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AmEx Explorer Card: 240,000 Bonus Membership Reward Points ($3,000 Spend in 3 Months, $395 Annual Fee, New Card Member Only)


Fantastic sign up bonus from AMEX. I haven't seen a bonus this large for the explorer before.

As always, only for members who have not held a card in the past 18 months.

This card really should have a 0% international transaction fee, especially since it's being marketed as a travel card.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (1)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (25)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +1

    Can convert to krisflyer?

    • +4

      Yes, 240,000 amex = 120,000 KrisFlyer (plus 15% with the current transfer promotion)

      • +3

        there's no way those points would hit in time before the promo ends

        • -1

          Promo for KrisFlyer ends in Jan 2022 I think.

          Plenty of time IMO

          • +4

            @LemonShapedRock: Ends nov 22, 2021. Wouldn't even get your first statement by then unfortunately

            • +13

              @freestyle18: I think rewards points are available almost instantly once the spending is met (at least this is what happened for me in the last promotion)

              • @zebargaro: Can confirm amex paid out points the next day after I hit the $3000 spend

        • +5

          there is a way…..just apply ASAP….if you get approved, you will receive the card in 5-7 Business days - say you receive the card by 10-Nov….make min spend by 12-Nov….you will receive the bonus points + points for your spend by 14-Nov…..always happens with AmEx….transfer the points to Krisflyer and you will receive 15% bonus….240000 + 3000 = 121500 KF + 18225 (15% bonus) = Total 139725 KF in your KF account
          (AmEx actually credited the bonus points even before we made the min spend - this happened on both Explorer and DJ)

          • -1

            @ck009: didn't know rewards hit differently than the FF ones. good to know for the future if I'm trying for it

            • @freestyle18: yes….if you are using the AmEx Membership Rewards cards (like Explorer, Platinum etc)….the points are credited daily as soon as the charge is billed to your account and the bonus points are credited as soon as you hit the min spend

      • +3

        Free gold till Feb 2022
        Transfer in 250k KF

      • Good luck getting the pts before it ends with a new card

        • won't need it. applied for the previous promo got the points straight away after meeting the spend. unlike other banks where you need to chase for months.

      • Where can i see that 15% promotion. I cant find it both in my amex and Kris pages.

  • +1

    Does it card really doesn’t have any international transaction fee?

    • +1

      Yep. AMEX doesn't waive the international transaction fee. It's 2.5% or 3% I think.

    • +2

      just OP's hopes and dreams

      • +8

        Although at least AMEX doesn't charge the stupid international transaction fees for Australian Dollar transactions processed overseas.

  • Pretty epic amount considering some of the redemption points deals going on Qantas / KrisFlyer at the moment

  • If you currently have an AMEX Edge card does this exclude you from attaining the points?

    • Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the proceeding 18 month period are ineligible for this offer.

    • +1

      Yes if you're the main card holder

  • Does the referral increase the points in any way?

    • Seems to decrease the points

      • +3

        Yup reduces from 240K to 150K if referral used!

  • How much value interms giftcard if we convert these points? anyone have info, kindly share.

    • +5

      If its like other AMEX cards that should equate to $1200 statement credits

      • By statement credits do you mean if you spent $1200 with the card you essentially get an offset?

        • -2

          240,000 rewards points = $1,200 in Woolies GC that's what he meant.

        • +1

          Yes, with Amex you can use your points to pay off your credit card.

        • You can go to your bill/statement and take off $1200 worth of charges in exchange for 240k points.

          20k points = $100.

    • +1

      For 180k points you can get approximately $800 in gift cards from Woolworths, and I suppose similar value with other GCs

    • +8

      Don’t do this. As far as points to $ ratio go it’s a shocking trade off. For 250k points you could get 2 x return business class flights to SE Asia somewhere which would cost $8k each at the best of times.

      • +24

        I only value them at economy rates plus 25%, not $8000.

        Anyone that thinks they're really worth $8000 is likely delusional. Or so rich they'd pay full price for business class even without points.

        • -7

          Anyone who uses points for economy flights is delusional

          • +4

            @digitalane: You still get to your destination, don’t you? Spending the extra points is better than paying cash but it doesn’t make it a good deal.

            • @get-innocuous: "You still get to your destination" is one of my pet peeves. you still get to your destination if you drive a cheaper car, yet people buy expensive cars with luxuries etc.

