2 Rolls of Renshade Reflective Foil 340mm x 5m $25 (Was $39ea) + Shipping ($0 Preston VIC C&C) @ The ecoMaster Store


With summer just around the corner, I started looking for a product to block radiant heat from entering my room while still allowing some light in.

After some research, I found this product called "Renshade", a thin sheet of perforated foil that claims to offer most of the advantages of external shading but none of the drawbacks:

  • Renshade is perforated aluminium foil, cut to the size of your windows and fixed to the inside glass by Velcro spots.
  • Renshade keeps heat out - radiant heat flow is reduced by 85% while re-radiating only 3%.
  • Renshade reduces solar glare substantially but allows a far more gentle light into your home, protecting your furniture from premature fading.
  • Renshade allows views outside while ensuring internal privacy. But beware, at night, the opposite occurs, so an internal blind would be useful.
  • Renshade reduces the need for and expense of air conditioning.
  • In most cases, natural evening ventilation and ceiling fans should be enough to keep temperatures at a comfortable level.
  • Renshade is easy to install and easy to take down once summer is over. Just roll it up and store carefully until next summer.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.

No idea how good the product actually is, and was happy to try it out at $50.00 for 2 rolls, but was even happier when I noticed at check-out that the second roll was free!
They also offer free pick up from Preston (Vic) Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:00AM to 3:00PM

*Edit: just to clarify, it's 340mm x 5m, so depending on the area you need covering, you will likely be sticking several strips (instead of 1 continuous piece) to cover the entire window

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    I have the same product, it costs 50 cents and is called tin foil.

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      Do you also have a keen interest in hydroponics and stolen electricity?

  • Used ordinary 30cm wide aluminium foil from supermarket to cover most of 320mm wide x 2400 high fixed amber glass windows.

    They were a "feature" in my parent's mid-70's home. Facing North they were just an unnecessary heater in QLD climate. And looked terribly dated.
    As the room had plenty of light, blocking the orange light was not a problem & significantly reduced the heat entering the room. Barely visible from outside through the coloured glass.

    Installed about 20 years ago. Still in use. A very cost effective solution where blocking light entry was not a problem.

    Would guess this should be an effective solution where light is also needed.

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      that's why this product is going on sale in Victoria! not many Victorian need it…

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        not many Victorian need it??

        It gets far hotter in Vic, just lower humidity.
        This will also keep heat in in Winter, stopping loss through glass - lowering heating bills! So would be good to leave down while sun provides heat in day, & put up at night. (Few need that up North!)

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    I know foil can reflect radiant heat, but I still wanted to have some visibility through the window, so foil wouldn't work.

    I've also tried:
    * reflective window film - left awful streaks of silver residue on the window on removal and was not great at keeping out the heat
    * frosted window film - didn't leave any marks, but didn't help with keeping out the heat and I couldn't see anything out the window

    I'm reluctant to get double glazing due to the high costs, so I'm really hoping Renshade would do the trick.

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      Could get a similar effect at low cost by putting aluminium foil on window (BluTack works), leaving gaps to allow some light & views. Could be creative with it.

      Multix Alfoil 30cm X 10m are $3, against this $25 for similar amount on 2-4-1 special.

      • hmm.. l can't believe I never even considered leaving gaps between sheets of tin foil XD
        the 2 rolls of Renshade I ordered will only be enough to cover 1 room anyway, so I might try your suggestion in the second room and see how they compare.

        Thanks for the feedback!

        • It's worth a try for $3.

          Leaving a gap at the top (& maybe bottom) of the window will allow good light in & if the window is shaded on the outside - little heat. Also good for privacy.

          Am at the house now, looking at maintenance & upgrades. Might consider replacing the useless fixed amber glass - with insulated metal louvers. Am planting shading shrubs outside. Wouldn't have thought about it until your post.
          Still, the foil works & is much cheaper!

        • I'd suggest using foil and to let the light in, pickup meditation and get one of those "bed of nails" thing. Win win I'd say!

      • If you want to do several windows/ patio doors, try Aldi's Goliath foil- 150m x 30cm for $12.99 (on sale from 27th October)

    • This stuff is really effective. Bit ghetto but it works well and get surprising amount of visibility.

  • Is there a interstate delivery option I'm missing or us it local pickup only?

    • They do interstate delivery as well, you can check the shipping estimates at the bottom of the page in your cart

      • Thanks totally missed that.

  • What's the light reflection like on the other side though, especially if you have close neighbours - are you going to blind them?

    My laundry gets HOT in summer because I have a large sliding glass door (summer sun hits it directly) so I'm trying to work out how to reduce the heat… was thinking of tinting them :)

  • Ceramic tint i herd is good at reflecting heat…
    Might be costly though

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    I used Renshade for a few years at a place with a few west facing windows. Have moved since but kept the used material - if anyone in Brisbane wants to take some/all of it to test it out for free, shoot me a message. Pick up from near Westfield Garden City.

    • Thanks quop, arranged to pick up & try the product.

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    This stuff is great. Surprising amount of vision through as well.

  • thanks, bought a pair.

  • Has someone tried to use aluminum foil and then poke thousands/millions of holes with needle?

    • I guess they didn't let you play with sharp objects in kindie!
      Used for making Christmas decorations out of paper & foil. Lit with candle or other light. Very Pretty.

  • Installed Renshade on West facing kitchen window.
    Removed as it made the room & house so dark.

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