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[PC] Xbox Game Pass for PC - 3 Month Subscription for $1 (New/Inactive Members) @ Microsoft


Buy PC 1 Month and get 2 months free. You will be charged $1 for the first month, and got the next 2 months for free. So in total you get 3 months of subscription for $1.
Works for new members and inactive members. I cancelled my subscription 2 or 3 months ago, and was able to take this deal just now.

Great timing for the new Age of Empires IV, I was going to buy it from Steam.

Subscription continues automatically at $10.95/month unless cancelled through your Microsoft Account.

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      $20.5 billion USD in quarterly profit on a $2.472 trillion USD market cap. My cat is a bit dumb. I think Microsoft might know what they are doing and are playing the long game.

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        Simple. They're buying users to edge out the competition (EA play now gone, Ubisoft+ & Geforce Now next), move gamers away from the physical disks (no more used game sales) and implementing always online DRM (no more piracy).

  • Thanks OP

  • wow time to resub, thanks op!

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    nice, thanks.

    • i signed up two days ago to play AOE4
    • cancelled it, signed up again for $1
    • added ultimate for $1

    now my renewal date is march 10th

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      isnt it ultimate is only for the first month? then will charge 15.95 for 2nd and 3rd month?

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        It sounds like that when you’re adding it but it appears to tack on. If you look at your renewal date after the second bullet above it will be early feb, after bullet point 3 it’s early March.

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          i just joined Xbox pass, and the sub expire date on 3 Feb 2022..

          then when i try to upgrade to ultimate pass, next renewal date changed to 3 Mar 2022 for extra 1 dollars?? am i correct?

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        This is the case. I thought it was to upgrade the entire deal, but when you go to payment is specifically says that the $1 is for the first month and subsequent months are at $15.95


        • so why would the renewal date push out a month when you do it then?

          • @dirkgonnadirk: i'm not sure:( i said my subscription would be pushed out a month as well. maybe the whole thing is a bit bugged.

    • can you please share link to add ultimate for $1 ?

  • Nice, AoE 4, let's go.

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    Not working for me.. No current subscriptions but as soon as I sign in it only shows full price.

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    Can confirm that as a new user, I paid the $1 for the game pass and upgraded to ultimate for another $1 till 3/3/2022.

    • Same for me!

  • I literally have only had my account 2 days and i paid $1 for the first month. Does 3 month deal still work? i've been waiting for months for them to do another 3 month deal to play aoe4. i finally relented and just did the 1 month for $1 to play aoe4. !!!!!

    • cancel it immediately and get the refund, then sign up with this link, worked for me

  • If you spend 5mins doing the daily Microsoft Rewards, it takes about 4mths to get the 35000 points for a 3mth ultimate pass. My original pass was due to expire next month, now its Sep 2023. So I probably won't have to pay again until early 2026

  • thanks mate, got it :)

  • When I tried to add ultimate after bought PC game pass it ask for $15.95

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    5head move: sign up using Shopback and get $1.50 cashback on Xbox Game Pass, get a sick 50c profit.

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    Wow, thank you, surprisingly that worked, and I have utilised the Ultimate Offer twice. Cheers very much.

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      Did you sign up PC game pass first and upgrade to Ultimate?

      When I tried to upgrade to Ultimate it asked for $15.95

      • Hi, no, I utilised the link above and my Firefox Browser and to my surprise the offer came up with a 2-month extension. Utilised PayPal (which was my previous method) and voilà. I am pleasantly surprised.

        • my Firefox Browser and to my surprise the offer came up with a 2-month extension

          But that link only PC game pass + 2 months, are you sure you have upgraded to Ultimate with additional $1?

          • @superforever: Sorry, not Ultimate, haven't checked that part. Happy with Xbox PC Games Pass for 3 months for nix. The games that I want to play are on there.

      • When i got it i had already subbed to game pass.

