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LG Ultragear 34GN850-B UWQHD 144hz Monitor $1279 (Usually $1499) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest price I've seen so far; very good spec.

Ultrawide QHD (3440x1440) Nano IPS Curved Gaming Monitor, 1ms (GTG) response time, 144hz (160Hz overclock), G-Sync Compatible, Radeon Freesync, HDR10.

First OzBargain post woop!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • -1

    Pccg cancelled my 27gp950..so sad

    I heard these are no stock at all in AU

  • +1

    The exact monitor I've been looking for

    • +13

      Have you been monitoring its price?

      • Yes, was going to buy second hand for 1k. May aswell get this for a little more

      • Nice

  • Why are all gaming monitors non 4k?

    • +9

      not many gpus can power games at 144hz at 4k

      so manufacturers dont want to sell expensive panels to a niche market

      • +4

        Which is why I’m waiting till the tech allows me to play games at 4k 144hz! Join me in wait, as I look forward to my first self built setup… in 2032

        • +1

          You might be waiting for 16k @ 144hz gaming at that point in time

    • +1

      What are you talking about, there's a significant number of 4K gaming monitors.

      • +1

        Not many 4K high refresh rate screens though, and the ones that are available are obscenely priced and will be for a while.

      • Yes but none are actually that good

        It's either really poor brightness from an IPS with poor contrast,or black smearing with overdrive issues from a VA panel

        and for that ur paying 1200 bucks for a good one

        plus short of owning a 3090 getting over 100fps at 4k is not really a thing

  • +6

    nice monitor, good price

    • +9

      Good monitor, nice price

      • +17

        Good nice, monitor price

  • +1

    Amazing monitor, had mine for
    little over a year with zero issues.

    • Same for me, very happy with this monitor. I hoped the 38" would be cheaper, it's never big enough haha

  • Any good for office work as well as gaming?

  • What's the curve like on this? Trying to decide whether to get something in thi price range or go for that 38" surround experience.

  • +2

    At this price I'd wait and get the 38" Dell AW3821DW when it drops again.

    • I will do the same thing, hopefully it will drop again to $1299 otherwise my new 3080 will be a waste.

      • is it you who left a similar message under that dell deal?

        my reply is "same here" lol

        • Hi five bro

  • +1

    144hz (160Hz overclock)

    I don't understand why manufacturers don't just overclock it before selling it. From a business perspective, it would look better on paper, and from a user perspective, many customers who wouldn't bother to manually overclock their monitor would now still be able to experience the same 160Hz experience - and benefit from that extra 16Hz increase :)

    • similar reason to GPUs and CPUs i guess, can't guarantee performance at those numbers

      • Hmm that's a fair perspective but from my testing, I haven't seen any shift in overclocking performance between multiple models of the same monitor.

        I've tested numerous monitors out, overclocking each one of them.

        But maybe I've just been lucky… Even if 0.1% of monitors aren't able to sustain that 160Hz refresh rate, it would definitely make sense to keep them at 144Hz and have the user make the decision to overclock it.

        • Yeah I do agree that with monitors it's a little less tricky to OC than GPUs and CPUs.

    • May have to do with the longevity of the monitor

      • Overclocking monitors have actually been proven to not affect the longevity of the panel.

        Makes you wonder why all monitors aren't just overclocked to their max potential :)

  • I have the Xiaomi mi 34.
    But im looking for a gsync monitor
    Is this a huge step up

    • If black smearing doesn't bother you stick to VA for superior contrast. Your monitor has Freesync which is the same as gsync but its a free type, same as this monitor, You definitely want to give freesync a try works on both Nvidia/Amd

      • freesync works horribly in windows 11, i had to turn it off. Im also looking to upgrade from mi 34'
        this offer is so tempting, yet still considering if its worth the upgrade

      • The black smearing is manageable.
        Although Iv previously owned an imac retina, so i do miss the ips glow.
        Its not a need so i dont mind waiting abit longer for a better deal. 2 months ago i got a 3070, hence my reasoning for wanting to switch over to gsync monitor

  • This or Gigabyte M32U 4K 144hz at 1199?

    • +1


      Gigabytes good

      But u don't get the wide viewing angles,and this is easier to run on the GPU

      you can run 344x1440 and usually get over 120fps with a 3080

      you won't be doing that with a 4k 144hz panel

      This LG screen is probably one of if not the best ultrawide currently for sale,colours pop,good panel clarity just the HDR is a bit lacking

  • +1

    This by a mile unless you have a 3090.

  • Great IPS 144hz 10bit monitor

  • Is this really worthwhile over this monitor which is half the price?

    Sure, VA vs IPS and Freesync vs Gsync but it doesn't seem like it's worth twice the money. Am I missing something obvious?

    • This monitor is gsync "compatible" but is really freesync

    • midrange VA vs high end IPS is a pretty significant difference - ofc you will have diminishing returns but if you want a higher end monitor it's well worth it. On the other hand if you have to say downgrade parts in the pc to budget for this over the Dell I wouldn't for for it.

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