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MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk Motherboard $179.83 Delivered @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU


Pretty good deal on a great motherboard if your looking for AMD AM4 ATX
I have one and this board is heavy!

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Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • It comes up as $170 for me. I've used the app many times so it's not because of that.

  • Is it a good deal

    • It's a nice board. I don't know why it says out of stock here. There's still stock according to my Amazon app.

      • Says in stock for me on my PC too

      • +1

        I suppose its because its no longer sold from HT, but another seller.

        • Yep that's why and different pricing.

          • @Twix: Well it’s the exact same price after delivery.

    • Not bad but you can find X570S Tomahawks and Torpedos for $219.00

      • I’ve been looking for the X570S on sale for a while now actually. Where’d you find $219.00? TIA

        • Wait, I think I've made a big mistake. $319.00 is the price sorry, which makes this deal look better. I'll look around and confirm in a bit.

        • Yeah false alarm but still fully worth it IMO. $319.00 a great price for what you get but I'm a bit of a Renesas/Intersil fanboy these days. Yeah, don't know what I was thinking - if they were $219.00 I would have already ordered a few.

          • @eloque: For less than $40 more than the RRP on this, it's a steal

            • +1

              @eloque: Cheers for the update!

              • @timothymh: No worries. I remember it standing out because Centrecom has the Tomahawk listed at a lower price than the Torpedo, while everyone else seemed to have it the other way around and the cheapest Torpedo I could find was also $219 (at a place where the Tomahawk was more expensive). The next cheapest Tomahawk is just over $20 more at one place and the rest are at least $40 more going up to around $400. I was thinking maybe they've made a $20 mistake worth cashing in on. The boards are basically the same. Torpedo only has one M.2 heatsink but one extra ethernet port and the blue colourway.

                • @eloque: *$319 sheez, I'm blaming the keyboard

            • @eloque: What are the differences between the two boards

              • @AlienC: Torpedo only has one M.2 heatsink and no WIFI but one extra ethernet port and the blue colourway. I think one article mentioned something about the heatsink on the Tomahawk being aluminium or something. The sentence was erroneous so I didn't take it too seriously.

                • @eloque: Oh so the cheaper one has no WiFi but the more expensive one does?

                  Am I reading that right?

                  • @AlienC: It's complicated. They're basically the same price. The price can vary greatly from merchant to merchant for either of the boards but if you narrow the search down to the cheapest retailers, there's usually only about $20 difference between the boards and while the Torpedo seems to be the higher priced one at most places, it isn't in some places.

                    For instance, the cheapest Torpedo can be had for $319 from one seller and the cheapest Tomahawk can also be found for $319 at another shop.

                    Actually, Umart has the Torpedo for $315 today (Was: $339.0 Save $24.0) while selling the Tomahawk for $359.00
                    (Was: $369.0 Save $10.0).

                    Centrecom has the Torpedo for $339 and the Tomahawk for $319 but upon closer inspection the latter is a "deal price" ending at 11PM on Sunday 31/10. I could've sworn it was at this price before the sale but it all makes sense now, thanks for your guidance;

                    The one with WIFI usually costs more than the one without WIFI.

                    I know, hard to believe.

                    BUT you do get an extra ethernet port and blue colouration on the 'usually cheaper' one, so if you like these features and have a bunch of USB wifi dongles lying around like me and miss the Centrecom sale, you're not really missing much.

                    The boards are basically identical otherwise and can be had for roughly the same price.

      • I think I got my x570 for like $260, and that was a steal. $219 would be mindless decision to get it.

        • Yeah just the other day I noticed that earlier in the year there were some great deals on Ozbargain with the X570 versions but I feel like the X570S versions have that extra refinement plus they've had nearly a year to iron out any bugs.

          • @eloque: The tomahawk was already MSI's redemption from their earlier failures of X570 boards.

