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Samsung Galaxy Nexus - $438 + FREE SHIPPING at eGlobal - Move Over Kogan


$10 cheaper than Kogan. Unlocked and first ICS equipped phone.

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  • I smell a price war. This can only be good for us.

    • This may backfire somewhat for the companies involved, since customers will see the price dropping rapidly and wait until it stabilises before they make a purchase.

  • People are going to be too scared to buy one now!

  • +1 vote

    Similar deal will be posted in a few minutes. Free insurance this time but I doubt it will get as many votes due to the company's reputation.

  • ummm the other one wasn't a dupe.

    Rookie mod.

    • That's what I said to him… LOL

      • Probably some mod on a power trip.

        You probably could have combined the two posts as you posted them at the same time. They were virtually identical (same price, same company) other than insurance. Definitely worth a mention in the description.

        • If a power tripping mod means an end to the deluge of Crucial M4 and Galaxy Nexus posts, I for one welcome our new power tripping mod overlords.

        • @nick zzz (can't reply directly to him).

          The deluge you see of Crucial M4 and Galaxy Nexus posts is because people vote for them, so there is obviously a lot of people that want them to be posted (I'm not one of them).

          I would like to see more variety myself, but if that's what people want to see, then let them post about them.

  • hahahahaha price dropped by $17 over 1 day!!
    it was 455 ytd when i posted lol

    this is soo great!!!

  • how much is this phone really worth??

    • how much are you willing to pay for it??

    • The cost price of most things is generally RRP/2.

      So they probably pay about $350 for it.

      • RRP/2? Then all manufacturers are bankrupted.

        Remember they add cost of R&D, marketing, delivery, sales …and they need to make profits above this, the cost is definitely less than 1/4 of RRP.

  • What was the price at the start of the year?

  • In other news, a USED iPhone 4 (21 months old) sells for more: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/iPhone-4-32GB-black-unlocked-grea...

  • That's an iphone though…they like to stick with 1 phone whilst android users tend to move onto other phones, making slightly dated phones really cheap

  • LOL, I'll come back when it's down to $250. At this rate it's not that far off.

  • bah, who wants a phone without a microsd slot

  • I was about ready to get one, until I saw the HTC One X. But nexus is much better value, I dont really want to pay $650 for the htc..

    • So which one are you getting?

    • You Android fans have it so easy. Just compare the CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage, SD slots and screen resolution.

      iPhone users only have to choose between black or white. And the damn price never drops till a new one comes along. I can never decide who has it better

      • I have been iPhone for the past 3-4 years. Sick of it! The thing had a battery failure and I had to pay $249 for a refurbished model, there is a shadow on the screen, the back case split from no fault of my own and it is slow. Android is cheaper and more powerful. It will be good to get away from the apple fanboys.

        • You should have thrown it away after you found the screen broken after 3 years. 3 years is pretty much the life of a generation of mobile technology.

  • SGS 3 has just leaked (again) within the last few minutes…


    Looks a bit meh if you ask me. I reckon if you were pinning your hopes on that, it might be time to re-consider the GNexus at $438 and the GNote at $538. Or the HTC I guess.

    • It looks horrid…

      • In fairness the shots are a mock-up. But the Galaxy phones in general are quite hideous compared to, say, a GNexus. Its just a shame I need more than 16GB - at any price really.

      • Sony Xperia S looks smecksi ;)

    • Could easily be completely fake though

    • There's a photo down the bottom comparing the SGS 3 to a supposed iPhone 4s. But you can clearly see that it's an iPhone 4, not a 4s haha. so there's a little bit of credibility gone from the photo.

  • drop the price of Galaxy Note to $500 + free delivery

  • Damn this phone just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. Maybe it'll be $250 by the end of the year lol.

  • Am I missing something? Can't you just buy nearly any other phone and put a custom ICS rom on it? Surely being the first ICS phone just makes it older than everything else.

    I don't mean to sound like I'm dissing the Nexus but it just seems like you could go a lot cheaper and buy a different model phone, root+rom it and get basically the same result (obviously ignoring the ridiculously high spec'ed screen on this).

    For example I have a HTC Sensation running ICS and it only cost me $265 delivered (new from ebay). Has the same speed CPU (or faster depending on ROM used), slightly less ram(768mb vs 1gb), better camera (in terms of MP, 8MP vs 5MP), sd card slot (allowing greater than 16gb as 32gb nexus is discontinued) etc.

    These are just my opinions and I'm only asking out of curiosity, please don't just neg, educate me with a comment :)

    • The main difference is that ICS was made for the Nexus by Google as a reference platform, and that means the whole platform.

      Most of the custom ROMs are made using drivers and stuff ripped out of other (manufacturers stock) ROMS (which may or may not be specifically for ICS). Some of the custom ROMS like CM are very good though, but still they have to rely on the manufacturers releasing good drivers.

