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A$35 for New Visa Card Users @ Crypto.com


Taken directly from their blog

"We are excited to announce an exclusive, limited-time offer to celebrate the direct issuance launch of Crypto.com Visa Cards in Australia. Users in Australia who apply for a metal card* between now and 30 November 2021 will receive AUD 35 in CRO**.

The most widely available crypto card in the world, the Crypto.com Visa Card offers up to 8% back on spending, LoungeKey™ airport lounge access, and 100% rebates for Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime monthly subscriptions. There are no annual or monthly fees.

Sign up and reserve your Crypto.com Visa Card today!

For more information on card benefits and perks, go to Crypto.com Visa Card - Rewards.

*The metal card promotion applies to users who sign up for the Obsidian, Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold, Jade Green/Royal Indigo, and Ruby Steel cards.

**Rewards are paid in CRO and deposited into the user’s Crypto.com App account."

Referral Links

Referral: random (819)

Both referrer and referee receive US$25 on sign up (NOTE: must stake at least A$500 CRO for 6 months). Turn off adblocker when attempting to obtain a referral link

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  • +1

    Can this be stacked with the referral bonus?

    • no, it's been 500 aud for a while

      • Yeah I have just realised they have an AU site so quoted amount is in AUD. Comment edited.

        Do you know if this can be stacked with the referral bonus?

        • -1

          Doesn’t stack

        • -1

          Unsure, but with the wording of:

          "From 9 November 2021, 15:00 AEDT to 30 November 2021, 23:59 ADET (“Campaign Period”), a new Crypto.com Visa Card Cardholder who applies for a metal card will receive AUD 35 in CRO."

          I would say unlikely.

          The promotion applies to only Australian cardholders who do not hold a metal Crypto.com Visa Card as of 9 November 2021.

          The campaign is not valid with any other offers or promotional programmes.

    • +13

      I just spoke with Trish from crypto.com via their chat and confirmed the referrer will get the $25 bonus and the referee will get the $25 referral bonus + the $35 campaign bonus

  • I haven't jumped on the crypto bandwagon yet, is there like a FAQ for applying for the card, using the card and staking the card?

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    • You can find more information about the cards, benefits and T&Cs here. https://crypto.com/cards

    • I can say from personal experience that it's pretty straight forward.

      Although someone has already posted a link here for you, I'm happy to help any newbie (it's like a pay it forward)

      • The link from crypto.com is pretty scant on details. There are links to other pages, but it is just gobbledygook to me.

        With the normal credit card, you pay it off every month, how to do you pay the crypto credit card off every month? Is it a local bank transfer or international bank transfer?

        • +2

          It's not a credit card, it's a debit card. You have to put money in before you use it.

          You can also apply for credit within the app but the rates are highway robbery.

          • @ChillBro: Ok, question remains how do you put money in? Are there any fees to putting money in? Is the money taken out of your staking amount? Do you have to keep your staking amount higher than minimum for your card?

            • @geek001: No, you can't touch your staked amount otherwise that defeats the point.

              Easiest way to transfer money is to top up to your fiat wallet via payid. There's no fees and it usually only takes a few minutes.

              • +1

                @ChillBro: @axcairns @FredAstair @OldGregg First of all, I would like to thank all of you for all your responses so far. More questions to come unfortunately.

                My bank doesn't have payID, is there an alternative like BPAY or internet bank transfer?

                Also, do all my deposits and purchases get converted to crypto once it hits the fiat wallet? Or does it stay in AUD? I am asking to ascertain whether there are exchange risks.

                • @geek001: Yeah bpay is also an option. And no, it's in AUD still. You can then choose to transfer it to your card or use it to buy crypto.

                  • @ChillBro: any tips on which crypto to stake?

                    • @geek001: If you're staking for the VISA card, you can only stake CRO.

            • @geek001: @geek001 you can top up your card with AUD or crypto currency. You can't use the staked amount for this top up as this is locked away for 180 days

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              how do you put money in? Are there any fees to putting money in?

              Depending on which bank your with, it can be superstraight forward or needs an initial tweak.
              When i first started I used my ANZ and they wanted a slice of the pie. They also tried to charge me as a cash advance. Mongrels !!!
              I then tried my Orange everyday account. Initially, with crypto coin purchases I saw small amounts of around $1 come out of my account.
              I called them up, explained what it was for, and now they just reimburse that fee. So cost me zero to use to buy coins or top up the CROVisa card.

