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Ozito PXC 2 x 18V Cordless Lawn Mower Kit $228 @ Bunnings


Price has dropped from $279 to $228 to compete with Aldi's special

Kit Includes:

  • Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Safety Key
  • 2 x 18V Compact Fast Chargers
  • 2 x 18V, 4.0Ah Batteries

Mod Note: More information can be found on the Ozito Site

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  • So the lawnmower from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/653047 without the line trimmer but $30 more?

    • +1

      4Ah batteries instead of 2.5. Good deal as the trimmer is junk. (unless you already have the batteries)

      • +5

        If it's the same as the $29 trimmer earlier in the year, it's amazing.

        I have a 22x30m block I need to keep clear. I used to use a Makita petrol brush cutter, but this little thing weighs nothing and the battery lasts forever. Blows my mind.

        I sadly now use the ozito for the heavy / thick weeds and the Makita for General grass areas.

        P.S. Make DIY replacement Blades out of cable ties. That being said. I'll do the whole block on one blade.

        • +1

          Agree. I'm surprised how good this "junk" trimmer is.
          I now have 3 from Bunnings package deal and the first one still hasn't given up after 3 years or more.

        • the blades get worn down so quickly. i'll have to try the cable tie thing

        • thanks for the tip about the cable ties blades

        • +1

          Great idea!! Agree the trimmer is surprisingly good. Most people complain about the blades but you have solved it..

        • Where are you hanging these cable ties? There's only a lug on the plate for the blades from memory

          • @Jackson: Zip them to the lug (make sure you have pliers to remove later). Heat them up and twist to get the blade horizontal for extra cutting / strength. I also used fibre glass tape to add a zip tie to a broken tab, worked better than expected.

        • +2

          +1 for the $29 trimmer. I bought 2 of them ages ago mainly for the batteries and chargers. Decided to use one just for the lols and was super impressed with how light and easy it was to use. And in my experience if you keep the blade guard adjusted well the blades actually last a fairly long time. I think I have been using mine on and off for 12 months and I have only gone through 3 blades.

  • +1

    Is this lawnmower any good, in need of a new one ?

    • +1

      i returned it … many people on OB at the time thought it was ok, but i found it struggled to cut grass (just standard lawn kikuyu or couch), its a pretty small mower and all the plastic bits were really flimsy. you could convince me its meant to be disposable

    • +1

      I bought it about 3 weeks ago at regular price. D'oh. Cuts decently but can be a bit gutless. Pretty easy to just adjust the height to a higher setting though. Super light. Super easy to use. In hindsight I probs would have gone the bigger one, mainly because the catcher fills in about 3 minutes. Can't really complain at the price. $50 cheaper would have been nice though. :(

    • +2

      I have this mower and I wish I had gone with something more powerful. It really struggles and jams up with longer grass. If the grass is too long, you need to mow it twice on different length settings just to make it through.

      • I have has this for a while, works great for me, but I dont tend to cut thicker grass to be fair so YMMV
        Battery lasts enough to do my ~450sqm yard once over and just barely have enough charge left. I tend to like having another set of batteries as backup so I dont have to wait for them to charge again if they end up dying.

    • I have the old version of this. Get this:

  • Still showing as $279 online

    • shows as $228 in powerpass app. stock seems limited though.

      • Says that’s for Trade customers.

  • how does this compares to the telescopic and brushless steel deck one?

  • I wish I could buy the skin and MacGyver an adapter for my 36v removable ebike battery onto it.

    • +1

      I use 4x Ozito 18V batteries for my 36V MacGuyvered eBike :-)

      Doing it the other way around should not be hard.

      • +1

        I would like to see a photo of this ride

        • me too

        • +1

          Photo or it didn't happen

        • Too ugly :) Spade connectors and duct tape.
          Just a steel-frame bike with front-hub-motor kit,
          4x powertool batteries in a standard rack bag. The kit previously used 3x12V SLA batteries on a different bike. heavy!

      • I was doing the same thing with Metabo batteries until I decided it was just way easier to charge a single 36V battery.

        I also killed 4 6s turnigy batteries in my bike along the way (forgot to turn it off and there was no bms).

        I currently use 2 36V ebike batteries for:
        Me and the missus' ebikes.
        My electric skateboard.
        An electric go kart built from a pedal car and a hacked hoverboard.
        Two electric converted 49cc chinese dirtbikes that the kids use.

