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Bauhn 85" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with Webos $1499.00 + Delivery @ ALDI


Delivery seems to be from $99 depending on location

Bauhn 85 4K Smart TV model ATV85UHDW-0122

  • Powered by WebOS TV
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Stan
  • Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • HDR - High Dynamic Range
  • 4K - Ultra High Definition
  • REC - Record Live TV
  • ARC - Audio Return Channel
  • Voice Assistant on Magic Remote
  • Panel Resolution: 3840 × 2160
  • Viewing Angle: Typical: 178(H) \ 178(V)
  • Speaker Output: 2 x 8W
  • 1 x RJ45
  • 1 x RCA
  • 3 x HDMI
  • 1 x RF
  • 2 x USB
  • 1 x OPTICAL
  • 1 x EARPHONE

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  • That’s cool, didn’t know LG let webos go other TVs

    • +5

      webOS is open source.

      • +26

        I was considering getting reading glasses but I guess I'll just get a bigger TV instead

      • Yes its opensource but the LG store needs you to sign in and is for LG TVs. Not all apps are available for the non LG webOS unless you know how to sideload

        • +3

          A lot of the features of my LG OLED seem locked behind nag screens, if not authwalling, designed to make you (or anyone picking up the remote) agree to the LG Ts&Cs. They seem designed to prep webOS as an ad delivery platform, IIRC, and opened the user and people in their home up to mass uploading of usage data, capturing habits, app activity, device telemetry, not to mention audio and video feeds…

    • This is most likely made my LG to cut-down specs, e.g. cheaper LED panel. It even comes with a Magic Remote and I read somewhere that it supports the LG TV app. If it looks like a duck…

    • +1

      You mean HP.

      HP developed WebOS, and it wasnt succesful, so they open sourced it.

      Its worth installing on lots of stuff if you know their use case fits within webOS' capabilities.

      • +4

        You mean Palm.

        Palm developed webOS (Geez I wanted a Palm Pre!). HP purchased Palm. HP open sourced it. LG purchased the webOS assets and developed it for TVs. LG rereleased their open source webOS.

        • +1

          Palm was indeed the original creator. But unlike HP, they never open sourced it.
          So, no, I meant HP, they were the ones who originally open sourced the OS.

      • Geez, I remember my HP Veer was running Webos. Even back then, the phone ran so smooth.

  • +23

    Honestly, $1,500 for 85" is ridiculously cheap!

    • +1

      It is. Some would say there must be a catch…

      • +9

        The catch may be it won't last long

        • +2

          The deal or the tv?

          • +35

            @Jackson: Yes.

            • +9

              @BuzzBuzzBuzz: I have a JVC from big W which has the same electronics as a baunh that came out around the same time. Still going strong after about 6 years. It's not the primary TV but it gets used a lot and has been lugged around, and has half a dozen devices on it. Never skipped a beat in that time. Picture is fine too once set up, has a Samsung panel. On the other hand I had a Sony for 2k that needed a board after only a few months. Cheap and Chinese doesn't necessarily mean unreliable, if you still think that you are living in the past. Companies want to minimise the failure rate regardless of where they are from.

              • +2

                @Jackson: Not too mention the 6 or 7 led flashes off death that makes your expensive TV useless, had a Sony worked perfect till one day decided it would put out the 7 led flashes and switch off after an hour.

            • @BuzzBuzzBuzz: My Bauhn 65" blew up (quite literally, few bangs and it was dead) after ~3 years of use. Opened it up and saw that a decent section of the power supply circuitry was burned/missing, so no hope of repair.

              Kinda disappointing, but 3 years for $500 is ok I guess.

              • +1

                @Alzori: It's not just Bauhn, I just picked up a LG OLED from hard rubbish, manufacture date was late 2015, power completely dead, otherwise looks new. Considering that's objectively one of the best and most expensive tvs on the market for it's time, they still die. The last TVs that were objectively more reliable were made in Japan.

                • @Jackson: Did you fix it or get it fixed?

                  • @spillmill: Not yet, haven't had a chance to look at it, been too busy, but hopefully will get a start this weekend. Do you have one in the same boat or did I pick up yours?

                    • +1

                      @Jackson: Haha, nah just curious. I’m impressed when people like you fix something expensive from hard rubbish.

                      • +1

                        @spillmill: I have actually just picked up more working stuff than stuff I've had to fix. Picked up a wifi inkjet MFC, laser mfc, and recently an Ego lawn mower (can you believe it, it was working but without accessories!), a hardly used alumninium mountain bike complete, and a 1k race bike but it needs fixing (alum and carbon fibre). People have all sorts of reasons for chucking out stuff that works

                        • @Jackson: What are your tips for finding such junked treasure?

