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11% off + $0 Delivery Fee @ DoorDash


Pretty good deal from DoorDash considering the free delivery - fuiyooooo!

Part of the Singles Day - valid on the first 11,000 orders only haiyaaaa

Referral Links

Referral: random (1286)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $20 credit once referee places an order over $20.

Check the web page heading before joining. Some referrals give the old (inferior) offer of 30% off 3 orders (up to $15).


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2021.

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  • +7

    +1 for the name, the deal is good too will get for lunch

  • -1

    just use a new email and get 50% off every order

    • Do they need a mobile phone as well or just email?

    • Could they ban you for this?

    • -1

      Doesn't work. You need a new credit card for each account.

      • no u dont

      • +1

        Does work, you just gotta know how :)

        • I never get the 50% off code, only happened twice. Always get free delivery but that's meh relatively. Any tips?

      • They are probably using Revolut disposable cards in the app

        • +2

          no i use same card. just make new emails when needed

  • +1

    i also got 25% & 50% off up to A$15 when i checked offer section. prob targetted but make sure to check those too.

  • +9

    Also 13% cashback on gift cards via shopback. May be extra 4% cashback on gift cards with Revoult

  • +1

    Thanks, combined this deal with the Papparich deal.

    2 Nasi Lemak $18.20 delivered.

    • they prob removed it now… doesnt stack anymore

      • Yes they probably did, managed to put my order through beforehand.

    • Doesn't let me combine the discounts unfortunately :/

    • I couldn't even get that $10 anymore, eventhough it's still showing on the menu, not sure what's the promo code is

    • How did you do that? It won’t let me apply both promotions. Also if I try to order one I get a $3 small order surcharge 😒

  • +1

    ken'oath just got a fat kebab meal for $9 with referral

  • +5

    A true Uncle Roger would choose those restaurants with highest delivery fee to maximise discount for this day :)

  • Can we pre order using this code?

    • Yes

  • +1

    Bought dinner, thanks Unky Rog!

  • +2

    Table for one please …

  • does not give me free delivery … just 11% ..something wierd

    • hmm, also didn't get the free delivery…

    • I just tested and it does for me

    • +1

      discount includes the amount of delivery fee

  • +1

    Thanks OP you cringes me out

  • +1

    Just redeemed, got both 11% and free delivery.

  • Does DoorDash, gives any option to place order for some order day using the coupon code? Coz I guess coupon code is only valid today?

  • +2

    Is the app reaaaallly struggling for anyone? Can’t get in on the website either.

    • Yep I haven't been able to navigate the site properly for about half an hour.

    • yeah its terrible, app and browser

    • Yep. My order isn't showing in the app. Only can view on there website.

  • Tried to pre order for weekend and restaurant cancelled order without explanation

  • +3

    Wow, talk about a (profanity), it's been an hour since driver picked up order and then on top of that they drove wrong way (I am 5-6 mins away driving time). Ended up cancelling order. Unfortunately can't use the coupon a second time even though Doordash completely (profanity) that up.

    • contact support? surely they’d give another

      • +2

        There are currently 945 people ahead of me on live chat

        • +1

          oh god hahah bad luck

          • +3

            @iDrownFish: haha they said no way, no refund since I'd cancelled - I then said well, what do you expect me to do since it was two hours from time of order. Ended up getting $5 credit :|

    • This is a common practice done by food delivery drivers. They want to get as many deliveries done in a short span of time, so they pick up multiple orders at once. So when you're tracking your order, they're often seen driving the wrong way, but they're just picking up other orders. It really annoys me as it's happened to me before and my food is stone cold when it arrives late. The only thing you can do is give them a bad rating or contact support and complain.

      Or better yet, if you want to support a local restaurant, call them up and pick up the order (if within a reasonable distance). More money goes in their pockets, your food is ready quicker and is guaranteed to be fresh.

      • Ordering direct wouldn't have given me 11% off and free delivery.

        TBH this is the first time I've ever had any issues with Doordash

  • Got discount and free delivery. Doordash always worked better on desktop than mobile app. The only time I had issues with doordash, they gave me double the credits.

  • Bought Dinner too! saved 8 bucks in total.

  • Tried kfc, code not accepted

  • Lord Grant me the strength to withstand the delicious temptations of cheap, free delivered food. 🙏

  • Not working for me at all. Seems to have been used up

  • Yeah just tried to order and code is not being accepted

  • Wtf, my service fee has now increased to 10% (2% on all previous orders). Other people I know still have 2% service fee. Pretty unfair that they charge different rates to people.

    • Did you have Dashpass? That drops the service fee from 10% to 2%.

    • The dodgiest part of the food delivery business. They already have increased prices in the menu as well as delivery fees, and then they started to add on service fees as well.

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