              Is the money taken out of your staking amount?

              Simple answer, no. The stakes amount is like you putting a refundable deposit, at the end of the 6 months you can choose to remove it. Although this also removes the benefits of the card.

              Not sure if you indulge in buying crypto, but if not, there's a term called HODL. A misspelled acronym for Hold On with Dear Life.

              This referring to trusting a coin with continue to increase in value, and thus you invest like you would when saving up for something big. Like a car.
              How long you save is up to you of course, but by it being staked for 6 months it is a simwple ay to stop you spending it instead. The diffeence being that if you did it with a bank you'd get a fraction of a percentage for doing do (banks don't really care about your money), whereas with a coin like this it can do 1 of 2 things. It can rise or it can fall. At the end of 6 months, if it rises, you get back what it's now worth. I bought in when their coin was worth 20cents. In 6 months it went to 50cents. If I sold it I would have made 150% back on my $400 investment. $1000. $600 profit (minus fees of course). Don'tget me wrong, copains can go down to.. I don't see this as risky as some other coins though. So I'm in this for the long haul.

              Treat the CROvisa basically like a debit card. A debit card with perks when you use it. You top it up with another card you have and spend that as you would a usual débit card.
              As I use spotify, I also en surre I have a minimum of $13 in it every month for this charge. (Which comes back to with $13 worth of CRO coins).

              Do you have to keep your staking amount higher than minimum for your card?

              Not sure exactly what you are asking here, but ill try and answer as I see it.
              Say with me… I staked firat for the Ruby (it was $400 back then) and then recently I removed that amount and then staked $5000 worth of CRO coins for the Jade.

              Ironically, with the value increase of the CRO (up to 50c from 20c) the fact that i was getting back $13 every month worth of CRO from my spotify use, and also had over $200 cashback from using the card (2% cashback with Ruby tier). I already had $1278 from the perks alrwady( $1000 from the Ruby stake, $200 from cash backs, $78 from spotify rebates).

              I was also able to use all above (excluding the staked amount) and put those amounts into other earn programs (which often paid out weekly) which further increased my CRO balance. So I was barely out of pocket for the Jade upgrade tbh.

              The huge difference is that now I'll be earning 10% on that $5000 staked amount (different from the Ruby) as well and then being able to roll those amounts into earn programs and increase my portfolio value.

              Hope this helps.

              • @FredAstair: Thanks for the lengthy explanation. Do you know if buying CRO tokens via credit card will incur international transaction fees? Or should I be using something like the 28 degrees card to do it?

                • +1

                  @geek001: If you want to avoid fees just deposit AUD via PayID or BPay. The very first PayID deposit has a 1-2 day hold on it while they check the name on your bank account matches your crypto.com account, however any subsequent deposit is instant.

                  Personally if my bank didn't have PayID in 2021 I'd be changing banks, not using BPay on a regular basis because it's slow - can take 1-3 business days.

                  They've removed the option to top up the Visa card from another debit card for new users, since you'll be getting a card issued from Australia.

                  • @bonezAU: Sorry, I was getting a bit confused. The app interface directed me to apply for a credit card by putting up the stake CRO and the only way to do it is via credit card. I think this is because I haven't setup my fiat wallet. I think once I setup the fiat wallet and put the money in there, I should be able to stake CRO that way, right?

                    • +2

                      @geek001: Correct, set up your fiat wallet and deposit AUD, then go into the staking screen and it will show you how much CRO you need to buy in order to stake for your chosen card tier.

                      Now exit that screen, go into Accounts > Crypto Wallet > Crypto.com Coin and tap on Buy. Buy the amount you saw on the last screen, it might be worth adding a little buffer if the price is going up. If not, you can just repeat the process and buy a bit more until you have enough. Note, unless you're adding a buffer of a couple of hundred CRO, it's going to be near impossible to buy the EXACT number of CRO you need as the price is moving all the time.

                      If the price is going down then you shouldn't have this issue because you will have already purchased enough the first time.

                      Now go back to the staking screen and when it asks how you want to pay, scroll down and tap on the CRO you already have in your wallet, ignore the credit/debit card option.

