This was posted 2 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$40 off $40 Minimum Spend + $12.99 Postage ($0 Pick Up with $30 Post-Discount Spend ) @ Spotlight (VIP Membership Required)


$40 off $40 minimum spend, just pay postage at spotlight. I saw this on another page and thought I’d share here but don’t have lots of details if someone knows them please add.

I purchased some frozen and paw patrol merch for my daughters birthday

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    Does it work on C&C?

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      Yes but it was a struggle to find what I wanted in stock

    • Yes it does, but

      Minimum Click & Collect order threshold is $30. Please add additional products for Click & Collect or Move to Home Delivery.

      That's $30 after discount.

  • Any advise when does it expired?

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    not valid "Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive."

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      Login to VIP.

      • Still get same message, is the specific to VIC only?

        • Promo added to cart from NSW. Haven't purchased cause well I can't reach $70 that easy lol

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    Put to cart for $42 then reduced to $2, but no click and collect as not reaching minimum of $30. So need to add more $28.

  • Your delivery should arrive in 2 – 14 business days.

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    Thanks OP. Picked up 24 tea towels for $12.99 delivered.

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      'Picked up 24 tea towels …'

      Erm … why?

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        How else is he supposed to dry his tea?

      • Because these are the quality of tea towels that get wet after drying one thing.

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      Legend. High tea at optimus prime’s place!

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    Got a weighted blanked for $17.99 delivered. Thanks op!

    • which one? please add link, thank you

  • Wow some items have gone up so much in price.
    These saucepans were half this price last year guess Covid inflation is real

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      I also find spotlight slightly more expensive than other places. I purchased an Elsa dress for $20 from Amazon, same one on spotlight was $32

  • seems to work with full priced items only

    • Not really, bought some pots which are on sale.

      • doesnt work on the sale items i put, blinds and some kids toys

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          Doesn't work with everything, add one item to the cart with quantity X so the total is $40 or more to see if it qualifies

        • 1 item a pair for $1 scissors voided my cart so I swapped it with a towel and it worked.

    • Worked with sale items I purchased (paw patrol table cloth for example)

  • Hope they aren't closing down.

    • I think something is amiss here as last few orders have not been completed in full and customer service has been non existent to get refunds or replacements.

      Last offer wife did was a $30 pattern promotion so she wanted one particular item and decided to purchase two other items just to make up order for free click and collect. Needless to say the item she wanted was not included in the click and collect package only a letter saying it was not available.
      I've heard the same story several times since with others.

      They seem to piling on the offers at the moment but only delivering what's in stock - which isn't much from what I can tell.

      • Let's hope that's not the case this time.

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      The problem is that it won't be half price. They spread the discount with each individual item. In my case, bought 3 items (after discount $9, $9, $12). The last item was valued $28 before discount, thus if I want to return that one, I only get a refund of $12, not $28, basically paying $18 for the first 2 items. I guess it is better for me to home deliver for $12.99 for 2 items then. Oh well.

      • Yeah, the items invoiced were weird. Nope point in being cheeky for me at least cause no click and collect is available.

      • Particularly annoying when they cancel half your order as well, and discount is still prorated.

        • Yeah. I would only order what you know should be in stock like pillows, towels, and blankets. Even at that do a volume that is realistic. Looking at my invoice items it listed as 10c.

  • Thabks

  • Worked in NSW: Ended up getting 5 pillows to replace around the house. Seems the code has been active since October 26.

  • Nothing for pickup???

  • Why it shows in stock in my local store, but it does not allow me to pick up?

    • Need to spend $30 after discount (eg $70 or more before $40 off)

      • +. with all items in cart at that store in stock*

    • It turns out Hobart store doesn’t provide pick up service.

      • Pickup only available in NSW, VIC and WA.

  • Logged in to VIP

    The following item in cart

    Mode Home 16 / 19 mm Armor Groove Expand..

    Total: $30.00

    KOO Meeko Sheer Eyelet Curtains White 27..

