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PUCKPUCK Cold Brew Adapter for Aeropress Coffee Maker Includes Water Vessel $7.95 + Post (Was $55) @ streetfireevents eBay


PUCKPUCK is an attachment that turns any AeroPress® Coffee Maker into a cold brew drip system.

RRP $54.99ea

$9 delivery to Melbourne, $13 to Sydney.

Experience the smooth taste of slow dripped coffee at home through your Aeropress. This PUCKPUCK allows for a controlled slow dripping of water over a bed of coffee, creating a uniquely versatile brew that can be enjoyed over ice, with milk or as a mixer with your cocktails.

The patent-pending twist drip valve means the setup is done in seconds and if you pair this with the PUCKPUCK Drip Counter App available for Apple and Android you can achieve a more exact calibration to perfect your brew.

Another design feature is the universal screw thread on the PuckPuck which means you can can pair certain types of mineral water bottles with the PuckPuck to create a lightweight piece of kit allowing you to slow drip coffee wherever you go.

Pocketable form factor (only 2.4cm tall and 6.8cm wide)
Patent pending 2-part plastic screw valve for almost infinite adjustability
500ml plastic water VESSEL
Included SPLASH FILTER for assisted water dispersion
Made from food grade (BPA free) plastics
Compatible with leading brand mineral water bottles (see compatible brands here)
Free Drip Counter App - Apple / Android
Only works with the AeroPress® Coffee Maker (not included)
Comes in PUCKPUCK Blue colour

The PUCKPUCK was developed by PuckPuck Ltd. and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by AeroPress, Inc.

AeroPress® Coffee Maker is a registered trademark of AeroPress, Inc.

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    • +11

      Generally how adapters work. You own the original product already, you don't need to buy it again.

      • +1

        oh I see. Thank you :)

        • All good fella. Was considering picking one of these up, using it once and shoving it in the back of the cupboard, so I knew what it was pretty much straight away.

  • Showing $9 delivery for me.. (VIC)

    • 13 for me (NSW)

    • Showing $9 delivery

      Me too, Vic

  • How do you get free delivery? It shows up as $9 delivery for me.

    • Same, metro Melbourne.

  • Oh no way… my sister ordered one of these for me as a gift at full price last week ☹
    Great bargain, good find!

  • Just ordered, thanks OP! (Paid the $9 shipping but had a $5 ebay code, total $11.95 delivered)

  • +1

    Seems like a decent price, even without free shipping.

  • Just ordered. Paid the full $9 shipping to Metro Melbourne…

  • Bummed about the postage but still way cheaper than I usually see these, gonna give it a go and compare to my usual immersion cold brew method

  • Looks to be sold out, dammit I was too slow

  • +1

    Yep, showing as sold out for me too. Bummer, could have gotten the free local pick up as well.

  • Dang, listing ended within the first 45 mins. Missed out, what a bummer.

  • Thanks OP, just managed to get one before it sold out.

  • +2

    PUCK! I missed it!

  • OOS

  • Doesn't look that great. Just use ice with a funnel.

    I actually prefer using my French press.

    • +2

      But its cold drip. How can you use French press to make cold drip??
      I actually prefer Pour over/ cold brew/cold drip over french press

  • -1

    Looks like it's been ozbargianed 🤣

  • Nooooo just saw this as it expired.. I have been wanting one of these. If anyone got one and doesn't really want it, let me know.

  • +2

    Lol $55 for a plastic funnel. Even at $8 it's a fricken ripoff.

    • +2

      You arent paying $55 for the funnel, even the OEM says you can substitute a plastic mineral water bottle for the funnel. You are paying for the valve which sets the drip rate. Can you do it other ways, sure; can you buy cheaper cold brew drippers - yes (although not that much cheaper). You can hack it by putting a plastic bottle into the aeropress and drilling a hole in the lid and letting it drip that way. Up to you

  • +1

    I bought one of these years ago, when it was on kickstarter. Highly recommend for those who like cold brew coffee.

    Pro tip, buy a $4 IKEA measuring jug to use when making a batch of cold brew, it's the perfect size.

  • oh, i read this wrong.

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