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$200 Trade-In Coupon + Trade-in Value When you Buy a Google Pixel 6 $799 or Google Pixel 6 Pro $1099 (EXP) + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


It really hasn't been advertised well but JB HI-FI are offering and additional $200 coupon to use when purchasing a Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 pro when you trade in your phone, on-top of the trade in value of your current phone. If you have a pixel 5, this trades in for $400 and you get a $200 coupon which means you can upgrade to the Pixel 6 for $400 given your pixel 5 is in good condition.

The original prices of the phones at JB HI-FI are $999 for the Pixel 6 and $1299 for the Pixel 6 pro not including shipping.

This promo also works for the S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Flip3, Fold3 which will give you a $500 discount to apply to those phones.

See the "FAQ" section within the square trade up page. Here is the fine print detailing the offer:

"Bonus coupon issued on approved JB Hi-Fi mobile phone trade ins between 04/11/2021 and 17/11/2021. Coupon redeemable until 21/11/2021. Redeemable coupon discount value of $500 calculated off the current ticket or promotional price on eligible Samsung (S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Flip3, Fold3) or coupon discount value of $200 calculated off the current ticket or on eligible Google (Pixel 6). Coupon redeemable at a JB Hi-Fi Australia stores or JB Hi-Fi Australia website. Expired

Update: Bonus coupon is available for Google Pixel 6 until 14 Dec.

Bonus coupon issued on approved JB Hi-Fi mobile phone trade ins between 04/11/2021 and 14/12/2021. Coupon redeemable until 19/12/2021. Redeemable coupon discount value of $200 calculated off the current ticket or on eligible Google (Pixel 6). Coupon redeemable at a JB Hi-Fi Australia stores or JB Hi-Fi Australia website.
Coupon redeemable for a single unit purchase only and can only be used once. Coupon must be surrendered upon use. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Balance is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Coupon offer not available at JB Hi-Fi Airport located stores.

Regarding the trade in service I think it is very generous in comparison to samsung. They offered $400 for my pixel 5 and $220 for my S10+. Samsung offered $205 & $70 for the same two. Also, the trade in value of your phone (not the $200/$500 coupon) is offered in the form of a gift card which can be used for anything at JB which is nice.

Edit: Both coupons can be used, and doesn't have to be the recipient redeeming them. Thanks cycloneaussie.

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  • Jumped the Ship! Trade in my Pixel 4a 5G. Received $350 Digital Gift card for Trade-in and $200 voucher on top. Paid $449. Do I need to buy 30W charger for $49 or my current 18W charger will work just fine? I am not too fussy about fast charging.

    • +3

      That's a great deal, only $50 less than my Note 10+!

      Your current charger (heh) will be just fine, the higher wattage ones just charge faster.

      • +3

        I agree, your current 18W charger should be fine. Unless you really want faster charging, the 18W should result in a healthier battery over time as well.

  • Is there a list of eligible phones somewhere? I can't seem to find it on their trade in page. I've got a oneplus 8 pro…

    Do you have to trade the phone in on the day? I've got some stuff, naming games saves that doesn't seem to use the cloud so I have to use the clone phone procedure and other in game transfers to get it to switch it over.

    • No list of eligible phones, but the evaluation process takes about 60 seconds to find out. They send you a slip to take to the post office, you just have to wrap it in bubble wrap/tissue paper and aus post will provide a package for you to send it off with. You should have 14 business days to send the device to them to them. I emailed them regarding the delay on my order which should be processed soon hopefully and they replied with

      "All good PaddlerSam,

      we have extended everyone’s return dates, due to stock limitations and delays"

      • Thanks man! Seems they don't trace oneplus (but they do Oppo which is the parent company I believe)… oh well

  • struggling to figure out the difference in balance. I think it said $830 trade in value for my S21 Ultra (only few weeks old), if the pixel 6 pro is 1450, how much do I actually pay?

    is it 1450 - 500? = 950$
    and then the S21 U value I get back as a gift card? which, I use as credit towards buying the phone itself

    also, can this all be done online?
    thanks in a advance

    • 1450 less $200 for the coupon less the value of your trade in. So $420? I believe it can be done all online.

      • I believe the S21 U gets a $500 coupon, that's why : )

        • +1

          The coupon applies $500 when purchasing S21, not when you trade it in. In this case the coupon will apply $200. It will be 1450- (830+200) = so $420 like slankets said.

      • +1

        Yes, I bought a Pixel 6 and did it all online. Will be picking up tomorrow - Click & Collect.

