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[Android, iOS] Claim Free $12 Prepaid Digital Mastercard via MYY App


UPDATE: WA still has allocations left.

Similar to the $15 from way back.
The $12 Bryon Bay now works normally and is no longer targeted from this post. Seems to have met the 5000 allocations. (1360 for NSW; 2380 for QLD; 1,260 for WA??)
There is another $12 pre-paid called Heineken Celebrate the Holidays Together Myy App but that is locked behind a stamp along QLD only.

You can grab up to $24; James Squire and Byron Bay

Eligible claimants:

Entry is only open to Australian residents who are 18 years and over.

How to Claim:

To claim a gift, the claimant must complete the following steps during the Promotional Period, while gift stocks last:

  • download MYY App (either by scanning the MYY App QR code featured in any eligible ad relating to the “James Squire MYY Summer’” offer using a compatible smart phone device or directly from the App store or Google Play);
  • fully complete their MYY App registration with their personal details (first name, last name, date of birth, email address, mobile number, and postcode) and tick the box to agree to receive marketing information from the Promoter;
  • and tap on the “James Squire” promotional tile and complete your submission as prompted.
Gift Description Number of this gift Value (per gift) Winning Method The gift is a $12 Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid MasterCard.
2000 for NSW $24,000
1500 for QLD $18,000
750 for WA $9,000
750 for SA/ACT/VIC/TAS/NT $9,000
Total 5000 Total $60,000

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  • +3

    Says no participating venues near me (ACT). Might have to get out the chopper if it is working for others?

    • +8

      Hey Bronwyn

    • I had that issue, but after allowing location services and force closing the app it worked for a NSW venue.

      • I don't think that is my issue, it picks up my location ok for other offers. Just no venues offering this promo near me I think.

        • Yeah probably wasn’t the location services that did it. Even though your in ACT, it should show venues in NSW down the list, you could try one of them.

        • Try again or try using a chopper and flying to Byron Bay (aka fake your location).

          • @sween64: I faked to Byron on Android, which meant I could see the Byron Bay Brewing offer, but still seems to see my actual location when looking for venues. Unfortunately my Apple chopper is too old to run the Myy app.

  • +1

    Getting "incorrect operation, please redo it again"

    Anyone else get that error when filling out the form?

    • So it looks like on iOS there is no spot for mobile number (as in there is no field for it).

      I wonder if this is the cause…

      • +2

        i have the same problem, but solved by signing out the myy app, then sign in with my mobile number again.
        and proceed with the $12 claim again

  • -1

    just worked on iOS for me.
    Great one OP! thanks

    • I got both $12 prepaid master card on my wallet!

  • Seems to have worked I now have Byron Bay mastercard with $12 on it in my Google Pay.

    So does that only work at "The Gate", which is my local I chose in the app OR is a Mastercard a Mastercard and I can use it for anything???

    • +1

      Was about to ask the same thing, looks to me like it can be used anywhere for anything.

      • +2

        as only the Heineken one requires use /scan at the actual pub..

    • Mine is just a digital MasterCard for$12

    • +1

      Accepted anywhere Google Pay is accepted eg Colesworth.

  • +2

    received two $12 cards in my wallet. One from Byron Brewery and one from James Squire.

    • I got one from James Squire. Can I pay with it for anything??

  • +1

    Easy as thanks, $24 with the Byron Brewery offer also.

  • Apparently, my device got flagged/banned redeeming all my family. Be careful guys.

    • don't look a gift horse in the mouth… tssk

      • +1

        Can't be helped when family still uses handy down iphones.

        • Did they cancel all your cards after?

    • Are you the only person in your family with a device? System is going to see you've done many successful redemptions in a short period of time and flag you in many scenarios.

      I guess you can just use another family members device for the next promotions haha

      • Seems like they blocked my primary phone number other relatives work lol. Tad annoying my personal number got flagged.

    • How many did you do? Did they cancel the cards?

    • hey how did this happen? did you use only one iphone for multiple redemption?

      • Probably flag my apple device for saving to wallet from too many different accounts (3 different cards) as your apple wallet is a linked device identifier. You can add existing cards on one device to different apple devices if it is on the same iCloud account.

  • Does anyone know how to add the pass to Apple Wallet after redeeming the offer? I accidentally clicked on Add Later before so now I can see it in my offer but not sure to how add to my wallet.

    • +1

      Go into the app and press the "Rewards" tab, click the mastercard and press add to Apple Pay.

      • Thanks doweyy!

    • That canto name.

  • +3

    How do you find out the details of the card that you redeem? I have added it to google pay but cannot seem to reveal the details for online use

    • Loophole closed

    • Did you find a solution? I have no idea how to do so!

