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[Pre Order] PlayStation 5 $749.95 (Sold Out) / Xbox Series X $749 in-Store ($200 Deposit) @ EB Games


PS5 pre-orders are back at EB Games :)

JUST ANNOUNCED: PlayStation®5 Disc Consoles are available to preorder today instore!

Visit your local store from 9am to preorder yours.

$200 deposit required. 1 Per Person. Strictly limited. Preorders available instore only.

  • $499 when you trade-in a PS4 Pro. $549 with PS4 500GB trade-in.

Update: PlayStation 5 Disc Console has presold out

JUST ANNOUNCED: Xbox Series X Consoles available to preorder today instore!

Visit your local store from 9am to preorder yours. Coming Mid-Nov/Dec.

$200 deposit required. 1 Per Person. Strictly limited. Preorders available instore only.

  • $499 when you trade-in an Xbox One X

As always, enjoy!

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  • +4

    That tweet is from 40 minutes ago. They might be gone.

    • +2

      I went 1h after the tweet and the numbers were at 295 out of 1000 slots for ashfield eb games. Probably going be gone by around 1 maybe depending on store and how quiet or busy it is.

  • Is $250 for a pro a bad deal?

    • +14

      Depends on how much of a hassle you think fb marketplace/gumtree are. For a lot of people not worth dealing with morons offering $50 bucks or trades for guitar amps. Quite a few around me for ~$350 on fb marketplace.

      • exactly

      • +23

        I got $350 for my Pro when I grabbed a PS5 in March. Easy trade as usual. You can tell by just one or two messages when they contact you. For the few low-ballers you get I just copy-and-paste a polite reply of my expectations for a trade (at listed price or maybe slightly under, cash, public exchange), then just say thank-you if they send another unreasonable reply.

        I really don't feel it's much effort. As long as you know the market price of your second-hand item (eBay sales are a great resource) and are willing to budge 5-10% there-abouts, there are plenty of good buyers to recycle your goods at much fairer prices than businesses like EB who provide these very poor trade-in promotions.

        Trust your gut, you can tell by how someone communicates with you. I quickly move on, politely, from anyone that doesn't meet the "adequately nice" quota, even if they sound keen at market price. It's a balance between getting a good price and ensuring you recycle you wares to a good person who appreciates the effort too.

        • +1

          This is a helpful comment, not sure why it’s been negged.

        • +5

          I find the key is to sell an item for a reasonable price. Don't just look at the FB marketplace listings sitting there unsold for 8 weeks (they are clearly overpriced). Advertise it for how much you will actually take, priced at or below other listings around it, and you'll sell it same day, no haggling, easy peasy.

          • +4

            @Chris12345: 100%

            Better to sell within 1 week at market price or 10% under than to etch out +10-20% by listing for a month or two and replying to dozens of people. It's a time vs $ equation.

            Just like we think of Gumtree and Marketplace to be littered by lowballers by reputation, the obverse is true, sellers rusted on to unreasonably high second-hand prices.

            I'm a second-hand buyer as well. I won't do stupid lowballs, but you need to aim at market price and a little under to settle on a price, and if a seller holds out above market price, I set my ceiling and move-on. Because I'm sure to find a seller a lot sooner than he will find a buyer.

            It's really not too different from any marketplace. Principles apply for many retailer purchases, to buying property, to fair business exchanges.

            • @muwu: What's your experience/opinion on putting in words like "$350 non-negotiable" etc
              Does it make selling more difficult? Does it ward off low-ballers?

              • +2

                @Blitzfx: Yes, to both your questions.

                It's a second-hand "marketplace" after-all, negotiating prices is expected.

                It doesn't mean you can't list as non-negotiable, because that's being clear with your expectations. But you will have wanted to research market prices very closely if you're hoping to sell at a reasonable price. Because the longer you list a second-hand item, the more the market price moves down as a function of time.

                Much more competitive if you list in the ballpark of the market price and negotiate down a little.

                It really depends on the market.

                For example, me selling my PS4 Pro and some new releases this year (e.g. Ratchet & Clank, Bravely Default 2), I know there is a good demand. So I set my listing price right at the upper limit of a reasonable market price and, after maybe ~2-6 replies, I invariably sell at that listing price to a nice, appreciative buyer (who has saved at least 10-15% on retail prices anyway). If I was struggling to find a buyer and had turned down too many, I'd lower the price closer to mid-range market price and it becomes even hotter.

                On the other hand, I've moved on some DVDs and older gen games this year, in which case I've aimed at the lower end of market price, where my listing is at the top (or very close) to the "lowest price" search, because I need to target the little demand there is available in the market rather than be overly concerned about price. And then I'm open to dropping the price further to close a deal. If it languishes without interest, I cut hard until the price recoups the transactional costs with only a small profit and accept that moving the item on is the best thing from both an economical perspective (before the second-hand item is worthless) and an environmental one (nice to think someone is using your second-hand item than buying new).