  • did anyone have a "Identity verification barcode not created so please try again OR use SMS option." error when trying to verify ID?

    • I'm getting the same thing!

    • Yes, I contacted them and they said they were having IT trouble. I tried later this evening and it worked

  • Is there any official link or page that shows the details of the coupon? And no more bonus Google Nest Audio device with a Pixel already?

    • +1

      How do I get my BONUS top-up coupon?
      Simply follow these 4 Steps:

      Get a trade-in valuation quote via 'JB Trade-in' website

      If you accept the valuation, then complete the Trade-in process to get immediate access to your JB Trade-in Credit via email

      Your 'BONUS Top-Up*' email containing your unique one-time code will be sent to your same email address
      Apply both your Trade-in Credit and BONUS Top-Up voucher towards the purchase of the eligible device

      • Bonus Top-Up voucher can only be applied to the eligible devices listed in the promotional offer. Devices not listed in this offer will not be eligible to receive the Bonus Top-Up value.

      †Bonus coupon issued on approved JB Hi-Fi mobile phone trade ins between 04/11/2021 and 17/11/2021. Coupon redeemable until 21/11/2021. Redeemable coupon discount value of $500 calculated off the current ticket or promotional price on eligible Samsung (S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Flip3, Fold3) or coupon discount value of $200 calculated off the current ticket or on eligible Google (Pixel 6). Coupon redeemable at a JB Hi-Fi Australia stores or JB Hi-Fi Australia website.
      Coupon redeemable for a single unit purchase only and can only be used once. Coupon must be surrendered upon use. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Balance is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Coupon offer not available at JB Hi-Fi Airport located stores.

    • +1

      I've used the offer myself, let me know if there is anything you need to know.

      • Yes … but the only way you see the details is to more forward with a trade? No way to see the details before, besides here?

        • +1

          Nah the website is poorly constructed it can all be found before you make a trade. They have two separate FAQ sections across 2 different links…

          https://jbhifi.squaretradeup.com.au/faqs <————-Where you will find mostly the same email but has a table that mentions the Pixel 6 Pro is available in the offer

          https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/jbtradein <————- Where you will find the details I copied above

    • +2

      And no more bonus Google Nest Audio device with a Pixel already?

      That was a pre-order bonus.

  • anyone know how to get the $100 discount voucher from jbhifi chat?

  • can you trade in 2 phones and get bonus of 2x200 plus trade-in value of both phones? can both the trade-in bonus voucher be applied for purchasing one phone?

    • You can combine the trade in value, but you will only be able to use 1 coupon.

    • I traded in a Pixel 4a (5G) for $350 and a 5 for $400, got one $200 voucher and ended up paying only $49 out of pocket for my new 6. Hopefully picking up tomorrow.

      • Can i ask, why you did not get 2 x $200 voucher since you traded in 2 phones?
        Or, if you did get 2 x $200, then why you did not use both?

        • I don't think you'd be able to use both. Moreover, I believe it's 1 coupon per transaction and you can trade multiple phones at a time so they probably traded both in one go. The only thing you'd be able to do with the second coupon is pass it on to a friend or family/sell it

        • I tried doing this. The system allows for only one $200 voucher. The value of the trade-in phone will have to be entered as a gift card on the payment page.

  • To those of you getting Pixel 6 and/or 6 Pro:

    What are your plans when Pixel Fold comes out in approximately 03/2022?

    Is anyone holding out until then? Or simply do another trade-in when the time comes?

    • I'm planning to use my pixel 6 pro for 5 years.. that is the plan anyway.

    • if and when it comes, it will be a very first gen product. I'd prob skip it anyways

  • It can be a good deal if you have the "right" phones to trade in. In my case, can't beat the value of S21 that I paid $400 net without sending in the trade-in phone.

    • So you won't get charged for the bonus credit?

      • I think he'll get charged for the phone but keep the credit.

        With JB I think you get charged for both the phone + coupon

    • But you will get 500+200 with this deal for it

  • Has anyone done this in store?

    I'd rather just go to a store and do it all on the spot today to get the P6

    • You can call a store and check? Otherwise their click and collect service is pretty quick and since the P6 is in stock should be the same outcome?

    • I did the trade in online, and then went in store to buy. The bonus $200 code refused to work for me online, that's what took me to the store. In store, the code failed once, then seemed to work ok.

  • Hmmm, can't decide whether to get the P6 now or backorder the Pro and dust off my cracked 3XL to get me through the gap between returning my P5 and the Pro arriving…. I don't care about the telephoto, and the screen size difference is negligible, but are the other bells & whistles worth it?

