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Ozito PXC 2 x 18V Brushless 4-in-1 Multi Tool Kit $279 @ Bunnings


Just saw it in Bunnings North Lakes. There was no price docket so asked the guy and he told me it just arrived and is a Christmas special.

I am posting on the phone so can someone please update the details and fix it for me. Thanks

Kit Includes:

  • Line Trimmer – Ideal for trimming and clearing grass from around trees, shrubs, borders and lawn edges.
  • Brush Cutter – 3-tooth brush cutter blade is perfect for clearing long grass, tough weeds, shrubs and thick undergrowth with ease.
  • Pole Pruner – With a high-quality Oregon® bar and chain is great for cutting branches and tall tree limbs without the hassle of climbing ladders.
  • Pole Hedge Trimmer – For trimming tall hedges or wide bushes in hard to reach places.
  • 2 x 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion batteries that provide cordless convenience
  • 2x chargers allow you to charge simultaneously

Mod Note: More information can be found on the Ozito Site

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  • How well does the line trimmer work?

    • +2

      The 18v one works well enough. I have a v large garden and one 4Ah battery does the lot - about 1hr work. The 2x18v will be heavier and more powerful. If I didn't have most of these already I'd buy this for the brush cutter with blade.

      • Looks like the line trimmer head has one line instead of two so not as good??

        • Without seeing it in the flesh it’s hard to say, but I’m inclined to think it’s just the angle the photo was taken. I don’t recall seeing a line trimmer with only a single string for a long time, except for a cheap sub-$100 job found in a discount shop.

          • +3

            @Chazzozz: It's definitely a single string. Got mine out of the box and putting together now.

            The guard is massive. Gave it a go and it does as advertised. Bit surprised that the guard is completely plastic, makes "edging" difficult.

            • @thedavemiester: It is a single string but if you want to mod it you can poke a hole on the other side and a metal button comes out

              • @omgilia: Good to know, but how do we wire the strings? AFAIK the spool for dual strings is different which has separate slot for each string. Perhaps we need to replace the spool if we can get a compatible one.

                • @RaymondXD: Oh right for the strings I cut the original line in half and winded it carefully back like the way it was initially but remember its opposite for the second string trying to not overlapping each other as much as possible super DIY dodgy way it's not the best as there isn't a middle separator like the dual variation but it does the job - it allows to get more string for both sides when needed without hassle so no fuss for me (3 years and still going strong with the original line as I have a smallish front and backyard)

                  I haven't looked at a compatible spool but I'm sure if you were determined you can find one

                  • @omgilia: Thanks mate I will definitely try your trick, that’s the only downside of this trimmer, now can’t complain anymore.

                  • +1

                    @omgilia: No need to cut. Just fold line in half and then wind them around in the original direction and feed each line through holes. Winding in wrong direction won’t work right.

            • @thedavemiester: The guard is not necessary if you are wearing appropriate clothing. Just not sure it’s removable

              Also seems you can mod the single line to a dual line by drilling a small hole - see YouTube. This may void warranty though?

              • @bOngOCaT: No need to drill a small hole for the line trimmer it conveniently has a removal metal button on the opposite side just need a screwdriver and a hammer to poke it out of its socket

                • +1

                  @omgilia: Yes drill hole in metal button and slot it back in. Drilling hole in plastic is less durable

                  • @bOngOCaT: I kept the metal button and was thinking of what you just mentioned above with drilling a hole big enough for the string and slotting it back in but for years now I've used it without the button and the plastic housing doesn't seem fazed at all

                    • +1

                      @omgilia: Good to know. But still best to drill right hole size in metal button. Just a cleaner job

                      • @bOngOCaT: Haha yes that I would agree on and I would do it if I wasn't lazy thinking she'll be right

                • @omgilia: Nope, not this model, you might be thinking of the standalone $155 trimmer.

          • @Chazzozz: I bought one on the weekend and it's definitely single string.

            I have a honda 4 stroke double line trimmer and it's heavier, takes a bit to get to the right rpm but very strong (4 stroke).

            The Ozito is lighter (even witth 2 4ah batteries), and not quite as strong, but for me strong enough.

            For a tradie, the petrol is useful. For my place batteries are better.

            As for capacity with 2 x 4ah batteries. I used the pole trimmer for about 45 mins, line trimmed the lawn for about 20 mins and used the turbo blower (2 x 18v) for about 5-10 mins. Still had plenty of charge!

        • Isn't the idea for this multi-tool that for light work you use the line trimmer (single line only) and for more thicker grass you use the brush cutter?

          • @enjunuet: No harm in maximising the power of the trimmer, especially since most line trimmers are dual lines.

            And yes the brush cutter is better on thicker vegetation like overgrown weeds but it’s heavier to use on the extension pole for large areas.

