Australian Moreton Bay Bugs 2pk $19.99 @ ALDI


At $19.99 for 2 bugs this is a great price.

Of course you can find these cheaper at some fishmongers, but in reality most people would be hard pressed to find them, fresh or frozen.

In case you're wondering what they are, they're basically slipper lobsters, the taste is similar to lobster, but imho Bay Bugs are way sweeter and tastier.

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  • My biggest issue would be to wonder how fresh these would be.

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    My biggest issue is how big/heavy it would be.

    • I don't understand what you mean? Are you concerned about the overall size of the bugs and meat inside?

      • I'm more interested in shell/meat percentage. Maybe 40/60?

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      340g per box - $58.79 per kilo

      Bigger Bugs and better value here:

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        Yes, but as I stated it's incredibly hard for some people to source these bugs. For example I'm in Melbourne, but unless I go to the Queen Vic market, which is 40km away I most likely won't find them. Even some of the larger fishmongers where I live you'll only find them maybe once a year.

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          Will differ for everyone.
          Small fish shop 5 min walk from home stocks these. And likely cheaper. Aldi is a 15 min walk!

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            @the INFIDEL: Then this deal is not for you.

            • @Mely: No, it just gives me more options around same price!
              What's wrong with having more than 1 place to buy similar Deal??

              Considering comment that there was no stock at some Aldi! On display today at local fish shop.

              Even the OP states this Deal isn't the lowest price available, just more convenient - for them!! That its incredibly hard for some people to source these bugs & then maybe once a year

              I showed it can be more convenient, available, & similar price in a small local fish shop! So worth checking your local suppliers!

              Seems by the negs OzBargainers don't like anyone saying Aldi isn't the only option at this price!

              Checked price at local fish shop - around $10ea depending on weight. And available long after Aldi sells out! So no rush.

              But Bug meat is a luxury at up to $100/kg!!

              Local Woolies was out of stock a few days ago @$46/kg - a similar price to this Deal

              But I'd rather support the local family run seafood business & local fishers who catch these - rather than a large corporation like Aldi.

          • @the INFIDEL: I responded to OP's comment "incredibly hard for some people to source these bugs" & "unless I go … 40km away I most likely won't find them."

            I simply showed that may not be the case for others…
            This is OzBargain - we live in different regions with different access to seafood. So price & availability varies.
            We don't all live 40km from a seafood shop with Bugs. For me its a short walk to buy at similar price!

            Strange how people neg a comment showing there can be a similar price available, even at a small family run shop!

            Having the choice to buy at similar price other than @Aldi, & long after this Deal expires - is an advantage for some!

            Just not what some would expect!
            But is that a reason for a neg?

            Checked again today… Around $10ea depending on weight & no requirement to buy 2. Still available, unlike some Aldi!

            Worth checking local suppliers.
            Some Woolies sell at similar price!

            But with so many upvotes for Deal & negs of my comment - seems few believe it is possible. Or worth checking.

            As I wrote Will differ for everyone.

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          Saw lots of them in Springvale fishmongers yesterday arvo

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          If you're around eastern suburbs, hit up Red Coral Seafood in Bayswater, that's where I buy mine from. They're amazing.

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          If you are 40km from Queen Vic market are you really in Melbourne lol

          • @yellowfever: Why not. Even pakenham (60kms) is considered metro Melbourne

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              @ChaLuo: yes I get that some 40km+ suburbs are still considered Metro but my emphasis is on the word really lol

            • @ChaLuo:

              Even pakenham (60kms) is considered metro Melbourne

              Metro fringe suburbs. ;)

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              @ChaLuo: No, it’s defined as Regional Victoria

              • @makeorbreak: We wish that was true, because then we would not have had some many lockdowns.

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              @ChaLuo: True @yellowfever but honestly, who wants to go to the CBD these days?

              I'll give that Bayswater joint a try

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            @yellowfever: Dan Andrews and Jeroen Weiner would like to have a word with you.

          • @yellowfever: I'm 43.5km from Queen Vic market and my suburb was established 141 years ago with a 132 year old pub. Where do you live, Cairnbionlea?

            • @King Steuart: Being 40km+ would perhaps not pass the pub test as a Melbourne suburb, so being an older suburb with an older pub has little relevance

              • @yellowfever: Rightio so my 141 year old suburb of Melbourne is no longer a suburb because it doesn't pass yellowfever from ozbargain's pub test.

                • @King Steuart: What does the age have any relevance? If you're proud it is 141 years that's good for you

        • They are always in my local fish market.

