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Google Pixel 6 128GB $792 + 2500 Telstra Plus Points @ Telstra


This deal is back in stock. Won't last too long. Just bought one, you can also pay monthly.


Note: Pixel 6 and 6 Pro only comes with a USB-C cable. USB-C 30W wall charger and Pixel Stand 2nd Gen wireless charger is sold separately.

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      I think camera this is better and newer.

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      If you can put up with Samsung bloatware and higher cost… Wait, what am I saying, yeah nah, just get this

  • Is it actually in stock for delivery? Or in stock for backorder delivery in Jan 2022?

    How can they be in stock, when so many people have backorders.

    • The 6 Pro is the one on backorder I think. Pixel 6 is usually in stock.

    • I hear that they received some more stock. It could just be a rumour too.

    • "Available now with free delivery."

      I take this to mean it's in stock

  • ugh i keep getting verification error for two step authentication even after adding my number and everything

    • Did you go to your account setting and click verify?

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    Thanks OP, bought one.
    The Telstra checkout system really needs an upgrade, so primitive.

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    Thanks OP picked up one and used about 50,000 points I had to bring it down to about $650/-

    Good replacement for Mrs Camelthief's aging Pixel 2.


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      I'm not so sure, I never saw the pixel 5 go below $750, and only during sales. And people weren't exactly thrilled about the phone. Maybe I've just seen more advertising for this but people seem excited about it. That said if it goes to $800 I'll get one.

      Anyway thanks for the heads-up OP, I got a non-pro and will hand-me-down my 5 to my gf to replace her pixel 1 which gets about 3 hours of battery life which she's been stubbornly hanging onto.

      • 3 hours SOT?

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          Ha, no, that would be bearable. 3-4 hours full stop. Decent amount of phone calls though for work. She WFH though, so plugged in most of the day.

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            @danwylie: And shuts down without warning at about 45% reported battery level. Up until a few weeks ago at least it would warn that it was running low.

            • @danwylie: That battery is so dead! A shame because Pixel 1 is the only phone with unlimited full resolution Google Photos backup.

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                @Fobsessive: Ha, funnily enough she couldn't care less about that. Rarely takes a photo, just some occasional happy snaps, she was totally happy with her old Moto G5 until she dropped it one too many times and the battery swelled up, even though the camera took a full like 7 seconds to load. We're very different when it comes to tech use. She'll cheerfully use the hand-me-down pixel 5 until I upgrade to whatever, and will definitely complain about the lack of a headphone jack.

            • @danwylie: I had the same issue, get the app accubattery and set the design capacity to the current estimated capacity.

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                @ShouldIBuyIt: I think it's past saving at this point

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                  @danwylie: You can still use it as a proxy to upload all your pics in original quality. That's what I do, once in a while I sync both my phones and then use the Google photo free up space options to delete pics from internal storage. Working a treat.

                  • @ShouldIBuyIt: Oh interesting, maybe I'll set that up once the new one arrives. Thanks for the heads up.

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      Pixels always drop value fast

      Not true. The Pixel 3a XL stayed at $800 for two years. Even when they dropped the price of the 3, the 3a XL never budged

  • Thanks for the post OP, missed out first go but got in this time :)

  • Got it! Thanks OP!

    I hadn't logged in to my Telstra Plus account in over a year and am no longer even with Telstra (with Woolworths $120 per year).

    Looks like the price can be lowered to $768 for 11,100+ points (cheaper for more points). I was unable to lower the price any more with my 4550 points. It can also be paid off over one year ($66 per month) or two years ($33 per month) BUT not if you're a prepaid customer.

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    Interesting if you have no longer have services with Telstra you can still get the 2500 points via vaccination reward and can buy stuff on the store

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    I work in a Telstra Store, even if the phone is showing as out of stock online in the rewards store you can still redeem in store if they have stock.

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      Keep in mind though that if you do it in store you will have buy it outright. We can't do points to lower monthly repayments instore.

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        From my three weeks use of the phone I can personally say it's an amazing phone for only $792. The fingerprint scan issue really isn't as big of a deal as reviews would make out, occasionally you'll have to scan it twice. The only real drawback I have noticed is battery life. If you're a heavy user it probably won't last you the whole day.

    • Can ask off topic? Netgear NightHawk M.5 not in stock online, is it actually possible to buy it in store?

      • Yeah definitely, almost all stores in my state have MK5 in stock. The new $85 5g home plan might also be worth considering. Regularly seeing 300+ down speeds.

        • Didn't find in Victori that modem. Any chance to be send interstate?

  • can you buy in store rather than wait for delivery?

