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Gaming PC with i7 10700KF, RTX 3080, 240mm AIO, B560 Aorus Pro AX, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, MSI 750W PSU $2999 + Delivery @ TechFast


New high end deal from TechFast. This has most of the parts listed on the website and I asked rep Luke about the ones not listed and the most likely is below. Again they have no build queue so 2-3 day shipping.

Enjoy :)

  • Intel Core i7 10700KF processor
  • Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 3080 10GB
  • 240mm liquid cooler (rep Luke says likely DeepCool Gammax)
  • Gigabyte B560M Aorus Pro AX
  • Crucial Ballistix 16GB 3200MHz RAM
  • 1TB NVME m.2 SSD (rep Luke says likely Crucial P2)
  • MSI MPG 750W Gold power supply
  • MSI MAG Forge 100R Case

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  • +147

    is the card full size or mini?

    oh, model actually listed

    My bad

    • +1

      The description here doesnt clarify LHR (luckily the TF page does).

      Just incase someone is going to get mad about that too. 🙃

    • +19

      But the mini isn't the same card.

      That was a fun a forum post!

    • +17

      You should ask that 12 mths later… not before….

    • +4


    • +6

      But the resale value….

    • hahahahahah good one

    • How did this comment get +99 upovotes?

    • +1

      If I put "mini 3080 plz" in the comments, will i get one?

    • That was one of the worst reads of my life. That entire thread

      Op is a complete wank

  • +44

    Can I order from John? Not Luke.

    • Whats wrong with Luke D:

      • -2
        • +13

          Very very interesting. Uhh, I am gonna play devil's advocate actually say that my PERSONAL experience with techfast has been very positive. Keeping in mind that I have only ever bought 1 pc from techfast but it was a high end one with a rtx 3070.

          When I bought my pc I had ended up using the wrong code when purchasing. I didn't expect anything out of this and realise that it was basically my own fault but Luke actually offered to refund the extra money that I paid back to my bank account so that was pretty nice. :D. This was like a 200 dollar refund so it wasn't small by any means.

          The shipping was really really long so yea, if thats a problem, make sure to ask them how long the shipping will take. They seem to be pretty transparent with the shipping times tho.
          I had actually msg Luke about why my pc was taking so long to ship and he pretty much got on the case right away, told me that he was due to the case taking longer then expected to arrive, offered to change the case and then instantly ship it.
          Once the product was shipped, it arrived within 3 days.

          In terms of performance, I compared my 2000 dollar rtx 3070 pc with techfast prebuilt parts to a friend who spent $3700 dollars on his pc with a rtx 3070. To my surprise our pc performances were pretty much identical with very negligible differences. Considering I saved an extra $1700, I was pretty proud of the pc.

          The situation was unfortunate for OP but if the performance was the same then I personally dont really see a problem with it.

          Uhhh, please dont hurt me everyone.

          But yea, I think techfast has been pretty good to me.

          Edit: I do think that there are alot of aspects that need to be worked upon in regards to improving their customer service but I dont think that forum was enough for me personally to say that I wouldn't buy from them again.

          • +9

            @Kevin Le: I'd agree, that person complaining in the thread seemed like a whiney bitch.

            The specifications of the card are exactly the same and if anything mini cards normally cost more.

            • +1

              @Imsopov: Agreed. It was stated he would get a 2060 and he did. If you want specific models order from another retailer and pay 50% more. My experience with techfast was great. Good communication, fast turn around and solid product overall for the price.

          • +2

            @Kevin Le: I've bought 4 PCs (1 for me, 2 for my kids and another for my friend) from Luke before as well and yeah, experience has been very good. He resolved a few hiccups in delivery for me as well and has been very friendly in our dealing. I suppose I might get called being a "shill" for Techfast by certain whinging kids for speaking up about positive experiences with them.

        • My last experience was a 2080 system from them. If I recall, they were to ship out within 2 weeks. At about 5 weeks I got the PC. First screen had dead pixels, second had dead pixels and a flutter. In the end Luke upgrade it to an AOC screen rather than the 'Allied' brand.

          • PC was dirty cheap/good value for money components wise
          • PC build was of a good standard, haven't had any issues with PC itself
          • eBay communication was non existent.
          • Longer than expected build time
          • 2 dud screens
          • Luke was helpful here (still took almost another 3 weeks or so after contact her to get PC, then screen issues)
          • I was told the dud screens would be collected, that never happened.