        Then i did the following:
        Go to My Microsoft account > Services & subscriptions tab > click on "Upgrade to Xbox Games pass ultimate" (if you have already got the game pass sub)

        you should see this:
        click on the $1 button and off you go.

        Just note that I think the $1 is only for 1 month of Ultimate.

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          Mine the one on top said "On sale" save AU$14.95"

          But under "JOIN AU$15.95" and didn't cross out to AU$1.00

          If I click on it to join it will ask to pay $15.95 but subscription will up to 3 March 2022, that is why the $15.95 may for Feb 2022 and it will upgrade from now to 1 Feb to Ultimate.


          Tried Edge, this time I got $15.95 crossed out with AU$1.00 but when clicked I got error message

          Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help.


          Tue, 02 Nov 2021 07:01:20 GMT

          • @superforever: Same results here.

            So do you think a single $15.95 payment would give you ultimate until 3 March 2022?

            Which is $4 per month x 4

        • +1

          Mine has the "On sale: save AU$14.95" message.

          But the JOIN button just shows "AU$15.95/month".

          Messed up lol

          • @myfeetarehappy:

            Mine has the "On sale: save AU$14.95" message.

            But the JOIN button just shows "AU$15.95/month".


            So do you think a single $15.95 payment would give you ultimate until 3 March 2022

            It did say upgrade your current member to ultimate until 3 March 2022

  • My subscription is till 01/02/2022.

  • meh just turned off auto renew (as it wont let me cancel pre-paid) and tried to signup again using link but it charges the 10.95 :(

  • I don't think people read the ultimate bit properly, i did say on the first screen when updating the deal to ultimate that the new renew date will be in 3 months but the next payment screen then says $1 for one month the $15 every month after….

    • In subscriptions it's listed as:

      Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
      Next charge on 3/3/2022, AU$15.95

      • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
        Next charge on 3/3/2022, AU$15.95

        Same not $1 for me but more than the PC game pass 1 Feb.

        Seem like $15.95 is for the month Feb 2022.

        Wondering if I subscribed it and cancel Ultimate refund $15.95 will it still keep Ultimate until 1 Feb?

        The message actually said

        "Joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will upgrade your remaining Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass or EA Play membership(s) into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at the current conversion ratio, up to 36 months (any time over 36 months will be lost). Note that all conversioins are final, and the conversion ratio is subject to change.
        Your new Game Pass Ultimate renewal date will be: 3/03/2022.

        • i stopped recurring payments, the message was this

          You'll lose these benefits on 3/3/2022 if you turn off recurring billing:

          Play 100+ high-quality games on console and PC
          Explore games
          Xbox Live Gold

          Multiplayer and other Xbox Live Gold benefits included
          Learn more
          EA Play

          Play the best of EA with the included EA Play membership
          Learn more
          New Games Added

          New games added all the time, including day one releases
          See recently added

          Exclusive member discounts
          Explore more

          Perks – Free DLC, entertainment offers and more
          Learn more

          • @CarnivalMonkey:


            I also got this date but asked for $15.95

            • @superforever: I stopped the recurring payments, Mine says it all expires for ultimate 3/3/22 and normal gamepass 2/3/22

              • @CarnivalMonkey:

                Mine says it all expires for ultimate 3/3/22 and normal gamepass 2/3/22

                You can see two ?

                My game pass for pc subscription expires on January 31, 2022, can't subscribe to Ultimate without paying $15.95.

                I am start wondering people successfully subscribed to ultimate may be they have a special offer for ultimate and they didn't know, they may not need to subscribe to game pass for pc first.

  • Awesome! Grabbing it to check out AOE 4 as well. I thought this genre basically died after sc2
    86 GB install file seems a bit much though.

    I haven't touched microsofts store in a while. If I install it elsewhere, will it create that undeletable encrpyted folder?

  • +1

    Anyone know when does this expires?

  • It works for me, but not have $1.00 for ultimate. I am ok for that.