        • Sold my ps4 pro and spare controller for $600 in August last year :)

          • @Ebaygiftcards: Sounds a very good price.

            That makes me think of the timing of second-hand listings. When you know your item is being superceded at retail, its better to sell well before release date than wait. At least economically… doesn't apply most the time, personally, because I usually have an ongoing use case for my item and I'd rather take a loss in market price in order to ensure continuity of use and optimise the timing (early deals) of buying the next iteration at retail.

            • @muwu: Not sure if you remember, but there was a sudden surge in demand for ps4s around that time and all the stores were out of stock. It was really good timing.

          • +1

            @Ebaygiftcards: Sold my wii u for $200 10 years ago

      • Thanks, my laziness agrees with you.

    • Remember to factor in EB trade-in bonus too.

      • Also keep in mind you do the trade when you collect your console. If you’re happy to part ways with your old console earlier, list it prior to collecting your PS5 at a higher price and if you sell it then happy days, otherwise you can still take advantage of the EB deal.

        I fully intended to take advantage of an EB trade in deal when getting the Switch OLED but threw my old switch on Facebook Marketplace anyway and ended up making an extra 20% or so more than I would have via EB+bonuses.

        It might be a bit harder for this as you may not know ahead of time when your units ready and you may want to use the PS4 until then, but you should have a few days to grab the PS5 once you get notice. In the case of the Switch I didn’t want to mess around and had sold it the night I listed it.

  • Not 9am in QLD yet

  • +2

    Also doing Xbox Series X as well

  • can we say if eb is getting that much stock to re open preorder, other retailers are getting similar stock coming in?

  • Playstation 5 $749.95

    Didnt know they have increased the price 0.95 cents

    • +6


    • +5

      The post should start "I know it's been cheaper a couple of times, (…)".

      • lol

    • When I got my PS5 from EB last year, they wanted to charge me some money for a plastic bag, I said no, thanks (since you can carry it without the plastic bag as there is a plastic handle at the top).

      Strangely, for Series X, EB gave me 2 plastic bags for free.

      • +3

        2 plastic bag for 0.95 cents ? wohooo lol

    • 0.95x1000 units = $950 profit!
      Even more if they sell plastic bags

  • What is the trade price on a normal 1TB PS4?

    • i think you need to ask staff in store

      • Called a few stores, their lines are always busy

    • I got $216 for my 1TB PS4 back in January if that helps? I am also Level 4 so assume that was including bonus.

      • :D Thanks, I am probably level 0

      • -2

        no bonus on consoles, only games (I believe)

        • +1

          Bonus does apply for consoles :)

    • Just ordered and asked the same. The deal for $250 trade value is good until you collect so can decide later whether to trade or sell privately. They said $250 has been the trade in price for 1tb for ages

      • -1

        That's so good, thanks a lot. The reason I kept PS4, I have some games pending play :D

        I was not able to synch the both consoles, so the games have to be played again on PS5 I guess :s

        • you can transfer your saved files to a USB, that's what I did.

          pretty easy.

          • @kazuyamishima: I will try that, thanks for the great suggestion.

            • +1

              @sqheaven: If you have PS Plus, then double check you saved to cloud. If you intend to keep PS4 until after you have PS5, then LAN transfer is another option.

              If you elected to go with USB backup (that's what I did) coz. I didn't have PS Plus, double check to make sure you can restore. I traded in PS4 Pro prior to receiving PS5, and I had to do the backup twice (cannot recall what I did wrong the first time, but when I tried to do a test restore on PS4 Pro, I had an issue.

              Also, when you restore on PS5 with USB, if there are games you no longer own, the save games may not show the title of the games. Furthermore, if you have multiple accounts with save games of the same title (or if you had PS Plus on different account / regions), they could come up as two separate save files for the same title. The easiest way might be restore every files from the USB, then (optionally) manually delete the unneeded ones.

              • @netsurfer: I tried with my PS Plus (created in AUS), it did not work. The PS Plus does not sign in on the PS4 console (bought in MiddleEeast). So I am thinking, USB is the way to go.Thanks a lot.

  • Just pre-ordered mine from Melbourne city store, so as of now they still have allocation.

  • can giftcard be used to deposit?

    • +3


  • +1

    I called hoping I could do it over the phone, in store only. Vic/Northcote called.

  • +2

    local eb games took the phone off the hook haha - EB Broadway Sydney

    • You can't do it over phone, it's in-store only

      • yes brother i know - wanted to call to check if still avail or if waste of time


  • Yeah seems EB Games in Sydney are off, tried calling 2 places now and just beeps and says user busy

    • You can't do it over phone, it's in-store only.
      They obviously all getting slammed so makes sense

      • I get that, I just wanted to verify over the phone as the last time they did this I rocked up only to be told they not taking pre orders and wasting my time and petrol in the process

  • +5

    I paid for a pre order almost three months ago where’s my console

    • +7

      If I was a business owner and my customers were willing to pay for the items before they received them I'd be far to busy collecting money rather than shipping anything.