              I've flown business class to LA from SYD and it was amazing to wake up refreshed and ready to go. It was an "experience" too which I still look back on. It's not always about the numbers in your bank.

        • +1

          i agree, to a point.

          the difference is, if you can plan flying business on points means you get the slowly accumulate the points and not a big hit to your pocket in one go. "lay by" of sorts.

          We as a family of 3 flew to Canada in business pre covid. my 2.5yo son slept comfortably and so did we and we were straight into it when we got there. the same loooong flight in economy would have been unbearable.

          no way I could have spent $24k on 3x business tix

      • +1

        Only if you can book it. Never able to use point to book business class in advance, may be just me.

        • Just booked London to Sydney flight in Business on Singapore by using 240k Amex points with the 15% bonus

          • @digitalane: Can I ask when you booked the flight? Thanks to the very helpful comments on this post I have signed up for this offer but when I go to redeem with KrisFlyer I can't see any London to Sydney flights from November-Feb or even June-August 2021. It's my first time using though so I am not sure if that's normal and you have to book well in advance. Thanks for the help!

        • +4

          Plan in advance and prepare to be a bit flexible. SQ known for decent award availability - may not be exactly what you want but it's reasonably available. Like don't go expecting to book return London tickets over Xmas for a family of 4 in mid Dec and start complaining about nothing left.

          Pre covid I have gotten 3 seats SIN-SYD in business class the weekend before Xmas which is super peak time, but you need to book way ahead (I booked 11mths or so in advance). No status at the time either, good luck getting that sort of availability with QF without status.

          Another time was flying to London about 2-3 weeks out, which is a tough route for seats at the best of times let alone so close in. Ended up redeeming on SQ to Amsterdam in business, and taking a short flight later to London City.

          Also had another time when I was trying to get from Asia to the US. Initially redeemed my Cathay miles on CX in business, but a couple months out needed to change dates. CX had nothing available in business in the surrounding weeks for me to shift to anywhere on the US/Canada west coast, but was able to redeem on SQ in business to the US (a little misplaced though, landed in LAX when my destination was SFO).

          Tldr, there is availability, particularly if you book way in advance or you're a little flexible like coming back to MEL instead of SYD and completing the short hop yourself. Of course, if your only experience in trying to redeem points in business is with QF, I can completely understand why you're disillusioned.

        • Seating is generally good on Krisflyer. The saver seats are usually a bit harder to obtain and might need to be somewhat flexible date wise.
          That being said, school holiday flights are obtainable.

          There's key downsides that I see with Krisflyer
          1. 36 months points expiry (extendable by 6 months at a cost)
          2. Their international network is good, but generally routes via Singapore. They do partner with VA but its not as easy redemption wise compared to Qantas (as well as being a bit more expensive to redeem i.e. Syd-Mel 11000 Krislfyer miles vs 8000 Qantas)

          A lot of people value Krisflyer miles > Qantas points as generally its used for higher value fares and flight classes and possibly better service wise.

      • +8

        Which means very little to those that are either not interested in international travel, or are quite happy with economy and don't consider the opportunity cost (in lost gift card value) of upgrading to business as worth it.

      • +1

        How do i get 2 x return business class flights with this? I only calculate 1 return ticket if going through krisflyer. Thanks

      • Of course people should spend their points how they like, but you are correct that the best value conversion is to international non-economy flights.

        I converted AMEX points to Krisflyer and got a round the world ticket in suite class (where you get your own cabin). The best thing was that SQ has terrific availability (unlike Qantas) and in fact, because I booked last minute, my Suite class ticket was the same points cost as business class RTW!

        • +1

          I hope you took the opportunity to join the 'club'.

          Or did you go the ozb way and put her in economy?

          Either way is good i suppose.

      • +1

        You're assuming people would ever want to take business class

        That's the false economy that people have been tricked into thinking

        250k is worth is what $1,100… the question is if someone would pay $1,100 for 2x return Business class to SE Asia + all the effort of creating and understanding an Airline point system

        Making claims like $8k value, is worthless if people dont value it at $8k

        Personally I dont get why you would get gift cards

        When you can use the points to pay off the card at 180k = $900

        Here the monetary value is exactly the same

  • +6

    Am I calculating this right? At AMEX rewards store there is $500 worth Apple digital gift card for ~58k points meaning 242000 rewards points will get you -$2040 worth of Apple gift cards? If correct then it’s a steller of an offer !!

