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Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser $25.42 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Mostly Melbourne Amazon AU


Xiaomi Soap dispenser currently with 25% off discount promotion to bring it down from $33.89 to $25.42.

Initially a pain to open to refill with a screwdriver or two, but gets easier each time you do it.

Discount will be temporary.

(Promotional offer is valid for a limited time only. Amazon and the seller reserve the right to modify or cancel it at any time)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Great price, good design and works well. But refilling the bottle is so painful that you wouldn't want to do it again. I spent a good 30 minutes trying to refill that.

    Does anyone have firsthand experience?

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      It's really not that bad. Took me 2 minutes the first time jimmying it off, then 5 seconds every other time. I guess the take away here is the bottle is not meant to be refillable but replaceable. Easy enough though, bought another :)

      • +1

        Dammit I drilled a hole and used a funnel like I found on YouTube.

    • +3

      It have 2 it’s very easy to refill, just use a pair of multigrips and gently unscrew the lid while lifting up. As said first time it’s a little hard second time is easy.

      You can use a sharp knife to remove the locking tab off the lid it required, you don’t have to though.

      • +1

        Sounds interesting.
        I might give it a try.

        Do you have to use any particular liquid soap, or can you just add water to generic brands¿

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          I use the parlmolive foam refills in mine only cause I like them. I can’t see why you couldn’t use ordinary soap with some water though.

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          I use any liquid soap and dilute it. About one third soap and two thirds water. Haven't had any issues with it for last 12 months.

    • I’m pretty handy with tools and very into diy. But this was just not worth it. It’s a major pain to open it every 3 weeks. You can try to cut the lid, but in doing so I damaged two out of the 3 units that I bought. There are other brands that are made to be refillable on ebay. I got blitzfolf with rechargeable battery, it takes 20sec to refill.

        • No, mine is 300ml and branded blitzwolf. Not that the brand means much, they would all perform similarly I assume.

      • It's not too bad unless you have really shaky hands. It's all about mastering the technique!

        Edit: okay maybe owning an ifixit kit is somewhat cheating with the plastic pry tools.

    • I was all prepared to drill a hole, drill in hand, when I decided to try stick a screwdriver in first.

      It popped off in seconds.

    • i use the Dettol automatic despenser which place the bottle upside down.
      I drilled a hole on the top and put a rubber plug on it, as a result refill may take 2 minutes at most!

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    • That looks reasonable. You would need something to allow you to funnel the soap in.

      • Yeah.. given its foaming soap should be ez

        • +1

          I did exactly this mod to my dispensers but with a much bigger hole which is about 10mm in diameter, so I'm just pouring soap without using any funnel :)
          Works perfectly.
          Final result: https://i.imgur.com/h2D5G0y.jpg

          • @olderman: What do you use to plug the hole?
            If no plug is used, does the pump require a complete sealed bottle to work?

            • @Joe888: There's a silicon plug in the photo, just barely visible, but I have no idea what it was originally (asked wife and she found something).
              But it doesn't have to be sealed, and works just fine without plug (I keep using it out of habit)

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    A large syringe could also be used, I’m not sure on what size exactly would fit in the Center on the cap I’m yet to refill mine. I hope this helps

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    • +1

      Just printed the first link, and can confirm it fits well (although I didn't use enough infill, so mine cracked, but that's my own fault).

      • That was fast. Let us know how U go if you try again..
        Still waiting on nice deal on 3d printer to get into it.. :(

  • Can this be used with normal soap instead of foam soap liquid?

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      You can make foam soap from normal soap (add water) but you can't use straight normal soap, it's to dense.

  • +2

    Why is something that is meant to be refillable as hard as breaking into fort knox

    • +1

      The cap of the bottle is easily broken if you are not careful when you jimmy it. Xiaomi can profit from selling replacement bottles. They don't sell caps.

    • If you look closely, the bottle actually has used by date so seems like they wanted make it like coffee capsules or shaver cleaning kit.

      Tho sellers didn't bother obviously.

    • +1

      It wasn't designed to be refillable.

  • What is the correct mix of water and non-foam liquid soap?

    • +1

      Try at least 1 to 5 water, I tried with more soap wouldn't work properly.

      • +4

        Must depend on soap, but I normally go with 3:1

  • +3

    great dispenser, one of the best on amazon I ever owned..lol..I just drill a hole next to it , tap it with ducktape to secure spillage…

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    My experience with this unit.


    I’ve since switched to this unit which so far has been performing great. Easily refillable and USB-C charging.


    • Thanks now just waiting for extra cashback promo.
      Note for myself:. Price buy 1 $29, buy 2 $27 each (incl tax shipping)

  • Been using it for about an year and it's an excellent product apart from shit design.

    Also you better have some eneloops as the battery runs out rather quickly.