      Some samsung devices never get good drivers, for example the crappy GPS in the SG1.

      • OK, so your saying that custom roms are often a bit of a hack job that may result in a buggy user experience due to mashing different roms together to make it work. I guess thats a fair enough statement.

        For me personally, I will always root+rom any android phone I get, I find the custom roms will usually provide me with better features without the extra garbage. Often better performance too.

        I suppose in the end its a combination of preference and technical ability.

        • A lot of people don't want to or have no time to mess with the OS of a phone. They just want the latest pre-installed (or easily upgraded) and ready to go. A few years ago I did not understand those kinds of people but now I'm starting to turn in to one.

          I'm pretty sure that's why iPhones are so popular. ie. a lot of people find them easier to pick up and use.

        • Exactly. Fufufu got it. I want to buy a product and want it to work out of the box. This phone does that and does it very well. I've owned htc sg2 and some others but they all seemed a bit off. I can't fault this phone at all.

    • How did you get a HTC Sensation for $265? Aren't they around $400 something?

      • Yeah, that sounded a bit unusual to me too. Cheapest I could see was $400 inc shipping for a buy-it-now brand-new model from a seller with lots of good feedback. Of course used is less, and low feedback is less, and the auction end price can be less or more than the cheapest buy-it-now, so it's a bit of a lucky dip. If you bought it brand new for that price, with shipping, and you got it, and it worked and was all as described, then you did very well.

    • CyberGenesys,
      Did you buy your Sensation from a one-off seller or some kind of professional vendor, who might sell the same product to me for the same price? :) BAAHGAIN… bloody good deal IMHO.

      When did you buy it? I'm keen to see the listing!

      Have you tried a TripNRaver ROM or the customised versions of HTC leaks over on xda forums?
      How is the recent 3.3.1 / Sense 3.5 ROM?

  • Why does white cost $25 more, is it because people wish it was an iphone instead?

    I kid.

  • man.. thankgod i didn't buy it at 700+

  • Kogan is loosing the battle…..come on Kogan time to fight back……

  • This is an interesting development. We should let Kogan know via their live chat and see if they'll beat it! I did this before and the price dropped.

  • Plz start a price war on SG Notes!!!!!!!!!

  • I purchased the white one for $480 on Wed and eglobal have already expressed posted it through DHL, hoping to get by tomorrow, lets see what happens.

    it seems to be $20 cheaper now, excellent deal.

  • I've emailed Kogan Sales to see if they can beat eglobal or offer free shipping.

  • On a related note, does anyone know how much the Galaxy Nexus costs in Hong Kong at the moment, where all these sellers are based? I'll be going over soon and was thinking I should buy it there.


    Found it here http://comms.kogan.com/t/ViewEmail/r/54429A421E8CA745/8BCB9E...

    But reading the fine print the free shipping excludes the purchase of Canon, Nikon, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Dr Dre, Sony, Apple, or any other "non-Kogan" branded prducts.


    • no worries, someone else actually bought one the other day and read the fine print afterwards, oops

  • At $400.. Unleash hell.

  • kogan needs to step up its game!!!

  • Hello I could not submit this cause im new but Kogan's galaxy nexus has gone down to $429 everyone $429 link in comment http://www.kogan.com.au/shop/samsung-galaxy-nexus/

  • Any news?

  • So Kogan just replied to me and said:
    "We aim to offer our customers the lowest price possible, at this time we can not match that price however we do encourage our customers to shop around for the best price."
    Fair enough they can't match it, but kind of weird telling people to buy elsewhere…

  • Just put my order through with eglobal. Figured the nexus was well under my original buy price of $500 and the price may level out after the recent price war. Let's see what eglobal are like…

  • just bought a white nexus for $375 brand new :) but it was a direct dealing from a guy who sold it as an unwanted gift lol
    ah well~ phone is perfect and im happy :)

  • DOCOMO handset, I just received mine beware…

    • Whats the difference?

      • Missing 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz so:

        No Optus 3G
        No Telstra 4G

        Has 800MHz which is seldom used in any country, it's a piece of crap….false advertising in the specs too

        • Really? Can you take a pic for us?

        • The radio bands support are not reported in Android AFAIK you just don't pick up the networks, if you go to Wikipedia there is a link to the Galaxy Nexus Docomo page, that lists the bands the Docomo GN supports

          Also I was getting horrid reception on Telstra NextG, had to reflash everything including the radio, then the Telstra SMS number had to programmed into the phone (not so easy) otherwise I could not send SMS

          Not too great, on the plus side I received one made in Korea instead of China which is said to be of better build qualtiy, but this is just a lucky dip..

          Overall I would say it's not worth it for a marked phone which has to be modified to work correctly and limits your coverage