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[Back Order] Sapphire Pulse AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT Gaming OC Graphics Card $719 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Back in stock. Hurry up!!! Usually dispatched within 2 to 5 weeks.

The Nitro+ @ $759 as well

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    All gone

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    Well that was quick. Rip didn't get one.

    • Back in stock

      • And sold as I was in checkout rip. Cheers though.

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          Back again

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            @PlagueistheCheap: Thanks bro. The pulse was out of stock but managed to get the nitro which is good enough.

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              @Subrising: Awesome. Would be nice if they were $50 cheaper but that’s a good price none the less. I think the nitro is a better deal personally.

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    ozmined haha :)

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    Yeah, only paid $250k for my house, I still find it amusing people pay more for it…..

  • Back in stock and gone 2 mins after I placed the order.

  • Back in stock 28/10 @ 11:45 am.

    • Haha good job. Not sure why my comment was down voted on the other post.

  • If you have Sunsuper, you can get 3.5% off amazon giftcards - which brings it under $700.

  • In stock again 29th 7:30pm

  • 4 left in stock.

    31/10 10:30am

    EDIT: OzBargained

  • Nitro+ is in stock as of now

  • I'm likely going to have to return or sell my 6600 XT from this deal as I didn't realise my case probably won't take the 2.5 width card, and if it does there will be zero breathing room for it so probably not ideal.

    What alternatives would one recommend in the 6600 XT range that won't break the bank? :)

    • A new case?

      • You know, for a second I thought what kind of junk advice is that, but with current GPU prices, that's probably the best advice I could have been given as I need to build a 2nd PC anyway, I'll just move everything into the bigger case and make this current case the 2nd PC (lower spec build).

        • That is right, if the case is the problem, change it and not avoidi it. GPU is getting bigger, eventually you will need a new case.

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