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$0 Brokerage on ETF Buy Orders until 2022 for New & Existing Customers (Was $9.50) @ SelfWealth


For new or existing customers.

Details taken from the site.

  • We’re offering this for ‘buys’ only; we’re trying to get more people into the long-term game of ETF returns so you won’t be able to sell ETFs for free.
  • We’re defining a ‘buy’ as buying units in an ETF with cash from your SelfWealth AUD cash account
  • The order must be filled before the end of the promotion period (the Aussie market chiming shut on January 4), and any orders filled after this date will incur brokerage.
  • This last point won’t matter to 99.999% of you, but just for any high-rollers out there getting excited: SelfWealth is reserving the right to limit the number of free brokerage trades on ETF buys on our trading platform or by any member or portfolio during this promotion if we deem the number of trades to be excessive.

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  • +18

    I guess this is to compete with the Stake launch

    • https://hellostake.com/au/pricing is this the one? Is there any new launch? Sorry I am a noob, trying to search for platforms which can help invest in US stocks.

      • +1

        Yes that would be it.

      • -1

        ok yo, that looks too good to be true - what's the catch??

        • +10

          Attract retail through free domestic trading, hoping people would start trading on the US market too (+fees) and eventually subscribe to premium offer (Stake black)
          Don't think they offer 2days settlement which the big 4 do.

        • Do they hang onto the shares for you or process them properly through a CHESS et al account?

          • +5

            @timtam-slam: Stake are completely CHESS-sponsored, think that was why their $3 brokerage was a big deal.

      • +1

        Is it chess sponsored?

    • +5

      There is also Superhero: https://www.superhero.com.au/
      They offer $0 buys on ETF's, but $5 to sell. Also $5 to buy and sell shares.
      Stake is CHESS sponsored, however Superhero does not offer this and holds custody of the shares.
      Both Stake and Superhero offer $0 brokerage for USA share trading. I find Superhero offers a better foreign exchange from AUD to USD (I believe Stake charges 0.7% whilst Superhero charges 0.5%).
      In short I believe Stake is preferable for ASX trading (once it is open to the public / or if you can get access to the beta).
      Both have pretty basic platforms.
      I generally use other platforms for data, then use these cheaper platforms to trade.

      • +1

        "Superhero does not offer this and holds custody of the shares". What happens if Superhero goes bust?

        • From their FAQ
          Q: If Superhero goes out of business, will I lose my shares?

          Under our Terms and Conditions your shares are held by Superhero Nominees Pty Ltd (Superhero Nominees) as custodian, not by Superhero Markets Pty Ltd (Superhero Markets), the company that operates the trading platform.

          In an unlikely scenario where Superhero Markets was no longer operating, your shares could be transferred by you from Superhero Nominees to another broker account.

          If you want to learn more about Superhero’s structure, please refer to our Terms and Conditions, including the Nominee Terms at Schedule 1.

        • +5

          As per DoaAn.
          Please note that Australia is one of the only countries that has the CHESS sponsored type system.
          Most other countries, including USA use the custodian structure. So it is not a new structure. Just new for Australian shares.

      • Stake use a bit of smoke and mirrors on transfer fees ( I have seen financial journals quoting the 0.7%) it’s actually 1 to 1.5% as they charge fee in US $ . So for each $100 Australian they charge $0.70 US and a higher rate for overnight transfers. There system defaults to the overnight transfer and you will end up paying the higher fee if not careful.

        • most of the zero brokerage international trading charge a % on currency conversion. IG is the worst one because they dont even have a cash account like stake or SW where you can control when you convert between foreign currencies & AUD so you ended up getting hit 0.7% every trade, buy or sell.

          IBKR is the best in terms of fees

          • @NeoWilson: How is IBKR best in terms of fees? Just had a look and it looks awful? They charge 1% commission on US trades, looks like? Cant even find what their currency conversion rate is.

  • Nice.. try to compete with Stake Asx i think

    • +5

      We welcome the competition.

