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London Return on Singapore Airlines: from SYD $1154, MEL $1181, ADL $1483, CBR $1496, BNE $1505, PER $1774 @ Beat That Flight


This is even cheaper than the deal from two weeks ago!

5-Star Singapore Airlines has a great price on to London, with just a stop in Singapore enroute. There are often plenty of options on the dates as well timewise, with different stopovers, so be careful to decide when if you'd like a short stopover, or time to explore the airport/city.

All flights include checked luggage, food, movies.

I've searched and picked a selection of the best prices available that I could find (takes too long to search every possible date combo!)

Dates searched from Feb to August, but for example the cheapest from SYD/MEL are in Feb/Mar, while BNE has cheaper flights in the UK summer. So if you're wanting to go from Brisbane in Feb, consider a flight to SYD first?

Hotels in London are available to search too

Also you'll want to check out all the applicable covid-related rules for your journey, especially if travelling on in Europe, and I recommend investing in some travel insurance!

Sydney to London

Dates: 01 February 2022 - 31 August 2022

Melbourne to London

Dates: 01 February 2022 - 31 August 2022

Brisbane to London

Dates: 01 February 2022 - 31 August 2022

Adelaide to London

Dates: 01 February 2022 - 31 August 2022

Perth to London

Dates: 01 February 2022 - 31 August 2022

Canberra to London

Dates: 01 February 2022 - 31 August 2022

You can follow us at Beat That Flight for more deals, error fares, promos and sales, and also have a look at our current best found prices by other users by city - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Cairns, Canberra.

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  • +3

    Damn, that's cheap…

  • +8

    Thanks, love to, but need the confidence I won't need to be forcibly quarantined because I or my family get Covid overseas - or even on a flight with someone else who has it…

    Once everything calms down we'll definitely be on our way.

    • +13

      Covid is not going away

      • +13

        Clearly OP was referring to the rules regarding what would happen if you catch it, not covid itself reducing

      • +5

        Which is the problem.

        UK vaccination rates are not as high as Australia (NSW / Victoria). 30k+ cases a day plus booster shot time and they better get a move on. Netherlands is going back into partial lock down, going to be an interesting Christmas.

    • +2

      chances of getting coivd over a six month period in a high outbreak setting while fully vaccinated is 6%,

      • +3

        97% of statistics are made up?

        • +5

          99% chance you're incorrect

          • @iand: According to the tool, for an unvaccinated 65-year-old female patient in Victoria, where transmission would be considered high, the chance of contracting COVID-19 over six months is 32,000 per 1,000,000

            • +2

              @mokr: If Victoria is considered “high” then what is the UK.

              • @chriise: Consider that parts of UK are more heavy then others

                London isn't doing that bad

            • -3

              @mokr: When you say the tool, I presume you're referring to Dan Andrews?

        • No he said coivid not covid, he could be right.

  • Thanks for posting! Is it possible to buy ticket and upgrade to business or do you reckon there's going to be business class deals in the future?

    • +2

      Honestly there's business class deals now. Try the cheap dates and just select business class from the menu at the top. It's worth searchign tho, because, say, for one of the Sydney dates above, a business class search shows ANA is the cheapest on those dates in J.

      • Thank you! Will look into this (:

  • Thanks OP. Some reasonable prices for a change for MEL to LHR return… at least after June '22. A month ago it was closer to $1.8k Adult return when I check last on IWTF.

  • +1

    Anyone concerned about cancellation policies? I feel like the only real option at the moment is booking directly though the airlines who have flexible policies at the moment.

    • +1

      Even then expect refund in 3-6 months

      • +1

        Doesn’t really bother me, not getting the money back at all would though

  • +2

    Remember the pre covid circa $800 long layover in Beijing air China deals to the UK… Good old times

    • +1

      …and remembering those BC (Before Covid) days, wasn't even to do with the price.
      Just the price-less cost of freedom of getting on a plane, off a plane,
      travel and transiting somewhere without all of the controls, etc…

  • we had bought tickets leaving Sydney in April that we paid $1650 pp for. I wonder if they'd refund the difference if we changed the departure date to February???