            • @ATangk: Oh I missed that at the time but I got a similar impression from a review I glanced over yesterday. Glad they're working it out. Kinda rooting for them and Asrock at the moment. Each of the big four innovate in interesting ways. It's interesting that there's still a big enough market to warrant keeping this pretty old format alive, especially in these days of legacy-free offerings and raspberry pi's. And Huwawei's about to step in with ARM-based versions (of ATX-style DIY consumer mobos).

        • Kind of in the same boat and have been looking at MSI X570S Tomahawk and Ryzen 5600X to complete my first build with an RTX 2080 (inside a Razer Core X at the moment and not getting the full potential). Not sure which direction to move now that Alder Lakes are about to be released.

          • +1

            @csmacd: Just find a good bargain and go for the 5600x, it’s not like you’ll be disappointed. The current gen of stuff is pretty insane already and for gaming, the 5600x matches the 5900x.

  • $179 at CentreCom as well.

  • Tomahawk vs b550 pro?

    • which pro are you even referring to?

      • MSI b555 a-pro

        • +1


          (pro) 1 more USB ports on the back,
          (con) ALC892/ALC897 Codec, worse than ALC1200 on Tomahawk
          (con) Gigabit Lan only (tomahawk have 1 more 2.5G port)
          (con) 1 less 12v RGB port (who cares if you go RGB you would more than likely use 5v ARGB and both have 2 5v ARGB port)
          (con) slightly worse power delivery (only apply if you want all core OC on 5950x. Doesn't really matter if you do PBO on 5950x or any type of OC on any other CPU, as it is still more than capable to drive all those)
          (con) 4 Layer PCB (Tomahawk uses 6 layers, which provide way better OC headroom, though only applies when you do extreme OC with B-Die, using 2/4 dimm on 3600mhz XMP setting on A-Pro shouldn't really matter, But since RAM in general is kinda easy to get unstable if there's interference, so getting better signal trace means a lot to me personally)

          Considering Tomahawk = $180, able to do extreme Mem OC, better power delivery(slightly), better audio, better ethernet with the only draw back being 1 less usb port on the back…… I'd only consider A-Pro if it's around $140 ish or less, not even $150.

          • @OMGJL: thanks for the write up. just got a a-pro for 150, heard tomahawk was the go to otherwise. For me with a 5600x (waiting on next gen 5 series 3d cache from ryzen) and good memory xmp by default, not sure how much id use the tomahawk.

        • or I'd B550 Steel Legend, it is:

          • 4 layer PCB but very good topology (slightly worse than Tomahawk when using 2 dimms, a bit worse than Tomahawk using 4 dimms, but way better than A-Pro either way)
          • Have POST Code, much easier OC experience(or easier diagnostic)
          • Same ALC 1200 Audio as Tomahawk
          • Better Looking(more RGB, white heatsink)
          • second M.2 is PCIe 3.0 x2 (half speed) (only matters in professional task like extracting video etc, as random 4k performance won't change in half speed)
          • have 2.5G lan
          • have m.2 slot for WiFi module
          • very good power delivery and no problem with 5950x
  • Would this be an upgrade from the tomahawk max pro b450? Running 5900x

    • Why would you though? Unless the VRMs are throttling there's no point, and even if they are you could just slap a fan over them.

    • Yeah there could be benefits for that CPU. Not sure whether the 'pro' belongs in that mobo name tho. Unless I just haven't heard of it - I'm only familiar with the max and the max ii. The boards are pretty much in the same tier as this one but B550 apparently has VRAM and cooling system upgrades in general and this particular board has a much better VRM imo (and one extra true phase at that), an extra ethernet port that is also at a higher speed (2.5GbE as the chipset upgrade affords) and a higher tier audio codec.

      Others have gone into the specifics above but in general B550 mobos have the possibility of coming with a couple of extra PCIe lanes and SATA ports, PCIe 4.0, WIFI 6, 2.5G ethernet, SLI (over the b450) and something else to take note of is the different CPU compatibility. Some B450s may need a BIOS update for newer CPUs and some older CPUs may not be compatible with some B550 boards.

  • Available again.

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