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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max $69.30 Delivered @ Myer


Nice discount on the recently released 4K Max at Myer. Appears to be for delivery only (which is free anyway)… seems no stores have stock for C&C.

Lets see if Amazon price matches.

Sale ends: 21/11/2021

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    Other than wifi 6, what's the difference?

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      Extra 1GB ram and 40% faster.

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      Better for emulation.

      • Agreed better for emulation.

        Any suggestion on a compatible remote with numeric key pads especially for IPTV apps

    • AV1 support.

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    Does this work as chromecastV

    • Thanks for this

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      Was going to link that article, but I believe that's comparing the old Fire TV Stick 4K (2018 Model)

      • oh no worries, didnt realise

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        The 2018 and the 2021 Australian release are the same device. Only difference being that when Amazon finally decided to launch it here they included the updated remote.

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          Thanks for the information, was confused when trying to find the difference.

    • i liek how some say tie and others say draw

      • What about deadlock and stalemate 😜

    • That article completely sidesteps AV1 support, albeit at 60 FPS.

  • This or the chromecast with google tv? I saw some comments about the firestick maybe being a bit slow?

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      Por que no los dos?

    • -2

      I can't comment on this one, but i bought a chromecast with google tv and absolutely hated it. The wifi connection was always spotty at best, constant buffering, and a generally slow inteferface. I replaced it with an apple tv and have been much happier. I understand that the apple tv is competing in a completly different price range, but i found the chromecast with google tv to be unusable, even when compared to a chromecast ultra.

      • +1

        Haven't had any issue with my Chromecast with Google TV. Working perfectly, no buffering issues.

  • is this any use to smart tvs with built in os? ive got the samsung au8000 not sure if i need one

    • If you've ever used the shitty Kayo app on the AU8000 or Q80, you'll benefit from getting a smart dongle like the Google tv - I don't have the Amazon Firestick but Kayo or Kayo plugin for Kodi is so much better than the Sammy one.

      Having said that, my wife has no issues with the Netflix app on Sammy so possibly reflective of global audience gets more development resources

  • Sorry I am a bit confused. Anyone can advise what is the main difference between this and the TV built-in OS?

    If the tv is already Android based, what is the point of having this?

    Thank you.

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      My bedroom TV chugs like an absolute steam train when trying to use the Android features. TV still looks great but is getting on in age Android-Smart TV wise. One of these can avoid that.

    • On older TVs at least, it may offer streaming services not provided on the TV and, like in my case, gives me higher quality motion smoothing when using it instead of inbuit apps on my TV. I bought one on launch day for a 2 year old Hisense TV and it has pleasantly modernised my viewing experience.

  • Does this have auto refresh rate switching?

  • Compared to Nvidia Shield, this is a much better buy right? Or are they too different products to be compared?

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      Basic functionality this seems the way to go, although the consensus is that for casting chromecast is the way to go. The NVIDIA Shield has the functionality of this and much more so it's really depending on what your use and requirements are that you should pick one over the other.

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      Too different.

      Shield has better support for high quality codecs I believe, Atmos etc. It also has AI upscaling on the latest model which works amazingly well for 1080p/720p content. Can also stream games over your network.

      For basic YouTube streaming etc they are pretty even. For certain features the shield blows this out of the water.

  • Afterpay has $10 off in case anyone has that under their offers.

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      This. What is a bit stupid is that one of the offer is $10 off $25 spent, but can only use Afterpay with $100+ spent at Myer…

      • Yep, I was fooled by that bullshit offer and still haven’t found a way to use it.

  • now to see if jbhifi will pricematch

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      Likely won't get price matched anywhere now, OOS already.

      • Damn, that didn't take long. Curse you ozbargain

        • I'm guessing Amazon will sell it for $60 (40% off) on Black Friday Sale.

          • @KOBH: I'll immediately snap 2 and replace my aging Vodafone boxes on the bedroom TV's if that's the case, rotating the ordinary fire tv 4k's on my lounge/family room. I honestly thought I wouldn't say that because of the inbuilt tuner but I've got used to just using the relevant FTV app's live channels, wish there was some way to collate them into one though.

            • @sk3iron: The Freeview app collates the Aussie ones, but you need each channel’s app installed for it to work.

              You might have to sideload if it’s not in the Amazon App Store.

              • @toasty: Awesome tip bro, will give that a go when I get home… Thanks.

              • @toasty: Any chance you have a link to a version you might've used, the ones I've come across instantly crash on me

  • You can wait for Amazon to price match it.

    • Here's hoping but pairing with that afterpay coupon for $10 extra would've been great :(

  • I would say damn you're all quick but only had 400ish clicks when I saw, I predict someone at Myer made a mistake and just OOS'd it.

  • 59 on black friday

    • Where were they $59? Amazon?
      Thanks :)

      • +1

        He's predicting it'll drop to $59 (I assume at Amazon) for Black Friday which is next month.

  • I'm still waiting on an order from Myer from 21st of September (of an item that was in stock!). I don't think they know how to do delivery. Sure Auspost delays haven't helped, but I'd still recommend paying more and buying it from somewhere else

    • yeeesh, I placed and order 8 days ago. I've recieved my tracking number but shows up as pending on auspost

    • Same experience, i had to wait for more than 3 weeks to get the item. This was 3-4 months ago, so now that we have Auspost delays, it would be even worse

  • Daamn it! I missed out, I was entertaining the idea of buying one of the normal ones for $49 but figured I'd wait till these went on sale I figured they would pop up at $70ish soon enough just thought they'd leave it while until all the old 4k models mostly sold out :'(

    • +1

      Yeah I was really surprised to see it haha. Black Friday just around the corner anyway.

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