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Lenovo Yoga S730 - 13.3 Inch Laptop - i7-10510U / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD $849 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lenovo Yoga S730 featuring the powerfully immersive sound of a Dolby Atmos Speaker System, the Yoga S730 offers a home-theatre experience. Equipped with up to 10th Gen i7-10510U InteI Core processors, the combination of heavyweight performance and lightweight portability will keep you in the flow, wherever you go. With an optional fingerprint reader, you can log in to your laptop in less than two seconds that's three times quicker on average than typing a password.

CPU - i7-10510U
RAM - 16GB
Storage - 512GB SSD
Display Resolution - 1080p
Display Size - 13.3 inch

Cheapest historical Amazon price according to 3Camels and 51% off the average price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • Looks like it

  • Damn it! Just bought something similar last week on the ebay 20% sale!

    Thats a great buy!

  • +2

    16gb alone is gonna satisfy a lot of ppl

    • +3

      I thought a 10 inch would have satisfied most people

  • Are there any laptops that are similar to this, but with a better, higher (or at least HiDPI) resolution screen?

    • +1

      1080p on the 13.3 inch screen is pretty clear, although I am late 40s and may need glasses fairly soon for reading.

      • I can't go back to a 1080p ever again :(

        Too many years on "Retina" screens

  • -2

    Damn it, thinking about buying one, but just started using bitlocker for my external back up drives……

  • +1

    Is this good for day to day use or is there anything cheaper?

    • +1

      Great bang for back. Probably cheaper stuff available but lower spec. This one will be a great day to day machine.

  • Does this version do the hinge flip back thing on its self to making like a triangle pyramid shape?

    • doesn't seem to mention it in specs, I have the slightly older 720 version which is a convertible with touchscreen.

    • +3

      No. Shouldn't be called Yoga!

      • +7

        Yeh, it's not a yoga if it can't do the downward lapdog

    • Does this version do the hinge flip back thing on its self to making like a triangle pyramid shape?

      That's the X390 which can fold back into a tablet and have touch screen.

  • Can anyone comment on the battery life? Wondering if it would be a good student laptop. Thanks

    • Seems to be pretty meh.


      The 8th gen in the review is pretty much identical. The diff between the 8th and 10th is just they went from DDR3L to DDR4.

    • Not great it seems, I found this:

      The Yoga S730-13IWL has a 42 Wh battery, which is smaller than the batteries in all our comparison devices. By contrast, all our comparison devices but the IdeaPad 720s-13IKB have at least 50 Wh batteries. Predictably, the S730-13IWL has worse battery life than our comparison devices too.
      Our test device still achieves a respectable 6:54 hours in our Wi-Fi battery life test, which is just short of a full day’s use.

      from https://www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-Yoga-S730-13IWL-FHD-Cor...

      • Thanks. 6.5 hours should be enough to comfortably get through a school day. Lack of USB-A ports is a bit annoying. It also seems relatively flimsy, which wouldn't be best for a student…

        I might keep waiting for a Surface Laptop Go deal…

        • Yeah I was looking at it for my kids going into high school next year as well.

  • +1

    Looks like it’s the non touchscreen version

  • Some bad reviews on build and audio quality. Can anyone attest?

  • +2

    Please note, this laptop doesn't have HDMI or DisplayPort. It doesn't have USB Type-A port either. You will need a decent docking station to support multiple monitors and any USB type-A devices.

    • Its has 2 usb c thunderbolts though.

      • Note that one of these is used for power connection when not using the battery.

        • +1

          It has 2 USB C thunderbolts/PD AND a USB C PD. 3 in total.

      • Looks like a good price. Can anyone suggest a good dock to go with it?

      • Thanks. I did notice that, which was the reason why I said "need a decent docking station to support multiple monitors and any USB type-A devices". Those cheap type-C hubs only come with 1 HDMI port. And most of them can only do [email protected]

  • "51% off the average price" - would be the RRP as ticket price at JB is $999

    • Its a 2 year old model


      The 8th gen version of it was 1349 @ Costco. So the RRP would have been quite a bit higher than 999.

      Eitherway, its a good price for a capable ultrabook with decent enough build. I am tempted, but don't really have a use case for it. I'll probably wait for something that can play games, and probably 15inch minimum as well.

  • +2

    Just a note, I have the previous model Yoga 720-IKB which I picked up secondhand recently for very cheap because it has an issue with the main power switch. It is a tiny mechanical part that is actually surface mounted to the motherboard and thus difficult to repair it. Luckily it can still be turned on with the reset hole switch and I just tend to leave the laptop in sleep mode rather than switching off (and have also disabled hibernate). I will take it apart again one day and see if I can repair as I did find all the parts of the switch inside the laptop and perhaps I can reassemble it with some care.

    Given that the 730-IKB looks very similar, I am wondering if the power switch is identical and may suffer the same issues. If so I suggest treating the power switch with some care, don't press too hard etc. Note also that the previous owner tried to get it repaired under warranty but was denied as it had some slight corner damage to the laptop, it was obvious to me when I took it apart that the case damage was likely unrelated to the switch issue.

    Edit: I just checked out the location of the power switch on the 730 and it seems they have moved it to the top keyboard side rather than on the side like the 720, this would hopefully have address the issue I have with the 720 as the pressure is downward onto the motherboard rather than sideways/shearing.

    • +1

      Thanks for this info, very helpful!

  • Only 300 nits…

    • +8

      Someone's nit-picking

  • seems already OOS

    • +1

      Already? It lasted over an hour, thats pretty good for Amazon.

      Btw, they are just price matching JB, so just go JB.

      • +1

        I just grabbed mine from JB

  • They need to sell their shit to Europe and Australia because American's logistics and supply chains are sub optimal

  • -2

    Get a M1 edu/refurbished MacBook Air $1350 as it’s just better!

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