                          More affluent suburbs? any particular days or times?

                          Also is there a legal issue with picking stuff up? what is 'hard rubbish' - council pickup?

                          • +3

                            @andresampras: technically anything left on the nature strip is owned by the council, however that's the stupidest thing I have heard of anyone having to care about so I ignore that. If anyone leaves something on the strip, it's open slather, and indeed the good people of the world that fix, recycle and reuse those things are taking them out of landfill so everyone's a winner.

                            I used to think it was more affluent suburbs, but there's lots of reasons. Generally everyone is more affluent than they were 30 years ago. As much as people love to harp on about house prices, they are one of the few things that have increased in price significantly. There's also people just in more of a disposable mind set than back then, they want new things and don't want to deal with annoyances so are happier to upgrade perfectly good things. The biggest issue is getting stuff home, especially if it's big.

                            The only tip is keep a look out, and know what you want. If I couldn't spot and ego mower, or a newer model printer, or a nicer bike, I'd not have made the effort to stop and just assumed it was all rubbish

        • No concern though; as Aldi's policy for returns is best described as: "is it in that box? Cool, swipe your card…"

          Just amazing.

          • @MasterScythe: I took a TV back once, to St Kilda, and the 'manager' ripped open the box in front of us, pulled out the TV to check it, because sometimes the box just has bricks in it.

            Then suggested that the TV would be tipped anyway.

            • @caulfieldguy: Yeah, It's always worth dumpster diving for the week or so after an electronics 'special buy' You come out with some good stuff.

      • +11

        It's a bonus if it turns on! Speaking from Bauhn experience.

        • +4

          Ive been using my 65" Bauhn I got from aldi for 599 3 years ago and it's never skipped a beat once. It being a dumb tv that I use ps5/NVIDIA shield probably helps as it's less intensive on the tv itself

          • @BShandy23: Same here, I do have a patch of darkness shade at the bottom tho! It's definitely not like my mates $1,500 65" LG but it does the job.

          • @BShandy23: I have a new 65 smart Aldi TV I bought a few weeks ago , the sound is awful , I am wondering if I get a Nvidia shield to upscale content as I watch a lot of downloaded 720p TV shows .

            Can you connect the Nvidia direct to a soundbar to cut out the Aldi TV sound ?

            • @buderim11: I have my tv set up to a surround system by using optical cable :)

    • Only if they have three years warranty like TCL stuff, otherwise would be a pain once they Break after 12 month …another landfill…

      • +3

        You're in Aus, there's consumer law on items that pricey, I'd be shocked if you'd get less than 2 years out of it.

        • +2

          That's true, but dont want the hassle chasing consumer rights of this big chunky thong if it really dies.would prefer adding a little bit more to get a TCL or Hisense Nd get 3 years

    • Mmmm I paid before xmas $900 for a 75" TV so this is about right for an 85" LCD-TV

  • Good option for a cheap projector alternative. much better brightness even if this TVs is 250-300cm/d max

    • +9

      Way too small screen size to be an alternative for my projector.

      • +1

        Not even in the same league

      • +8

        Well you are just a straight baller, then.

        • +1

          A shot caller, even.

          • @Alzori: Do you reckon he has an Impala with twenty inch blades?

    • +3

      even at the small end of the spectrum, a 100" projector is much bigger than 85", in fact it has a 38.41% larger area

      110" is 67.47% larger area
      150" is 211.42% larger area

  • +14

    For general use, it looks great. Many mobile phones are more expensive than this.

    • +20

      Are flatscreen televisions and mobile phones substitute products?

      • +21

        Depends how big your pocket is

        • +4

          And how deep

        • +11

          I carry my 85" aldi screen in one pocket, OG xbox in the other.

      • More like a giant iPad with a remote rather than a touch screen.

  • +7

    Plug a Chromecast with Google TV into it, and you've future proofed it for the next few years.

      • +7

        Same interface? Maybe

        Same chip? No

      • +21

        Lol we paid extra for the OLED panel not the OS.

      • +3

        lol not quite buddy

    • +1

      Few years? My chrome cast gen 1 still works great

      • +6

        Wait till you see what 1080p looks like on an 85" TV. :)

        • Agree, but chrome cast will last min of 5 years

        • Nvidia shield pro might help with the Upscaling thing but costs around 300$.