                      Hope that doesn't confuse you, if it does let me know :)

                      • +1

                        @bonezAU: Thanks, this information would be quite handy for new users to the crypto.com app, because by default, once you sign up and login to the app, it directs you to apply for the debit card straightaway. Once you hit the CRO stake screen, the only option was credit card. I had to exit out of the credit card signup screens to try and see if I could do a bank transfer instead, thanks to all your comments. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known there was a bank transfer option.

                        • +2

                          @geek001: Card payment used to be the only way to do it back when I signed up, but now they have the AUD fiat wallet. Some things could certainly do with a bit more clarity in the app I agree.

                          New users get cc fees waived for the first 30 days, so as long as your currency in app is set to AUD you will be billed in AUD anyway. The overwhelming majority of banks will not treat it as an international transaction even though it's billed from another country. This is because they direct bill your card in AUD.

                          I would just avoid using a credit card and use a Visa debit card instead if you have access to one. Mastercard in Australia blocks crypto purchases, so you'd never have any luck with that. Also banks will often block crypto purchases made with Visa debit cards and you need to call them to get the block lifted.

                          See where I'm going with this? The AUD fiat wallet is much, much less of a headache even if there's an initial 24 hour delay to get your funds into the app.

                    • +1

                      @geek001: Not a credit card.
                      A debit card.
                      You load it with money.

                      And yes.musimh PAY-ID avoids any fees and charges

                      Re using a credit card to top up the CROVISA card if your bank tries to charge you as a cash advance. My advice :
                      Call the bank, and explain to them about this.
                      Find another bank.

                      • -1

                        @FredAstair: Just thought I'd share my experience even though this deal has ended now - regarding using a credit card to purchase CRO.

                        I used my 28 Degrees card for the $5000 stake - just in case there are FX fees.

                        Alas, I was charged a 3% "CASH ADVANCE FEE" on it —-> i.e. $150

                        I then called up Latitude Finance and explained it and they said cryptocurrency purchase is considered a cash advance.

                        I then asked if it can be waived on this occasion as a one time. They absolutely refused, saying that it simply cannot be done. They claimed that they can waive interest charges, late payment fees etc.

                        But for a cash advance fee it cannot be waived. The only way it can be "refunded" is if the transaction itself is refunded by the merchant (i.e. the $5000 charge by crypto).

                        Doesn't make sense to me - the cash advance fee is charged by 28 Degrees, and not by the merchant - same as interest, late fees - but they were adamant it cannot be refunded.


                        • @proudwanderer: Crypto was designed to disrupt and eventually kill legacy banks.

                          It makes sense for Latitude to be a pita when the bottom line is being rug pulled.

              • @FredAstair: Thanks for the info. Just a Q on the spotify cashback. Do you have to actually setup to pay spotify with it each month or do you just automatically get that amount of CRO "to pay spotify"

                • @lestat87: It's a reimbursement so you have to pay first then they will give it back to you.

                • @lestat87: If you pay using your CROVisa card it's automatically repayed.

          • @ChillBro: Yes. I wouldnt recommend using it for credit,

        • +1

          @geek001 you can top up with bpay. However there is a disclaimer that says future AUD withdrawals can only take place via NPP (new payments platform which is payid)

          • @OldGregg: Does that mean you can't withdraw from ATM's any longer with it?

            • +2

              @FredAstair: You certainly can, the AU physical cards have much more generous ATM limits than the old SG cards:

              $2,000/ day
              $10,000/ month
              $75,000/ year

              So far nobody has been able to test which banks offer fee free ATM withdrawals, or if no banks do then which ones are low cost because only virtual cards have been launched so far. Physical cards should start flowing out in the next couple of weeks hopefully.

    • +2

      There are 2 active telegram groups: https://t.me/Cryptocom_AUNZ (official) and https://t.me/AUNZ_Cryptocom_Unofficial (not official). Honestly there's a lot to learn from the community. I find the unofficial one particularly helpful, even for help with the greater Crypto ecosystem and not just specific to Crypto.com.

  • My head hurts trying to understand this. So can I transfer any crypto to this account and spend it and it converts to fiat in the background? My understanding is all crypto (in Aus at least) is classed as property and therefore a cap gain event occurrs when sold.

    • I had a spare $150 of spare BTC lying around. I funded the card yesterday and it converted the BTC into AUD and that balance was available in the card. So I imagine if BTC halved in price tomorrow, I'd still have $150 to spend on the card.
      Regarding your tax question I believe you're generally correct about the capital gains event but it gets tricky. It is possible to classify your crypto as a personal use asset when making regular transactions. See more info on the ATO website https://www.ato.gov.au/general/gen/tax-treatment-of-crypto-c...