  • +1

    Thanks, bought 2,
    foaming refill bottles on special at woolies too :-

  • +1

    I have 2 of these been using just over a year works well

  • Dr Bronners soap (or any castille soap) is perfect for foaming soap and you hardly need any. We put in a few tables spoons and fill the rest of a 250ml bottle up and it's perfect. You can get a 946ml bottle for less than $40 (even less using adore or iconic cashback offers) that will last you ages. Our favourite is peppermint.

  • +2

    I'm trying to work out the benefit of this (other than not handing to use 2 calories to pump manually) compared to using an old foam pump bottle?

    • +2

      It's no contact- that's it. Up to you whether you're in an environment that could benefit from that.

    • I also agree with you and I also have one touchless soap dispenser.

    • +2

      I'm trying to work out the benefit of this (other than not handing to use 2 calories to pump manually) compared to using an old foam pump bottle?

      If I just cut up some chicken and mixed them up with some oil, my hands now have oil and raw chicken juices on them. I can lever the kitchen tap on with my forearm, but i'd have to press the pump bottle with my hand. After washing my hands I would then have to wash the pump bottle so I don't leave raw chicken juice and oil on it.

      Some people might say "why should it matter, the next person to use it will wash their hands after touching it anyway".

      If the next person is just washing their hands before a meal, they'd be making their hands dirtier by touching the pump bottle, thus making it take longer to clean. If they're kids who might not wash their hands properly, the raw chicken juice wouldn't be a good thing.

      • TL/Dr: in the kitchen when preparing raw meat is the main use case at home

        • Yes, that's a good summary. :)

          It's also useful if your hands are greasy or oily from working on a vehicle or bike as grease and engine oil is more difficult to clean off a pump bottle.

          • @eug: I was thinking about this too, because this would be my other use case, but I find the orange based soap I use to eat away at some of the internal plastics/or get thick and clog. I doubt this would work and I wouldn't be spending 26 bucks to use it a couple of times and find out the internals were all screwed after a while. If you've done this let me know

  • Thanks. Got one 👍🏼

  • +1

    Thanks bought 2. Got 2 at home and 1 broken after about 2 years used. But overall it's a good product for the price.

    • Can you adjust the flow rate of the
      How much foam comes out? I actually use less then what's pictured. Or do u quickly move your hand away as soon as the right amount comes out?

      • No, don't think you can adjust. It's preset for 1 pump.

        • This is a deal breaker for me, want to be able to adjust the flow rate

  • An alternative if you don’t have rechargeable batteries and this one is easier to refill. Not sure about it’s quality.

  • I have two of these, one of them when the form is a bit watery and not much form. any idea why?

  • refill with a screwdriver


  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10630630/redir

    Do they work on rechargeable batteries?

    I have the one from this deal and it is not quite happy with Eneloops - it starts complaining about low batteries a couple of weeks after recharge.

    Does Eneloop work on this for more than 2 weeks?

    • +2

      Does Eneloop work on this for more than 2 weeks?

      I use rechargable NiMH cells (can't remember which; either Ladda or some cheapies) and it lasts months. Of course that depends on how often it's used - if it's at the kitchen sink by a family of 6, it's not going to last as long as one in a bathroom used by a couple.

    • +2

      I have 2 of these running on Eneloops and old Ikea's green rechargeable batteries for 3-4 months easily.

  • Isn't there a newer version that's easier to refill?

  • +1

    I never understand this obsession with buying highly diluted soap while losing more money than just buying soap.

    • Lazy tax.

  • +1

    I went with other Ali Express soap dispensers that USB rechargeable and refillable.They cost between AUD 18-25 usually, so I would rather recommend them than this one that requires 4 batteries.

    • Yep, did exactly the same, cheaper and no batteries to stuff around with.

      • The problem with these is the small battery capacity. That one is 1500mah whilst the Xiaomi will operate off 4 x 1,500 or 4 x 2,500 eneloops or laddas depending on what batteries you choose. i.e. less recharging and long battery life.

  • Total pain in the backside to open, I got so annoyed with it, it ended up in the garbage bin. Poorly designed.

    • +2

      Poorly designed.

      On the contrary; the design worked perfectly. ;)

      • A screw to open it is a good design? LOL
        They have a newer model which I have now which doesn't require a screwdriver to open (they've learnt from their design flaw) and is a much better design. This is the old model.

        • A screw to open it is a good design?

          To them, yes. It was designed to be difficult to open because you're meant to buy refills. So the design worked perfectly. :)

          It's exactly like an inkjet printer. You're meant to replace the cartridges and not refill them, but if you try hard enough you can refill them.

          • @eug: But that's why the new model has done away with it? I'd say that's an admission the old model was poorly designed. Also a much more environmentally friendly option with the new model as you can get low level plastic large plastic.

            • @SimAus007: Can you please advise which newer model you got and where to buy it from? Thanks!