    • +2

      What's the catch with stake? I just had a look at it's pricing and the undercutting is real. No way they are profitable if all the other players have to charge brokerage etc.

        • +16

          They CHESS sponsored though (scroll down to middle): https://hellostake.com/au/asx-investing

          • +3

            @SpacePolitix: Oh I think that's a change from few months ago then.. good to know!

            • @mick123: Stake ASX beta email:

              Congratulations, you made the top 10,000 and are guaranteed access to the Stake ASX Beta with $0 brokerage until the end of 2021.
              From next Tuesday, 500-2000 customers will be let in weekly until all 10,000 are on the beta.

              … so if they let only the minimum stated 500 people in every week the top 10,000 may not even have any time to try the beta.

      • I was in the 2nd batch of signup which i just did last week, i got my own hin, havent done any trade yet but the web looks pretty basic (dont expect commsec or nabtrade). They use ANZ bank.

        • Stake is still at beta mode. How would they compete with a service that is not available publicly now?
          What a free promo from Stake!

      • I don’t think there’s any catch with Stake but I do wonder how they can be profitable with a $3 brokerage fee. If the fee is to act as a loss lead to bring in new customers I really wonder how successful it will be or if they’re going to have to increase fees eventually. Will be interesting to see.

  • +13

    I think it's usually $9.50 not $9.95 - regardless its a good deal!

    • +1

      Oops my bad, fixed thanks!

  • +1

    Great deal! Competitions are always good :)

  • +1

    Nice one, I trust a fair few of us including myself will benefit from this.

  • Nice but not on the US ETFs. Stake still has it free there

    • +2

      Can still buy US indexed ETF's via the ASX

    • Sometimes get so confused on the fee each platform charges. For US or international ETFs which platform is good out of stake and selfwealth?
      Do we need separate platform for Aus ETFs?

  • -2

    Stake has free brokerage until of of this year.

  • +2

    When Betashares CRYP ?

  • +13

    This is great. Can everyone do me a favour and pump up ASIA?

    • In my watchlist but not pulled the trigger, perhaps ask ccp ;)

      • What control does the CCP have over Taiwan, South Korea and India (3 countries that has a greater cumulative weight on the ETF than China and makes up more than half the allocation) ?

    • My ASIA etf limit got triggered on 27/11 9:59AM AEDT. Missed the free brokerage by 1 min!
      "We’re going to kick this off from 10am AEDT, October 27, 2021, and the offer will continue until we toll the trading bell on January 7, 2022."

    • Why pump now? Are you retiring soon? If you aren't planning on selling for awhile then a dip is just a better time to buy even more.

      • I just hate that I've lost $1 on it already. But you do make a very good point.

  • +8

    If you're signing up, don't forget to use the OzBargain referral link!

    • Link?

      • It's just below the description.

        • My bad, thanks

          • -1

            @jakc: Jakc, shouldn't you be working hard over at the Ebay sale?

  • The OP and the blog says the promo ends on Jan 7 but the email from SW says Jan 4?

    • +1

      Yeah I saw that in the email too but figured the website mentioned Jan 7 twice so just went with that.
      Maybe get your orders fulfilled before Jan 4 to be on the safe side though.

      • Blog has now been edited to say Jan 4.

  • +3

    As a complete beginner to this, would Vanguard be the most simple way to invest any excess income to outperform (in theory) my amazing 1.1% interest in my savings account?

    Or are they all just as simple as each other?

    If so, best to invest across lots of different Vanguard ETFs, or lots of different companies instead?

    Just looking for a better return on money otherwise sitting in bank earning almost nothing interest wise, even keeping pace with inflation/price rises would be good!

    Not enough to consider investment property and if we move in future I assume ETFs are faster to liquidate to go towards another peoperty than selling an investment property (and I think I've missed the boat on that one anyway!)

    • +3

      Look at DHHF.

    • +4

      Any of the main / popular Vanguard ETFs will perform considerably better than your "high interest" savings account. If you don't want to do research, spin a wheel and pick one - you can't go wrong. If you have a certain target portfolio, then a combination of different Vanguard ETFs (among other managed funds) will help you get there.