    • +4

      Over earnings of $10000 yes.

      The visa card, although attached to the crypto app, is a separate entity.

      You top up this visa debt card with money you want to spend and with the card tiers you get a percentage of what you spend with it back in their coin. Which is doing great atm.

      Also you can use it as a way to use the money that you get if and when you sell your coins.

      It has other hold perks too, but the base one of Ruby is a win win if you already use spotify and you get 100% of it back,
      In essence you get to DCA $13/month with the coins.

      I just levelled up to their Jade tier for the netflix 100% rebate and free airport lounge access worldwide (yeah I know., not as tempting atm). And that I get 10% Back on the money I stake for this card.

      I treat crypto.com as one of my stable coin portfolio. Alongside the likes of Bitcoin, Etherium, and Algo.

      • Yeah I'm in a similar boat. I moved over a portion of my BTC, converted half to CRO and am using the growth on those to fund the card as needed. Thinking of upping to Jade but will see how the interest earned works on Ruby first

        • As long as you're not expecting to earn interest off the $500 you stake for Ruby. This only occurs from Jade tier and above.

  • +1

    same as the referral deal except benefits only 1 person

    just talked to support and cannot be stacked

    • +1

      I just spoke with Trish from crypto.com via their chat and confirmed the referrer will get the $25 bonus and the referee will get the $25 referral bonus + the $35 campaign bonus

      • weird

        The campaign is not valid with any other offers or promotional programmes.

        • I asked her to double check as I was posting it to social media and wanted to confirm the accuracy. She reaffirmed that both would be paid out.

  • I have gone to apply for the card and it says I need to stake for 180 days to get it, is that right or have I missed something ?

    • +1

      Yes thats correct. It's akin to locking money in a term deposit you can't touch for 6 months

    • To be absolutely clear, you need to continue to stake for as long as you want the benefits. Once you unstake, you lose all your benefits.

      • +2

        Technically speaking, not ALL benefits. Most, yes but you still get to retain a bit of the benefits. Use the toggle on their website to see what staked / unstaked card benefits look like.

        • How much min. to keep Spotify benefits?

          • @Skinnerr: That would be on the cheapest non-free card (ie Ruby), keep the CRO staked (locked) and you will have free spotify for life (or until you unstake / they discontinue the benefit).

          • +2

            @Skinnerr: $500 worth of cro (Ruby Red tier card)

    • Yes that's correct,

      I know I staked for the Ruby when I started with them this year, but in retrospect I should have bit the bullet and gone straight for the Jade Green.

      It is a diffeence of $500 for ruby versus $5000 for Jade, but with the Jade you get 10% interest on your staked amount. So pretty much you'd get the $500 worth for staking for the Ruby within the year.

      I was only new to crypto so, I was being over cautious at first.
      Don't get me wrong, even though I'm not a high wage earner, the card gave me over $200 of crypto coin in the 2% cashback over 6 months, and paid for mepy spotify too. So not grumbling.

      • Can you explain the 10% interest on the Jade tier card?

        Can't seem to find where it says that on the website.

        • +3

          Just note that the 10% interest is paid out in CRO (Crypto.com native coin). This automatically drops into your account every 7 days. This can be cashed out immediately (it is unstaked).
          You also get 2% (Ruby) or 3% (Jade) on purchases, again paid in CRO.
          Like the HSBC cashback card, but this is NOT required to be tap and pay (works for online purchases) and under $100. This is a great benefit to the card. Cashback comes in CRO instantly and is unstaked. There are exclusions (can't pay bank loans, tax bills, etc.).

          • @gtrain: Yes, exactly.

            Had me wondering why at first.
            Until I heard about the guy who used his card to pay a crap load in advance on his rent, and thus made a crap load more CRO from it.
            As it's now gone over double sincemive heard this, he'd be rolling around in glee over this move.

            Thus, you could imagine people doing this with their mortgages, and profiting big time.

            Also heard of a someone using it to buy things, and then return them for store credit, or, when they allowed it, to out the refund back in another card.
            Keeps the cashback without spending.

            Seriously wouldn't recommend this thouspgh as it's not a bank. If they caught you doing something like this they could probably just close your account.

