Pelican 1740 Case with Foam (Black) - $457.11 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Hi all

This might not be for everyone, but I got this delivered today. RRP of $974.95 and the best I can see it at other stores is high 700s or low 800s.
A fairly big case which I will be using for my telescope, but you could probably chuck a body in here with a bit of effort, YMMV.

Here's a video showing the 1700 series cases in size

edit: adding dimensions and specs:

External Dimensions: 112.1 x 40.9 x 35.5 cm
Internal Dimensions: 104x x 32.8 x 31.8 cm
Waterproof (IP67 Rated)
Lid Depth: 6.5 cm
Bottom Depth: 24.3 cm
Weight: 12.25kg (doesn't feel it. My scope is lighter, but feels heavier)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    "25 x 25 x 25 millimetres" - might be a challenge for that body.

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    one day i hope i own something valuable enough that it justifies a Pelican case

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      hope is a valuable

    • Large collection of Bad Dragon

  • Unfortunately not long enough for the rifles. Maybe the lego collection? 🤣

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    For those wondering:
    Interior: 104.1 × 32.8 × 30.8 cm
    Four extra-deep base-to-lid locking cleats that ensure maximum stacking stability
    6-piece Pick n Pluck foam set
    Open cell core, polymer wall construction
    Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof
    Wide-track polyurethane wheels with ball bearings and nylon hubs
    Two Integrated Automatic Pressure Equalization Valves
    Two rugged double-wide handles
    Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors
    O-ring seal

  • We used to use these in a medical IT job I had. They take a beating and protect everything inside.

    • Yeah I've got a variety of cases from a few brands. The Pelicans are really well made. Always recommend them.

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    I like the Australian blackbutt finish of this model:

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    These things are built to last, only problem is that everything that I could put in them costs less than the case.

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      so true.

      either you buy flimsy plastic box for $9 or you shell out $900 for a pelican case. there is no middle ground.

      the only thing I ever considered buying a case for seriously was my magic the gathering collection. but then i thought instead of buying a $600 case I could just buy $590 worth of cards and a flimsy plastic box. so i went with the flimsy plastic box then never ended up buying more cards.

      apart from collectables like cards or jewellerym the only thing i can think of that you would need these cases for is specialist expensive electronic equipment. perhaps if you have $3000 worth of camera equipment or a high end laptop computer you wish to use outdoors it might be worth spending $300 for a small pelican case.

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        I use Pelicans for my photography gear. Whether that’s terrestrial or astrophotography, I try and put everything in a hard case to protect my gear

      • Plenty of companies make cases that are middle ground, depending on what size you want.

        I transport my rifles in a toolpro branded case. A mate transports his metal detector in a pelican case.

        • how are the toolpro cases compared to the pelican ones? they look decent.

          • @Michael074: It’s not as nice as the pelican, but from memory my mate paid in the region of $500-$600 for his and I got the toolpro on a 50% sale for <$100.

            I’ve had it about 5 years and it’s done about a dozen trips to remote areas and a few short trips to the range.
            The foam is starting to rip a little in a few spots but hasn’t gone crumbly or anything like that. The current version of the rifle case is slightly longer than the version I bought, and if there is another 50% off sale I would likely buy that version.

      • Lol if you can justify this case for camera gear you could easily fit in more than 30k of gear. Way more depending on what cinema camera/lenses you're using.

        • ye honestly i don't know anything about camera equipment i was just giving a minimum viable figure for a small case, but i know that it can get very expensive well beyond 3k

  • Super cheap autos range of cases are a pretty great middle ground.

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      Yep. They have nothing this size, though. I looked around at a lot of options.
      They have one just as long but it’s not as deep.

      • first time hearing about toolpro cases how are the quality wise compared to pelican cases?

        • if all you're doing is storing stuff under your bed, the quality is the same :)
          The foam is good, the seals seem fine, they've taken a bit of a beating as well.

          I have Craftright ones as well (Bunnings) and they're also good.

          I have purchased Pelican cases to store the bigger and more delicate items. E.g. a Canon 500 f/4 that I took overseas. Wouldn't chuck that in a Toolpro, that went into a Stormcase (Pelican owned). It went into the hold fine and came out the other side in perfect condition.

          • @beatsntoons: I didn't realize bunnings had any i went to one and couldn't find anything except like i mentioned super cheap plastic boxes and then expensive steel boxes.

  • Do they do one in the 185cm length? hahahaha

  • My Stinger just arrived from Afghan, perfect timing for a storage case. Will it fit though

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