      • Reminds me, god I've got a lot of old stuff to sell in my pile in the spare room :( I literally forgot I have one.

    • -4

      Id recommend the AMAZON FIRESTICK over the crapcast from google

    • +3

      Not really though is it

    • +10

      4k on a 85 inch panel is just like 720p on a 32 inch monitor.

      Good thing no one is going to sit 1m away from an 85" TV.

      • +1

        Have you met my 5 year old watching Pixar?

    • +4

      That's a pointless comparison since you aren't going to sit half a meter from the TV.

  • +3

    Same price as usually the EKO from big w sells for. I personally would definitely buy the bigw one.

    • As easy to return within 60 days?

    • Does that have webos?

      • Mine did

        • That's good, huge fan

  • +2

    Anyone have this?

    How quickly it turns on, and how it remote overall?

  • +2

    Reviews on ProductReview look a bit daunting.
    Most having lots of issues with the screen or the TV straight up breaking after 6-12 months.

    • +12

      Don't forget that people tend to only complain on sites like productreview. Those who are totally satisfied with their TVs aren't going to look for an online forum just to write a post saying "everything's working fine".

      • Typical excuse by sales people, but doesn't mean anything.

        More people complaining means high failure rate, especially for something which sells way less than mainstream brands!

      • I need to interject here and say I bought the 55" Bauhn from Aldi back in April 2021. 4 Months later by August on a Saturday we were watching it in the morning. Come the afternoon we turned it on again and it started glitching where the screen would flash artifacts every 3 seconds. Had to get Warranty which was unnecessarily annoying, took 2 weeks to pick it up and another 3 weeks for refund. I'm currently stuck using a 10 year old 32 inch tv my Dad found on the side of the road.

        Tv was good when it was working but the app store severely limited the amount of apps. Like why isn't there a Disney plus app work for this? That being said I could still use Disney plus in the TV's browser.

        Cant say I'd recommend Aldi Bauhn Tv's

    • +2
    • There are no reviews yet, could be an amazing panel, could be complete shit, won't know until it's out

  • +6

    Wait, so an $8000 Sony or LG OLED is better quality?

    • +1

      Slightly. Not worth the premium. Just buy 5 of this TV and put it in all the rooms.

      • Swoosh. The extra s is for Super

      • +1

        Except your local Aldi will only have two come opening time.

  • Would hate to see the motion blur on this thing 🥴

    • Enough to give you a stroke hey? 🥴

  • -2

    Probably get negged to the grave but why would anyone fork out 1.5k on this?
    1.5k is not small change.

    At 85 inch you are displaying luxury living but this brand is the opposite of lux living. It's an embarrassment to hang this on the wall and somewhat feel like you're living the dream.

    I get if it's 65 inch or below and wanna budget no brand TV for the study room
    But 85 size is not budget category

    I don't get why would someone buy this

    • -1

      a shower of water.
      "I felt better for taking a daily douche"

    • +8

      Same thing could said about cars, houses, at what point does It stop?

      If people wish to own a big tv and don't want to fork out twice the price for a branded ' luxury model' why should that make anyone feel embarrassed?

      • Especially if it actually looks good. Even Samsung make shit products, yellow fever needs to grow up

        • You can take an opinion?

          • +3

            @yellowfever: I can entertain an idea, I don't have to agree with it.

            My opinion is you need to grow up, no one really cares what brand tv you have. If you think they do, you have bigger problems in life you need to solve.

            • +1

              @TEER3X: Not asking you to agree.
              Why do you refer to growing up being your rebuttal? Grown ups don't have different opinions?
              My original point is why spend 1.5k on a low spec poor quality device for such a large screen size?
              You can hang this 85 on the wall but it going to look terrible. All for flexing but not really looking at true value of hard earned 1.5k being better spent elsewhere.

              • +1

                @yellowfever: If you haven't looked at one of these cheap panels recently I can understand your perspective, however these cheap TVs really aren't that different from a branded LCD.

                I would take the 85 inch Aldi TV over a
                65 inch Sony or Samsung.

                Unless you are comparing to an OLED panel, you aren't going to notice the difference once you aren't in the store comparing all the models side by side.

                For some perspective, these panels are miles ahead in picture quality over a rear projector TV that used to cost over $10K

          • +4

            @yellowfever: Eh, you need to check your ego yellowfever. Have you forgotten which site you're on?

            • @nub: Ozb usual deals are for discounted prices from RRP for a decent item. That is a deal. This one is RRP and a cheap item.
              But I know any item can be posted and there is a comment section for people like me to talk trash about it :)

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