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[SUBS, XB1, XSX] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition Added to Xbox Game Pass


Bringing the classic worlds of Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas to modern platforms, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition debuts new GTAV-inspired modern controls, plus across-the-board visual enhancements such as resolution upgrades and improved visual fidelity across the world, and much more to faithfully tune and improve upon all three games, while also maintaining their distinct original aesthetic.

And right near the bottom towards the end of the page, Game Pass announcement.

Players will also be able to experience Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition with Xbox Game Pass starting November 11.

More at the link, including screenshots and the trailer.

Store listing shows the file size at 27GB - https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/grand-theft-auto-san-andre...

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  • +3

    Apparently the trilogy costs a whole ass $90 on PlayStation.

    • +7
    • +5

      $100 on PlayStation

      • +14

        By the looks of it, it's not worth $100.

    • +7

      That'll be for the digital, I'm still holding out there will a physical release and it'll be less than that and more appealing.

      • Physical was advertised to come out omewhere between December 7th - 9th I believe.

        • +4

          Worth the wait given that the games have been ported to a new engine and will probably have their fair share of bugs around launch.

          • @MHXVX: so does this mean it will play different to ps2 days? with a new engine, or is that just so it can look more like todays games? but will still play like it did on the PS2

            • @Topdog: Hard to know based on the info we have. I am sure they would have fine tuned the games in Unreal Engine to feel the same as they originally did, but apparently the games will use a GTA 5 style aiming system, so the shooting will definitely feel different to the PS2 days.

              • @MHXVX: ahh nice, cheers! Keen to play VC and SA again, tried SA with the version you could get on the PS4, and just could not play it. to clunky etc for me to put up with the games length. Hopefully the GTA 5 aiming will resolve that. and let me go on :)

            • +3

              @Topdog: GTA-V style controls.

        • Just announced that EB Games are taking pre orders in store now and online from Monday 25th October.

        • It is coming out on physicals 7 December. I pre-ordered the Xbox version on Amazon for $74.90 and they had a promo that if you order on the Amazon app, there’s a promo code to take $10 off, bringing it down to $64.90. So I’m more than happy to wait and save $35!!

          • @jay2datee: Nice. Will look at that. Hopefully, the physical adopters come into it with the performance ironed out a bit.

      • +2

        I’ll bite at $50 I think.

    • +2

      It is $99.95 on xbox. And no the trilogy is not coming to gamepass day 1. Only 1 of the three games is coming to gamepass, San Andreas.

    • All we had to do, was follow the damn train CJ!

  • +25

    Gamepass FTW. don't think I will ever buy a game ever again

    • -8

      But you will buy DLC to games you will not own. Plus not all games stay on gamepass.

      • +44

        I don't even buy DLC for games I do own lol

        • +26

          I don't even play my games to consider DLC

      • I definitely won't.

    • +5

      you realise it’s only San Andreas in gamepass? 3 and Vice City won’t be

      • +26

        Only the best one? That sucks.

        • +10

          Vice City was the best one :P

    • thats what i told myself, unfortunately it has not worked like that for myself! I am not into all the indie titles that are on there etc. However have played some classics and the DAY 1.

      Its made so many people happy though,and now and then I find a gem.

      Glad its worked out so well for you and others.

    • +19

      Vice city doesn’t need good graphics

      • +18

        And then the difference between temake and remake

  • Including one game out of three from this collection feels like a trial, but isn't.

    • +15

      It is on a new engine, it runs on unreal engine now unlike the original which was using renderware….

  • +3

    Isn't GTA3 coming to play station now also..?

    • PS now is not available in Australia.
      All you can get is PS plus and the crappy 3 games they give you every month which are usually no less than horrible or useless.

      • +2

        You can use it via the US store loophole, works perfectly then. It's just the older streaming only games that don't always work well, but the downloadable ones are fine.

        • +4

          the what now?

        • +4

          Please elaborate?

        • Do you mean setting up a US PS account and then buying US PS gift cards, then paying for the US PS plus/now via those cards?

  • +7

    Does anyone know if the og soundtracks will be there still? Since some of the songs on the other ports of these games didn't carry over due to licensing etc..
    The radio stations on these made these games so much better.

    • +12

      Found this list of songs being removed on another forum. Couldn't find the source link so take with a grain of salt, but it looks very feasable.

