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Toshiba 55" C350K Series 4K UHD Android TV $711.11 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


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Further 11% off the $799 discounted price = $711.11

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    Hmm rebranded Hisense. Tempting.

    I wish it was still "Toshiba" toshiba; to this day the best TV ive ever owned was a 42" Acer….

    Computer brands make the best no frills tvs.
    Just a screen, and a tuner.

    • +3

      Sad that premium brand names that have disappeared from the market are resurrected in name only and are applied to cheap rubbish in the hope of winning over the uninformed customer.

      Hitachi were at the forefront of big screens when plasma's arrived on the market (I went the last of the big Sony crts instead and never regretted it) but now it is simply a branding exercise. Same has happened in the memory/hard drive market.

      • +1

        Actually Hitachi are still the only one making large screen plasmas.

        If thats what you're after, any plasma under the hitachi brand will be japanese designed and assembled.

        Most want lcd now; but if hitachi plasmas are what you want, contact them. We had some 120" examples in our old showroom before the place i worked closed down.

        • Interesting.

          Waiting (it might be a long time) on my 65" Panasonic to die before moving onto OLED.

        • Interesting.i can't find anything other than oled that is decent for watching sports.

  • -1

    Does this have usb 2.1 ?

    • Nothing has USB 2.1.

      • -1

        Its a pretty moot point chasing a random numbered spec anyway.

        2021 Hisense models for example, onyl are hdmi 2.0. But they have added eARC, dolby Atmos and Vision, and Variable refresh rate.
        I just dont need the other features in a TV, even as a gamer. Id argue thats "plenty" for the very vast majority.
        Ok so I dont get 8k support or a few extra colour spaces, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

  • This but the 65" or rather the Hisense A7G?

    • Personally waiting on the A7G to be a good price.

      This 11 sale only takes it to about the same price as videopro.

      ViidaOS is too fast to pass up.
      And the fact it resumes to your TV watching, not some shitty "home screen" is a convenience I didnt know I needed until I tried it.

      • Just saw the U8G… think i have to do some reviews and wait for black friday

        • Yeah the u8g looks nice also.

          My TV is in my lounge, which isnt an ideal media room. So anything beyond a "good" TV is going to go to waste.

          Same reason im not chasing an OLED, I have windows on 3 sides of the TV, no surround sound in that room, and my seating distance isnt centred.

          My "man cave" would benefit from one, but the lounge TV, just doesnt need to be that good.

  • Any good lg tv deals?

  • need 80+ for under 2k.. also does not deliver!

  • I've been doing the rounds looking at TVs I gotta say compared to others near it this Toshiba did not look good at all. The Hisense A7G and some of the mid level TCLs looked a bit better. The next level up Toshiba z770k did look pretty damn good but was in a higher price tier.

    • Found any a7g deals per chance? ViidaOS is too good to look at other brands (for me).

      • $825 at BuySmarte is the best price i've found at the moment. I've got a strong feeling it will be one of the models that will get a juicy black friday deal somewhere for sure.

        • should also mention thats for the 55" model

      • I wanted to wait but then just bought the A7g lol.. wanted a 75" but had to wait for stock so just bought the 65".. got it for 1099 from betta and they have a $100 cashback so $999.. not bad.

  • It has been said many times before that these brands are not the same as their illustrious originals. When it comes to TVs and Audio Visual products in Australia, the likes of Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sharp, JVC, Hitachi, Akai, Blaupunkt, Telefunken, Normende et cetera are no more. What you will see is a marketing company buying the rights for a particular brand for a specific region/country, and selling the cheapest generic product that they can source out of China or the like.

    • Yep, very correct, but I'm really surprised our consumer watchdog folks allow it.

      I mean, it'd be pretty mean to tell a company who bought a brand to stop using it (they paid for it); but perhaps enforcing a "Toshiba -By Hisense" type label would be doable.

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