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Dell S2721DGF $399 (Exp), S3222DGM $454.35, S2722DC $339, Essential 15 Backpack $13.80 Delivered @ Dell


Note - deal now live!! starts November 9 at 7pm!

Been working on these deals all day and can finally reveal some Click Frenzy deals from Dell.

A promo code will be required to get these prices which will be added closer to the start time.

As announced on Best Aussie Markdowns

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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          Most people buying the S2721DGF are after a gaming monitor, which the specs/price is very good for.

          If they are buying it for office use, then they should not be choosing this monitor.

          I think that is the part you are missing…

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    Does anyone know how these bags go carrying 2 or 3 13” laptops? Thanks

  • S2721DGF hands down best monitor I've purchased, and I've got 2!

    For $399 it's extremely great value!

    Note, my first monitor was dead after a week, but Dell was able to arrange a replacement pretty quickly.

  • Noob question: is the s2721DGF good for casual video/photo editing?

    I’m going to buy a PC soon and am looking for a really decent monitor for gaming (PC, XBOX one and PS5) and as an afterthought - ok for casual video/photo editing (just a hobby)

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      Honestly, most people couldn't tell if their photos were edited on a colour calibrated monitor or not, because 99% of the time they're looking at the photo on their 'Samsung iPhone 99'.

      IMO for casual video / photo editing you want 4k resolution, ideally 32 inches (27 is fine), ISP (or OLED) is preferable to VA/TN, if you REALLY want colour accuracy see if you can rent a colour calibration tool (or just buy one and then sell it / return it)

      (I'm a Professional Photographer who cries at the types of photos all my clients want because it's all INSTA over saturated and gross, but they pay me so that's nice.)

      • Thanks, I managed to buy 1 earlier today - grateful for the advice

    • Because you are just starting out, go for it. The panel type is IPS which is important.

      Dell does sell monitors with PremierColour with different colour spaces. This matters if you're printing things which require colour precision (for example, lipstick colour). Most consumer display panels will use "RGB" colour space. If you edit in "Adobe RGB" colour space (more colours than in RGB), folks will see it in RGB so there's no point in getting PremierColour.

      • Thanks, I managed to buy 1 earlier today - grateful for the advice

  • Do we know if the DELL U3821AW or AW3821DW (37.5 inch ultra wide monitors) are coming up in any Black Fridays deals?
    Just ordered a Mac Mini and need "WIDE" and "BIG" screen for editing vids
    Cheers Shane

  • +1

    Can I daisy chain another monitor with the S2722DC if I want to use dual monitors with a laptop?

    • wanting to know this too

  • -1

    I ordered the s2722DGF a few months ago. Whats the best possible way to swap it with the s2721DGF?

  • Would you recommend the S27 for ps5?
    Don’t need a super big monitor. Something which doubles up as a working monitor too (simple emails, Excel).

    • +2

      Might be better off going for a 4K panel due to the PS5's lack of 1440p support.

      • Thank you but for a complete novice i did a basic google search for difference between 4k and 1440p and see 4k is higher pixel and hence clarity. Do you have a suggested model in size 27-32 inch around $300 to $450 price range?

        • For a 4k office panel that will also work well for PS5 (albeit only at 60hz but it sounds like that will be fine for you, and is kinda the sweet spot for the PS5 anyway), probably this.


          It has been known to go to the high 200's to lower 300's.


        • +1

          Ps5 won't output to 1440p, unless something has changed…. 1080 or 4k.

          • +1

            @Fooah: I'd go the S2722DC over the QC for PS5 tho. Its only 27" so 4k doesnt matter + the PS4 can only do 120Hz at 1080 anyway.

            • +1

              @JoJoker: Uhhh I presumed it was about the 1440p/165hz monitor.

              • @Fooah: Oh whoops. Yeah you probably want a 120Hz display for the PS5

          • @Fooah: Thank you all so far. Final piece to my puzzle would you recommend

            S2722DC - USBC connection as the only benefit and slightly faster 75hz refresh
            S2721QS - 4k res

            I’ve a MacBook and PS5 and am leaning toward the QS as I am happy to connect MacBook via hdmi cable and it’ll support the PS5 better and is more future proof with the 4k.
            Although if the PS5 would have supported 1440 I would have gone the DC.

            Also planning to stream some movies/nba league pass.

            Any thoughts?

    • +1

      All the ones listed will run downscaled 1080p on your PS5. (From personal experience on a DGF its fine, but of course YMMV)

      27" is a pretty good size for the use cases youve exampled.

  • Hope they actually have stock this time. Last deal I ordered took over 2 months to get delivered

  • Any thoughts as to a good monitor for Xbox Series S usage (1440p) and connecting to my laptop for work usage (emails, office, autocad)?
    Worth going the S2721DGF even though most games are 1080p-1440p and up to 60fps? Or something else a bit cheaper better?

  • +5

    I was able to use the code for the S2721DGF to make a purchase just now. Seems like the codes have gone live before 7pm?

    • +2


    • +2

      Thank you for this heads up I would have missed out otherwise

  • Is the S3222D curved any good for gaming- ie valorant and fortnite? Or should i wait for black friday?

  • +2

    Deal is now live with the coupon codes!

  • Bought the S2721DGF just then. Better get in before stock goes!

  • Will the AW2521H be further discounted for the frenzy?

