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[NSW] Pre-Travel COVID Test $100 @ Sydney via Histopath


Many of us are heading overseas and there is a standard PCR test requirement within 72 hours with proper test results instead of just SMS, for most airlines.

For Sydney, the cheapest options is via Histopath @ $100, done at airport on the previous day (considering your flight is after noon as the results will be available only at 9 am next day).

Next cheapest is 4cyte at $120


Looks like there are other locations which offers $100 tests.
* Granville as per @DaddyJi

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        • Hmm I am flying with Etihad, will probably need to check their website

  • I know parking is free if I am getting tested at the one in Sydney airport's ground level carpark. Do I have to pay for parking if I am getting one done at booth at the departure level?

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    F*** Laverty, Histopath 4 lyf

  • To get back in Australia, a PCR must be done within 72 hours of the flight.

    What happens if you test positive while overseas? This means will have to quarantine overseas - this would be an extra couple of weeks in a quarantine hotel which really adds up the cost. Does insurance cover this?

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      Yep number of insurance policy’s cover this now

      • Emirates includes free insurance if booked by 1st December

      • covers what?

        Accommodation overseas, change of flights, covid tests? (that would be great)

        But, it won't cover you for missing work back in Oz for 2 weeks or more while trying to get back.

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    This pandemic is the biggest hiest in history

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    What a total scam!

  • So why can't you just go to a free government covid testing clinic?

  • Anyone know ?
    I am in Brisbane Qld
    I believe I need a test to come back
    If I fly to Mel or Syd early and upon arrival get a test, will the test given at the airport qualify me to return to Brisbane later that day ?
    Is there a specific test for Qld
    At the moment I believe 14 day hotel quarintine but hopefully by January it can be home quarintine

    • I thought tests are valid 48-72 hours (depending on destination)

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    Complete rip-off. Standard PCR test price is £34.99 ($64) in the UK.

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      That’s still a rip, a pcr results delivered in 12hrs $25 AUD in Ukraine.

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        I wonder why.

        Ukraine annual median wage is about 10,0000 USD.

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    I thought you have to be vaxxed to travel no? Why would you need to be tested if you have a vax certificate

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      Because it’s making them money. Also you can still catch covid (but in a milder version) even if vaxed.

  • Thanks op, travelling to see my family to Europe after 3 years. Saving $150 for the 3 of us, at least. I booked Emirates so covid insurance is included too

  • Med lab is also $100 and has lots of locations across Sydney. Saves a trip to the airport the day before your flight :)

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    now the real scam starts with these tests by charging people 100s of dollars. Govt should pay for these tests for citizens.

    • Why ?

  • Anyone know which testing companies are ASX listed?

    • DHM is sonic healthcare, Laverty is Healius Ltd

      • Cheers, HLS and SHL… Same letters!
        Good numbers with not much price movement..and the international PCR fest hasn't started yet!

  • Had mine done yesterday for $100 at Medlab.

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      What was the turnaround time like with them? On their website it says it'll be around 48 hours, which seems like a lot!

  • TBH if I were to take a trip to Europ its not all that much, $100 for the test to get out of the country and some European countries don't need a test on arrival, just a vaccine check. Bigger problem is getting stuck overseas if positive, yes travel insurance may cover it, but it might be months before you can return, missed work, study, etc.

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    No, this is NOT correct about requiring your own test. Government clinics can do it if required, or just get a normal test… For FREE. This is a blatant rip off.

    • Especially if the trip is within Australia (from NSW to QLD, starting 17 Dec require covid test)

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      it's not "FREE" , it costs the tax payers about the same $100 through medicare for a test.

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        It is free of extra charge, as we've already paid for that with taxes.

        • ah the good old "i paid for it all with my taxes" so i'm entitled to whatever freebies i feel i deserve

          • @lk0811: It is FREE anyway, isn't it? Or would you like to chip in extra $100 to the budget on top of your taxes? Maybe you could start a petition and find others who would support your idea.

            • @alexshel: The point is it's not free, someone's paying for it. I'm happy paying for covid tests for leisure non-essential international travel if it means the tax is going to better uses or to save a hike on medicare levy. Granted it's a big if but i don't see why taxpayers should pay for people's holidays

              • @lk0811: I am not thinking about any international travel at all. Entry to QLD from NSW from 17 Dec will require a covid test (no matter if that travel is essential, leisure or something else). We shouldn't be paying for that covid test to be able to travel within our own country.

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                  @alexshel: fair enough no i agree with that if for public health reasons (and to keep those all important premiers happy) to move around within australia absolutely

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    Pro tip, study up what country’s entry testing requirements are. A lot of countries will let you in on a rapid antigen test only $50 and 30 min at SYD airport outside of departures.

    • Despite all my rage, there is still just a RAT that I'll pay.

    • Need to check airline and country.

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    Hi all,

    I got tested yesterday through NSW Health network, ideally hospitals. Here is the sample report through pathology (https://my.pathology.health.nsw.gov.au/authentication/authen...). Anyone can verify it through QR code and it mentions "TRAVEL" too. Please see below:

    NSW Health Pathology
    Level 5, 45 Watt Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300
    T +61 2 4920 4000 | ABN 49 382 586 535

    06-Nov-2021 QR Code

    Patient Name:……………., DOB:……………., SEX:……………..

    This is to confirm that the person named above had a COVID-19 Nasopharyngeal/Nasopharynx
    swab (nose/throat swab) taken on 05-Nov-2021 02:51 pm.

    COVID-19 is the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The COVID-19 pathology test identifies
    the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus RNA in the sample taken from a person.

    Result: At the time of the test, SARS-CoV-2 RNA was NOT DETECTED (negative) by PCR.

    If confirmation of this result is required for travel, employment or education purposes, visit the
    NSW Health Pathology verification portal at verify.pathology.health.nsw.gov.au and scan the QR
    code above for instant verification.

    Should the person develop any symptoms of COVID-19, they should be re-tested in accordance
    with current NSW Health guidelines requiring any person in NSW with symptoms to be tested for

    This is an official document which has been issued to a patient as a hard copy of their negative
    COVID-19 result to support their travel or return to school or work. Falsifying or tampering with an
    official document is a serious offence.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Dr …………………………….
    COVID-19 Incident Controller
    NSW Health Pathology Pandemic Response

    • It does mention travel but the context would surely mean domestic travel.

      It does not have a passport number associated with it.

      • Very good. At least you don't have to pay extra to travel within the country. Travel abroad with the covid situation out there is quite risky (expensive) anyway.

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        Depends on the destination country, a passport number isn't always required.

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        Passport number isn't required by some countries but NSW Health's website does state that "COVID-19 testing for international travel clearance purposes (departures) is conducted at private pathology clinics only and charges apply for this service."

        Would be interested to see if anyone have tried using their NSW Health Pathology test report for international departure.

    • How do you know if a testing site is a NSW Health Pathology testing site? Thank you,

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