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LIFX 2-Pack Colour A60 1000lm Smart Bulb (2 Pack) - E27 & B22 Fittings $79 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


$79 for 2 pack of LIFX A60 1000lm bulbs. Both E27 and B22 fittings.

Amazon now offering same price as well.

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  • 1000w

    Glad you changed that.

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    Too bad the $15 ones are now OOS, colour is a bit of a gimmick for regular use. Love that its integratable with iOS though, one click from the control centre rather than having to navigate to an app or use voice is always nice.

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    "LIFX has a world class app" no, it's terrible. If you want something you can program and leave to do its thing, the cheap rebranded Chinese lights are better but not as bright. There is no "cloud" it just runs from your phone and if your phone disconnects or if the app stays in the background or closes, anything you were doing with the light just stops.

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      Most of the Chinese ones are Tuya based, so unless you flash them they'll be running on Tuya Cloud.

      • Thanks, I figured they probably were something like that, at least their cloud is real and works lol

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      Have had nothing but problems and QC issues with my Yeelights. Even now they have a high pitched squeal on certain colour settings. My LIFX bulbs have been much better save for the very occasional disconnect, which resolved itself after a few minutes. Bought these today to ditch the last of the Yeelights and move to a
      100% LIFX system.

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        That's fair, the yeelights are pretty expensive too. I've had my whole house setup with the Kogan lights just to have them randomly turn on/off for years and they have been great but not bright enough for some areas. The LIFX ones are super bright the app just annoys me.

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        Yeah I've got various Tuya based ones that will squeal on certain colours/brightnesses. The weird thing is I've had the squeal go away when flashing Tasmota or even when changing some settings in Tasmota.

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        I've got various lights, some Tuya based, some Lifx (from originals through to gen 3s) and the only Yeelight I have is the meteorite pendant.

        They are still cloud connected but I control via Home Assistant now to keep it on the LAN where I can. Rarely use the apps any more.

        The Yeelight dropped off its own app not long after install, but I never bothered to try and fix it as I still have control via HA.

        Lifx have been ok apart from my Color 1000s which seemed to have many connection issues. I also had a Lifx+ that was working fine but got a firmware update and became unreliable after that.

        Picked up a few Lifx+ from Officeworks for $20 each a little while back and they seem to work fine with the same firmware as my borked one.
        Happy enough with them at that price, and the IR works well with my camera.

        Lifx also has some nice features when using with automations, such as transitions to fade in and out, being able to change settings while the light is off. My Tuya lights don't support any of that (at least not with localtuya for HA)

  • Nice lights, shit app.
    I gave up trying to get them to work consistently.

  • I tried this and they always dropped out (every night). I did everything I could find on the web. Special router settings, resets followed the LIFX guide you name it. So I got a replacement set they were better only once a week drop outs.

    So returned and tried the apple HomePod mini with leaf bulbs. After having the LIFX which had amazing colours, rich and super bright almost like the whites, the leaf ones were honestly garbage. For the $150 for the HomePod mini and another $80 for the lights I didn’t stick with them, however please note, they never dropped a connection once in 2 weeks and were almost instantaneous. But $230 for light bulbs that weren’t bright, pass.

    So I didn’t care anymore but Woolies of all places had these Mirabella lights and the crazy thing was that they have colours almost at the LIFX brightness level (like 75%} and whites were very similar. Crapped all over the leaf ones and you can still set timers and I have done shortcuts and even a widget on my iPhone 13 no probs for different levels and stuff. Honestly got one Mirabella light for $25 to try out and when I went back they were on sale for $12.50. All done $37.50 and better quality light than the leaf set up.

    Anyway hope this helps someone.

    These are all the same size Edison A60 I believe it’s called.

  • For anyone having connection issues with the LIFX bulbs, I found that reconfiguring my router to use a less congested channel made a huge difference. Since doing this, no more dropouts. The connectivity of LIFX bulbs seems to be VERY dependent on the wifi signal strength they're receiving.

  • LIFX are the best lights you can buy for IoT. The app works ok but it's really just an app to make them work. You need a proper home automation system like samsung smarthings/homekit or even better home assistant to use them to their full potential.

    You need to allow ip directed broadcast on your network specifically udp port 56700 otherwise you will have problems.

    There is an option to remove them from the cloud if you only want them to have local network access. They are not dependent on the cloud like the other tuya crap bulbs unless you just want basic use through the app to control them remotely.

    LIFX have a great knowledge base available on their website, for free, if you take the time to read it. This covers all peoples issues.

    Their support takes a few days but are very helpful, if you are polite and are happy to work with them. As in any circumstance, throwing the millenial type tantrum with entitled yelling that because you paid a premium for it, it should just work, will not help.

    These are fantastic bulbs and work flawlessly it you set up your home network mostly correct.

    Whilst i'm at it, If you're going to buy high end IoT bulbs they you might as well splash out on some aruba/ubiquiti/ruckus "home enterprise" kit. Wireless is still a mixed bag stay away from the dlink/tplink/netgear cheapo rubbish. An extra $50-$150 is not worth a 3 day headache trying to get shiny new kit working with crap access points.

  • Can anyone suggest any good android apps for these lifx bulbs?

    I have been using chromania. I find it better than "strobe" and "visualiser" options in lifx app.

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