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Corsair CX550M $69, Corsair PC Case from $69, up to $1100 off MSI Gaming Laptop Delivered @ HT eBay/Amazon

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    I hate when stores put their lowest price in the title and its a bloody mouse pad or some other useless junk

    • Updated Main URL to the $15 mouse pad.

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      Right? This is some Facebook Marketplace level clickbait. Report > 'Inaccurate Description' > Block

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        That's standard practice on Ebay… List a bunch of items in one listing so when you search "lowest to highest price" (like any good Ozbargainer would), they go to the top of the search results. However that 32GB card you're looking for is not the 1GB card you find listed as cheapest

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        ebay and aliexpress do it too, very annoying

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      It makes browsing eBay next to impossible, I don't even bother using them unless there's a deal posted here.

  • Can only use afterpay10 once

    • Yeah, and pretty much everyone here has already used that code, so not sure how many people will be able to get this.

    • I hate ebay, I swear they go to the zoo and hand out employment forms to monkeys. But sometimes they're the cheapest.

      To use afterpay multiple times keep checking out as a guest. Each time use a different phone number and/or email address.

      Blow away the sites cookies and whatever else junk they leave on your computer by clicking on the padlock next to the url.

      Used the code about 7 times so far this month.

      I used to spin up a new horizon windas desktop but found out it's not needed.

  • Crazy how the RTX 3070 laptop is significantly cheaper than the RTX 3060 one.
    Better price with similar specs compared to the Razer Blade Pro the other day which got over 100 votes.

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      MSI laptops are absolute garbage and I wouldn't wish one upon my greatest enemy

      • I bought the MSI GS66 Stealth RTX 2070 Super MaxQ 2020 model last December for $2700 on special from Centrecom, it was easily the worst laptop I've ever owned, clicking screen hinges, terrible battery life, overheating issues, the front bezel would chip off the corners, I'll never buy a MSI laptop again!

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    This is not how OzBargain works. You don't get to lure in customers by mentioning starting prices for a mundane product. You need to clearly state the discounted price of as many as item(s) as possible in the title. Not to mention that AFTERPAY codes have long gone pretty stale and useless.

  • Is the MM100 and MM300 mouse pads made out of the same stuff?

  • CX550M for $59 delivered is pretty good, worth my +1.

  • What “peripheral” is $15?

    A mouse mat is not a peripheral lmao

  • RM650 is tempting …..be nice to have a gold plus in my computer.

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