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[eBay Plus] Receive $30 eBay Gift Card upon $49 Renewal of Current Subscription @ eBay


renewal coming in 2 weeks, wanted to see what they offer when attempting to cancel. This is what i've got, similar to the last posted same deal in June. Perhaps it is an ongoing long running deal.

Gift card delivered within 10 days after membership renewal payment. Expires 3 years from issue (issue date is the day you opted in for the promotion).

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    If you wait until it expires you most likely will be offered a different offer for $50 soon after

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      You can still cancel late and get that offer if you are offered.

      • I may have actually signed up for a new eBay account to receive that $50 offer so not certain about it now

  • Thanks Just on Time

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    I have got ,Join eBay Plus & save $40 on your next purchase.*$40 voucher valid for 30 days. $40.01 min spend. Excls & T&Cs apply.

    Waiting to see if I want to buy anything worth $40 .

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      I got a $30 gift card, no min spend and no expire.

    • I cancelled my membership at the time of renewal, then this $40 deal starts to bombarding my eBay visit haha.

      So cancel the membership to get $40 while renew for $30? Isn't a hard choice, isn't it

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    In the past, these codes were 1 time use. So if you bought a $5 item with the code, then that's it, it's gone.

    So make sure you spend $30 or more in your purchase when using the code.

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      I got one a few weeks ago and was able to use it up over multiple purchaes

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    Thanks OP my eBay Plus was about to renew in a few days anyway. An extra $30 is always good. I've found eBay Plus is actually worth it now anyway, it used to be pointless before but I easily got my money's worth this year.

  • Thank you, I forgot my membership is ending this month, so I selected cancel membership, then eBay promised me a $30 gift card after renew payment clear :)

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    Mine auto-renewed last year, was told I could cancel with refund… Cancelled, no refund, 13 month expiry, cs experience made me give up on actually fixing this. Thankfully I've gotten my money's worth.

    Can't say I'm keen on subscribing again based on this experience.

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      I had a trial of ebay plus that I forgot to cancel and was charged. I immediately contacted ebay to cancel for a refund and they refused. Won't be renewing again.

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      Had the same auto-renewal experience. Took some doing to get it refunded 3 months later and 2 distinct promises it would included in some mysterious batch run.

      You have to remind them of the right to cancel in their own T&Cs.

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      Amazes me that people don't read the terms and conditions of financial contracts they sign.

      If you sign up with PayPal you needed to cancel the auto renew agreement with PayPal.

      Cancelling the eBay plus account doesn't affect the PayPal agreement as they are two separate companies.

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    I'll be cancelling. It might be months before I want plus delivery again. No point wasting $ on membership until I need it.

    And for < $40 coupon, I still won't bother signing up.

  • I cancelled last year, and somehow my subscription lasted 12 months for free.

    Recently I received a $10 voucher for use, and other than buying some wine off eBay I basically never buy anything of eBay.

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    I renewed last year with a $30 gift card. What a waste of $20 compared to the benefits I've had with Amazon Prime.

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    I renewed last year and never got the promised voucher.

    I would recommend that people check that they're getting what they were promised.

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      Same experience. Would only go to a month sub and cancel it after making a purchase that saves me more than the $5.

    • same, but after asking their customer support and being made to wait 27 days for a response from their technical team via eBay customer support, they refused to reinstate the $40 voucher. I strongly advise caution in dealing with eBay.

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    Yeahhh nah. Not getting me that easily Ebay.

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    Please be advised you cannot take advantage of any deal such as 20% discount if you use this gift card

  • I accidentally let mine auto renew.
    Cancelled it the day after (I think eBay offered me something but I just straight up cancelled it) at which point I still had 12 months eBay plus showing in my account.
    Then contacted eBay via online chat and got a refund (about the only circumstance you can get a refund is within 14 days of auto renewal).
    Their T&C’s say “ For the avoidance of doubt, you will no longer be entitled to the benefits of your eBay Plus membership from the date of cancellation.”
    However the account still says I have eBay Plus (though it is expiring this month) and I have been able to use the benefits all year for free.

    • They stuff up sometimes. I got my refund twice - first time they added $49 to my eBay account (which I used throughout a year to cover selling fees) and then a couple of days later another $49 were refunded by PayPal.

  • i didn't need to do anything…i got a $30 voucher in my inbox with no minimum spend and 3 years expiry

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      Don't know why you are getting down voted, the exact same thing just happened to me, just got a $30 voucher with 3 years expiry. Didn't cancel my membership just let it renew.

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    Tried to cancel mine, they were asking why I was cancelling with list of reasons…

    Too expensive, limited selection of items, already have a simliar membership, there is not much benefit for me to keep it etc etc.

    They seriously need an "all of the above" in their list.

    • Honestly the number one reason to me anyway was the non exclusivity of the ebay plus deals.

      A simple extra 5% discount to members isn't worth it when non members are already getting a baseline 10% as an example.

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    God I hate this company so much.

    The last two times I've had a voucher from them, it expired before the listed expiry date. I am guessing it's a time zone thing but do you want to know how much luck I had getting them to extend it?

    They treat their customers like scum. They always tell you "sure we will look into this for you and definitely get back to you in 48 hrs". I've been told that probably a dozen times now, and only once has anyone followed up with me.

    Don't get me started on the gumtree listing promotion, God almighty.

    Grumble grumble. Never again!

  • What do people buy that requires over $30/40? I don't normally spend over $20 even at that I buy from alixpress now.

