Crucial P1 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD $124.50 Delivered @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU


Seems like a decent price for this 1TB NVMe SSD in the current climate given the chip shortages and inflation.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    get an Evo 980, or A2000 when they are same price

    • Does this have DRAM?

      • No, the p1 is qld with an slc cache.

        If you want budget nvme; the crucial p2 is tlc and performs better than SATA even without dram; and thats really all you can ask for.

        But, "better than any previous sata ssd" is still a jump worthwhile in my books.

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      Evo 980 at this price? Maybe in a few years…

      Did A2000 suffer from the chip swapping fiasco?

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        paid $145 for 980 1tb a few weeks ago

        yeah? I didn't know there was an issue with A2000, I got mine March 2020

        • Is that the buy price or price after the steam rebate on the 980? Should've gotten one at that price!

          • @ironpaw: it was the price on one of eBay sales. I don't know about the promotion, votta check if I am eligible, thanks!

      • A2000 is discontinued. Replaced by the inferior NV1 without DRAM.

        • If price is decent i would definitely go for one with DRAM but DRAM is mainly effective in SSD M2s as they replicate the spinning disks and cache concept. In NVMe except super high IO applications or constant copy or replication , "imo" , won't make much difference. Feel free to correct me pls :)

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            @SamyKn: it does for boot drives, as there's lots of small frequent reads and writes, and having locations cached on dram local to the controller is tons faster than fetching it from RAM

            I have both 980 (dramless) and a2000 (dram) NVMe m.2's in my system. 980 has better storage silicon and fast controller, so it is much faster than a2000 in sequential reads and writes

            for random reads and writes though a2000 takes the lead as locations are cached in local dram

            • @shabaka: fair enough mate , i use my A2000 as storage only for the moment as my boot drive is Sarbent one.

          • @SamyKn: You mean M.2 SATA SSDs? NVMe can come in M.2 .

            • @Clear: Yeah correct , SATA SSDs.

              • @SamyKn: Makes sense. Not all NVMe SSDs are made equally. Quite a few with QLC or TLC/QLC mix will drop to speeds slower than a SATA SSD when the SLC cache is temporarily exhausted.

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      literally no difference

      a wd green would suffice for a boot drive

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        not really. green is ok for pure storage, and even then only if you want to go out of your way to get the cheapest silicon available (chinese noname brands notwithstanding)

        for boot drive you want something with dram and good controller

        I have both 980 and a2000 in my laptop and 980 has no dram, but better storage

        as a result 980 > a2000 in sequential operations, but the picture is inverted in random reads and writes

        which means 980 performs better as storage drive, and a2000 as boot drive

    • The A2000 is the same price at Umart.

  • Does it work with ps5

    • It fits.

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    • Plenty of folk are using "unsupported" drives without issue.

      Short answer is "this is not a supported model".

      Long answer is "until a game heavily leverages direct storage, it will probably work".

      But when the price is within $50 of better drives; why risk it?

      • it won't work with PCIe 3.0 SSDs at all. PCIe 4.0 SSD with slow speed works like what you described, not PCIe 3.0.

        • What firmware did they make that change in?

          i have at least 3 mates using gen3 the need to be warned not to update then.

  • P2 with free shipping from shopping express $128

    • 2 dollars cheaper on Amazon AU.

    • Significantly better drive. Tlc instead of qlc.
      I have one running several virtual machines, and none of them ever report disk latency as a bottleneck.

      • would it be better to get the p2 over a 970 evo plus if i'm just using it for general everyday + gaming? seems like i'd save $40 on it doing so

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          If you're not hurting for cash, might as well get the 970 evo, but the P2 is certainly enough for everyday stuff+gaming.

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          I wish my wife gave me some TLC

        • You can get a 970evo+ for ~160 at the minute, and sell the far cry 6 code to make it cheaper than the p2 ;)

  • I have one of these, it started getting weird failures as I filled it up (data disappearing), so I reformatted it, but ever since, drive speed is way below where it should be.

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      Thats unlucky.
      Its why unless you're strapped for space, I only ever make a partition 90% the size of the drive.

      Give the controller some extra space for wear leveling.

      Patriot are doing that by default now; minimum 5% reserved for wear leveling.

      128gb drives show as 120gb.

      They're not quick, but the new BURST Elite line so far are taking a beating and no complaining.

      • Over provisioning is usually for drive longevity, you don't need to do that these days since most drives would have more TBW than you will need.

        While QLC drives will do better if the drives got free space since the pseudo SLC cache will be bigger, but if thats the use case, avoid QLC drives at all costs. You can fill up QLC drives as long as your day to day usage won't exceed the size of SLC cache (12GB for the 1TB P1). If you normal writes exceeds 12GB then QLC are not for you.

        OP just got a faulty drive, maybe even a fake. Data disappearing as it gets full, sounds like one of those fake SD cards.

  • I haven't got the exact details (with me right now), but I got Umart to price match an Samsung Evo Plus 1TB M.2 on Friday, for $159.

    I love Crucial, but in this case P1 vs P2 vs P5, the P1 is the lowest grade.

    Take care and enjoy, whichever you get :)

  • Given the current climate? I don't mean to sound like an ass, but haven't storage/SSD prices been coming down?

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