    • +2

      The Pro is huge. I reckon if you dont care about the camera diff, just get the P6

  • So based on what I have read, I could trade in a bad condition pixel 3a saying it's good for $50 + $200 bonus

    And send it as-is, but when they assess the phone and realise it's not great condition, they will charge my card for $50 or $250?

    Not sure there, and if it's worth the trouble

  • Do anyone know which store has stock of Pixel 6 pro? Store in Leichhardt said the only store in Sydney have stock is Weathrill park store Wetherill Park

    • +1

      Maybe tell us what colour and size you’re after? Or use the JB Hi-Fi website to see who has stock.

  • +1

    Might sit back and watch this one. Keen on the Pro, concerned on the time frames.

    Thanks to @justchill this seems like my current game plan ""hold your order till 20/11 and hopefully you will receive new phone within 14 days before you send old back to us. They can only extend return for 14 days."

  • I've just purchased a pixel 6 pro using this process to trade in a pixel 5. Got the $400 trade in credit and $200 coupon code instantly after completing the trade in process. I didn't run into issues and it was relatively straight forward.

    As mentioned previously the 6 pro is earmarked for delivery on the 10th December at the earliest.

    I contacted square trade and they said that I would need to send my pixel 5 by the 30th of November (that's including an extension). Luckily I have an old handset I can use in the mean time.

    So I believe they are only able to extend the return by 20 days. I had already used the credit coupons to buy the 6 pro, so not sure if they could have extended longer had I held off buying the phone.

    Something to keep in mind for anyone looking to purchase a pixel 6 pro.

    Thanks for the deal OP.

  • +1

    Anyone traded in with these people before?

    Wondering if the indicative price they give you usually stays firm, or whether they always reach out and decrease the trade credit they give you more often than not.

    e.g. it's $350 trade in for a Pixel 4 5G with no faults, but then when they get your phone, they find any reason to reduce that amount?

    Or is it only in the event of obvious problems that they reduce your trade in?

  • What if I initiate trade and for some reason, I did not use trade credit at JB within 14 days?

    FAQ says that trade credit will be cancelled if not used nad if its used then charge at credit card . Anyone who can confirm about this?

    • +1

      It doesn't expire.

      How long does my JB Hi-Fi Trade-In credit last?
      Your trade-in credit doesn’t expire. Once you receive your trade-in credit eGift Card, you have 5 business days to send us your old device. If after 14 days, we haven’t received your old device back, we will charge your credit card for the value of the trade-in credit provided.

  • most other carriers also do the bonus $200. The only problems are in stocks.

    • Telstra seem to be offerig $250 trade in bonus. Anyone compared the phone values to JB? Need to have a my telstra account to get a quote it seems….

      Trade in your eligible phone and purchase the Google Pixel 6 for $250 bonus credit. Purchase and trade in between 28th Oct - 22nd Nov 2021.

      • +2
      • Most carriers are valuing the phones lower. Vodafone allows you to keep your phone until you get the new one unlike JB. Only problem is they dont have stocks of the P6Pro 256gb and not letting people order

      • They are also offering (without a trade-in), the Pixel 6 Pro 512GB for the price of a 256GB at $1,449.

  • has anyone experienced trading in grey imports?
    i have note 8 from korea. samsung has a stricter phone check however jbhifi doesnt.
    I entered the IMEI number and it seems ok.

  • +2

    You can get another $49 by calling Jbhifi to ask for a discount. I just got JBHifi to send me a message to order for my 128GB Pro. In this message, there is a link to order with $49 discount applied. Can be stacked with all the vouchers from above.

    • +1

      Which number?

      Simple as calling them?

      I'm super keen for P6 so would appreciate it

      • I'm pretty sure it's their online sale number, called them earlier today nice lady gave me $30 off for a regular pixel 6.

        13 52 44

        • and you get a coupon to use and stack when you checkout online? or can the coupon be used in store

          • @bisaya: They'll send you a checkout link with the discounted price.

            It's just the 2 coupons OP mentioned (400+200) I did the trade.

            Someone commented the coupons can be used in store.

        • Did you just follow the prompts and get put thru to your local store? I tried earlier and got put through to my local store who said no idea, come in and we'll see what we can do. Wondering if I went to the wrong area or was just unlucky and got someone unhelpful

          • @sixnout: Are you guys in Victoria? I'm not sure if
            13 52 44 for Victoria only or Australia? They usually there just to give you discount (or not) and you do your own checkout.