              • +1

                @jackychen: Just look above, someone else has posted a link to the one I have. AliExpress.

                • @SimAus007:

                  Just look above, someone else has posted a link to the one I have. AliExpress.

                  Is that actually a Xiaomi product? It looks like a generic soap dispenser.

                  • @eug: Certainly looked like it when it got it (from the packaging) Not that I care to be honest, it's a soap dispenser after all. It's far better than the one I had which is promoted on here.

                    • +1

                      @SimAus007: Sure, it probably works just as well. I do prefer the sleeker design of the Xiaomi one though, and the cap just popped right off with a screwdriver for me. But that does answer the initial question about the design working "perfectly". :)

            • @SimAus007:

              But that's why the new model has done away with it?

              Is that a new model or a different model? This one is still a current model.

              Some sellers sell it with an empty bottle, presumably to make shipping cheaper. I'm not sure if that bottle is an official Mi product, as the official page still mentions their bottles.

  • +4

    I've had 6 of these for a long time.
    The obvious downside is that they want to lock you into only buying their soap refills. The upside is the quality of these for the price!
    For refill, I prized the cap open and use 1/3 liquid soap 2/3 water.

    Here are the 2 long term problems I've had:
    - With that prize cap off refill method the cap eventually became so lose that it comes off the container too easily and stays with the top mechanism when opening. Also if you accidentally nock it over, the cap now comes off and as it is so liquid, it pours out and spills fast. So recently I bought a new batch of refills and am swapping to the method of drilling a hole and using a plug. That way the original top stays tight and stuck on.
    - One of them was churning through batteries, after several replacements I checked it and the terminal had gotten wet and corroded at some point. The main body is very hard to open and fix, so much so that I just ordered 2 more on this deal. One to replace the corroded one and one as a spare if this ever happens again.
    If you open the main mechanism up (which pretty much destroys the plastic around the seal), they are high quality inside! Impressive for what they cost.

    So long term, I've had problems with them, but clearly happy to repurchase and rate them.

    • Does the cap need to be tightly sealed with pressure for the pump to work?

      • No, the cap has a tube that goes to the bottom of the tank to suck up the soap. It has no relationship to pressure.

    • Huh the inside is just an electric motor, some sensor parts. What makes them so high quality for the price?

      • Lots of things can make an item better than another. Quality of the motor, moulding of the housing, material the housing is made from, the fitment, sensor design, pump design and quality, and even things like how wires are terminated or the presence of strain relief to avoid fatigue failure, to name a few.

      • +1

        Many products of this sort use what's called a COB or "chip on board". It's like a black blob of IC that is bonded directly to the circuit board and costs cents to mass produce. This soap dispenser uses a multilayer board, higher grade surface mount chips, what looks like a small microcontroller, a full size capacitor on the power, all socketed connections rather than direct solder (just one of these connectors costs more than a COB IC and there's 4 in here). Just in the circuit board alone there's an at least 100x cost factor here (yes I do work in the IC/hardware manufacturing industry). Then the motor is also larger than expected and the pump head/connectors, one way flow valve are all good. Taking supply chain mark ups into account, this thing is way above the normal cost of goods/bill of material and seemingly impossible to land in Australia at $25. So like fancy razor blade handles, I think it's a loss leader in the hope that you will buy their soap refills and that's where they make money.

    • +2

      If it’s so rubbish why has it been upvoted and viewed so many times? If it’s not for you or you clearly don’t intended to use it just keep your 2 cents to yourself because it’s clearly not a rubbish product from China. Peace

    • And nice alt account just to come and talk rubbish and leave!

    • +2

      You need to have a look at the priorities in your life.

      Creating alt accounts to troll and/or spread baseless comments proves you're the trash person.

  • Oos

  • Anyone using the aldi foam soap refill in this unit?
    Just ordered two.

    • +1

      It’s a lot cheaper to mix 1/3 soap and 2/3 water.

  • +2

    Great stuff, Lucky I bought 2 two years ago, still work like a dream. Love it. I don't care where these are made in, we love great products with reasonable price.

    • +1

      100% agree Mate

  • +1

    Like what others have said, between us and a couple of mates we have 8 or 9 of these and they aren't the most reliable. Some stop working after awhile, issues with motion sensor, others have issues with battery contacts. Around half the lot have stopped working after about 2 years. We have 1 working unit remaining in the house. We have been using 2 x 14500 batts and 2 x dummy AA cells in the remaining unit now and seem to get a lot longer run-times.

    Bought a few of the rechargeable versions from Aliexpress instead. Will see how those ones go, thanks for the heads-up.

  • Have one of this for 2 years and now it's just dripping few drops of water lol. Switching to manual pump instead.

  • Anyone else receive theirs and it has a logo on the soap bottle? Also came in white not the usual pink soap?

    • +1

      Mine has "SIMPLEWAY" on the soap bottle, and its a clear liquid

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