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Up to 75% Off Discontinued Coffee Gear @ Barty Single Origin


Hey guys,

We're having a discontinued coffee, gear, kit's & inventory SALE, there's only limited stock for the next 5 days so don't be shy.

Free shipping on orders over $150 is included. Orders will be shipped within 7-14 days from the date of purchase or you can Opt-in for next day 'priority pick & pack' for an additional $9.95

UPDATED AeroPress Coffee Maker Sale price $36.20 (RRP $39)
UPDATED AeroPress Go Coffee Maker Sale price $35.20 (RRP $62.04)
Delter Coffee Press Kit Sale Price $60.00 (RRP $95.00)
Delter Press Barty Black Kit Sale price $48.00 (RRP $65.00)
Campos Superior Blend (4WK OLD) On Sale from $6.00 (RRP $15.00)
Toby's Estate El Salvador Plan del Hoyo On Sale from $8.00 (RRP $14.80)
Flair Espresso Maker Signature with Pressure Gauge Kit Sale price $450.00 (RRP $515.21)
Quamar Q13 Conical MAN Grinder Sale price $1,853.13 (RRP $2,059.48)
Death Before Decaf T-Shirt Sale price $47.20 (RRP $52.60)
Comandante C40 MK3 Nitro Blade Grinder - Indigo Sale price $462.61 (RRP $515.21)
Kaffelogic Nano 7E Benchtop Coffee Roaster Sale price $1,595.53 (RRP e$1,750.63)
Stagg Silver Kettle - Fellow Sale price $133.52 (RRP $144.31)
Fellow Stagg Copper Kettle On Sale from $175.33 (RRP $186.12)
Chemex 6 Cup Reusable Filter Bundle Sale price $246.81 (RRP $257.60)
Acaia Lunar Scale - Silver Sale price $391.13 (RRP $453.17)
Cafelat Robot Espresso Maker On Sale from $606.92 (RRP $617.71)
Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Grinder Sale price $450.00 (RRP $599.00)

There's more, somewhat 250 products from Grinders, AeroPress, DelterPress, Coffee Machine, Cold Brew, T-Shirts, Barista Accessories, Kettles, Milk Accessories and Coffee Beans & Cans all on sale.

This is a limited time/stock SALE so we can restock for Black Friday, Xmas and NY Sales, grab a gift, pay it forward or treat yourself.

Stay tuned and thanks for all your support.

Barty 🚀✌️

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Barty Single Origin
Barty Single Origin


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    Aeropress Go at Aldi for $39.99


  • +2

    Is there like 1 item which is 75%? As in all fairness to the deal, pretty much every item above is only about 20-30% off

    • There is, unless it's been purchased already, theres seriously limited stock. All coffee is 75% off, we'd hate to throw it away.

  • +3

    Hi OP, I'd be interested to try your coffee, as it sounds great, but to be honest, I'm struggling a bit with the subscription prices. Most other roasters / suppliers on OzBargain charge around $30-40 / kg delivered (some including express postage). The Barty subscription is on sale for $50 / 500gm.
    I go through ~ 500gm every week.

    Could you give us a bit of background about why there's such a price disparity, and what we get as a user for the premium.

    • +1

      For me, when it comes to coffee I just paid the price as long as its somewhat reasonable. Like 20-25 for 250 grams for some nice stuff are alright. But for subscriptions I do have to agree with you… seems a bit expensive as subscriptions are generally at least 10% off

  • Ah our Barty speciality coffee subscriptions are easy, there are;

    STANDARD https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/barty-subscription

    *12$ for 150g per week RRP $22 (Is our preferred weight to distribute when it comes to specialty, it's expensive, not cheap to source and unfortunately we don't buy at volume as well as you shouldn't be drinking stale coffee, buying bag's more frequently is key)
    *24$ for 250g per week RRP $28
    *50$ for 500g per week RRP $68

    PREMIUM https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/barty-subscription...

    *40$ for 90g per week RRP $55 (Is a super specialty direct from farm to cup, comes with a cert of authenticity)

  • +9

    Negging coz OP simply trying to bump the store. No Bargains here.

    I randomly checked 2 items as below.

    Acaia Lunar Scale - Silver Sale price $391.13 (RRP $453.17) Cheaper here
    Quamar Q13 Conical MAN Grinder Sale price $1,853.13 (RRP $2,059.48) Cheaper here

  • +2

    Good coffee and seller. Delivery times are just a bit disappointing. Received 1 of 4 packages from the Barty challenge yet. Delivery 2 and 3 are on the way it says but it did not arrive yet.

    • That's completely out of their hands

      Postal delays are massive right now, Australia Post and even the shittier courier companies, ask anyone that's ordered anything lately.