    Total: $100.00

    Total Cart $130.00

    I go to use the promo code:

    "Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive."

  • Looks like flagged. Not working either.

  • Thanks! Got a sheet set and towel set for delivery cost only.

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    You need to add some full price items $40 or more into your cart along with the sales items you wish to purchase. Once you remove the full price items from your cart, you should still be able to retain the discount on the sale items as long as you cart remains $40 or more

    • This right here. Thanks

  • what is the expiry for this code?

  • Can't click n collect in VIC

    • Check the news

      • works on mobile only…

  • Code doesn’t seem to work :(

  • So..anything good out there guys? None really caught my eyes, and don't want to be buying junk.

    • I got presents for kids and items for an upcoming party (table cloth, costume etc).

  • Not working for me either (in VIC)

    • I think I triggered the last working code :D

    • Actually it does work for me. I had $30 worth of stuff in my cart not $40. Spent extra for Click and Collect and got heaps of things I've been meaning to get anyway including my daughter's bday present. Thanks for sharing OP

      • Same mine account work in vic

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    Bought 3 Robotime wooden 3D puzzles. Worked out to be excactly $40 for all 3.

    Steam Train

    Sailing Ship

    Army Car

  • I got a cake tin, slice tray, muffin tin & cookie sheet for $1.30 + delivery. That’s a great deal IMO thanks OP

  • Got 4x random color bath towels for $12.99 delivery ^^

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    thanks op. got some garbage that I'll never use for $13

  • Well ordered. Paid postage so I don’t have to go in! Waiting for the OOS messages…

  • Just being honest. The quality at spotlight is not the best

  • Can't get to work on $70 of Caprice Anne Continuous Sheer White. Tried using promo code and tried adding normal item of $60 and then removing. Any ideas?

  • One use only or multiple uses?

  • Doesn't work anymore?

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    one per customer?

  • used for some vinyl

  • Doesn’t seem to work anymore? Tried the “add full priced item” method, but still “invalid code”.

    • The code has two O, not 0. Caught me at first.

      • I just copies & pasted. It applied the discount, but once I removed the full priced item it reverted back to not applying the code.
        Question to those that were successful, was it because you bought only full priced items?
        Thanks for your help!

        • everything i got was on sale. also i'd made a couple of larger orders over the last few months, i wonder if that makes any difference.

          • @van1: Thanks. It finally worked after the leftover total was >$45.

            • @vickster: Is the code still working now? I asded $43 full peice item but seems not working.

  • OP

  • Thank you! I bought a few pads of nice scrapbooking paper, already on sale. Adding a full priced item did the trick for me too.

  • 2 huge candles, 21$ each delivered at the end for just 14.90

  • Still working here thanks!

  • It appears that the code isn’t workinf anymore…. How about all of you?

    • Try if it works for over $45, I noticed that the $40 threshold applies for spotlight branded items

      • Thanks for your comments. My total was $49 and it was non-sale item but the code didn’t work.

  • Just worked for me on Crayola stuff and art smock + delivery!

    Thanks OP!

  • Still works for me in vic, c&c. Bought a vip discounted quilt cover.

  • Thanks! Worked for me, ordered some fabric that I ran short of that has no stock left in SA, some other fabric I know I'll use, some zips and some ribbon! Crossing fingers the fabric I really need actually gets sent because we all know what spotlight can be like… Now to see if they send each item from different stores like they usually do!

    • How did you do this? I have tried this product as want 10m but everything I do does not work and says Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive.

      • Buy anything > 40

      • did you log in?

        • logged in and tried all different methods. Discount appears to work on some items when put in cart. But as soon as I remove that high cost or low cost group of items it removes the discount and shows the error above. Is so annoying.

      • +1

        The fabric I ordered was full price, as were the zips. Try ordering the fabric you want and then put something else on the order not on sale, even if it's a $1-2 haberdashery item… I don't know the ins and outs of it, all that mine worked!

  • show is finished

  • Gah, really needed new pillows too 😭

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