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20% Bonus Velocity Points Transfer Offer (Nov 2021) @ Velocity Frequent Flyer


Velocity members will receive 20% bonus Velocity Points when they transfer eligible points from Participating Partners to Velocity into Velocity Points between 12:01am (AEST) 1 November and 11:59pm (AEST) 30 November 2021 (“Promotion Period”).

“Participating Partners” are: Australian American Express Card Members, including David Jones American Express Card Members enrolled in the Membership Rewards program (this offer excludes American Express New Zealand Card Members), ANZ Rewards, ANZ Business Rewards, Westpac Altitude Rewards, NAB Rewards, Citi Rewards, CommBank Awards, HSBC Rewards (Platinum and Premier credit card holders only), Diners Club Rewards, Card Services Rewards, Suncorp Credit Card Rewards, BOQ Q Rewards, St.George Amplify Rewards, BankSA Amplify Rewards and Bank of Melbourne Amplify Rewards.

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Velocity Frequent Flyer
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  • +3

    reckon Flybuys conversion will be on the list too? lol

    • Will it tho been waiting

      • +2

        You can just set it up for auto transfer you get an automatic equivalent bonus so it works out to be 2:1 which is the same as during these past promotions.

  • +5

    I don’t want to transfer anymore points to Velocity until they open international redemptions. They haven’t even opened reward seats on their own metal on short-haul routes.

    • +3

      Domestic rewards have been opened for a while now. International borders are not officially opened/announced so I don’t think reward seats will be available until at least 1-2 weeks after that.

    • Yes, I completely agree with you Obbey. I am also waiting for Velocity to release international redemptions. I hope Delta and ANA will continue to be partners with Velocity.

      • Agreed. After the new owner's takeover, wondering who will be VA's international partners.

    • +1

      whut.. you can totally find reward seats for VA domestically…

      they will be releasing a portion of their previous partner demptions from nov 1. SIA is said to follow shortly after along with transfer resumption

    • Heads up it seems they opened up international redemption today (well Monday), got an email about it.

  • +2

    Don’t some of the banks offer an additional bonus percentage if you wait until midway through the campaign?

    • Yes, I have anz rewards and every time I transfer during promotion I get two bonus, one from velocity another from anz

      • +1

        More details on the midway transfer point? Has ANZ Rewards sent any email? Keen to transfer to velocity this time - been waiting since few months.

    • +1

      Bonuses from ANZ and American Express this time.

  • +3

    I just got an email from them saying something exciting is coming in November so it will probably be the same as this. 20% extra not too bad. KrisFlyer is giving 12-15% bonus at the moment too, but redemption rate is like 3:1 at ANZ or Citi, makes me think better to move my points to Velocity. Also found this, maybe can book international travel soon too but not sure what will be the rate in points for those flights:

  • Great find via google!

  • Merged from 20% Bonus Velocity Points Transfer Offer @ Velocity Frequent Flyer

    Transfer your reward points from participating partners to Velocity between 1 November 2021 and 30 November 2021 and receive 20% bonus Velocity Points*.

    Min. points transfer, exclusions & T&Cs apply.

    See the FAQs for details. I suspect the most important question is:

    Who are the participating partners?

    • American Express Cards which are enrolled in the Membership Rewards program and issued by American Express Australia Limited
    • ANZ Rewards
    • ANZ Business Rewards
    • CommBank Awards
    • NAB Rewards
    • Westpac Altitude Rewards
    • HSBC Rewards (Platinum and Premier card holders only)
    • Citi Rewards
    • Diners Club Rewards
    • Suncorp Credit Card Rewards (Platinum and Business card holders only)
    • Card Services Rewards
    • Bank of Queensland Q Rewards (Platinum credit card holders only)
    • St.George Amplify Rewards
    • BankSA Amplify Rewards
    • Bank of Melbourne Amplify Rewards
    • what has typically been the highest bonus in the past couple of years? i think it might be a good time to do a transfer

      • There was a 15% bonus back in May 2021. The last time the bonus was 20% was February 2020.

    • +1

      So best to transfer from Amex to Kriflyer or Velocity…? Or keep on Amex? Any pros/cons for each?

      • I'm in the same predicament

      • +1

        Depends on international or domestic.
        I'll be doing bit of both.

        AMEX to KF in Nov will get you 15% bonus too

        ANZ to velocity is currently 30% bonus

      • +3

        Broad question, depends whether you have a redemption in mind. There are sweet spots in each airline’s reward chart.

        Keep in mind:
        KrisFlyer have a hard 3 year expiry
        Velocity has no expiry granted you have activity in the last 18months

      • Krisflyer has 3 years expiry, and Velocity has limited international travel options/reward seats.

        And they have these bonus transfer points at least once a year.

        So few factors at play here, whether you're gonna keep the amex card for longer term, the destination you want/plan to go, reward seats availability, etc…

    • so the ANZ Rewards bonus is 30%. Is this worth it or should I hold out for anything bigger?

      • +2

        30% is the best you can get with ANZ. It's either 15%+15% or 20%+10% like this time

        • Ah, that's great to hear. Thanks for confirming! Have now transferred my points for the 30% bonus lol

        • Pre covid it use to be 30% + 15% or 20% but I think 20% + 10% would be the best you could do post covid.

  • I got 25% bonus with my Amex on email

  • No FlyBuys! Not happy!

  • "Your ANZ Reward Points can be redeemed for Velocity Points at a rate of 2 ANZ Reward Points for 1 Velocity Point (being the ‘Base Velocity Points’)."

    That doesn't make it worthwhile even with the 30% bonus as the points already get halved in the transfer while the cost of the gift card is almost the same.
    Example: Bunnings Gift Card $100 redeemable by ANZ Rewards is 22,225 points while Velocity is 21,800 points.

    Is my understanding misconstrued? Is this targeted more for people wanting to redeem flights but not so much gift cards?

    • +1

      Say $100 = 22225 ANZ points, that's 0.45cents = 1 ANZ point
      But if you redeem velocity points on flight, 1 point can be worth between 1.1 cents to 2.7 cents (as per pointhacks)

      • So am I right to conclude that transfer if you want to redeem velocity points on flight. Don't transfer if you want to redeem on equivalent gift cards.

        • You are right

  • Thanks for posting OP! Need to close my ANZ rewards card and had some points to transfer to Velocity so took advantage of this promo. Glad I waited a couple of weeks before closing my card!

    You should probably edit the OP as per daft009's comment as it's now 30% for ANZ card members.

    • You still have 30-60 days to use your points after closing your card

  • How do I transfer to QFF points from AMEX?

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