      • -1

        Love it when people neg without responding /s

        Literally losing money leaving money in bank accounts these days.

    • +8

      If you're not currently holding any shares (Australian or International), go with VDHG.

      Be aware that unlike a savings account, the value of your holdings can drop.

      • +8

        The purchase power of savings have dropped 3% already.

    • Some EFT I am watching:
      Tech: NDQ, TECH
      Oil: OOO
      Asia: ASIA
      Vanguard: VTS, VAE
      BlackRock: IVV

      Here a full list:

      • +1

        Be careful with OOO, that'll grow well in the short term but it'll eventually dive hard during the next inevitable oil crash. If you're able to actively monitor and evacuate quickly then go for it.

        • +1

          You can put stop losses in on Selfwealth if you wanted to trade it. Keep in mind it seems to only be brokerage free on buys, not sells.

      • Thanks. For Vanguard ETFs, Is it worth getting them straight from Vanguard or better to choose stake or superhero?

        • Short term, go with Stake. Easier to buy and sell.
          Long term go with them directly, maybe less fees.

          • @congo: Thanks. Vanguard has fee if we buy direct from them. It will be long term.
            Is it good to have 2 platforms for Aussie and US ETFs?

      • Also consider watching ROBO and ACDC,

    • If you are asking about the difference between Vanguard Personal Investor and buying Vanguard ETFs through Self Wealth, the only difference is that through Vanguard Personal Investor you have access to Vanguard Managed Funds and through Self Wealth you have access to US shares.

      Which is better? Depends on what you want. I signed up to both earlier this year as Self Wealth was cheaper for shares and Vanguard Personal Investor had no brokerage for Vanguard ETFs. Vanguard charged their pricing so Self Wealth is probably the better option for ETFs at the moment (and is CHESS sponsored).

      Vanguard Managed funds do perform well, but generally have slightly higer fees.

      • Is Self Wealth CHESS sponsored or if it was Stake? If both, which one is better for ETFs ( mix of Aus and US ETFs). Thinking to get few every quarter.

        • +1

          This seems to be a good comparison: https://www.finder.com.au/stake-launches-asx-stocks-cheapest...

          Looks like Stake will be cheaper ($3 vs $9.50) but it is brand new so who knows if they will change that in the future.

          But given they are CHESS sponsored, shouldn't be an issue.

          I'm not sure about ownership for US ETFs so you might want to do some research there.

          • @samyall: Thanks. Quite good read. For ETF, it is recommending superhero with $0 brokerage. Wondering thats same for Stake too.

            • +1

              @EnALup: Superhero isn't CHESS sponsored. If they go under, they can take your ETFs with them. If you are okay with that risk, then they seem the best. If you want the security of knowing your ETFs are in your name, it would seem Stake is better. You gotta ask yourself if the $100 in brokerage you would pay a year is worth the added assurance of actually owning your securities.

              FWIW, I have a bunch of crypto on an exchange which I am trusting them not to lose or go out of business.

              • @samyall: coinspot for crypto i have heard is good and aussie

              • @samyall: Good point about superhero not being CHESS sponsored. I thought only shares are CHESS sponsored. Will try Stake.

                • @EnALup: Are ETFs not counted as shares? All my ETFs are with Vanguard Personal Investor which isn't CHESS sponsored (I trust the biggest financial institution isn't going out of business anytime soon) so I don't know the details.

              • @samyall: This is a great point, is the $100 worth the stress of worrying about it. I recon Superhero is a very safe custodial model, but for the sake of $100 I'll stick with what is tried and tested.

    • +3

      probably have a (not so) quick read here


    • +9

      I've held all sorts of ETFs but have eventually settled with only VDHG. Easier to track for tax, one single investment that's managed for me with low fees. From $40k, my last two dividends (pocket money) were $265 and ~$1100 and the asset has increased to about $41.5k. There's more money to be made with more effort, but from my experience, there's more money to be lost too. I came out of last year -$4k CGT from stupid bored pandemic trading.

