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Ozito 18V 4.0ah PXC Lithium Battery $48 (Instore Only) @ Bunnings Warehouse


Went to Bunnings to grab some 4ah Ozito batteries which are $69 on their website. Found out that they were doing the special again on these and are $48 in store. Cant see them on their website.

Link to previous deal for all the info and comments (as the packaging on these are different to ones they sell for $69). OzBargain


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    Or for $99 you can get 2 x 4.0Ah batteries and 2 compact fast chargers…..

    Tried linking the relevant page but it doesn't work…. It's the Ozito PXC 18V Twin Starter Battery and Charger Pack

    • It seems to be out of stock everywhere.

      Item number 0290057, which I managed to find in the PowerPass app, but nothing available nearby.

      • Showing as low stock at my local store (regional WA) and also available for delivery - $14. But doesn't necessarily mean they have any!

        • Bought a pack at Bayswater today after seeing the item in the Ozito catalogue. There were 12 left in stock at the hardware section. Image of deal in catalogue https://imgur.com/a/GcAsKq1

    • wish i could find this

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      Or for $279 you can get 2 x 4.0ah batteries, 2 rapid chargers, a whipper snipper, a hedge trimmer and a pruner.

      It's a slippery slope!

      • Or $265 if don’t care about the warranty and buy with powerpass

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          I buy with powerpass and still have the same warranty. The sales people give me some story, so I ask for the manager and then there is no problem with getting the item replaced.

          • @Logical: Good to know. I buy with powerpass too

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          I've never had a problem with warranty when I buy with Powerpass.

          My last experience (last week) was with the 5 piece kit that was on sale 3 years ago. (Drill, torch, angle grinder, 150mm circular saw and something else??)

          They no longer do this kit so when the circ saw died was worried I'd need to get a refund - only cost me $200 for the kit so that would be crazy.

          Lovely lady at Bunnings McGraths Hill sorted it all for me. Replaced the circ saw with a standalone 165mm unit. And also swapped 2 dead batteries (bought as a twin pack) with 2 x single packs (again - they don't do twin packs anymore).

          • @tonydav: Awesome yeah Bunnings is good like that. My store is pretty good too. Even refunds without a receipt they give you credit instead.

      • I'm starting to wonder what is the point in getting so many rapid chargers. (I already have 3)

      • Such a good deal, I had to hunt to find one on Saturday, but very happy to have secured it.

      • Is that sold as a kit or are you combining several different items?

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    Wow im sure these used to be on special for 29 or was it 39 i can't remember paying 49 on special.
    But we are talking a few years ago now.

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      Yeh up until last year I think, the Aldi ones were $39, but they've upped the price of theirs to $49.

      Pity Ozito hasn't gone to 21700 cells like the Aldi ones this year though, the packs are so much smaller for the same Ah..

      • Any idea why the 4ah aldi onee don't click into the aldi 5in1 trimmer, they have 2 screws in the way that make it physically impossible.

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      I feel a bit silly buying "only" 3 of them when they were $29 lol. The good ol' days. Granted one of them is still new in the box :P

      At least Aldi this time around are offering something newer with the smaller packs. I'm tempted to buy one but I guess I'll hold off to see if I happen to luck on a store that can't move any and end up discounting them.

      • Remember batteries degrade so make sure to use the one "new in box"

        • and these don't get to full performance (I guess battery time) until they've been cycled a few times.

    • yep. Luckily I grabbed quite a few extra Ozito 4AH back in the day. The Aldi ones were often marked down after a few months also. Remember picking some extra Workzone ones for $29 ( 4AH)

  • when not using these, is it best to keep them in the charger or off the charger?
    what does everyone normally do?

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      Off charger. They will hold their charge for ages.
      Li-ion ideally should be kept around 50% charge for storage and don't discharge below 20%.

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      I keep them fully charged for full power(they are highest voltage when chargerd) and full capacity. In theory they may last longer if not stored for long periods at full charge but for real life performance you want to use them fully charged. They will still last for many years for diy use.