            You ask nicely for a discount if they say yes then you'll get a link sent to your SMS where you checkout, choose your own JB hi-fi store, click and collect, stack all the coupons discounts etc, then pay.

            • @poiboy03: Ahhh interesting…no i'm in Sydney. When I call the number it asks for my postcode and then I follow prompts to sales and mobile etc. Directs me to someone at my local store. As soon as I mentioned pixel 6 pro, they said no stock and don't know when (and that was before i even was able to approach discount!)

            • +1

              @poiboy03: I called and asked to include charger for free. If you're interested, I can share my unused JB direct offer of P6 Pro + charger at $1299.

      • Anyone tried having 2x pixel 6 in the cart (SMS from Jb Hifi) and use 2x trade in credit?

    • Okay, how about this:
      * call JB sales on 135244 to get best price, ask for a deal on phone X

      What are the best offers from JB sales that people have been offered for
      * Pixel 6 Pro 256GB ?
      * Samsung S21 Ultra 5G 256GB ?
      * Samsung S21 Ultra 5G 512GB, it doesn't seem that JB sell this option though ?

      Get order link from above call
      * apply bonus credit, online, over the phone or in person?
      * pay most, if not all, of balance with Him/Her/Teen or similar GCs on hand, in person at shop
      * pay any remaining balance, if any, with JB GC [keep or use trade-in credit], in person at shop
      * take home new mobile from shop

      As I understand
      * the "bonus" credit must be used almost immediately, before the short expiry of the promo.
      * the "trade-in" credit can be kept indefinitely as it is just like a plain old JB GC, is that correct?

      And the bonus credit will be $200 or $500 depending on the phone actually purchased after the trade-in has been activated.
      Now…. at the time of doing the "trade-in", do you need to specify the phone you are buying in order to get the correct bonus amount?

      • +1

        yes, you need to specify which phone in order for the coupon to work.

      • Everything worked, except for the trade-in. Trying to do the trade-in gave problems with the ID process; they say it is fixed now, but I'm not sure I'm going to worry about it. I got the coupon code for $500 off and it worked like a charm — at the checkout they just had to enter it in with a "#" character at the start and bingo. Paid the rest with mostly 3rd party gift cards and the final bits with JB GCs.

        I may do the trade-in with Optus …. $20 more and it can be applied to an account rather than "JB spending". Considering porting a mobile to them, then doing the trade-in. Down the track, port back to Telstra on a JB deal if one becomes good enough to warrant the move. Time will tell.

        Ended up paying $1,404 for the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G 256GB {$1,875) with a 25w USB wall charger ($29).

    • I called and the cagey sales guy I spoke to said he could only discount $14.25. I insisted he could do better but he said it was impossible.

    • I've tried calling them and the best they can give is $21 off.

    • I got $50 off as well… Just called them to try and price match then realised they couldn't price match the Telstra one. They guy in there phone offered 50 bucks off l. I got $300 for my pixel 4a (5g)
      The magic eraser on the 6 is pretty cool.. Finally got wireless charging again

      • Which store did you try?
        All I got was it's a new phone so we don't do discount at most is $20.

  • I am spewing I missed this, just purchased a Pixel 6, now i'm going to try to sell my Pixel 4 and don't expect much for it…

    • You can always trade it in for JB credit and sell the coupon to a user at a reduced price?

  • Can the trade-in coupon and the bonus $200 vouchers be used on the JB/Telstra mobile plans?

    They currently have the Pixel 6 for $499, wondering if the vouchers can be added to this deal?

    • Where did you find the Pixel 6 for $499?

    • Nah called it needs to be bought outright with this deal

      • Even the trade in Gift card can't be used?
        Not just the $200 bonus coupon?

        • The gift card can be used on anything.

  • +4

    so i'm not going to use either of the coupons (S21 / Pixel 6), wanted the trade in credit for an ipad - free to the first person that PMs. Can't guarantee they'll work, but I assume so.

    I know the email said S21 series OR Pixel 6, but the codes are different, I wonder if both can be used for separate orders?

    Update: both shared out

    Confirmed: both coupons can be used, would encourage folks who are using only one to share…

    • Can they be stacked? Have an old s9 and a pixel 5, could do them separately to get two $200 credits for a pixel 6?

      • +1

        I don't belive they can be stacked, they are independant codes
        But trading in two devices separately will give you a total of 4 codes - 2 for each device

    • +1

      I used my coupon for buying P6. And just checked the other coupon of $500 off Samsung S21 series and it's working. Willing to share.