      • -3

        That absolutely true. Also, make sure you add your real home address in, our couriers will not ship to PO Box's or Parcel Point's and ask they take a signature for all packs.

        • +2

          I haven't received a single batch from the Barty challenge yet, nothing has been sent yet :(

          Want to receive at least one so I know whether I want to keep it going.

        • +1

          Only delivered to home address if Sendle doesn’t assign courier please to do the delivery. I got mine sent to the parcel point whenever courier please is used.

          • -1

            @bazinga8888: We use Couriers Please and its the same story, the new normal has changed how these networks send you stuff.

      • +7

        Yeah, except they've got a bit a shit track record with not sending out people's orders. Go look at previous deals, plenty of complaints.

        • -3

          Which we've now resolved, we were told to bulk print out labels rather than individually as we go.

          • +1

            @bartjawien: Really? It's been two months since placing an order with you and you've not shipped yet. I call bullshit on your operation.

  • +3

    OK - I had a look there are actually some legit bargains in here if using the 'donotyellitoutsale' sale code for an extra 25% off:

    If you wanted a very high level home filter set up theses two items will give you seriously good results and these are very good prices:
    https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/sale/products/brev... ($308.50 after code)
    https://bartysingleorigin.com/products/fellow-ode-brew-coffe... ($337.50 after code)

    If you want a decent level home espresso setup, these two items would do very well and together are likely cheaper than most other places with any stock:
    https://bartysingleorigin.com/products/rancilio-silvia-v6-co... ($842.65 after code)
    https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/sale/products/bara... ($656.50 after code)

    • yep your welcome, the code will run out in 24hours tho

      • +2

        Hi OP, just curious about whether this is the one with the updated burrs please?

  • What am I missing here? Where is the bargain?

    • +1

      New 25% off sale code now available. Deals aplenty now.

  • +1

    I am trying hard to not bite the bullet on a moccamaster. I've been looking for a while. My only concern is that I have a hand grinder and a breville barista express to grind….

    Plus not sure if there will be a better deal for Black Friday - ARGH!

    EDIT: I have a baritza encore and a moccamaster in my checkout….I'll think about it throughout the day.

    • +1

      Not a bad set up at all. I had this exact combination a few years ago before Encore motor burnt out and then moved on from using a Moccamaster - I went v60 full time.

      The Encore is very reliable however, and spare parts are readily available since they have been in production for many years now. The main issue I found with this unit: I replaced the plastic guard around the burrs at least 3 times over a 4 year period. It's a $9 plastic sleeve but annoying to wait for a replacement part. I was using it several times a day, so definitely getting a good workout.

    • +1

      theres limited stock and the code will run out before mid-night tonight, it is top secret guys 🚀

      • purchased but I put an email in as the discount didn't occur with the encore.

        • whats your order number?

  • +1

    With the 25% off coupon, there are some really good deals to be had here.

    $337.50 for the Fellow Ode Grinder including free shipping is noteworthy. I bought both Ode and Stagg EKG Kettle together for a decent upgrade to my home pour over set up!

  • Guys! quick heads up the code mentioned above will expire at mid-night tonight …

    • Any chance you could bring back the 25% off code? I and a few others didn't notice it the first time around (see https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/660043)

      Could post as a separate deal to maximise views

  • AeroPress Coffee Classic 36.20 (RRP $39.00) https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/sale/products/aero...

  • Does your ode fellow come with the 1.1 burrs?

  • +4

    Can't believe this guy is still advertising. I've been waiting two months for a shipment to go out the door and am raising a chargeback with bank.

    • +1

      They want free advertising and customers from OzBargain, but don't offer up a proper deal first time around; and don't fulfill orders promptly. Simply poor form from a retailer. I'm not out to get them, I'm just frustrated by these types of business owners…

  • +1

    Hey Bart, I placed an order last week. When will orders be shipped?

    • +1

      In 2 months or more

    • One would think that they would be working their arse off to fulfill orders quickly with express post/courier delivery to work on their reputation…

  • +2

    Has anyone received more than one delivery of coffee yet from the September challenge? I still wait for delivery 2,3 and 4. It says on delivery 2 fulfilled, 3 and 4 are not even packed. Great coffee but not helpful if you don’t get it… I used to get coffee from Pablo’s and Rusty’s, also coming from NSW and always on time. Never had a problem. Is Sendle the issue???

    • Sendle told me the packages weren’t ready for pickup, the couriers were not the problem. Also only received 2 of 4.

  • +1

    i ordered already and i didn't realise that you have been giving 25% out to people, can i cancel and reorder using the donotyellitoutsale 25%?

    • hello?

  • +4

    I'm cancelling my order. Been a week and they haven't even shipped it. Other online coffee stores can get it to me in a about 3 days.