            • +1

              @FredAstair: Makes total sense to me, there are a couple of things in the "I'm not sure if that will get me cashback" category, but I will just try to pay them and if I get nothing, then I know.
              You've done a great job answering peoples questions here BTW. I'm new to it, but gee it is fantastic so far!

              • +1

                @gtrain: Firstly. Thank you :)
                This is the advise I wish someone could have given me when I started, so happy to help others here.

                I love the card tbh.
                I also basically do what you do with it.
                If I buy it and I get cashback then, kool.
                If I don't then I use another card like my HSBC one that gives me 2% cashback for purchases under $100.

                As long as you go into with an open mind and know that prices can fluctuate (dramatically) and you want to use this as a medium term investment then it's the bees knees.

                Saying that I've also day traded coins on the app with some surprising successes.
                As the fees are around 3.5% I work on selling on a gain greater than 10% to ensure I'm not kidding myself that I'm profiting when I'm not.

                Also when I started I did it casino money style.
                -I'd invest in $100 amounts (easy as a nebie to glance at the prices and calculate the changes Eg: buy for $100. Coins increase to $110 value. So I'm up 10%—- later look into 'mark-up prices to know this better).
                -when I saw their value go to above $200, I'd sell $100 worth and know than I'm now basically playing with the casino's money and not mine.
                -after a while, you can learn how to play this game better and risk bigger amounts..
                -BUT… Just like gambling… Don't get what youre not prepared to lose, keep good records so you don't just recall your wins and forget your loses, and it can become very addicting if your let it.

                I'm at the stage than I'm now investing less in alt coins (I do still have a few) and more in stable coins (equiv. To blue chip shares) and enjoying both watching their prices increase, enjoying the CROVisa card perks, while staking my existing portfolio in their DeFi wallet at 12% (currently).

                I still spend a bit of time sharpening my knowledge (I’m still a newbie) of the other coins and looking which ones I may consider buyjng/selling.

                Oh.. and a word of caution. There’s people around every corner who will try and tell you that they know everything about crypto, which coins will moon, etc.. the majority of these are either scammers or people who head it from and friend, that heard it from a friend kinda person.
                I’ve met a handful of people (can count them on one hand) that I believe actually have knowledge in this field. And I’ve met a lot of people.

                On ozbargain site, this guy is one I’d consider shows he’s knowledgeable in this area:

                • @FredAstair: How do you get 12%?

                  Can you have the $5000 funds staked in the Visa card and get 12%? Thought it was only 10% in this case?

                  • @JHoliday: Dépends on your tier. At Jade (my current tier) I get %10.
                    Where I get higher rates if 12% is on their DeFi dApp. On thé défi app I can also tes take any interest earned back in to my staked amount.
                    FYI, one if then I put 5665 CRO in a few weeks ago. It now has 5780 CRO abs thus im earning %12.4 on 5780 CRO rather than my original 5665 CRO.

                    Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the Hugh difference between APR and APY interest it’s worth reading up on.

                    I want my credit card to charge me APR (although I never let credit cards make money off me, ever!)
                    And I want my staked amounts to earn with APY.

                    • @FredAstair: So just to confirm, they are two separate balances?

                      You have one staking for the card earning 10%?

                      And some separate funds in the DeFi app earning 12%?

                      • +3

                        @JHoliday: That is correct.

                        So my 7 month Crypto.com (CDC) journey.

                        Downloaded the CDC app and bought a few coins and built up my portfolio (currently it has 20 different coins).
                        Earned enough to be able to convert to CRO coins and stake for the Ruby Card (It was $400 to stake back then).
                        A month later I received the card and started earning back 2% on most of my purchases (including 100% back on Spotify Premium).
                        As my CRO coins increased in numbers I staked them on both the Crypto Earn (like a termed deposit between 2% for no lock in time frame, to 6% 3 month lock in time frame) and the Supercharger earn (a new one comes out every fortnight).

                        I kept researching coins and buying more in small amounts of $50 (Im a very skeptical guy).
                        When any coin doubled in value (actually slightly higher than double to counter the fees in selling-after the inital 30 days free of course) I'd sell off 1/2 of the amount of those coins and thus be left playing with 'Casino Money'.
                        If those coins doubled again (sometimes even if >40% increase) I'd sell off some more.

                        I then also started selling those profits back into CRO coins.
                        I was still teething my way through the CDC app so hadn't ventured to the Defi dApp or the CDC exchange app (also our son was born in April so it limited my time in gaining knowledge in crypto a tad).