  • +1

    If I was to purchase this using say a 28degrees MasterCard, would the price that I can claim purchase protection on be $999 or $999-$200?

    • +1

      The price refund would be on $999 pro-rata on $999 - $200.

  • Fyi I just received my bonus coupon and the code for Pixel doesn't work. Rang support and apparently I'm the 3rd person to call today with the issue - "something's gone wrong".

    Waiting for them to send a replacement code ….

  • In the FAQs it says there is no cost to send the device to them, as they provide an eParcel sticker. However, I presume this comes with no insurance cover? We'd have to stump up if we wanted to cover our devices for a certain amount?

  • Anyone traded in a Pixel 5 for a Pixel 6 (non pro) and can give their thoughts on if it was worth it?

    I'm a bit concerned about the speed and sensitivity of the in-screen fingerprint reader on the P6 vs the P5. Also how bright the P6 lights up around your finger when you unlock it at night. I really like my P5, the only gripes I have is that it can be a touch slow to load some websites that are tough on the CPU and I have some problems with glass screen protectors and screen sensitivity which really bugs me.

    • +2

      I'm in the same boat as you really love my p5 and have decided not to upgrade for a few reasons. The battery life on my p5 is amazing thanks to its lower powered energy sipping cpu, The unlimited high quality photo backup, the better fingerprint scanner and the smaller form factor is a better fit in a pocket..

    • +1

      Same here wasn't gonna upgrade as I was pretty happy with my pixel 5, but I recently needed to do a few multi-tasking, work related (GPS, emails, website, documents) on the 5, it felt slooow.

      I've had pixel since 2, 3, 4, 5 now 6, pixel 5 it's the only phone that gave me the 'slow' feeling, still very smooth though due to being a Google pixel.

      But no regrets here from 5 to 6, feel like I'm using a flagship product again.

      FPS is slower but accurate. Battery life is not amazing anymore but still pretty decent.

  • Have a $200 Pixel 6 Pro Trade in discount of $200 and additional $72 discount available, which I git from JB Direct. Available for Click and Collect as well in Melbourne. Can share the JB direct buying link. Cart expires at midnight but I dont wish to proceed as waiting to price match the 512GB version.
    Your cart will expire at 11:59pm 12/11/21 AEDT.

    Google Pixel 6 Pro 5G 128GB (Sorta Sunny)
    SKU: 536316
    Trade in offer $200 Google Pixel


    • Interested if available

      • Sorry link is now gone

  • anyone having trouble applying the $200 trade in credit to an online JB hifi order? I've tried different combinations of zeros and Os but keeps saying invalid code. Cart expires at midnight too..

    • Yeah, it doesn't work. I had to go into a store and they ended up putting it through their system. I didn't mind though because I wanted to get it straight away

  • -2

    What happens if you don't send the phone back and you cancel your card

    • You can just tell them that you changed your mind. They will cancel the trade order and the credit.

      Whether the vouchers work afterwards is another story. Mine still worked for how long who knows.

  • +1

    I just purchased the Pixel 6 Pro …

    • RRP $1,499 (256gb) - Deliver on or before 16th December 2021
    • Called Squaretrade and spoke with Peter. He emailed me a $200 discount coupon to apply at checkout on JB Hi Fi
    • AAMI Lucky Club 5% Discount on JB Hi Fi Vouchers brings my total purchase price to $1,234.05.
    • When the Pixel 6 Pro is delivered, I then have to mail in my old phone for trade-in. The estimated value for my Huawei P20 Pro is $100. (This credit could not be applied to the purchase but instead will be issued as a JB Hi Fi Gift Card).

    Net Cost: $1,134.05

    I'm happy with that :)

    • I'm gonna be in almost the same boat as you, trading in a p20 pro for the pixel 6 pro. Seeing as our phone goes for around $300 anyway selling privately this seems pretty good!

      How come your actual trade in voucher couldn't be applied to the Pixel? Is that because you only receive the $100 coupon after they verify receive the actual phone?

      • +1

        My Huawei has a mind of its own right now. Switching on and off constantly so it's a matter of time before it turns into a cactus. Because JB don't have the phones in stock, I technically can't send in my phone now to trade as I still need to use it. I guess the work around for them is provide the $200 voucher now so we can buy it, then once we receive the phone, get the credit later. Guess they don't want us to use all the benefits now and they have nothing in return lol

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