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Ajax Spray N' Wipe Refill Lavender and Citrus 500ml $0.66 @ Officeworks


Still available to add to cart and C&C during I post this

This is a 500 mL bottle.
With both grease-lifting and antibacterial properties, it's ideal for use in multiple areas in the home or workspace, including bathrooms, workstations, counters and kitchens.
The spray kills up to 99.9% of germs including Salmonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus & Enterococcus.
The bottle is refillable and made from 100% recycled packaging that uses 35% less plastic than a regular trigger pack.*
Store below 30° C and keep it away from direct sunlight.
It has a pleasant lavender and citrus fragrance.

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  • Unavailable online now :(

  • Just got some for click n collect

  • Thanks OP

  • Click n collect in 2 hours, handy!

  • Thanks OP. CnC in 2 hours

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    Lavender and Citrus 500ml $0.66

    What a weird combination…

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      What a weird combination…

      jv, don't drink it 😉

    • Tastes great .

      • is this one of those 'super foods'

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    Grabbed 8. Thx

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    Thanks op got 9.

  • thanks op got 10

    • Challenge accepted. Now i have 11

      • Thanks OP, got 12

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        i got 20 and now my missus thinks i'm trying to subtly say something, help me.

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  • A better deal for spray and wipe refill is to use this https://www.bunnings.com.au/peerles-jal-5l-active-o-spray-an..., it's a concentrate so goes a long way

    • nice, but I won't break even until I'm 45 bottles through

  • Goneskies

  • Got $5 worth cos, why not

    • $50 worth would get it delivered free.

      • Free click and collect

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    Seems I'm too late for around me but here's stock

    • Where you got nrby.in from?

      Good tools to check stock

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        All credit goes to Ozbargainer vu who made this lovely API :)

    • Looks like a trip to Rockhampton is about to start.

    • Wow, Albury has 148!

    • Does Nrby only work for Officeworks?

      • Not sure, I didn't make the API I just found it on OzB

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          Just Officeworks I believe. Comment about it is here

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        Tried HN, TGG, Bing Lee, JB didn't work

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        Only Officeworks, was the only retailer I was interested in finding out stock. Most of the others don't have any actual stock level in the data other than in stock/low/etc. so it wasn't worth rehashing what their website already says.

        • No worries, thanks for the site, I've added it to my bookmarks.

        • Thank you for the amazing work! You are a STAR!

    • Interesting. There were 25 left when i ordered 10 and now it still shows 25 left 🤔

      • Yeah because it's not live, there's a bit of a delay.

  • Ready for collection ..

  • OOS

  • Thanks. Got 40.

    • Wow, Albury has 148!
      Thanks. Got 40.

      From Albury 😁

      • I'm in the west and now getting ready for road trip to Menton.

    • You're a true ozbargainer. Good job.

  • Thanks OP

    In stock in north lakes QLD. Just in time for a "spring" clean.

    Although nrby says 0, email says order confirmed.

    • Nrby only shows in store stock, but stock for your click and collect order comes from their distribution centre - Queensland DC currently have 173.

  • None in brisbane. 😭

  • I just added 30 to cart at Noosa store I couldn't bring myself to do it, not a true ozbargainer :(

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      Leave now thanks Dave

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      I have suspended your ozb membership until further notice

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    still in stock

    • I think some area or some state , Sydney couldn't add to cart

  • Picked up my 10 and expiry is Dec 2021

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