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[NSW] Pre-Travel COVID Test $100 @ Sydney via Histopath


Many of us are heading overseas and there is a standard PCR test requirement within 72 hours with proper test results instead of just SMS, for most airlines.

For Sydney, the cheapest options is via Histopath @ $100, done at airport on the previous day (considering your flight is after noon as the results will be available only at 9 am next day).

Next cheapest is 4cyte at $120


Looks like there are other locations which offers $100 tests.
* Granville as per @DaddyJi

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      just a way for them to make money no doubt. i dont think they care about ruining people's holiday plans.

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      Rapid antigen are way less reliable and more prone to false positives. I could think of nothing worse than being at the airport and getting a false positive just before I boarded (and too late to get a refund).

    • The PCR tests will definitely not detect the spike protein, which is a very small fragment of the SARS-Cov-2 genome link
      You may test 'positive' to an antibody test however, but they're not really done in Aus.

      The Rapid Antigen are more prone to false negatives, so countries are being cautious wanting the more accurate test for now.
      I think it will get to the point they'll be acceptable - they are already used as pre-testing to get on cruise ships in the US for example (in Europe you still require pre and post PCR test, usually funded by the cruise line).

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        Actually been listening to a Harvard immunologist and epidemiologist. He said its actually the other way around, in that the PCR is detecting the fragment of the virus, but it may be a portion that could have lingered from previous infection or due to the PCR cycles detecting fragments from other viruses. Whereas the Rapid test is showing a more accurate result for the present, and also allows people and company's to make a determination on a person if they are infectious at all.
        Apparently its rare for people to be infectious from it for over 4 days. So the rapid would provide better information around quarantine on arrivals and travel as well. And the US CDC has already said the PCR test isn't fit for purpose, so you would assume that there is a reason for that decision.
        My point is that there may be better, cheaper and faster alternatives, but our government doesn't seem to like shifting or modifying policy with new information. Will just make travel more expensive for the foreseeable future.

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          Oh that's interesting. Might have to do a bit of reading, as I've not seen anything that indicates positive PCR tests after vaccination. I had heard that the antigen tests can be a better real-world indicator of infectiousness though.
          I guess as the science develops, the protocols will change.

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            as I've not seen anything that indicates positive PCR tests after vaccination

            Yes, because it's horse shit. There's absolutely no way in which the vaccine can cause 'viral shedding' or 'false pcr positives' whatsoever

        • Not sure why you’re getting neg’d. It seems UK is accepting a number of tests and that all tests have benefits or detriments. Can anyone source why this commenter is wrong?

    • I believe the UK just changed from PCR to antigen.

  • post-covid economy kicks in. it is time for the government to take the money back they gave away generously during the pandemic.

    • That's called inflation friend.

      • if you print money and give away generously, that is going to cause inflation.

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    For those who have tested through NSW Health clinics (e.g. hospitals), they provide a certificate available at https://my.pathology.health.nsw.gov.au/.

    Would these certificates work?

    • I haven't seen those certs, but I believe not. If you've got one to look at though, you could compare it to the list of requirements on the Qantas website to see.

    • I guess they should, as they mention QR code and airlines

    • I did a test in Haberfield yesterday (which is 4Cyte Pathology). Got the SMS today and tried to check the certificate the website you've send. Got a message that this is a private Pathology and they don't have it on record. So I assume it has to be NSW Health clinic (as you said)

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    I suspect there will soon be an explosion in competition for private tests and the prices will come down. I don't have a problem with charging people for tests to go overseas but it seems rough to have to pay hundreds of dollars for tests to go interstate.

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    So it will start with covid test prior to flight, as others mentioned before , scope can be increase to include other diseases (HIV / Malarial/ Dengue/) leading to uncertainty and impacting overall ticket pricing… generally no human body is perfect and at any given point of time, you can have some test which can easily find some deficiency or viruses 🦠 making one ineligible for travel 🧳.

    Hope I am wrong in future.

  • overseas holiday. I would to say only the people no mind will do it at moment.

    Pay at least $100 before departure, pay another at least $100 upon arrival. A very high chance to get positive result before boarding the return flight, then you are unable to come back until negative result which means pay additional money on quarantined hotel, additional tests fee…….it could be additional weeks or even months.

    won't go overseas until this stupid PCR test cancelled.

    • I think that's what travel insurance for

    • If you're fully vaccinated why would there be a very high chance to get positive result?

      This plus travel insurance (places like covermore etc are insuring for covid claims) makes it a pretty feasible option to travel somewhere overseas such as SE asia where covid cases are rapidly declining.

  • So is the airline going to refund the tickets and hotels if I tested positive (or false positive) just before the flight ?
    Seems like there is a bigger risk to have the holiday cancelled.

    • Expensive Travel insurance:)

  • Damn! I'm flying out of Melbourne!

    • Histopath has a travel-testing branch at Melbourne Airport too.

  • Why do you even want to travel to other countries with the situation around the world with covid? you are even to pay $100 to your next visit and might get covid. Good luck.
    Even free rapid covid test and free airline ticket you might want to think about it.