    • $30/40?

      video games

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      Are you serious? You seem suprised people might spend over $30 in a transaction. There's a lot more out there than cheap Aliexpress items.

      • Well I meant for the "one time" use only voucher. But it seems like they swapped it to a giftcard now.

    • Alcohol

  • dang! I missed to cancel auto-renewal, looks like they charged me $50 2 weeks ago :-/

    Do they refund if I cancel now?

    • They will never let the fish back in water once caught, just try to Make the most from their codes

  • I got offered this, I never received the voucher. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it.

    • Nope they'll give you the run around. The person above that got two refunds is lucky. They are so incompetent makes you wonder how they function.
      As mentioned, its a risk to drop $50 in hope of a $30 or $40 credit that somehow doesnt seem to be automated. Wouldn't be a bad offer if they guaranteed it or if you could trust their customer service. Unfortunately you can't.

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    Does the double cancellation trick still work?

    i.e. Cancel your existing membership - you'll be offered a $30 gift card to stay. Accept that. Then go back and cancel your membership completely. Once cancelled, sign up with the voucher link below for a $40 voucher (as well as the $30 gift card)…


    • Hi @MELso, when you said go back & cancel the membership completely, is it AFTER accepting the $30 gift card offer & BEFORE the expiry date of the current eBay Plus membership? Thanks.

      • Yes, I accepted the $30 GC offer first, and then went back and cancelled completely (I still had a few days left to expiry). Basically, I think the T&C's for the $30GC was that they get the renewal payment within 10 days (please double check as I am going off memory)

        • Hey @sixnout, did the $30 GC come straight away like the $40 one? I accepted the $30 GC and then cancelled yesterday, rejoined today (fully lapsed) and I can see the $40 voucher already but not the $30 one. Cheers mate.

          • @IslandBreeze: I am awaiting the $30 GC/voucher myself. Contacted support yesterday and received this response (indicating it should come today / tomorrow)

            the vouchers are released after 2nd -3rd of each month, we request you to please wait for this week and check your eBay summary page for the voucher in your account. Since you have subscribed on 20th of November, the voucher will be released after 2nd or 3rd of December.

            Nothing yet for me… Better be tmr! 😂

            • @nismo: Hey Nismo so I actually ended up 'getting' the card via an email but it seems when I click on it it navigates me to the main ebay homepage and nothing else is changed. Don't see it in my ebay summary unlike my. 40$ sign up GC. Keep me posted on your progress.

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                I actually ended up 'getting' the card via an email

                the $30 giftcard number is in the email

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                  @wekimekigugudan: Thank you so much mate, I swear I tried putting that set of digits in and had it not work, I must've done something stupid the first time around.

  • Worked for me, I did it about two weeks ago, and literally just received the $30 GC this morning (almost thought it wasn't coming anymore). And yes, in those exact steps.

  • Guys my membership is due to expire on the 17th. I accepted the $30 offer and went back to cancel to see if I could rejoin and get the $40 signup voucher too.

    But it's saying I'm still a member till the 17th.

    Can you fully cancel with time remaining or will I have to wait till the 18th to try again for the $40?


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      You can't re-join until the membership is fully lapsed. Cancel completely now, it will expire on 17th, then you re-join on the 18th with $40 re-join link.

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    I canceled my eBay Plus 2 months ago and was expired on last week and now eBay offered me a $40 instant voucher to join a year subscription.

    I'm waiting for a 50 voucher otherwise no deal unless I need to buy something urgent for $40.01.

  • How long do you have to wait for the $40 voucher if you sign up for a year membership? Cheers

    • And what are the exclusions? Are car maintenance parts eligible items with the $30 and $40 offers? Cheers

      • Yes. You can buy anything you want for $40.01+ in one transaction.

    • You'll get a $40 instant voucher after full payment checkout.

      • Just rejoined through an offer link and haven’t received anything. Ugh, maybe time for me to chase down support

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    For those wondering: the $30 gift card (this deal) and $40 voucher (this deal) do stack with each other.
    I paid $48.99, got $40 voucher instantly, received $30 gift card the next day. And I wasn't targeted myself for the $40 voucher (it wasn't visible on ebay's main page for me).

    I just did this 2 days ago:
    I went through the cancellation process (was offered $30, then remained a member).
    Then did it again but really cancelled.
    The next day (when ebay plus expired) I went to the link from this deal and signed up again.

    More info on the $30 gift card

    • Thanks for sharing. Very useful. :)

    • Did you cancel the membership before or after renewal? $30 voucher takes time to receive?

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        I "fake" cancelled and then really cancelled the day before renewal.
        Then waited until the next day (the day my renewal was due) and went to the link of the $40 voucher and singed up.
        $40 voucher was instant.
        $30 gift card arrived the day after (via ebay messages).

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      bookmarking this thread. mine expires 20th dec, just now i try to cancel, accepted $30 then go back cancelling completely.
      will go to that $40 link on the 21st next week. wish me luck!

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        Good luck!

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        How did you go ;)

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          Works like charms. Easy. $40 is instant after paying, and $30 came in to email 1 day later.
          Valid 3 years for the 30, for the 40 just valid for 1 month

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    I forgot to cancel l. They have charged me. What to do now?

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      Enjoy another year of plus

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      ebay policy says you can get refund within period of time for auto renewal something like 4 weeks. mucking around a bit and reminding them via chat finally gets the refund

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    Yes. Did get a refund

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