        • i often see them around box hill, doncaster, occasionally plenty valley - sea urchins are a bigger challenge

        • @SupeNintendoChalmers:

          If you are in Melbourne I would recommend Clamms Seafood. Great prices and you can do delivery or pick up for relatively small amounts.

          You can browse their (simple) website to see what they have in stock and order online.

          • @CheapCoffee:


            If you are in Melbourne I would recommend Clamms Seafood.

            I thought he was having steamed clams at Skinner's …

        • It's hard to source them fresh. These are frozen.

        • Woolies normal price for these is $46/kg
          Generally 4 - 5 per kg.

          Deal value depends on what weight Aldi are selling for $20.

          So Deal doesn't seem that great value.

        • Gosh. In Melbourne but 40km from QV markets? How big is Melbourne these days?

      • Then we can get roughly 100g of bug meat as they got quite big heads.

      • $11.9 each $23.8 for 2 how can it be cheaper,am I missing something here?

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    My biggest issue is going to be my waist after they go on sale.

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    My biggest issue is the lack of Whittakers Peanut slab fans out here.

    • My biggest issue is this deal fails to segregate between the vaxxed and unvaxxed hence not giving anti-vaxxers reason to flood these comments:-)

  • My biggest issue is this not a deal for vegans.

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    My biggest issue is the biggest issue.

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      Why? That's a very helpful publication

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    So are these wild caught or do they actually seafood farms to breed them?

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      They used to be super cheap as they are prawn netters bycatch. Kind of like ribs, which were throw away items but now cost more than chuck steak…ah the goog ole days!

      P.S. bugs in butter, garlic, cream, white wine .. simple as and delicious.

      • When were they super cheap?

      • They used to be super cheap…
        When? Even decades ago, these were considered expensive (relative to income levels) & supply was scarce!
        But if you go right back in time, oysters were only considered poor people's food.

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          Back in the late 60's we use to buy a bag of bugs wrapped in newspaper for 20c from local co-op in Byron Bay. There were considered trash back then.

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            @Fudnut: That was cheap!
            There wasn't the market for them - low amount caught, lack of interest by customers & sellers, lack of marketing. Similar story for a lot of produce that is popular now, like "smashed avo"!

            But you could buy a lot for 20c in the 60's! Incomes were relatively low & most married women didn't work.

            A house cost how much in Byron then…?? And now…
            Like these bugs, Byron wasn't popular then. It was considered a poorer area. There was even a meat works by the beach!

            Grew up with a huge Macadamia tree in the backyard. Couldn't even give the nuts away! Was paid my 20c weekly allowance to rake them up & throw them out. Now it's a major industry commanding high prices!

            How things change!

  • All those lovely micro plastics.

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      you might be able to 3D print some out… XD

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    What you're getting is 2 good sized jumbo prawns

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      Mmm ocean cockroach

    • Pretty much yes, although i had some prawns and bugs yesterday and the prawns were bigger than the bug meat.

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    I prefer these to lobster. I'm a cheap(er) date.

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    When fresh, love these more than lobster.

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    My biggest issue is that if they actually came from Moreton Bay

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    My biggest issue is my mother in law

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    My biggest issue is they're not called Redcliffe Bugs

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      Congratulations on your team making it to the NRL! BTW we're not going to keep your name, you're not going to be based there any more, and you won't be using the same colours. But uh, it's a real win for the area…

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    This price really bugs me

  • Thanks OP - love MB bugs, like you said nicer than lobster. We have them every year at Christmas.

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    My biggest issue is I have no idea which recipe to pick for these

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      Butter, Garlic, bugs, pepper, cream..add white wine …takes about 2 mins.

      • When do you add the white wine?

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          When you have no more bugs left and need to drown your sorrows.

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          Pretty much in the list order. Can also try seeded mustard instead of white wine.

          The mustard, butter, cream option is amazing on Salmon.

          Give it a crack and stir/ reduce it to your preferred flavour. Let it sit for a couple of mins to rest before placing on Salmon/ Bugs.

      • sure, I will try these ingredients next time

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      I'm a simple man, butter, garlic infused olive oil, mix together and brush over bugs, BBQ and serve with a garnish of finely chopped parsley or Grana Padano cheese.

  • It is called Balmain bug or butterfly fan lobster

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        Agree - OZB seems to have developed a policy of protecting a promoting retailers over bargains

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          You'd probably get less negs and thus have your neg removed by community votes if your actually backed up your claim.

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    My biggest issue

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    My biggest issue is this chain of biggest issue comments may not continue.

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    My biggest issue is that I don't know why we're all saying what the biggest issue is

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    My biggest issue is my crippling depression.

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