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      "Other countries" are home countries for some people.

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    I'm confused why everyone is complaining about having to pay for a PCR test. They aren't free, someone needs to pay and it certainly shouldn't be tax payer dollars funding your holiday needs.

    • Well the govt has wasted 10's of billions on businesses that didn't need it .
      What is a few million more for travel bugs ?
      Small fries in the overall picture .

      • +2

        Those are two seperate issues, those business shouldn't never have received that money. That doesn't mean we should just missspend more…

        • There still loopholes to get the free test from general hubs anyway .

        • +3

          misspending for individuals is better than misspending for the corporate.

    • Actually for incoming traveler they are free in Vic

      It's all about cash really

      Gov wants incoming traveler cash

      Rmeeber when you needed a PCR before going to the snow which was free

      Still gov providing free test for elective surgery and other things very nice

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    If you're vaxxed and still wearing a mask and getting tested then what did you get injected for? Ngmi

    • Profit, and peace of mind.

    • +5

      If you've got lane assist and active breaking and crumple zones, what are you wearing a seatbelt for?

  • If they want 100$ for test each member they good luck finding passengers. These people mandated tests and want us to pay for their mandates.

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    I usually get tested at one of the hospitals in Sydney. I then register with the Service NSW App to get notification of my result.
    I can download the test result which is a proper letter with a QR code. More details are available here https://www.pathology.health.nsw.gov.au/covid-19-info/covid-...

    • Great finding. Thanks for sharing. Does the QR code certificate work with airlines, does it include all info required?

      • I want to know that too.

        • Did a test with NSW health, got the certificate. I contains all the info needed, including a sentence "If confrmation of this result is required for travel, employment or education purposes, visit the
          NSW Health Pathology verifcation portal at verify.pathology.health.nsw.gov.au and scan the QR code above for instant verifcation."

          So those private lab tests ($100-150) are a rip off

          • @alexshel: I'm personally not willing to risk missing my flight to save $100-150, especially when many airlines and countries require your passport number on the certificate. And it has been pointed out, Qantas stipulating against public tests.

            "Travel" is very vague and could mean domestic travel only. If that changes and they allow the public system to be used for international travel tests, then the only benefit of these private clinics would be for fast results.

      • +1

        Qantas clear says that community tests are not allowed.

        • +1

          How NSW Health (government) relates to community tests?

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    Save $50 for going to the airport the day prior, use the $50 savings to pay for airport parking for the tests!

    • free parking for tests :)

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    say you booked a trip a month in advance and then you do the test and it comes back positive. Then what?

    and what happens if you travel to a couple of countries?

  • -1

    I'm travelling to UK on the 11th. Travel agent told me there is a 1 hour test at the airport $150. Anyone know if that's correct?

    • +3

      Do you even read the post?

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    Not sure how different NSW is from SA.

    My mate got his 'regular free' COVID test done @ Port Augusta (SA) through SAPathology and was given an email stating the result details.

    With that he was able to travel overseas on 1st Nov (ADL-SIN-DXB-COK) on Singapore Airlines/Emirates.

    All he had to do, was call up SAPathology and request an email result.

    May be someone has to check with NSW Health (or private providers) whoever collects the swab, if they can provide something over email

    Swabbed - 31st Oct 3pm
    SMS - 1st Nov 5.30 am
    Email - 1st Nov 8 am

    Not sure if this is an one-off from SA Pathology, given his circumstances.

    His father passed away on Sunday morning and he wasn't able to find a paid pre-travel covid test over weekend. First available slot was 9am Monday and 24 hrs from there to get the results.

    Calling up SA Pathology, explaining the situation, he was asked to swab at a regular testing site in Port Augusta.
    Email came about 17 hours after swabbing and he was able to travel on the first flight out on Monday 10am from Adelaide.

    • +1

      same in QLD. Free test and E mail report for overseas travel

      Good morning ,

      Could you please reply to this email with your consent to receive your SARS-CoV-2 PCR results by email and the following information

      · Type in: “I, [your full name], consent to receive my SARS-CoV-2 PCR results by email” – This is important as we require your consent to email the results
      · Copy of passport
      · Full name
      · Departure details
      · DOB
      · Contact mobile number
      · Address
      · Date and time of collection of the test.
      · Collection facility e.g. Logan Hospital

      Please send an email of the information to [email protected], your results will be emailed to you.  
      Also, please check with your airline whether you require a medical certificate along with the results, as that can only be provided by a doctor.

      Kind regards,

      Katyna Geurens
      Operational Officer
      Pathology QLD COVID-19 Results Call Centre
      COVID-19 Response Team
      Health Support Queensland, Queensland Health

      Tel 1800 472 847
      e [email protected]
      a Level 4, Block 7, RBWH

  • +1

    OP, looks like the next day result test ($100) is available at multiple locations in Sydney, not just the airport.