    • I'm wanting to know this too. I dont like delivery on expensive items. Watched too many vids where packages are thrown or dropped.
      Would rather drive and pickup myself. So i've decided to wait for in-store stock.

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        Watched too many vids where…

        Jesus if you're going to live you life by what you watch on the internet you'll never do anything.

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    Got my 6 on the JB Hi Fi trade in bonus deal, only $49 out of pocket after trading a 4a 5G and a 5. Early days but a definite upgrade to the 5. Fingerprint works well for me. Even the basic 6 is significantly larger than the 5, which came as a surprise. It’s very slippery to hold and I’m hanging out for my Spigen case to arrive.

    • +2

      I'm happy with my P5. I don't need you to suggest to me otherwise ;)

      The temptation is strong. Though the P5 recent upgrade to Android 12 has been refreshing

      • +2

        I love my P5 and will stick with it, the size is perfect for me.

        • +3

          I love the size of the P5 and it still runs like a dream, but I still have an urge for the new shiny. Un/Luckily I didn't pull the trigger on this deal when I had the chance and it's expired now.

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    $984/355,000 points now?

    • +1

      Yeah, showing same here now.

      • Damn. Ah well, next time.

  • For me it shows ::

    5,000 points + $984
    Seems deal is finished :(

  • when i log in i get Pixel 6 5G 128gb 22,000 points gets it to $936

  • Anyone know of a good place to get a Pixel 4a or 5a?

    Why is the 4a so expensive compared to the 5a?

    • +1

      5a is not officially released in Australia. 4a is not in production anymore.

  • Text message received:

    Hi xxx, exciting news. Your reward ABC is now on its way to you. We'll let you know when it arrives.

    • Damn no luck shipping today for me. Was hoping Monday delivery, ah well

    • nice, easy as 123
      same no delivery update for me neither

      • Got a text about 9pm, I guess there were a few shipping waves. Due Monday! Sadly case I got from eBay with express shipping (ebay plus) ended up with Aramex so maybe I'll get that before Christmas.

  • Thanks OP, got the 6pro 128gb and 100k points for $792. Didn’t ship today though and got it this morning ;( was being a bit wishful though

    • 100k points for $792

      100k points must take a long time to collect it.

    • Wow, 100k points.. is that a deal though? the deal was for $792 + 2500 points for pixel 6. Not sure what was the deal for 6 pro, but 100k + $792 sounds normal to me. I would have waited a week or so more for some good black friday deals. Just saying..

  • Thanks OP, got the 6 256gb:
    Pixel 6 5G 256GB Black
    Telstra Plus Points (used)

    6,100 points
    Price (incl GST)


    Just don't know when I will get it. I cancelled my Google Store order because the ETA was a month from now.

  • Stupid question but I'm guessing you need to be a Telsta customer to acquire Telsta points?

  • Any ideas on shipping times… trying to decide how much I need to rush getting a case… I can get a thinner one in a week or wait multiple weeks for the thicker cases I would rather. Not to mention the what seems to be a coin flip of screen protector market being sold out well into december with no ideas what will work with fingerprint scanner… Second guessing this near impulse purchase

    • Received the shipping notification for my Pixel 6 order yesterday. Shipped via Startrack. Should have it Monday according to the tracker, so shipping is fast.

      • mine just arrived. in horrendous red color even though I ordered the black one, crying :-(

        • Oh that sucks. Mine came today too got the text about shipping at 9:40 and got it at 10:20 which totally makes perfect sense. Luckily I got the colour I picked (Seafoam green). Though trust you want a case anyway I know I wont be seeing my colour once the case arrives

          Hopefully they can sort you out and get some credits to make up for the trauma caused

          • @DisabledUser225272: I received the text about 2 min before the delivery :-) The telstra shop selects red by default which is fishy a bit, why make such bad color the default choice. Sorting out seems to be a problem as the support already already redirected me to the Telstra Plus, gonna take days. Oh well…

        • Oh mate, happened to me too. I ordered seaform green but received coral. I was pretty sure I ordered green, but when I checked the initial order confirmation email, it was mentioned coral there. So I thought I made the mistake and somehow selected the wrong one. Looks like its their system screwing it up… Oh man, I have already opened mine, what are my options? What did u do? Besides crying.. which I am too, btw.