                        With a new baby comes added expenses. So I was loving getting back all the extra CRO from the cashback (I'd now gone from using our HSBC card, that gave 2% cashback on tap and go purchses, to solely using the CDC Ruby card for ALL purchases eligible for the cashback, much to my Wife's dismay… Bless her for having faith in my ventures).

                        I was now DCAing on a couple of stable coins (after my further research, and following the old 'don't put all eggs in one basket' adage).
                        I had the added advantage of already studied how to trade on the stock market and had a fair grasp on 'Candlestick Charting' (recommend this if you want to more than HODL) and so I was setting alarms (similar to stopgap with the stock market- know when to hold and when to fold) for all my coins to ping when they went up or down by a certain percentage.
                        These alarms were set on my iPad and set so they wouldn't alarm between 10pm and 5am (for sanity sake). As the crypto market isn't 9-5 like the stock market the prices can vary 24/7 so I wanted to watch them when I was able.

                        I bought the stable coins of Bitcoin and Etherium and even some Cardano (yes, this last one is longest term investment coin so far) and even when I saw the indicators both through the charting and keeping up with the news I'd sell some of the coins and then buy back when the looked like recovering (FYI… I never listen to mainstream media news- except for a giggle at their crypto coin doom and gloom pictures).

                        After 6 months I was earning enough to drop a day of work a week (not that I did, or recommend anyone to do so). I was on my way to having enough CRO to stake for the Jade Card (Which was $4000 then. I missed that and paid $5000 Stake).

                        I just kept adding more to my coins portfolio and collecting interest earned from their CDC earn and Supercharger.

                        In the interim, the more I had made the more I became concerned of losing it through hackers (not through coin crashes). Even though CDC does have great protocols and procedures and even insurance (more than most of the others) so started researching in soft wallets and hard wallets (I haven't yet ventured to a hard wallet though).

                        Thus I also learnt about dApps and thus downloaded the CDC dApp of Defi Wallet. Well… Once i did this things really started to take off financially.

                        I then learned about the CDC exchange after hearing that CDC spread was higher than some others, even though I wasn't paying any fees with CDC as I was sending AUD to my CDC fiat wallet and buying the coins without the 3.5% fee that they have.
                        (Re fees: I tried this recently- I joined Coinbase and purchase $100 AUD of BTC, and did the same with CDC app. Overall I ended up paying more through Coinbase that with CDC. Coinbase: $100 BTC at slightly better rate with a $3.64 fee. This only $96.46 worth of BTC. On the CDC it was slightly higher rate, but got $100 of BTC which worked out slightly higher. With bigger purchases, it would work out even better).

                        Now I'm PAY-ID sending AUD to my CDC Fiat wallet, and converting them to USDC coins (1:1 ratio), sending these USDC coins to the CDC exchange and putting in a price I want to buy a coin at and wait for that order to be filled. Once filled I then send these coins back to either the CDC app or wherever its most profitable to leave them (eg: if CRO, they go straight to the defi wallet for big returns)… All of this coin movement with no fees btw.

                        I know this was a long winded answer, but thought that this might also help answer any onlooker questions as well.

                        • @FredAstair: Thanks for the detailed reply. Wouldn’t it cost less in fees to use XLM or LTC for the transfers instead of USDC?

                          • @JHoliday: Possibly. I haven’t looked into that.
                            I’m relatively new to the exchange side of CDC.

  • +11

    The app has considerable spread so I would recommend buying the CRO token on the crypto.com exchange if possible. I have owned the crypto.com card for almost 2 years and it's been my daily use card since then.
    I want people to be aware that crypto is cyclical and many are predicting that we are at the tail end of a bull market. Once the bull market ends crypto usually drops like a rock and doesn't recover for several years. I love the crypto.com card but I wouldn't recommend anyone to stake for 6 months at this moment. I just basing this on history and I could be wrong.

    • +2

      Well said, Sir.

    • -1

      Correct. You are basing it on history,
      Bitcoin has already rewritten history.

      It just broke the predicted high again recently,

      Yes, there are some predicted drops about to occur in December.
      Not sure I'd agree with the 'several years part'.
      No one knows this.

      If you are in this for a get rich quick thing then yes.. It might not be the best time.
      Most are HODLing, thus 4 years is nothing to them anyway.
      For me, I'd love for it to drop again,,
      Because id buy more.