      Agree there is no point leaving them on the charger

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        Often this is not the case, storing at full charge is bad because the amount of energy between the sheet layers wrapped inside each cell is near maximum, so you have a lot of energy to foster the development of dendrites in the separation layer (these are microscopic paths inside the material, along which electrons can move without passing through the substrate). The cathode and anode layer, as the dendrites form, begins to short. This prevents the layers from storing energy, and reduces the overall energy the cell can hold and discharge.

        If the battery is not charged, the energy that drives the formation of dendrites in the substrate material just isn't there, so will last a lot longer.

        Given that modern chargers allow very rapid charging, a good way to assure yourself of longevity is:

        • Store <50% charge
        • Charge a bit more before use, when you have the time
        • If time is short, have a second battery on hand, so you can use that for a while, whilst the first one tops up on the charger. Then come get the first before it runs out, and recharge the second.

        - Make sure you fully charge and fully discharge each battery once or twice a year
        - If you leave a battery on a tool, make sure the power switch is in the middle/disconnected/safety position.
        - Never, ever charge a hot battery. For charging, the colder it is (within reason), the better.
        - As others have said, store in the cool as well, as heat increases voltage which also encourages dendrites to form in batteries even when the state of charge is not high.
        - Never leave longer than a year, often you will need to charge them back to storage level, eg 30-50% charged (3.7V-3.85V per cell).
        Never let the cells in any battery pack drop below 3.6V (yes, that's right… below this they will begin to go bad too). 4.2V is fully charged. If your pack has 5 cells, this would be; 3.6Vx5, ie 18V (10% charge) and 4.2Vx5 ie 21V (100% charge)

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      Make sure you store them in a cool place. Garages can be very hot, which is the worst for batteries.

    • With the exception of maybe the blower, I don't use any tool long enough to need full charge. Or even if I do, or forget to charge one up, there's a spare anyway which will be partially charged to easily finish the job.

      I've got a main use battery (one of each brand) in the garage which I'll leave to fully charge up when the level gets low. But the rest I store indoors and I'll pull off when it's give or take 3/4 full.

      • I store them in a polystyrene box in the garage. That way they keep relatively stable temps.

        • Are you talking about batteries? Store them in polystyrene box why?
          Since i have owned ozito batteries they are always in garage in there orginal boxes they come in all 4 of which i use regularly and 2 of them which i not used yet again still in orginal box.
          Are you supposed to store these differently?

          • @bwatt72: For more stable temperature. It depends whether your garage has major swings in temps. Otherwise no need.

      • The PXC blower eats batts so fast!

  • Literally paid $69 today in WA

    • +1

      the cheap ones have a different color case and item number (but are otherwise the same), as per OP photo.

      could return yours for a refund and buy these if it's worth your time.

      • I see!

    • Hand in your OzB badge :P
      Aldi are knowingly having a tool special buys at the moment. Price match was practically guaranteed!

    • Nice.

  • I bought 10 of these batteries when they were $39 a couple of years ago.

    Looks like they'll never go back to that price.

    • all depends what aldi sell theirs for

      • +9

        Aldi has been very good for Bunnings competition. I wish Masters was still around though, they kept Bunnings honest more frequently.

    • +1

      This might be a stupid question, but: why would you need 10 of them?

      • I have a few of their 2 x 18v tools.

        Dipped my toes with Ozito then went all in.

        I still have some Ryobi for the stuff Ozito dont make.

  • What I find a little surprising from your photo is the price label being like an RRP sticker, not the standard yellow or orange printed labels they usually do when matching Aldi.

    • +1

      because they're still selling the original at full price. look next to it.

      • -1

        Are you new to these battery deals? :P

        All the previous times I've seen them they are on the desk or in a cardboard box with one of the promotional pricing style price labels, whether it be orange, yellow, or good ol handwritten lol. This is very un-promotional item presentation by Bunnings' standards.

        • when i bought mine i had to get them to grab a lift because they hadn't been unpacked. some stores don't promote them or outright hide them

    • +1

      It is the RRP for these ones. They are a different I/N than the $69, and are available at this price anytime you can find them.

  • Any promos on smaller batteries? I'm okay on larger capacities after getting the 4-in-1 36V kit, but wouldn't mind something smaller for compact things like the worklight that don't really warrant a 4ah battery.

