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Kindle Paperwhite 32GB (10th Gen) 4G + Wi-Fi & 3 Months Kindle Unlimited: $229 Delivered (38% off from $369) @ Amazon AU


Best to combine with Coles Prepaid MasterCard gift cards :)

Purchase a Kindle eReader and get 3 months Kindle Unlimited for free for new Kindle Unlimited subscribers. After your purchase, you will receive an email with further information.

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    This isn't the new model, there's a new one just around the corner with usb-c, bigger battery and screen, so they're just clearing this model out

    • Hi just wondering is this new version out? Can’t seem to find it

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    Plus additional 7% cashback thru ShopBack or Cashrewards!

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    I would avoid older models as the newer model is almost the same price but have better specs on the actual function which is book reading (bigger screen etc)

    • Are you saying that the new model will be priced at $229?

      • Maybe for the lower storage ones

      • New Paperwhites won’t have cellular, the 8GB will be US$140, and the 32GB with wireless charging and auto-dim will be US$190.

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          I sometimes wonder why you need a cellular e-reader the fact you need an extra Sim (extra phone bill cost) and always have your phone nearby to do a data tethering.

          Plus, you are rarely download book on the go anyway, unless you are a fast reader that needs to download books on the go every single day…

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            @BigLeviathan: Free 4G connectivity doesn't require a sim card or a data plan. It a FREE built in 4G. You can use a browser and send emails via Google email website.

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              @DisabledUser149311: Wait? A free 4G without a Sim card? Are you sure? Will it work in Aus only? What happen if you bring the device to remote area, will it get an internet connection?

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            @BigLeviathan: You've obviously never used a Kindle.
            The data access to the mobile network is free. There is no SIM or mobile data plan to subscribe to; it uses Amazon's Whispernet technology.

            • @thedriver: Oh wow, didn't know about this. Interesting, learn something new today.

      • That's why I had said "almost". There is one important consideration. These e-readers from Kindle and Kobo are darn slow so better to check reviews how the new model is. The slowness is very visible if you highlight frequently.

  • i have been reading books on ipad. is kindle better for reading? why ppl use this ?

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      Less glare and eye strain
      Longer battery life
      Less distractions

      So it depends on how much you value all of the above and whether you're willing to pay for a dedicated device

  • I got a 300ppi Paperwhite for $143 6 years ago. Have they improved much at all? It just looks like they have more storage. Mine only has 4GB which is more than enough imho

    4G seems like a complete waste of time as well. I've never been in a situation where I'm desperate to download a book with no phone on me and outside of wifi coverage :)

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