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Jetstar: Non-Stop Flights to Bali from Melbourne for $373 Return (Flying from 22/4/2022) @ Flight Finder


Destination: Denpasar (Bali)
Airline: Jetstar
Valid Departure Dates: 22 April to 31 May 2022 (plenty of availability)
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out


  • Checked in bags, meals and entertainment additional

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    Nonstop flights to Bali from Melbourne

    Dan's shout ???

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    do t forget to factor into flights conplusory covid tests that arent cheap, possible conpulsory travel insurance abd maybe firced 3 day hotel wuarantine on arrival. check online sutes for full details. deprnds on destination. bali/ fiji etc have diffetent rules

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      That's my only issue with travelling overseas ANYWHERE. For 2 people you're paying at least $400-600 extra for 4 covid tests (departing from both sides), no matter the destination. Flights are also a fair bit more expensive now, though they may drop down the line.

      It's for once cheaper to go to GC and Brisvegas than overseas - though the fact they want testing done too might mean otherwise.

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        Totally agree, but I reckon there will be a change to antigen tests soon enough. Surely the slow speed of PCR is gonna make it a nightmare going forward?

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        yup, before covid (unfortunately) it's cheaper to go holiday overseas than going local.

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      5 day quarantine isn't it?
      Plus visa costs
      Free Visa Entry is put on hold
      Travelers need a valid Visit Visa (B211A)

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      Had a stroke reading this

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    It'll be interesting to hear stories of their mandatory covid testing and quarantine over there.
    I sincerely hope no one over there gets naughty naughty with testing the travelers to make profit.

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    We were considering going to Fiji. But when I read on points hack about how much it will cost in covid tests for 4 of us we decided not to.


    “ All-in-all, a family of 4 flying from Sydney should budget at least AUD$700 for pre-trip and on-arrival COVID-19 testing. A further AUD$920 should also be set aside if PCR testing is required before flying back to Australia. This may be dependent on the airline you choose, and Australia’s entry requirements at the time.”

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      Same for us but we are a family of 8 so it already costs us a lot to travel. Add the extra expenses for Covid testing and it is simply not a feasible option right now.

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      you're right, PCR test before flight costs $150 pp.

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      Makes you think of the governments total testing bill.. i also wonder who paid the AFL/ NRL etc's testing bill?

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      Wow I wasn't aware of these additional testing requirements and the cost - thanks for the the link

    • So were we but the main issue a lot of people are forgetting is its great if you are a couple that have been vacinated but if you are looking to travel with kids and they happen to get really sick from COVID then you are at the wim of their health system. I also doubt any travel insurance will cover any medical issues that stem from COVID.


    Please do NOT book your flights until you receive your e-VISA.

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