  • Anyone know the IN for the black 4ah batteries on sale?

    • +2

      I/N: 0169989

      • Thanks

  • +1

    Does nobody here remember this is the bait'n'switch item that Bunnings keep on the books to "compete" with Aldi

    When Aldi goes on sale, Bunnings sells out of its 3 per store, then they've effectively "matched" Aldi's price

    • yeah we "remember", did you read any of the other comments?

    • +1

      Well, they don't have to match Aldi's price at all, so isn't this better than nothing?

      • +1

        It's their policy to do so. Big signs in all the stores.

        • You do realise they are entirely different brands and products right? :P

          • @dufflover: Um yeah…. It would be strange for Aldi to be selling Ozito.

          • @dufflover: Yes, but it's not entirely the point, see below

        • +1

          Yes, big signs saying they'll beat any competitor selling the same in-stock item.

          It what way is a workzone product from aldi the same item as an ozito product from bunnings? Yes, they're both batteries, but it's not like they even fit each other.

          They usually match some ozito items to keep you with their product range, but they're not required to…

          • @NigelTufnel: The whole ozito/xfinity competition is a bit of a furphy as they are all made in the same facotry by Positec. We can't really be giving bunnings a pat on the back for finding ways around their own policy by saying a brand name is different. HP has been doing that for decades so that Ingram doesn't have to compete with officeworks, it's annoying AF

            • @Jackson: Yes, I understand they are made in the same factory, but they're still not the same item. They are not even interchangeable.
              It's not like bunnings just threw a couple of letters to the product code to avoid price matching like some others do.

              Maybe Aldi is being unreasonable by not using the same battery attachment system for it's workzone products, but they probably made that decision as they could get them made cheaper without that extra licencing agreement with einhell (not a Bunnings issue).

              I like aldi, but being in the Ozito system has many benefits over aldi in terms of convenience and availability of products that's probably worth a premium anyway… That's why I've moved away from workzone. So I'm glad bunnings do price match (and it's their benefit to keep me in their ecosystem), but they aren't required to do it.

              • @NigelTufnel: There's pros and cons to both, but apart from the fact that I've got the ozito lawn mower and a few batteries, it's been worth having the aldi ones. I've paid way less for the tools, I've still never had a tool die on me (although I've got some quite old stuff I'm still using becuase it still works, so the new ones haven't been hammered), and the batteries I've picked up for under 20 bucks on sale. I also picked up a bunch of the autobarn tools on clearance, and some of them are better than the ozito version (more power for the impact wrench, and slightly smaller which is a big deal working on the car). I've decided that I'm not buying any of the ozito tools now, and I am going to flog a couple that I did buy and keep the autobarn ones.

                On the topic of being 'unreasonable', of course they aren't going to pay for a license, and bunnings wouldn't sell one anyway, they whole point is they keep people out of their market.

        • so they should price beat themselves and sell ryobi batteries for the same price as ozito?

      • No, the whole point is that they TRY to match Aldi's best buys by price matching their most equivalent stock item. They have been doing this for years.

        Of course none of their Ozito range is an exact same product so they don't technically HAVE to match anything, that's why they have exclusive brand lines!

        The point is with this battery is that its on the catalogue, (for "price matching") but never available……

  • 10+ available @ Bunnings Villawood at the time of me posting this

  • +1

    Driving past Bunnings Broadmeadows (VIC). On display as your walk into tools section. The staff just came back from 2 weeks of leave said usually it is at the bottom of the glass cabinet (hidden away). Best use the I/N to locate and see if it is available.

    At least 10+ on the shelf not sure if they have more elsewhere.

    • The ones at more store were in the glass cabinet and didn't even have the price label visible anywhere. Had to look for the red box then keep an eye out for a black box. Was partially blocked view.

      Not that I bought any since as I say above still got one that's unopened from the good ol cheaper days. I was surprised to see any left at all since it still looks like a popular deal

  • Out of stock (for $48) @ Blacktown

  • Why the dam edger never go on special

  • I saw a few of them in the checkout cabinet in the tools section at Bunnings Oxley qld.

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