    • +3

      May I ask where you are seeing this offer? I can't seem to find it in the gift cards section on the AMEX site. Thanks

      • Hi, my apologies but I can’t find it now. Something has definitely changed on Amex rewards site. Earlier there were whole lot of gift cards under Amex brand itself (I.e American Express hotel, dining etc) and along with that Apple was there too where I saw $500 GC for 58,931 something points
        But now Apple itself isn’t there…
        Scratching head..but still a great deal as over 1k GC at most of the retail stores !!

        • I just found it by changing to the USA Amex site. $500 for 58,824 points.
          Doubt you’d be able to use the points on the USA Amex site though.

    • I can’t see Apple gift cards at all on the Amex page. Where are you seeing this?

    • cant seem to find this offer..

  • Wowee

  • Jeez. The 160k was like a free $800-900. This is like $1300 ish. Very nice deal if you can get approved.

    • +5

      No. $1200 in statement credit - Card $395.

      Basically about the same.

    • This was better in pure monitory value I think

      • How can it be better than this deal? $750+$395 < $1200 from this deal.

        • If you get $400 travel credit from this as well, then yes this is a bit better. Otherwise not. Travel credit is not mentioned in the post

    • +1

      yeah but this doesn't have a reduced annual fee.

  • +4

    shit. I have held a corporate AMEX card.
    does this count as ineligible?

    • +2

      Keen to know as well

      • +3

        Corporate doesn't count, only Business.

        • would be great! if not. It says on the card CORPORATE

          • @PaperplaneXXX: Also in a similar situation, is this confirmed?

            • @StroopVI: I called up and they said it should be fine, corporate doesnt count as @bargainGeezer mentioned.

        • I called up and they said small business cards didn't count. Not sure if that was true - I asked more out of curiosity.

  • -3

    I just applied when it was 120000 points last month. 240k is awesome. I still haven’t finished my 3 k spend. Any hopes that I might get 240k when I finish my spend ?

    • +4

      call them and bust their balls

    • +1

      Can guarantee it'll be a hard no from amex

  • +1

    What is min income for this card?

    • 65K

      • Oh cool thats much lower than I thought

      • +1

        Oh crap. Rules me out completely with no chance ever getting one of these………………….

        • +2

          Not to be rude, but if you're not on above 65k, you probably shouldn't be looking at these kinds of cards.. The only reason to get this card is for cycling cards, and that gets you into a potentially very dangerous position on low incomes..

      • How to prove? I'm yet to receive my contract for the new year..

    • Would like to know this too.

      • 65k with good credit history

  • +6

    Looks like this card includes 400$ travel credit as well.

    • Is this during the first year also? The T&C mentions 'every anniversary year' which sounds like you get it after the first year has lapsed. Can anyone confirm?

      • +1

        I cant remember but you get the travel credit either right away or after the 3k spend.

      • +2

        The credit is available immediately

    • +1

      If you get it, put a reminder in your phone to spend it! I've nearly been caught out.
      Note that the credit has to be used through Amex Travel. You can book flights, hotel and car hire but be aware if you cancel, you will not get the $400 credit back.

      That said, I was very impressed with Amex customer service who extended the $400 credit due date last year, given people wouldn't have a chance to spend it. A small thing, but was the right thing for them to do.

  • Yeah, this makes me sad that the bonus pts are so large!

    Ohwell, luck of the draw when your timing is to sign up etc

    I'm struggling to spend my travel credit? I need to cancel the card as I hit the 3k min spend within 6 weeks.

    • don't feel bad. I've been shafted a bunch of times. like the last anz platinum was only 100k when I signed up and a month later it was 180k.

      • Good point, I can reapply in late November!

  • Are you eligible if you have an existing Amex card? Couldn’t tell from the main page

    • +9

      Hint: read the op

      • Whoops that is my bad! :)

  • -2

    Convert to how many Qantas points?

    • +2

      Doesn't convert to Qantas

    • You can do through Marriott Bonvoy but it’s a terrible conversion rate of 5/18. I.e 240000 would convert to 66,667.

  • I’m somewhat new to churning cards - if I’m on ~80k annual income and I’ve got 2 credit cards open already (credit limit across both is 21k total, and I pay back in full monthly), will I be accepted or should I close one of the other cards first (I’ve gotten the rewards already, just been too lazy to redeem everything and close it)?

    • If you can close one do it and then apply just to be safe but sometimes it can be random on whether you're approved or not.

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