  • "Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
    Next charge on March 3, 2022, AU$15.95"

    $1 for the gamepass for 3 months. $1 for upgrade to ultimate, for the 3 months.

    Thank you OP

    reading the transactions, it looks like the 2 free months were an oversight, ie 2 free months after you pay for a full month. makes sense. The $1 month was a bonus in itself.

    so $1 month, catches the 2 free months - score.

    then upgrading the game pass to ultimate for $1 makes the $1 gamepass ultimate. which then adds a month of ultimate. and further gives you 2 months.

    hence I paid $2 and now have 4 months of ultimate I hope to make some use of.

  • Just got this but can't get Ultimate to work for 1$. It says save 14.95 but the join button says 15.95 lol. Even went through to payment and it says we'll charge you today for 15.95. Oh well.

  • That games store…
    what a ducking ordeal.

  • hmmm, shows one month for me

    • oh, it shows two bonus months. nice!

  • Thanks
    Keep me going through Xmas and a decent test of AOE

  • +1

    Fk me, of course this deal comes up 1 month after getting gamepass.

  • Is it correct in saying that ‘Xbox Game Pass for PC’ allows you to have access to a bunch of games but you still have to download them before you can play?

    And ‘Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’ includes access to a bunch of games for PC and Console. AND it also allows for cloud gaming (on the PC?) as a service? So like the service GeForce NOW is offering?

    • -1

      Ultimate includes Xcloud, that is why I want to upgrade it to try but my account didn't work only got $1 3 months PC game pass.

  • +1

    Got 4 months of ultimate for $16.95. Not as good as $2 but still happy with that. Thanks OP!

    • Wondering what will happen if cancel and refund the ultimate, will it also revert the 3 months back to game pass PC?

    • Thanks for the comment confirming the one $15.95 ultimate payment covers the 4 months…(I'm not eligible for the $1 ultimate)

  • The Xbox app is a bit crap but it works eventually, awesome deal, way better library of games than expected

  • Holy crap, man the xbox app is terrible.

    I have been trying to install AOE4 for a few days now, tried a bunch of solutions on the internet but it refuses to install after downloading the file.

    It was working fine when I last used it (when GoW5 was released)

  • Thanks Game Pass Ultimate for $2 worked for me.

    • Did you trial Ultimate before?

      • Last ultimate trial was about 18 months ago.

        • OK, mine Aug 2021, may be that is the reason why I couldn't get $1 Ultimate.

  • +6

    If you're on a Telstra phone plan or can access Telstra Plus,

    They're giving away 1 month free, so you can add it on top and convert your subscription entirely to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 4 (3 months from the $1 deal + 1 month from Telstra) months at no extra cost.

    Just did it and it worked for me :)

    • +1

      Thanks! 4 months of ultimate for $1 is pretty great!

    • worked for me also, cheers!

  • question i saw somewhere if you have xbox game pass you can use it to play fable 2 on PC without an xbox is this true?

    • +1

      Yes, you'll need Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to access Xbox Cloud Gaming. Fable 1, 2 & 3 are included. :)

  • +1

    Just my luck, I tried the $1 for one month on the 28th of Oct. Missed out on the two extra months.

  • +1

    does anyone know how long this deal will last?

  • Thanks mate, mine ran out yesterday after 38 months of the Gold to GPU conversion offer. I successfully subscribed to the deal.

  • hey thanks for this, can confirm it still works. im getting xbox game pass ultimate till 25/03/2022.

  • does anyone know when this ends?

  • Can anyone advise how you can purchase a game pass for a kids account under parental management? Says you cant do it. Have read that you can sign up with your own account, sign into store with that and Xbox app with your kids app .This seems to work but there are warning's everywhere saying you arent using the same account for both apps.. Will this method come back to bite me? Just cant see how you can actually setup a PC game pass account for kids under your own account.

  • still works, thanks OP

  • +1

    Still seems to be active, not expired. When i click it, says offer expires in 15 days.

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