      GTA: Vice City
      Michael Jackson -“Billie Jean”
      Michael Jackson -“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”
      Ozzy Osbourne -“Bark At The Moon”
      Kate Bush -“Wow”
      Herbie Hancock – “Rock It”
      Afrika Bambaataa -“Looking For The Perfect Beat”
      Lionel Richie – “Running with the Night”

      GTA: San Andreas
      2 Pac – “I Don’t Give A (profanity)”
      Compton’s Most Wanted – “Hood Took Me Under”
      NWA – “Express Yourself”
      Ozzy Osbourne – “Hellraiser”
      Rage Against the Machine – “Killing in the Name”
      Charles Wright – “Express Yourself”
      The Blackbyrds – “Rock Creek Park”
      James Brown – “Funky President”
      Macer & The Macks – “Soul Power ‘74”
      James Brown – “The Payback”
      The JB’s – “Grunt”
      Ultramagnetic MC’s – “Critical Beatdown”
      Fatback – “Yum Yum”
      Roy Ayers – “Running Away”
      The Gap Band – “You Dropped A Bomb On Me”
      Tom Petty – “Running Down A Dream”
      Joe Cocker – “Woman to Woman”
      Black Harmony – “Don’t Let It Go to Your Head”
      Blood Sisters – “Ring My Bell”

      • +11

        Such a pity. So many of the songs had the radio DJs comment on them too which added to the immersion back then.
        I fired up the old PS2 the other month just to play some old saves just to reminisce with the radiostations and the DJs/songs; unfortunately the games have not aged well (we've gotten too used to HD graphics and more responsive controls) but the sound thank god (thanks to non-online consoles) is spot on.

        • yeah, I'm just happy that I've got my original PC discs and also the Steam versions, so I can play the original versions before they started removing music years ago as well as mod options so theoretically upscaled gfx.

        • +5

          YouTube has all the gta radio stations. if anyone wants to listen to flash fm etc without playing the game

      • -3

        Thank you for this, will avoid

        • +6

          this is not confirmed at all…

      • +2

        that’s a slightly misleading list, as that’s actually a list of songs that had already been removed from previous GTA titles over the years. There’s been ZERO announcement from Rockstar about the music

      • +3

        that sucks! They're some of the best songs in Vice City

    • +37

      This is why I hate fanboys

      • I'm not a fan boy I have both consoles. But PS plus sucks, I want to like the PS5 but they need a games pass

  • god, this remaster looks like trash and they clearly know it considering the trailer barely shows any improvements.

    • +3

      Halfway through the trailer and I was still trying to guess which one was remastered and which was the original

      • +17

        Should have gone to Specsavers

        • Hehe ;)

  • +8

    Seems strange calling it "The Definitive Edition".

    Where do they go when they re-release them all in another year and a half. The Definitiver edition? The definite? The infinite edition?

    Can they stop wasting resources on these cash grabs and bloody well release single player content for 5 already.

    • +8

      Or maybe even announce something about GTA VI

    • +5

      unfortunately there is a demand for these remastered games and money to be made. I personally don't get it. I don't have enough time to play new games let alone go back to something I played years ago lol

  • +1

    No trailers yet.. and PC users are expected to pay $90 on the hope that it's worth it??

    • +5

      Nobody is forcing you to pre order or make a decision prior to release, just wait and decide if you want it once released.

  • Is this different to PC Game Pass?

    • Gamepass and Gamepass for PC are different services, this is only for the Gamepass (Xbox) version

  • +5

    It’s funny that a lot of people are still reading that the collection is coming to Gamepass, whilst only one out of the three will come to (San Andreas), and GTA III will go to PS Now.

    In both scenarios, you still have to pay to have the complete collection.

    • It's also unknown how long they'll stay on either service. Based on Rockstar's previous form, I suspect it won't be long. I think both GTAV and RDR2 were on GamePass previously, but only for a relatively short time… 3 or 4 months? I think they were using it like a demo… put it out there for long enough for people to sample it, knowing that a lot of people probably won't get anywhere near finishing them in that time and will be motivated to buy them afterwards.

  • -2

    What is the bargain? It's like $90

    • +1

      Read the description.

      • -1

        so the "bargain" is gamepass?

        • +1

          It's cheaper buying the game pass to play those games. Plus you get to play the other games from game pass.
          It definitely beats RRP pricing.