    • Sure, @FirstWizard. I will include the ones available in this thread to the post. Let me know if you have a list, happy to include them. I couldn't find any when I first started searching for tests under $150.

      • +2

        At Histopath I mean.
        When you go to the link above, the Urgent Test ($150) seems to indicate "Only available at the Airport". Non-urgent one ($100) says "Only at Sydney"

        And in the booking form, you can select the following places from the dropdown:

        Airport - Sydney International, Arncliffe, Barden Ridge, Bass Hill, Bathurst, Bellambi, Bomaderry, Branxton, Brighton Le Sands, Burwood, Campbelltown, Caringbah, Chifley, Concord, Cooma, Cromer, Culburra, Dapto, Dubbo, Edensor Park, Emerton, Fairfield, French Forest, Gwynneville, Heathcote, Killara, Leumeah, Lidcombe, Maitland, Maroubra, Milperra, Mittagong, Mount Druitt/ Emerton, Newcastle, Paramatta, Quakers Hill, Queanbeyan, Raymond Terrace, Redfern, Richmond, Rooty Hill, Rouse Hill, Sans Souci, Sussex Inlet, Taree, Towradgi, Warrawong , Warringah/ Frenchs Forest, Werrington, West Pennant Hills, Woodberry, Wyong

        the title of your post says "@Sydney Airport", maybe it could be changed to "@Sydney"

        • Updated mate 👍

        • A few places in that list that are NOT Sydney too

  • How is it world's fastest?? Los Angeles airport (LAX) also has 1 hour service too.

  • -1

    i feel like this would cost $1000 dollars in America knowing there health system cost

    • +1

      Found this URL with some pricing at least from LAX, seems ballpark similar pricing depending on level of service:

      Tests Available Cost Turn Around Time Hours of Operation
      Standard PCR Test $125 3 to 5 hours 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
      Antigen Test $80 1-Hour or less 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
      Standard PCR Test $125 Under 24-hours 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
      Rapid PCR Test $199 1-hour or less 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM


      RATS or PCR test depends where you're going and which airline etc

  • Travelling earlier in the year (july) to NZ had to pay $750 ($150 x 5) in vic for tests , what a rip off !!!. Airlines and boarder force were only accepting tests done my private testing labs . see https://www.qantas.com/au/en/coronavirus/pre-departure-testi... . great if you can get the government testing lab to send you an email of the results.

  • Has anyone seen a travel insurance which covers Covid?

  • Good deal. I am paying NZ$200 to get to Melbourne.

  • OR pay nothing and get it the night day before…. they require 24/48 hours most of the time.

    • This will not work.

  • Annoyingly Singapore requires a test 48h before flight departure, unlike the 72h of most countries. Not sure how great the pathology labs are on a Sunday. A bit stress-inducing if you're flying out on a Monday.

    • Do it at the airport, pretty much the same costs.

  • any deal for VIC ?

  • -1

    might buy myself a machine and do this.
    basically a money printing buisness .
    just hire a lab tech and off you go or outsource to laverty , they charge $70 a test but wholesale is cheaper

  • -2

    seriously why would you want to travel overseas in the current climate? smh

    • -1

      why not?

      • extra $ for travel insurance, otherwise you get sick, you pay.

        • No, travel insurance covers covid related hospital treatment.

              • +1

                @Tony-Abbott: hmmm why being rude by calling me stupid? I thought we're just having a normal discussion, why make it personal? oh not to mention, you also need to fork out hotel quarantine in your destination country.

                  • +1

                    @Tony-Abbott: that's not entirely true; some countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore etc still have HQ process upon arrival.

                    • @jamessong: Indonesia only 3 days HQ, Singapore - no HQ for us departing Australia

                          • +2

                            @eutama: then you have Thailand, 대한민국 etc still have active policy of HQ.

                            • @jamessong: Actually Thailand is also no more HQ from 1st November

    • +4

      Excellent response.

      Please do not travel overseas. Please also encourage everyone you know not to travel overseas.

      The fewer tourists where I'm going, the better.

    • +1

      @jamessong To spend time with my closest family members and friends, to enjoy the beauty of this world…

  • +3

    Book your test via a GP. They will print out you a certificate and sign it. There will be date and time as well as address of the clinic. No need to pay extra.

    • +1

      lol.. don’t GPs require a negative test to book? At least I’d hope they still do. Catch 22 there.

    • Travelling needs a private test, not via Medicare

  • We need first hand experience from what is asked by the airlines.

  • +1

    Says it here. This is the standard across all airlines.


  • +2

    So the UK has replaced PCR with rapid antigen tests. And there is no requirement to have it before you arrive in the UK

    Australian arrivals should do the same.

    • So if someone is going from Australia to UK, they don't need this test at all?

      Or the airlines still need a negative test to even board?

      • Only certain airlines are asking for testing at their discretion as policy across all flights, and some are asking for it only if your destination requires it. For example, Qatar Airways do not have testing requirements unless the country you arrive in requires it. On the contrary, Qantas requires it as a departure requirement regardless what your end destination requires.

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