    • +1

      Well I asked for a refund and they said I can pay an extra $9.95 for priority pick and pack. I'd already paid $11 for shipping. Wow $21 for shipping. Anyway they did cancel and I placed an order with AIRJO and they had no shipping fee and have already shipped it the same day. Online coffee business is tough

      • I am just disappointed and don’t understand why Sendle is not picking the orders up. I got Timely coffee and Pablo’s & Rusty’s coffee twice whilst Sendle doesn’t pick up the Barty coffee up for whatever reason. I also never received the Barty Kit (whatever that is) with the offer. I will put my subscription on pause until I have received the 3 deliveries I wait for.

        • +2

          It's because Barty skirt the rules. They bulk create the shipping orders with Sendle to save money and time, which generates the notification to you, the customer, that the item has been picked and packed. But they do this without actually having the products to ship; be it coffee they haven't roasted yet, or coffee gear they haven't received from their wholesaler. So Sendle and its partners are (often) not at fault here, despite Barty loving to pass the blame on to them.

          • @Anders: nice one, we've stopped bulk printing as its a cost saver when we receive a high level of volume. we have a small team and orders go out at our pace, coffee is roasted to order and our sendle couriers pick up when they're ready. the thing is: we do spend time waiting on equipment or green coffee to arrive from our wholesalers which in this climate, shipping delays are inevitable — bring together a pack of 6 items is not that easy. any roaster can shipping a bag of 250g, thats one item of coffee Australia in 2-7 days. as soon as you bring together various items from different wholesalers things get interesting and delays occur. am sure you'd agree?

            • @bartjawien: It's much better now you've stopped the bulk printing. It was the expectation and anxiety set by the order presumably just sitting there for weeks. It didn't help your help desk lied and stated item was already shipped.

              Stating shipping times up front is also a positive change. Glad to see you guys are making changes.

              • @Anders: look mate, we printed at bulk for a few reasons, also picked & packed around 300 packs per day — couriers couldnt or did not pick up the next day or we couldnt finalise packs because we had to wait on wholesalers to ship, what I mean by ship, equipment sent by couriers to us were saying next day, when in reality takes 7 - 14 - 30 days and still is the case …. lesson learnt and we've updated our customer shipping expectation. can I ask you a question, what do you think is Barty's true purpose & benefit?

                • @bartjawien: customers aren't buying your purpose (as admirable as your intentions may be) they are buying your product. People are looking for good value not necessarily good values. This is a bargain hunting website ultimately.

                  • @Tijin: are you saying that bargain hunters don't deal or are prone to dealing with mental health issues?

                    • @bartjawien: I'm saying that people on this site will buy from the cheapest reputable dealer regardless of their mission statement.

                • +2

                  @bartjawien: You're a business who roasts and sells specialty coffee and brewing gear. The fact that you do it with strong mental health awareness proponent is noble (and why I initially purchased through your store), but it does not change what your business is.

                  The frustrating thing for me (and why I keep piping up) is I am your target market. I have spent close to 1k on specialty coffee this year, ordering coffee from Regalia in New York to Tim Wendelboe in Oslo. I will happily pay for quality, which includes quality service.

                  I like what your business stands for and I like the quality of the coffee you buy. I want you to succeed for those reasons. But none of that means squat when you fashion a customer experience so bad it feels like a scam; so frustrating you're actually causing the mental anguish you're trying to solve. For instance, I failed to have ready a Birthday present (Comandante) because in the month it was on order with your company, you were too swamped giving away free coffee to every bargain hunter in Australia to ship my order. Then came the lies from your mental health expert about it being shipped when it wasn't. Oh, and that I could have my $450 order prioritised if I pay more. It was a real kick in the teeth.

                  But had I known up front what I know now about your business priorities, the logistics of your operation and shipping delays you've faced, I might not have felt so frustrated and let down. So keep learning lessons from the critical feedback and I'm sure your business will closer align with its mission.

                  • @Anders: sincere apologies for the delay, from the outset we received different information from our wholesaler about supplying stock and due covid, couriers, there were serious delays, we did offer further discounts to specific Comandante customers who did not receive they're packs within a normal time frame. can I have your order number? let me see what i can do for you buddy and perhaps send you an FST on me 🚀

                    • @bartjawien: The comandante order I had refunded a month ago now (#1929) and went with a different retailer.

                      However, I've since made another gear order (#4091) as I had no time sensitivity this time round, and knew what to expect in terms of delays. Also the prices were excellent, no question.

                      Thanks for the generous offer! I was hoping to try your more premium roasts once the furore calmed down and you'd worked out your logistics, but if the offer stands I'd love a sample, thank you.