        May as well throw a mower in the mix too considering my piece of shit Masport is literally falling apart (engine still runs great but the actual mower is just a heap of crap and has way too many plastic parts).

        • +1

          What motors did you use for kids dirt bikes?

          I just picked up one of those kiddy ride on electric sports cars in hard rubbish. Has two well dead SLA batteries. 3D Printed off a battery holder and screwed that on the back, wired it in. Now runs off 18v 4.0ah batteries. Might make it four and hit the golf course in my Lambo…

          • @tunzafun001: They are just 36V 500w brushed motors from ebay. About 2500rpm under load and a 64 tooth rear sprocket gives a bit under 30 kph.

            • @Buyingcrap: Cheers. So just a kit something like this? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/133838165509?

              • +1

                @tunzafun001: Yeah pretty much, but that one is 24v. You would need to check the chain pitch on the bike, probably t8f, and match the sprockets. Google something like "go kart speed calculator" enter in the wheel size, rpm and and adjust the tooth count on the sprockets to find the theoretical speed.

                • @Buyingcrap: Nice. What about mounting the batteries? I've 3D printed a few battery holders, but not sure if they would be strong enough. Need some way to support them/ clamp them to the frame.

    • Not reason it wouldn't work - anything 36v just has the 2x batteries in series, and since the Ozito batteries only terminate into devices with +ve and -ve (BMS is internal to batteries) then a couple of heavy-gauge wires and spade terminals would work easy.

      • Yeah but can you buy the skin by itself?

  • Would this one be a good choice ?.


    Only 1 battery missing but is brushless

    • +1

      300mm cutting width. This one is really good if you need to cart it up stairs or through somewhere else you cannot wheel it.

      It may lack power though, haven't used it myself.

    • +2

      I’ve got the brushless version,

      I have a normal sized block with about 200m2 of buffalo grass out the back and it does the job.

      Maybe not as “badge” sexy as the other brands, cuts ok (nothing beats a 2 stroke petrol powered Victa mower). Running 2 x 4.0Ah batteries to do front and back yards.

      Would I recommend, yes, no fuss mow, does the job.

      Note, I was told by a turf guy 90% of people cut too low and not frequent enough.

  • Danke

  • so still not as good as the aldi ones as the aldi ones have brushless motors.
    do aldi ones have steel deck? this one has cheapo plastic deck as far as I know.
    the only comparable ones to aldi from ozito are these, but surely burnings wouldn't price match

    • You reckon the Aldi one is good? So cheap!

      • Is it easy to return if Aldi one doesn't suit? What i like about Bunnings is the ease to return or exchange. Ozito is 5 years warranty too.

  • I have one does a great job on my smallish yard. Does the whole yard on half a charge.

  • Out of stock everywhere near me. Sydney Metro North.
    Damn - I was waiting for this one.

  • Whats a good option for someone with a decently sized yard, so medium to large.

    Is this the same one as this one

    Thats on Bunnings site? Code looks the same, but Bunnings has it on their site for $375.

  • All, the brushless 36v version was back in stock since a few days ago.
    I bought one at Rockdale yesterday, and there were still around 10 there.

    From previous Ozbargain comments, this is one of the better Ozito lawn mower to buy.


    • +3

      that's the one i've been eyeing off, but is it 171$ better than this??

  • Brought today from capalaba had 14 in stock. Offer ends next week

  • Hi all, strange and probably VERY daft question, but could I use the Ryobi battery for the Ozito models? Many thanks :)

    • +1

      No. They won't fit.

  • Bought one from Port Melbourne today. They still had a couple of them left in the specials section…

  • If I'm just looking at the lawnmower (and not the range of Aldi vs Ozito products), are the Aldi 2x20v ones better than these 2x18v? The Aldi has a bigger cutting width and larger grass catcher. Only thing is that it's harder to buy optional accessories with Aldi.

    • +1

      The thing with aldi is you can only return it. Better product but you will have to buy again in bunnings for example. Can't go wrong with Aldi's 5 year warranty but you won't get replacement. My 2 cents

      • Thanks for your thoughts! I wasn't able to find any of the Ozito version at the promo price in stock anywhere near me (was hunting between different Bunnings today) so I guess I'll just go with the Aldi. I bought some spare batteries just in case. Hope the mower lasts, I've used it once and it's definitely better than my uncle's Ozito 18v (the smallest one) mower.

        • Same here. I was thinking to show the pic to price match

  • Any idea when Bunnings will revert back to normal pricing?

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