  • +1

    Pulled the trigger on S2721DGF thanks

  • +2

    Thanks guys for updating on the early head start! Really appreciate it fam! Pulled the trigger on the dgf too!

    Estimated date of arrival in nsw is 12/11/21. Purchase date 9/11/21.

    • +2

      Estimated ship date: Nov 10, 2021
      Estimated arrival: Nov 12, 2021

      Same as Vic Metro.

      • Where are you seeing the ETA for shipment day? My order is "In Production" at this stage of time.


        Actually nevermind I see it in the Order Details page - wasn't able to see this on my phone for some odd reason. Fingers crossed for today.

    • Nice! Very good buy at this pricepoint.

  • +1

    Wish they have enough stocks to be purchased.

  • Is the DGF really that good?

  • When does this deal end?

    • limited promo codes, I dont think they will last long.

  • Literaly about to set my alarm clock at 6.55 PM as a reminder, lucky got myself one.

  • Pulled the pin on 2 S2722DC. What are Dells shipping times like?

    • From past experiences, theyre nice and speedy.

      Wouldnt know if theyre impacted by any delays though.

  • Bought the S2721DGF. Also stacks with 7% student discount code

    • +1

      How were you able to get the 7% discount? Did you have to call them up?

    • Doesn't seem to stack for me?

      • Yeah it does. I just tried it. It's the second coupon code. Not the first.

  • Would like to ask if anyone is willing to share a coupon code for 7% discount.

  • Wow that was a bit earlier than I expected, glad I noticed and didn't miss out on DGF!

  • Thanks OP, ordered a Dell 27 USB-C Monitor - S2722DC based on positive comments from the Ozbargainers. Need a bigger screen for work.

  • +2

    S2721DGF's NEO400 code ran out as I was paying, just a heads up to anyone trying to purchase

  • NEO400 fully redeemed i think

  • +6

    Oh wow. Disappointing… Was expecting to get one at 7pm

    • +3

      Yes, It was disappointing

  • +2

    Disappointing…. Had 7pm pencilled in to get a DGF. Black Friday deal please!

  • Don't forget to use education discount for extra 7% off and a few people are selling Dell Advantage vouchers in the Classifieds ;)

    • Can you stack all 3?

      A voucher from this deal, the 7% education voucher and the Dell Advantage voucher?

      • Definitely can - tested today.

  • +2

    NEO400 Deal is over

  • +2

    Came out from a long meeting and missed the deal…. There goes new monitor ._.

    Any chance for re-stock at 7pm?

    • +2

      yeah what a stitch up to put an incorrect time.

  • +1

    Said 7pm :( i had an alarm set. Oh well, ill wait until next one.

    • +1

      I was going to do the same thing. Thank (profanity) I checked back in

  • +11

    Downvoting because OP said the deal started at 7pm, which then changed and now the deal for the monitor I wanted is no longer available.

  • +6

    So much for 7pm…..wtf

  • +5

    Lol not 7pm

  • +4

    Not sure if i missed the 100 availble. Dell 27 Gaming Monitor - S2721DGF says NEO400 has already redeemed and will be $519.34.

    • The promotion started early, so yes, we missed out.

  • +4

    What happened to 7pm??? Sold out

  • +3

    Aww, what a tease. Had an alarm and I aint sitting here refreshing like a chump.

  • +5

    Super disappointing that this deal was not as advertised!
    I like others, was looking forward to 7PM only to find out that others were able to use the code prior to this time.

  • +5

    Huge waste of time. "Deal is active at 7pm" - okay, I'll check back at 7pm. Lol jk's you missed it.

  • +2

    NEO400 for monitor Dell S2721DGF no longer works :(

  • +1

    NEO400 seems to be reactivated as of now. Not sure how many are available…

    • +5

      I organised a small drop of 50. First in, gets one.

      • I'm trying it now and NEO400 is not working

        • Oops, code will start working at 7pm.

          • @dealbot: Heeey, i secured the code, went through Shipping, Payment (via paypal), came back to Verify and Submit and the code was removed! What gives???

      • +2

        Whoop! Snagged one. Good on ya.

        I sat there clicking the voucher until it worked.

  • +2

    just got in, new drop at 7pm dealbot came through

  • +1

    Yes! Thank you Dealbot. Cannot wait.

  • +1

    Worked thanks dealbot.

  • +1

    Thanks! Grabbed one with NEO400 + student code

  • +1

    thanks !!

  • +1

    Good to your word re 7pm redrop! Thanks bot!

  • +1

    NEO400 works, just bought one.

  • +1

    Woot. Got one at 7pm.

  • waited all day, then my bank payment was cancelled now I cant re-apply the discount code.

  • +2

    Eeeeps all gone? for NEO400 crap any chance for redrop?

  • +8

    Can another 50 be released for the DGF as the original advertised time was 7pm and I set an alarm for that time? Missed out :(

  • +1

    Please deal bot could you arrange another deal for the S2721DGF, set alarms, put the kids to bed early missed dinner and :(

  • +1

    Hey i think its important to maybe include the time zone aswell when you say 7pm. I joined before the codes were released and then came back when they were at 5pm but saw that it was all gone so i gave up. But now another drop has occured after i left. Could you please mention if another drop will happen a bit earlier?

  • c'mmon +50 dealbot!!

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