            • +4

              @bOngOCaT: Guys no need to drill! Remove the bump head that comes with it and put your own bump head with two lines.
              I've just swaped it with my speed feed bump head from my petrol whippersnipper.
              I can do a YouTube video for you guys if interested.. 2 minutes job 🙂

              • +1

                @HJR: That’s sounds awesome. That’s was my enquiry above, if we could simply change a compatible dual string spool or head.

                • +1

                  @RaymondXD: Yes you can absolutely change the head using the Allen key provided.

              • +2

                @HJR: YouTube video would be great

                What head so you recommend?

                • +16

                  @ABA: Here you go fellas,please don't judge me as I am terrible at explaining things.. hope this is clear enough..

                  • +1

                    @HJR: Legend!!! Thank you so much for your time to help out! Really appreciated, I will take the existing head to Bunnings to ensure getting a compatible head with same thread like you mentioned.
                    Thanks again mate.

                    • @RaymondXD: It's my absolute pleasure been able to help, it was a bit of fun after a long day's work 😊
                      There are a few things that I didn't cover as I didn't plan the video ahead..
                      One important part is: you should be fine with a universal bump head from bunnings or elsewhere as they all mostly come with multiple adapters that fit the thread on the majority of line trimmers.
                      Please let me know if you need anything else.. cheers

                      • @HJR: Late to the party, but great vid. Thanks.

                      • @HJR: Yeah that’s even better. I did found the universal adapters in item description through the eBay links you provided as well. happy days!

                  • @HJR: Thank you so much. This is greatly appreciated.

              • +1

                @HJR: Youtube video would be great

                • +2

                  @craigoss: Noworries, I'll get it done after work today.

                  • @HJR: Great video @HJR ,
                    How do you find the trimmer goes now compared to your petrol? I've got a cheap petrol stihl but wondering if it's its worth an upgrade.

                    • @JobbaWobba: not as good but better.

                      not as good = power is a bit less, if you're a professional and need fuel (long duration) then you need a lot of batteries.

                      better = power at all speeds (need higher speeds with petrol), lighter (compared to a 4 stroke petrol), easier to get going (no warm up time).

                      Tried it on the weekend and the brushless motor and enough power were good for me…

                      • @marmozet: My 2 stroke FS38 doesn't seem all that powerful, and I find it hard not chewing through fuel anyway (anything less than full throttle seems a bit touchy and weird). I suppose it'd be easier to edge with if you don't have to worry about fuel being turned up etc.

                        Thanks mate, might give it a whirl and buy a custom head

  • Cheers - will be cancelling my order for yesterday's deal!

    • How did you do that? Just return in person?

      • Haven't collected yet. But yes you could also return

        • +1

          Is there a way to cancel your order online?

          Edit: You can easily cancel your order post-purchase. Please contact Bunnings Customer Support on 1800 797 586 to cancel an order between 5am and 12pm AEST daily.

          This sounds easier than going in to collect order then processing the refund.

  • +4

    I'm assuming to compete with ALDI's Xfinity Plus 2 x 20V 5-in-1 Garden Tool Skin

    Note: ALDI's price is lower due to not including batteries and chargers

    • +10

      I agree. Christmas special my donkey.

    • +3

      aldi's also come with edger.

    • Ozito line trimmer only has a single line instead of two, so makes it not as powerful. Does the Aldi one have 1 or 2 lines? The Aldi is 20v so is more powerful?

      • +1

        1 line on the ozito yes, but both aldi and ozito are same voltage. 18 vs 20 is just a marketing thing.

        • -3

          Sure. Actually it’s 2x18v (36v) so not the same. But on the other hand Aldi has Two lines which should be better?

    • Quite a different approach on these tools.
      Aldi seems to be more metal, which I like.
      Also, Aldi version has more weight at the User end of the device which makes it more convenient especially when hedging overhead.
      Ozito has a motor at the cutter end of the pole which makes it heavy to use - I have an Ozito line trimmer and my arms are sore the day after doing the garden. Overall I expect Xfinity to be heavier though, because of more metal parts and power transmission from the motor to the cutter.

      • Would be good info if someone who bought the Ozito can weigh with the line trimmer attachment and same with Aldi.

      • +1

        the motor is not at the cutter, it's on the base with the batteries. it's a power head with multiple attachments.

      • +1

        this has the motor at the base with the batteries. For pole trimming (hedge) it has full steel blades which looks really good (don't forget to lube before use). It seems to have aluminium poles which are strong and light. With all 3 telescope poles it's heavy to use, you kind of need to pivot it on your hip. I couldn't access a section with a ladder so the pole trimmer was awesome!

        • Whats best lube to use for Hedge trimmers. Will WD40 damage the plants you are pruning ?

          • @Squeezy: wd40 is good enough, anything will do, used motor oil, even cooking oil if that's all you got at hand is better than nothing.

  • Awesome.

    Have gotten good use out of the 18v pole saw and hedge trimmer but always wanted a bit more power so time for an upgrade.

    Thank you for posting!