      • and the asset has increased to about $41.5k

        In one year or less?

        • +1

          two dividends (distributions) - given they pay quarterly distributions, timtam would have held for about 6-9 months.

        • +2

          VDHG is up 16% for the past 1 year.

          $40k * 1.16 = $46.4k

          So he is an investor in VDHG less than 1 year. Looks like 6 months only.

          • -8

            @lubos: VDHG is diluting their returns with junk stonks like CSL LTD, CBA, BHP, NAB and WBC.

            timtam-slam would've been better of just buying FAANG directly.

            The first thing that should jump out at you when looking at this chart is the fact that the FAANG stocks have all performed significantly better than the S&P 500.
            Essentially the percentages on the right represent the return on your money if you invested on Dec 31, 2019.
            If you invested $100 dollars in Apple, you would have $182.1 dollars ending off the year on Dec 31, 2020.
            That is a crazy return, and even the crater around the time of March and April shows that these stocks cannot be stopped.
            Keep in mind that the WHO declared COVID-19 a public emergency on January 30th.

            • +6

              @rektrading: LOL. In hindsight you'd have been better buying nothing but Bitcoins in the past 10 years.

              Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

              • -5


                Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

                What do you look for when you invest in stonks or ETF?

                Do you pick the worse performing stonks with 1% 10Y returns or the one with the >10% 10Y returns?

                People that like getting rekt will go with 1% 10Y. People that love money will always choose 10% 10Y.

                • +4

                  @rektrading: Do not pick individual stocks. Invest in broad market and VDHG is excellent vehicle for that.

                  20 years ago, Apple has been junk stock too. Many junk stocks will show in hindsight as an excellent investment. And many best performing stocks today will show as poor investments. You can't tell which ones. That's why I won't invest in individual stocks no matter what their past performance has been.

                  We are in the longest bull market in the history. These insanely good returns in so-called "growth" companies can quickly turn into insanely huge losses when the market conditions change. And your gains will evaporate faster than ice cube in Sahara.

                • +1

                  @rektrading: I've never been a fan of VDHG. It sn't shit because of "junk stocks" though.
                  It's shit because it's overweight in Australian equities and holds a lot of ultra-conservative junk like bonds/cash.
                  VGS/VAS/VGE is better in my humble, non-financial-advise-y opinion.

                  • @idonotknowwhy: I've never been a fan of funds. I think they charge too much for returns that can't even beat inflation and other expenses.

                    I do my research and only hodl the assets directly. This means higher risk but many more x in returns.

                    DYOR is always better than leaving it to someone else. This is free financial advice.

                    • +1


                      never been a fan of funds

                      Well VDHG is a "fund of funds", so you must really dislike that one lol

                      Can't even beat inflation and other expenses.

                      This isn't true for the popular index funds. My favorite (Vanguard VGS) is up 92.53% over the past 5 years (and if I understand correctly, this doesn't include dividend payments, which would bring it over 100%). This is a lot better than inflation with very little risk.
                      Even the shitty over-hyped funds like VDHG still beat inflation and are better than cash in the bank 1% interest with a bunch of hoops to jump through to actually get paid.

                      I do my research and only hodl the assets directly.

                      You're probably not the target audience for index funds then. The data show that statistically speaking, most people can't beat the market.
                      It sounds like you've been able to, but as you said, you spend time researching companies and probably keep up with their financials, monitor them, etc. For people who don't want to spend their time doing this, or are incapable, it's hard to beat diversified index funds to grow your wealth.

                      • @idonotknowwhy: i think last year performance is really one of its kind, as we had big drop due to covid and then everything back shooting up again. its something like buying right at the bottom of GFC few years back and watching it bounced

                      • @idonotknowwhy: You can beat the market if you have lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and a lot of balls.

      • What do you use to buy or sell ETFs?

        • +1

          Selfwealth :)

          • @idonotknowwhy: Is it better than stake for ETFs. Stake is Chess sponsered.

            • @EnALup: SelfWealth is CHESS sponsored too.
              I haven't used Stake. Selfwealth is great though.

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