                      • +1

                        @Anders: all good, keen to keep everyone smiling, let me take a look. i have thrown in a summer FST for you buddy, the lower foot print version as to keep sustainability top of mind knowing your really all about the coffee and less fancy packaging, also I put a priority pick & pack on there for you, which is insane. sound good? check the tasting note here: https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/coffee/products/ba...

                        • +1

                          @bartjawien: Thanks Barty for going truly above and beyond for me, it's appreciated. But please make sure you keep working on the core customer experience for all!

                          • @Anders: I'm in a similar boat. I respect what the business is trying to do, but the customer service really needs a lot of work. I made an order on 26/10, it's now 21 days I've still yet to hear from anyone about dispatch. The whole concept of "pay at any time for priority pick and pack" is a bit of a money-grab. It almost feels like they're intentionally making customers wait, to make them pay extra… It's just poor form to be honest. I wouldn't have minded the delay so much if I was kept in the loop with honest information but I've heard nothing back.

                            This was a "discontinued coffee, gear, kit's & inventory sale", so everything should be in stock and ready for dispatch….

                            Highly unlikely to order from these guys again. At this point in time, I can't recommend this business unless they start respecting and communicating with their customers promptly.

                            • +1

                              @howaaronic: Yeah, fwiw, my order despite being prioritised (for free, see above) still hasn't budged, so who knows at this point. I've had coffee sent by regular mail from Norway roasted and recieved since I ordered Barty. Ah well…

                              • +1

                                @Anders: My order shipped today, so over three weeks from order, which is in line with a lot of others who have ordered gear from Barty. At least this time I wasn't mislead with the early shipping notice, that was generated weeks before it was actually sent… this one seems legit. Hope others also get their items shipped soon!

                                • @Anders: It's been almost 19 business days now (almost 4 weeks), still not a word nor tracking #; even after 2 emails.

                                  • @howaaronic: Yeah, there's no way they can continue to run a business like this. Shame as the ethos, product and prices are good.

  • Has anyone received a shipping confirmation for anything they have ordered?? It was a decent price but I'm not in the business of giving people interest free loans - tempted to cancel.

    • whats you order number?

      • 4094

        • Reason you have received zero info or order progress is because you have left your email address out. Suggest you log in and apply an email so we can keep you updated. Thanks.

          • @bartjawien: Well that doesn't really make sense, I clicked to receive updates via text, I have now updated it with my email and it says I will receive updates via email and text.

            There isn't any updates though? it's been like 15 days?? Status is 'order placed'.

            • @Tijin: Waiting on your equipment to arrive from our wholesaler is the status update.

              • @bartjawien: I'm a bit confused, are you drop shipping or are you ordering the product to you and then subsequently shipping to me after I pay for the physical item? This is a hell of a wait even with everything going on, which isn't the end of the world but there's a realistic possibility that I'm still awaiting a shipping confirmation well into the month and could have held out for black friday sales.

                • @Tijin: Your order needs to arrive to HQ so we can bundle your grinder with our coffee, and we're waiting on stock to arrive from our wholesaler, why I need to explain myself is beyond me, but there are delays given the global issues, tanks, freight sitting on docks and not moving. I'm sincerely apologetic for the delays. Would you prefer a full refund?

                  • @bartjawien: More that I'm happy to not have the coffee it will speed up the process, I mostly tacked on the coffee for the donation in any event.

                    Most people would probably assume that a limited stock clearance implies actually having the physical stock ready to go. I'm ok waiting as long as someone has been in touch with me to let me know what is going on and why, which you've know done. Yes, I know there are delays which is why you can see I didn't say anything and patiently waited two weeks.

                    And yes, when you pay for something and two and half weeks later the customer hasn't received a shipping notification then there's likely to be some questions that need answering?

                    • @Tijin: No worries, and thanks for your support.

  • Still nothing? What's going on?

    • Apologies @tijian, I just spoke with our supplier and they've stock has been delayed, your pack will be another week or so. Happy to issue you a full refund, is that ok.

  • If it ships before the end of the month it should be fine, It's a good price so I'm not against waiting - just would have preferred some proactive communication around it.

    • all good, refund issued.

      • Did I ask for a refund? I have just given you an interest free loan for a month and avoided other sales.

        This is perhaps the worst customer service I have received and for the first time in my life I am motivated to leave negative online reviews for a business.

        • thanks, much appreciated, the blame is covid and tankers being held back from port, however happy to take the blame under the circumstances — all the best

          • @bartjawien: Mate, you sold product you didn't have.

            Then you failed to communicate.

            You still have this product as available for sale on your website.

            This isn't you taking the blame because of COVID, I am incredibly accepting of the challenges that COVID means for businesses.

            Incompetence on the other hand….

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