      • +1

        I just bought prezee using google pay. It seems the best way to make it useful for all shops

        • Do it few times and they'll ban you from using Google Pay

  • Cheers! Worked without issues.
    If anyone works out the Heineken Celebrate the Holidays Together stamp, let us know:)

    • +2

      U need to buy a Heineken at the bars/ pubs listed, and you then receive a $12 Mastercard in your wallet.

  • +1

    You beauty! Worked perfectly thanks OP

  • +1

    Is it just me, or can you no longer get the card number to buy things like Amazon gift cards online?

    • +2

      Preezee seems to be the best option right but you can only buy $10 and have a $2 leftover.

      • Yes, but how do you get the card number? Or are you saying use GPay on Prezzee? In that case, might as well just use it on my groceries or a $12 Coles Myer Gift Card or something.

        • +1


          • @Sheng: Oh that's a bit sucky. The one from last year you could use online without GPay.

            Guess groceries it is!

    • Thank you. Prezzee worked! just gotta figure out what to buy with the remaining 2 dollars

      • +2

        Just go to Coles and buy something worth $2

  • iOS. Got both offers.

  • MYY app has 1.6 rating on Play, due to problems!

    Got the $12 Bryon Bay card before but it wouldn't load onto GPay. $10 card in MYY Rewards wouldn't load either. Sent a complaint to MYY developers.

    MYY has been updated on 27/10 & that problem has been resolved on Android.
    So update app first!

  • Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Shows no venue near me (WA).

  • +1

    Before you can view the card detail. Can you still do it now?

    • There is an option on out of date version but it errors when trying to load the details.

    • Found a solution? I can't view the card details in either Google Pay or the Myy App itself.

  • +1

    Free $24 bucks plus found a free furphy schooner as well. U beauty.

    • How did you manage to get 24 bucks? I could only see 12. And that offer tab no longer display in myy app.

      • +5

        Byron Bay is only for WA, NSW and QLD.

        • Sheng, you're a legend by the way

    • Hey, Once you scan into a pub with QR, does the free Furphy just pop up?

    • both my locals listed for the free furphy schooner said they'd sold out of their allotment long ago… bummer.

      • Where was that? Offer is to end of year.
        Yet to redeem in Brissie.

        • +1

          Both on Sunshine Coast. One acknowledged it, and kindly said their allotment was done (So i'm guessing each venue is only allowed a certain amount of free beer to give out) and the other said they don't even sell Furphy (let alone have a scanner thing for the app)..

          • @darkmoss: Thanks. Noticed some local venues listed but not when click through. I dont think they sell Furphy.
            Time to check.

  • I still have the $15 one from last time 🤦‍♂️

  • Amazing thanks!!

  • after clicking the promotional tile i only see a green screen asking for a stamp. does that mean my device is on their blacklist?

  • +11

    For those wondering, JB Hi-Fi accepts Apple Pay as a payment method for eGift card purchases. Select the gift card and put a $12 nominal value and checkout as normal, select Apple Pay as the payment option.

  • Anyone in Tassie get this to work? The James Squire banner is visible, but then you hit a “Sorry, there are no participating venues in your area” message.

    • Yeah I got the same issue unfortunately

    • Change your location stored in MYY app?

      • Pretty irritating. Noted, promoter!

  • +1

    Thanks op!

    Got the James squire card but couldn't find the Byron bay :(

  • "sorry there are no participating venues in your area"

    What does that mean if I'm in brisbane

    • +1

      Plenty of venues showing in Brissie.
      Got both offers there.
      Check your location stored in MYY app?

      • Ahh yeah. It must be because I'm logging in from cbr. I would have thought they ask for residential addresses (which is Qld) and go from there.
        Fake GPS doesn't work

    • loads and loads of venues in Bris participating,
      oh, just say yr second message :)

  • So just to confirm, I can tap and pay with the james squire card at any shop?

    • It’s Apple pay so isn’t it normal efpos?

    • If your phone allows, then you just open the wallet and card, and tap as normal, i assume?

  • Thanks OP got it already.

  • Thanks OP, worked for me. I sign out and sign in again and voila!

  • +1

    Hi guys, I'm on an android phone.
    How did you manage to get $12 Byron Bay?
    I took the chopper to QLD and NSW and I can see the offer, but got "no participating venues" error.

    • +1

      You need a better chopper.

    • If you using a chopper you could potentially claim all 4 states for James I think.

      • +1

        Nah, can't even get the Byron Bay one to work which was not taken before.

        • I changed locations to lock in fuel and it showed up but I ain't grabbing it.

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