          • @ggbhai: It's a colour. Get a quality solid colour case such as from Caseology (see progadgets)

            • @BugsBunnyAUS: I already bought a case and it is in flight but until it arrives, I cannot even look at the phone without barfing, and I cannot take the case off the phone ever, this is too much annoyance for 800$ phone which was supposed to be one awesome experience :-)

            • @BugsBunnyAUS: Yes, its a colour, Seaform Green to be exact, that I wanted.. that they stuffed up. See, my plan was to get a clear or translucent case that can show off the phone colour. Not everyone prefers black/dark colours all the time.

              • @ggbhai: FWIW I'm the same and got the Seafoam and love it.

                Also…when I ordered from the Plus store, I was sure I picked the right colour but in the cart it showed something different. So I removed and re-added to make sure the Sorta Seafoam was selected. I think perhaps changing storage size defaults back to the Coral? Not sure. Good luck getting the one you want. Not trying to minimise your disappointment but it's still an incredible phone.

                • @BugsBunnyAUS: Thanks, yes it is an incredible phone indeed, red still looks ok. But this was actually a gift to my brother overseas, and he prefers the green colour, hence my plan to get the clear case. But I don't think I have any other option but to accept it since I need to dispatch it quickly and can't wait for Telstra to fix the issue, if they even do. And I am not a Telstra customer anymore, so not sure what my chances are. I am just extra disappointed coz this was a gift. Oh well, can't do much but move on.. classic Telstra, probably why I am not with them anymore, just had to use up the remaining points.

                  @aik hope you get yours sorted. Do update if you get a resolution.

                  • @ggbhai: They called and said "you opened the box, no returns, bye". I escalated but I am pretty sure now I'll have to put to gumtree unless the case arrives soon enough to cover up that horrendous color :-)

                    • -1

                      @aik: Oh no, sorry to hear that. I wasn't optimistic with them anyway. I wonder if this was deliberate. They knew about this flaw in their system and made the least popular colour as the default option, and hoped the customers will open the box so they can count is as a sale. This red/orange one is the least popular one: https://9to5google.com/2021/11/04/poll-what-color-pixel-6-6-...

          • +1

            @ggbhai: So far the Telstra support sent my problem to the Telstra Plus support (a different team!), the "up to 48 hours" has not expired yet.

            • @aik: I got sent the wrong colour too! I'm sure I selected black but mine came in the pinkish.

              I checked my receipt and the pink one is listed as what I chose. It must be a system error.

              Such a headache trying to find out how to return it. Phone staff say they don't handle Plus requests and webchat just tell me they've raised a ticket but no one contacts me..

              • @kuwahshi: The Plus stuff have called me and we spent 20min arguing and they raised ticket further up (I asked "may I speak to your manager"). Now it is "3 to 5 business days", they gave me no number but promised they will call back. Waiting.

                • @aik: Anyone had any luck returning the phone? Each time they call they say they will get back to me but can't guarantee a return/refund.

                  I think they're going to insists it's my mistake I ordered the wrong colour, but surely it's a system error if we all received the wrong one..

                  • @kuwahshi: no, nothing. The "3 to 5 business days" has not expired yet. And they insist it is "change of mind" and not fault.

                    • @aik: If people that have had this issue wouldn't mind pming me there case numbers that would be great. I can provide mine too. Might be useful if there's a few of us documented with the same issue.

                      • @kuwahshi: my case number is 23428636

                      • @kuwahshi: oh btw how does the warranty work in this case if I sell the phone on gumtree? There was no receipt of any kind from Telstra :-/

                        • @aik: Thanks mine is 23728311.

                          I did wonder that too. I wasn't sent a real real receipt in the mail or email. Just a shipping confirmation.

                          I think it's covered under warranty by Google though. I had an old Pixel I bought from JB HIFI and when I had issues with it Google sent me a refurbished one

                          • @kuwahshi: I poked them again. "The team is working, wait for 5-7 business days". The wait is getting longer and longer… And still do not know if they will take the opened phone.

                            • @aik: Meanwhile received 10000 points for my patience. and still no progress on return (if or when).
                              The case number now is different - 24023641 :-)

                              • @aik: today the support suddenly said I can swap the phone in any Telstra shop. Turns out most Telstra shops in ACT are franchisees and they have own stock, quite a twist :-) There is just one really, in Belconnen and I am on the opposite side of the ACT, and they do not pick up the phone :-/

                                • @aik: I went to a Telstra store and asked them to lodge a complaint and hold onto the phone until it was resolved. They got back to me after a week and are offering a refund.

                                  • @kuwahshi: my local store refuses to take it back as the box is open so I am back to online chatting. two more case numbers. I think this is their strategy to send me back and forth until I give up.

  • I got a text message on Friday saying mine was on the way, but I havnt received any shipping or tracking information. Is this the same as everyone else?

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