  • +1

    Is this a new product? I have the 2x18V line trimmer but it's not a brushless and certainly not able to switch tools

    • +1

      promo item, not a regularly stocked one

      • +2

        gunna make it a paint for warranty if any part of it fails. they have like 15 different models of drill for some reason but at least in those cases they can exchange for something similar.

    • +1

      Looks like they have redesigned the pole + attachments so the motor is in the base, not the other end, which will make it easier to wield.

      • -2

        Judging from the photo - it seems that Ozito still has the motor at the far end of the pole, and Aldi has the motor at the User end.

  • +1

    Man if i didnt already have ozito standalone line trimmer i'd be all over this.

  • Such a great pack!! Very tempted.

  • +6

    Definitely not a christmas special, most stores seemed to only get 10 or so stock.
    Carseldine has 7 left when I picked mine up this arvo, Stafford and Newstead apparently had around 10 each around lunchtime today when I was calling around.

    You can ring the store to check stock before going in (quote the item number 0296586), but ask someone to put eyes on the product and maybe put one aside for you since Newstead couldn't find any on the floor today when I rang them

    • but ask someone to put eyes on the product and maybe put one aside for you

      Do Bunnings actually do this? I tried that this arvo and she said they don't - maybe it's a store/employee thing.

      • They might say they will then promptly forget, at least that was my experience. I'm glad I called to check as it would have been a wasted 150km drive!

        • Yep, good call (literally). I don't know why this particular promo kit is available to PowerPass customers, but not listed on the general Bunnings site.

      • Yep absolutely, dude I spoke to put one aside for me in the DIY section. I've also come out empty handed from a store before because the last item in the system had been taken away and set aside for someone else. I guess it depends how busy they are and if you're talking to the person responsible for the area (power garden in this case) versus some rando in the front desk

      • Officially no, but the majority of staff that work at Bunnings are good people and are happy to set one aside as long as you aren't asking to hold it for more than a day.

        If someone straight-up says no to you for putting something aside that's just lazy/poor service IMO.

        • -1

          From my experience, many of the floor staff are rude, and it’s usually the older men.

          • -1

            @bOngOCaT: Just a thought maybe if you respected their knowledge and experience they wouldn't treat you as ignorant and incompetent?

            There are a number of retired tradies working at Bunnings as shop assistants and I doubt they get paid any more than a recent school leaver of either gender.

            • -1


              Just a thought maybe if you respected their knowledge and experience they wouldn't treat you as ignorant and incompetent?

              Not at all. It has more to do with their lack of customer service skills. For example they will snap at you for simply asking where you can find a certain item.

              There are a number of retired tradies working at Bunnings as shop assistants and I doubt they get paid any more than a recent school leaver of either gender.

              Why would they get paid more as shop assistants? That’s the problem really. They are clearly not happy, and the customers can see that. They should not be hired in a customer service role

              • -1

                @bOngOCaT: You would pay them more because they have real world practical experience and NOT just point sigh roll eyes and read the label back to the customer. Once upon a time hardware stores were a wealth of knowledge and not a warehouse full of ignorant clerks and shop assistants. But hey I am not going to defend Bunnings.

                • -1


                  You would pay them more because they have real world practical experience and NOT just point sigh roll eyes and read the label back to the customer.

                  NO, you get paid according to your job description. If that means smile, greet, and assist customers then do your job or go find another! It doesn’t matter if your a doctor and cleaning the toilets, you get paid the cleaning rate…comprendo?

                  • -1

                    @bOngOCaT: Spoken like a true public servant - be nice but useless - passive aggressive - tick!

                    • -1

                      @elixe: Not at all. You do however sound like you’re bitter about working at Bunnings. Maybe it’s time for you to move on?

                      • -1

                        @bOngOCaT: Not at all, but hey went there this morning to pu some materials - too easy but I did meet a middle aged male shop assistant in trade who was a (profanity) so you may be onto something, although never seen a female there driving a fork or loading the bays.

                        • -1


                          I did meet a middle aged male shop assistant in trade who was a (profanity)

                          Just a thought maybe if you respected their knowledge and experience they wouldn't treat you as ignorant and incompetent?

    • Could be an initial delivery and more on the way?

      • Possibly, but given how fast the 5 power tool promo kit disappeared a couple of months ago (when it was up against a similar aldi combo) I'd assume this would be the same. That one never got more stock after the initial, at least at my local, because I kept checking up on it in store!

    • +1

      Carseldine has 7 left when I picked mine up this arvo.

      Make that 5 now!

      I swore I wouldn't buy any more kits and yet here we are.

    • Not surprised at all, given most of the Newstead staff are braindead 20 somethings more interested in chatting with each other than helping / working.

      I hope this goes online soon so I can C&C and avoid dealing with the morons who work at Bunnings.

  • Returning my pole pruner for this kit

  • Is this nationwide?

    I tried the Bunnings product finder app for my local stores in Victoria but couldn't see anything.

    • Nationwide, dunno. Promo item and only available on the PowerPass app/accounts so far. I/N is 0296586.

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