          This was back in early 2019, I know one other member was having similar issues at the time. Not sure how their communication has been last couple of years. But back then I would of said eBay was terrible. Luke did a good job in PMs, but Techfast could of been more proactive with their advice about delays.

          If the price is good, I'd definitely buy another PC from them. But I might avoid the 'Allied' brand components, as both screen had QA stickers on the, but both had issues. And I won't base my plans on their build times.

          • @Testeagle: No dramas with my 3070 order earlier in the year. Very happy with the build and components used. Price was excellent, build took a few weeks to get to me, but when it did it was expertly packaged and looked great despite the generic case and cpu cooler.

            After a year of use I literally couldn’t be happier with my purchase. And yes, I only got a 2 fan 3070 instead of a 3 fan. Boo hoo. Zero problems with overheating or anything like that. Gigabyte psu hasn’t exploded. All other components were brand name and high spec. 100% would order again.

  • +4

    May I ask if the warranty on the parts is world wide or AU only? Yes, potentially moving soon… :/

    • +1

      Thank you in advance.

    • +1

      Now all parts can be replaced or repaired worldwidely under warranty. Just contact the manufacture, provide the info they required, and post to the address they send.

  • seems like a good deal

    • +2

      Just an estimate but I think all things considered it brings down the gpu to somewhere $1700-$1800. Not bad in current climate I'd say.

  • +5

    Deal looks really solid. Only word of warning for people is that with a 10th gen cpu, the top m.2 slot won't be available, so there will only be one usable m.2 slot, the one the included nvme is going into. So if you wanted more ssd storage, it would need to be a 2.5" ssd.

  • +7

    Don't have a whinge if your 3080 actually ends up better than you expected, like some other people around here.

  • Nice one for using well regarded branded components

  • this is actually a pretty good deal

  • It's good to see that all items; brand & model number are listed as earlier deals were a guessing game (less Gigabyte PSU's)

  • +1

    GPU's on the website as well. $2188 3080ti and $1499 3070ti, as well as the 3060ti and 3060 Gainward Ghost $1050(?) and $878 respectively.

  • +1

    Likely…. Likely? Where's your 100% justified bona-fide guarantee?

  • actually really good setup all things considered. very nice PSU, decent ram, ssd…

  • What are the odds of an equivalently-good or better deal popping up during Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

    • +8

      OzCrystalBall said NFI

  • Considering that I've seen lone 3080s for close to this price, this is not bad at all I have to say!

  • +1

    Finally not a Gigabyte psu!

    Warning: matx motherboard. After the pcie1x slot is blocked by the gfx card, you'll only have one free pcie slot

  • anyone wanna list out the breakdown of costs?

  • LHR?

  • +4

    Maybe now we all should thank the 'card not full size not happy' person instead, becoz of his case, that TF now listed out all their parts with brand and model details, no more loot box!

  • +4
    • wow… free PC with the GPU? geee

  • +1

    Not a huge fan of the "likely"…
    Should damn know what I'm getting for $3k.

    Likely P2? Maybe P1, maybe P5, maybe Wd SN570? Like cmon, really? I get that the differences may not be huge, but consumers deserve to know exactly what they're going to get.

    Anyway, my arse is too tight to spend 3k rn.

    • They'll be using a range of products though, they may have 2,000 of these PCs to sell but only 1,800 of a given product so the rest will have to be filled in with other products.

  • For someone who maybe wants to sell the GPU and just upgrade their PC. Ask TechFast to build the PC but to leave the GPU sealed and to send it like that. You can flip the GPU for prob 2k and have a system build without one for about a grand. Not sure if the spec without gpu is worth a grand but going over it quickly, that would still be a bargain.

  • Gigabyte Z590 D motherboard vs Gigabyte B560M Aorus Pro AX motherboard — They are the same price in the TechFast deal parts picker?

    I read the comment on the 2nd NVME slot not being accessible with the Intel 10th gen CPU?

  • Anyone else buy this? I'm waiting on delivery atm.

    • +1

      Yep! Mine arrived today, setting it up soon

      • +1

        Love if you could share a pic and some benchies

      • Any update?!

        • Still waiting on delivery

  • looks like a good deal.

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