  • +1

    For anyone who placed their pre order from this lot, did they give an indication for when they would be available?

    • +2

      I was told mid November - early dec, nothing more specific than that

    • Mid Nov-Dec.. But i have my doubts.

      • +1

        Considering the people that just had their November pro order for digits swapped to Disc edition for delivery in December - I can't see these arriving before that lot.

        • I'd say this is the same lot as those swapped. So I'm expecting mid Dec.

    • Said December

    • i was told late Nov or Dec.

    • +1

      The guy at East Gardens NSW said there will be three drops, one every fortnight, the last drop being on the 20th December.

    • +8

      It's called "in-store" for a reason.

      • +1

        How lAmE

        • nOT As lAmE aS ScALpeRs bUYinG uP aLL StOcK.

  • Don't wait if you want one, go there now. Was multiple people instore ordering and multiple people calling all in a few minutes I was in store before getting myself one.

    • agreed, could be the last chance to LOCK one before christmas. sure others may still have drops, but that's not gurantee you can get one.

  • +5

    You’ll get more for your ps4 PRO if you’re a member.

    Level 2 10% $275
    Level 3 15% $287.50
    Level 4 20% $300
    Level 5 you’re a reseller.

    Beats dealing with feebay, scumtree and fraudbook.

    • Level 5 you’re a reseller, get lost!

      Level 5 isn't hard to achieve for OZBers. I did the XB1S to XB1X upgrade special EB deal, XB1X to XB series X trade in + pre-order special last year, PS4 Pro to PS5 trade in deal. Traded in some games and extra controller. Reached Level 5.

      It was particularly easy to reach Level 5, due to XB series X and PS5 pre-order + trade in deals last year/this year. You get double the carrots for trade in 2 consoles, games, extra controllers. Despite paying just the deposit (with the rest offset from trading in games and controller), EB still gives you the full price worth of points for the new consoles. I went from Level 3 to Level 5.

      These pre-order + trade-in deals really get you a lot of points. 2x for trade-in old console + the cost of new console in points (even if you offset the cost by trading in games (again those are 2x points) and controllers). You tend to get 3 console worth of points in the end doing one of these.

      However, with the change of perks, Level 5 isn't as good as it used to be (actually Level 3 onwards are not as good now due to the change to birthday perks).

    • You can get more on Scumtree but you need to deal with many lowballers before you get a good sell

  • +5

    I went physically in store and managed to get one.

    During that time 7-10 people called, but received the same answer: "go physically in store to preorder please"

  • +3

    This is much better & more fairer than only online that's how I got mine from JBHIFI early this year.

    I hope every person who want a PS5 for personal use or surprise gift will be secured their today. Loving my PS5!

    • +5

      It will reduce scalping numbers that’s for sure

      • +6

        Photo id required at my local if you didnt have eb world card. They are on to the flippers.

        • Considering EB's store procedures I'm sure scalpers could travel to multiple stores to get multiple orders, but that's more effort and will only get to so many stores before the orders are filled.

  • I pre-ordered mine (XBOX) from JBHIFI the day stores opened in NSW after lockdown. Picked it up last week.

  • picked up a pre-order from the Myer center store this morning and they asked if I wanted to pre-order one. There was no one else there so no rush it seems.

  • -1

    does 1 per person mean you can't order if you preordered previously? or just this batch.

    • Maybe like ABB after 6 months you are a new customer XD
      But good question, not sure.
      Probably just this batch, but would have to check with them direct I guess

      • Was able to preorder fine

  • +1

    Just preordered at Woden, ACT a PS5 with disc. Sounds like they have a few available still. Person in front ordered a Series X.

  • +3

    Thanks op. Just preordered mine. Paid by gift card to get 6% off

    • +1

      Can refund the deposit and pay full amount by GC when it comes in

  • +1

    I just ordered one from EB Games Swanston Street, Melbourne I was the only person in the store.

  • -1

    I’m waiting for the “This is not a bargain, $749 is the recommended retail price”

    Go !

    • This is overpriced by $0.95

      • -1

        I might see if they will price match for $749.00.

    • You’re leading it chief.

  • Ordered August, got it around the end of October.

  • all gone


    EOI list is like 25,000 long and EB are now dropshippers

  • thanks, OP! finally got the preorder. just hope it'll come before Christmas.

  • +1

    eBay will be dropping hundreds of PS5 (at retail prices) on Black Friday 🤫

    • Cool I'll be ready to gobble them up :)

  • -2

    A year in and still the same price… I bet Sony and Xbox are so happy about Covid…

    • Not really. Their supply chain was decimated.

  • I don’t get it. I see Facebook ads for ps5 at like 800$ with a free controller and fifa 22. Isn’t that a better deal? Don’t understand why all these ps5 posts gets so many likes.

    Unless all those ads are scams…

    • +5

      Yes Scams, if its too good to be true…

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