      There are some great resources inline for how long it would take to make your money back from the card staking.

      • +1

        Bitcoin in 2013 peaked at $1200 then retraced 85% and took until March 2017 to reach those highs again. Bitcoin again reached a new all time high in December 2017 the retraced again by 85% taking until December 2020 to beat that high again.
        If we are going off history then once the bull run has peaked then we won't see that high for another three years.
        If one of my friends asked my advise on getting the crypto.com card first I would say is I don't know what's will happen in 6 months time. Secondly it's my opinion that the price would be lower in 6 months.

        • You can say that.
          Many said that about CRO 12 months ago.
          It’s now over $1.00 value.

          I guess having a system where people HODL abs can’t panic sell helps that fact, and anyone holding this coin.

    • +1

      But you can keep using the card and you'll still get your staking rewards (based on % spent?) through the bear market. Can cash all the CRO at the next bull run.

      • Exactly. And the lower the CRO value the more you earn.

        I read forums where people bought in at 8cents and when it went to 20c they were over the moon.

  • Any deals for Baileys?

    • This is as close as you can get to Baileys without gettin' your eyes wet.

    • Sorry what's baileys?

      The only baileys I kmow of is what I put with ice and drink.

  • +1

    Damn I applied for a card a week ago!

    • +2

      CRO increased almost 50% in the last week. You did not lose any money bro~

    • Me too! Damn!! I'm still waiting on the name verification but hopefully that goes through soon!

  • +1

    Don't send aud to buy CRO for staking and card application. It needs payment using debit or credit card for CRO for metal cards.

  • Had my visa metal card for almost a year now. What's the major difference between then and now? Does getting it shipped from overseas make the card less useful?

    • I also have the metal card issued from Singapore. I'm pretty sure we will get our cards reissued to the Australian ones soon.
      Some of the advantages are
      -Faster issuance of cards
      -We can top up the card with AUD instead of SGD.
      -Spending limits will increase
      -Virtual cards can be released (and hopefully Apple pay and Google pay soon after)
      -We can use the card in Singapore(We currently cannot)
      -For me Paypal and various other websites don't accept my card and I think it being from Singapore is the issue.
      -Currently my card also doesn't work with Australian Spotify but does with Singapore Spotify, so this would probably change.

      • Haha yes. Having to sign up with the singaporean spotify was annoying as it requires multiple additional steps which wasn't clear!
        Hoping there will be less fees involved as well with these new Aus version cards.

        • The only bad thing is I am using the Spotify Family plan which costs less in Singapore and is fully covered by the rebate. In Australia I think I will have to pay about $2 more after the rebate.

          • @bsm2122: That's $2 worth of CRO for you to HODL.
            I think this will be an advantage

        • Not for me. Did it with my vpn. Worked out cheaper than the aus one.

          • +1

            @FredAstair: I have the Singapore Spotify at the moment but when we change to Australian issued cards I think we will have to use the Australian Spotify.
            The max rebate amount for Spotify is USD$12.99 per month.
            The Singapore family plan is SGD$16.98 or USD$12.70
            The Australian family plan is AUD$18.99 or USD$13.97
            So about AUD$1.33 won't be covered by the rebate.
            Not really that big of a deal but something negative about the move from Singapore to Australian cards.

            • @bsm2122: True, but not needing to exchange your money from AUD to SGD and then back into AUD will négative most of that.

              Another idea is to get your partner involved.

              I’ve heard that (don’t quote me as it’s someone else’s words) that they somehow gain extra bonuses by taking turns on who pays the restaurant bill with the card. I think that they other sends money to them and this gains more bonus.

              Not sure how that exactly works though.

              Just an ozbargainer type of thought….

  • Just wonder can I use this VISA to pay for Netflix's Argentina/Turkey ?

    • Yep, I've been doing this for a while now

      • Noob question. If the card only contains crypto (ie. not fiat) how do you then pay for stuff like Netflix?

        Edit: I can see you can top up the card with fiat too. So I guess when you pay for stuff like Netflix, you will be paying from the fiat side of account right?

        • +2

          Yes. And reimbursed for spotify (netflix at Jade card and above) in CRO coins.

  • Will you get the card after staking CRO immediately or after staking CRO 6months?

    • You get it more or less immediately. Took me 24 hours after staking

      • Gotcha. It's just that after staking I won't be able to remove my CRO after at least 6 months. Thanks for that

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