          • @FDA2020: only San Andreas is on the gamepass

            • @b0rnwithabeard: Yes, at the moment. I was referring to when they add it to the game pass on November 11th

              • @FDA2020: the point i’m making is that SA is the only game that is going to GamePass. If you want to play the other two you need to buy the trilogy

                • @b0rnwithabeard: Oh sorry, I didn't know only San Andreas was being added to the game pass. I would've assumed the whole trilogy would be added

  • -1

    Can’t wait. Already preordered

  • +6

    You'd think they'd just make a GTA 6 already…

    • +1

      First time…? Rockstar has never released a game until they believe its ready, meaning an inflated development time in recent days.

      We are far away from the days when waiting between GTA3 and vice city was only 9 months.

      Dev time for games since GTA 4 has taken maybe 3-5 years. It's wholly dependent on what improvements and systems they are wanting to develop into the game.

      • Neither has Project Red…oh wait…
        I'm happy to wait for GTA and Elder Scrolls for many more years. Because they wait for years but always get it right.
        That's why they are the two most anticipated games to come.

        • +2

          i agree, but wait too long and you end up with Duke Nukem Forever

        • +3

          Bethesda has never got their games right on release. Great games…but far from perfect alot of the time. You cannot tell me with a straight face they always get it right…Fallout 76 for example, and any of the initial release bugs in Bethesda games. That being said, more playable across the board than cyberpunk was at launch.

          Cyberpunk was clearly not baked for long enough. I'd compare it to Anthem levels of mismanagement that lead to nowhere near enough dev time.

          • @Velathial: I honestly have never played a Fallout game, so I can't really respond. But I was more referring to things like Ubisoft games. Pumping out the same games year after year without any substance or longevity (hence I guess why the prices plummet on them so quickly). Like Assassin's Creed, just the same recycled game year after year. I guess I like that Rockstar and Bethesda put in the effort and time to make a game that lasts 10+ years across multiple consoles. Like Red Dead Redemption, GTA and Skyrim. I'm probably bias though because I mostly play open world games.

            • +2

              @Puglife: Hmm ok, prob should have referenced Ubi rather than CD project red lol

              I can agree, Ubisoft is stuck in a rut with no innovation or changes to the gameplay formula they have with anything atm.
              They're simply sticking to what they know sells. Let's face facts, people bitch about the games, but still buy them, otherwise, Ubi wouldn't keep their whole library so formulaic. However, at least they put more work into their games than anyone with a sports license currently.

              I think games like Skyrim, GTA and Red dead have long-lasting appeal, but you can see a lot of the same exploitative nature the rest of the gaming industry has been using for the past ten years. Numerous re-releases with little or no improvement, all post-game support directed at online-only, etc.

  • +5

    All three games are going to be censored and have content changed/removed to be more inline with current societal expectations… and say goodbye to most of the songs you remember listening to in the game.
    Enjoy your expensive, lazily enhanced, watered down GTA, i'll stick with the originals + mods.

    • Dang that sux, might be a mod on the Switch version to add all the original audio back in.

    • +2

      Got a source to back any of this up? Sounds like all speculation

      • +1

        I think he is talking out of his ass, but the notion of societal expectations is a good point. The series was lambasted back in the day, so I can just imagine the response it could generate now.

        • Yeah saw s video showing that they removed the confederate flag from Phil’s shirt.

          Hopefully that’s the extent

  • Supports Xcloud?

  • +1

    If this is only a "graphics update", don't even bother buying those old games.
    Just emulate

    • +1

      Controls are changed as well.

    • +3

      and they removed a quarter of the soundtrack. You will be feeling sore when you discover radio Los Santos is repeating the same 6 songs.

      If they don't add new era-based songs in this remaster after removing so many since the steam version. It's a straight downgrade. Modders will be on this on PC day one to put the original radio back in.

  • +3

    lmao shit.

    I was 100% on these all day one. Now they have that ugly shiny look these lazy remaster things often do, like the mobile ports did too. idk. 100 bucks is a bit of money for games I bought on disc a hundred times at 2 bucks a pop. I was thinking around the 75 mark and honestly that was a bit much. Anyway, I was all in, was, now that I can see just how much they've changed up for free, I don't know.

    Much more interested in 3 and VC, not just because I prefer them immensely, but because San Andreas is already on Xbox at that. Shit (profanity) idk now. If it wasn't on Game Pass I'd have probably just ponied up, I have 60 odd in MS Rewards money put aside for it anyway so it's not too bad but shoot, idk now.

    Help me, OzB community! Or don't, I'm a chump who'll likely just buy it all day one anyway.

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