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Dewalt Cordless Drill 18V 2 Piece Combo Kit 4.0Ah $239.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Reqd)


Invest in this durable duo- that is the DeWALT 18V Brushed 2 Piece Combo Kit, which includes

  • a hammer drill driver, impact driver
  • two 4Ah batteries
  • a charger
  • contractors bag.

Both tools are powered by 18V 4.0Ah XR lithium-ion battery power. It has all-metal gearing for efficient power transmission and long life with an improved ergonomic design and rubber grip to increase comfort. It’s ultra-compact, lightweight design allows for easy usage in confined spaces. These drills include a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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  • That is a great price, esp. with the battery included

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    Both have brushed motors?

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      DeWALT 18V Brushed 2 Piece Combo Kit

    • Correct - Description says "……… durable duo- that is the DeWALT 18V Brushed 2 Piece Combo Kit, which includes a hammer drill driver, impact driver, two 4Ah batteries, a charger and contractors bag. Both tools are powered by 18V 4.0Ah X", blah blah blah.

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    not sure if it's brushless, brushless at bunnings: $300


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      Both the Drill and Impact Driver associated with the model number are brushless

      The bunnings kit is 1.5Ah batteries, so an inferior pack

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        Depends on what you're doing with the drills, but I find with home use the 2ah batteries I have for my brushless ALDI drills last way longer than I need them to. Most other tools do use a lot more power tho.

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          I stand corrected, it like the Drill Driver is DCD785 (brushless) and the impact driver is DCF885 (brushed)

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      They're not brushless. Brushless models will have "brushless" on the drills.

      • yes you are right… I see that on the image on bunnings but on costco - it's not!

  • Seems like a good price. I note they have a 699 kit in the store with circular saw and a grinder, that kit says brushless but the same model numbers of this kit

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    good value with the battery inclusion. Note the brushed cops about a 25% power penalty to the brushless in power not sure about battery life. Great starter kit and decent option against a store brand cheap kit.

    • i believe the drill is brushless however the driver is brushed in this kit

  • Definitely a good price - the batteries alone are $125 each at Bunnings… I don't need new drills, but dang. Tempting.

  • I bought this combo but returned it because more than what I need. I'm sure there is no brushless info anywhere on the tools or in documentation, I can't remember exactly modal but definitely not brushless modal. Even after searching the modal on Dewalt website, it didn't say anything about brushless.

  • This is a dollar cheaper than what they were running in September.

    Grab a multi-tool and you're laughing.

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    I've got this drill, bought years back from Bunnings. Drill is Brushless and Driver is Brushed, very good battery life and so far has been pretty good, battery holds its charge, has enough grunt etc.

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    Damn.. I just started accumulating the Ozito 18v's.. would've gone Dewalt route instead @ this price

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      I did the same, but i managed to calm my nerves and temptation noting my usage :-)

  • I understand Dewalt is superior to Ryobi in general. But how do they compare with Makita?

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      Same. You buy whichever is cheaper at the time.

  • Power tool noob here, from my understanding, hammer drill can handle heavier duty things than the impact

    Why would you need both? Wouldn't the hammer be able to handle everything?

  • This deal from Bunnings included an additional reciprocating saw.

    • True but that is the sub-compact Atomic range so bit lower power but also lighter.

  • i got this deal 2 years ago, both are still going strong

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    You do want a light battery option e.g. 2ah, I've got a 2x 4ah with my DeWalt drills (6 piece 18v DeWalt kit) and its pretty heavy!

    My 12v 2ah Bosch is so much lighter lol but not hammer or impact lol.

    • Haha, you think that's heavy, you wouldn't want to step up to the flexvolt batteries.
      I use the 6ah for my driver, was heavy to start but really built the wrist strength.

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    This seems to be a better deal but is OOS I think now: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/661250

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      Not sure if comment is serious……

      • Same factory, different branding

    • Brushless maybe, but I'd still take the Dewalt personally.

  • Great set. I remember buying it for $199 with a nice box. Serve me well as a home user.

  • Anyone have a Costco membership and able to order this for me please?

  • I see you've got the Dewalt cordless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDpvkwBBu6U

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    I have received my order from Costco earlier today. Drill model number is DCD785-XE and there is no mention of it being Brushless and produces sparks while running like normal brushed drill. Impact Driver is brushed too, model number DCF885-XE. But for $240 with 2x4.0Ah batteries, carry tool bag and fast charger it is a great value for money, 6 items in total. Batteries sell for around $125 each. Thank you very much Original Poster.

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