    • +1

      They have "free unlimited flight change" supposedly, but I haven't read the conditions. Would be interesting if you could update if you get the difference back if you tried to change the date to a cheaper day. Probably only possible if you booked directly with Singapore airlines though, and even then it seems unlikely to get any money back.

      • Yes they did have policy with unlimited free flight change untill end of the year, and I just wondering if that's policy applies if the we book the flight under the third party online travel agency.

    • No

  • +2

    Booked directly. It says everywhere "complimentary changing just pay the fee difference" but never mentions anywhere whether they'll pay the difference if the new trip is cheaper! Even the April departures are cheaper now.

    Just tried changing the booking in the app. I don't see the low prices via this method. Low prices only appear for new bookings. Bastards!

  • bit early… wake me up when covidember ends

  • +1

    Any deal on business class op? Such a long flight and in midst covid, probably worth the additional costs

  • +6

    Anything without return? Getting my British passport to escape Melbourne and start again.

    • Yep, try same dates and choose one way!

  • Do we have to pay for the 72 hour PCR predeparture clearance or will one of the cheaper rapid antigen tests from supermarket do?

    • +2

      If flying via Singapore yes. (Not if you fly via Darwin then direct / no test required prior to departure). And must be done at recognised service. Therefore no free government test and not a DIY from the supermarket.
      Plus need test day 3 in UK. Plus tests on return.

  • +3

    Was going to moan about the $600 tax flying from Perth, then realised we might still be locked up in WA ! 😂

  • Who says inflation is high!

  • Damn who would have thought flights would be so low to London.

  • -1

    the destination with 50K case per day, no thanks!

    • +4

      Mate get used to it, COVID isn't going away. Be vaccinated and learn to live with it like the rest of the world

      • -2

        Risk my health and the venerable around me for corporation' profits? No thanks!

      • Well SARS could be eliminated. There was / is a local vaccine being made to prevent viral shedding. But they had little interest / support (what a suprise hey). So currently being trialed in Iraq. Letting go now seems a wasted opportunity. If Delta goes full MERS, then that's it, we're all done.
        This level of vaccine is something we really should have had in circulation before removing any borders etc. The elderly / vulnerable are really being shafted with the current vaccine. But no one cares until their own family is impacted directly. If it reaches MERS strength, then it's indiscriminant anyway.
        Hopefully the costs of PCR tests will limit the amount of people moving around because they simply want to vs needing to. I would also suggest making PCR tests non deductible for many businesses types.

  • +2

    Why is flying from Perth so much more expensive?
    Even from Adelaide.
    I can understand the volumes of people from Sydney/Melb etc, can make cheaper flights, .
    Are airport taxes dramatically more expensive from Perth?
    What's the reasoning behind that please?

    • -2

      Communism is NOT free!!!

    • Weirdly I can't get a link to it, but if you google Perth Airport Schedule of Aeronautical Charges it gives a breakdown of costs :/

  • 2 years ago we got Brisbane to London flights on Royal Brunei for $1100, and we're looking to go again this year in January to visit family, but so far nothing is that cheap from Brisbane.

    I'm not sure whether to book these Singapore flights now with a cheap Jetstar flight to Sydney (about $1400 total) or if waiting until more airlines pick up and fly from Brisbane again will get better prices. Hmmmmm.

    A quandary, indeed.

    • +1

      Considered Rex AIrlines? Just because they include luggage, and Jetstar would require it to be added.

      You may find, however, that when QLD reaches 70% or whatever the number is, that a number of airlines push out some deals :/

      • I didn't realise Rex included luggage, that's a hot tip! Unfortunately seems like they don't have flights from Brisbane yet, just the Gold Coast, so driving there and parking at the airport cancels out the savings.

        Still, thanks for the help! It does seem a bit ominous so few proper Brisbane flights are out yet.

    • If I was you, I would pay the extra $100 odd and book direct from Brisbane. You risk your flight from Bris-Syd being canned and missing your international flights, and it's unlikely the airlines will assist as they are booked under different tickets. Just something to think about.

  • Great prices but at least one of the legs to/from Australia is operated by Scoot, which I understand means no frills whatsoever. That’s not appealing.

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