabrini Chilli Milli Samosa, 30 per pk, 660gm - $5 (RRP $10)( - this is a different brand but I have included in the list here with other samosas. :-)
Spice level for each option above should be mentioned on the pack, just in case you are curious. No. 1 and 4 above are small ones and the remaining two are regular sizes.

Below are some other frozen food items on 50% off from their wide range - there're hardly any two snacks that are similar so worth trying at least a few, if not all. Some of these are stuffed bread variety and the others are fast food dishes/ snacks. All this stuff should be yummy:

Haldiram's Aloo Paratha, 4 per pk, 400gm - $3.25 (RRP $6.50)(
Haldiram's Paneer Onion Paratha, 4 per pk, 400gm - $3.25 (RRP $6.50)(
Haldiram's Lachcha Paratha, 6 per pk, 360gm - $3.25 (RRP $6.50)(
Haldiram's Aloo Tikki, 8 per pk, 420gm - $5 (RRP $10)(
Haldiram's Masala Vada, 8 per pk, 283gm - $2.62 (RRP $5.25)(
Haldiram's Onion Bhaji, 12 per pk, 283gm - $2.62 (RRP $5.25)(
Haldiram's Spinach Pakora, 12 per pk, 283gm - $2.62 (RRP $5.25)(
Haldiram's Idli, 6 per pk, 283gm - $2.62 (RRP $5.25)(
Haldiram's Medu Vada, 8 per pk, 283gm - $2.62 (RRP $5.25)(
Quick definitions/ translation for easy reference (this is based on very general usage and content commonly found on internet):

samosa = a fried pastry with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, etc and had with (tamarind + dates) chutney or (coriander + mint + green chilli) chutney
paneer = cottage cheese
aloo = potato
pakora / vada = fritters
roti / chapati = flatbreads made with wheat-flour dough
paratha = unleavened flatbreads which are cooked with oil, butter or ghee on flat pan. They are more oily and thicker than plain rotis. Parathas can be stuffed or plain. Often had as breakfast.
tikki = patties
idli = type of savoury ricecakes, made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils (de-husked) and rice. Often had as breakfast, more commonly in Southern India.

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  • +2

    Must be the usual inflation, half prices on these have gone up again…

  • +1

    can I cook these frozen parathas in the airfyer instead of using a pan?

    • +2

      You can just cook on the pan without the oil.

    • Yes, you can. That’s what I do with these one’s
      Sorry above comment was for samosas.
      But the parathas are best done on the pan

    • I use a sandwich press and it's fine too

  • hmm these products don't seem to be available in WA

    • I think Vic & WA have a different brand.

  • Find the Haldiram’s Indian parathas are not sufficiently stuffed. Has anyone tried any other brand that they liked?

    • +8


      We should email them and tell them to… get stuffed?

      • +1

        Why not? Else in the future the parathas will come with instructions to ‘BYO stuffing’ ;)

    • +1

      Try Deep brand. Their parathas are good.

    • +2

      Side effects of Convenience eating :)

  • +3

    +1 for the write-up :)

  • I never found any of these in my local coles or even a few suburbs away. Catch 22

    • I think not available in Victoria.

      • +4

        great username, play on scomo making samosas?

    • You live in a whitewashed suburb ;)

  • not available in WA :(

    • Well what do expect now WA is longer part of Australia.

  • Those potato ball things are great, still a fair amount of fat and Salt but good occasionally if half price, air fryer boom

  • The aloo tikki ones are absolutely delicious. The parathas too 👍

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