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Gaming PC with i5 10600KF, RTX 3070 LHR, B460M Mobo, 16GB RAM, 480GB SSD, 650W 80+ PSU for $2099 Delivered @ PCByte


Hey all, spotted this 3070 deal on PCByte. The Mobo doesn't seem all that great for the build though.

Bundle Contains:

1x Intel Core i5 10600KF 6 Cores/12 Threads 4.1/4.8Ghz LGA1200 CPU Processor BX8070110600KF $309
1x Deepcool UL551 ARGB CPU Cooler 136mm LED Fan Intel ONLY R-UL551-BKAMAB-G-1 $29
1x ASRock Intel B460M Pro4 Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard $129
1x Adata DDR4 3200MHz 16GB (1x16) Desktop Memory OEM AD4U3200716G22-BADZ $99
1x Gigabyte 2.5" 480GB SATA Internal SSD 550MB/s GP-GSTFS31480GNTD $85
1x Galax NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 (1-Click OC) LHR 8GB Video Card 37NSL6MD2KCH $1499
1x Tecware Forge L ARGB Mesh Mid Tower ATX Case TG Black TWCA-FORGEL-BK $139
1x MSI MAG A650BN 650W 80+ Bronze Power Supply PSU $89

No Windows Operating System Installed

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    i'm an idiot. whats wrong with the mobo? something about not being future proof?

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      Intel ones rarely are when they change socket every gen,

      1 stick of RAM, 2 Fan 3070, storage for about 3 games in 2021 lol

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        did some research and found that b550m motherboards support faster ram (i think). maybe it's worth spending a few hundred more for double the storage, 2 ram sticks and another fan

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          b550 is AMD, unless you meant b560

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              @belongsinforums: Just a site that compares spec sheets, don't take anything from it

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                @celery juice: Ok thanks. Somewhere better to learn about pc components?

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                  @belongsinforums: I'd look around Youtube, theres a plethora of guides, educational videos and tutorials on there. Its the best resource you can have for getting into PCs

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                  @belongsinforums: youtube is a good way, I just did it part by part (or component by component)

                  Cases (Learn about airflow and sizes ATX/MicroATX/ITX)

                  Motherboards (Intel boards are b460/b560 z490/z590/z690 etc, AMD have b450/b550, x470/x570 and last over generations of CPU unlike intel, also work in sizes for ^ cases ATX/MicroATX/ITX)

                  Coolers (Whether Air coolers or AIO, keep CPUs cool whilst editing/gaming)

                  Processors/CPUs (Intel or AMD, each chip requires specific motherboards, eg 10600KF needs LGA1200 motherboards)

                  Memory/RAM (16GB of it makes multi tasking on PCs just seamless as opposed to any less)

                  Storage (3.5 inch Hard drives, 2.5 inch SSD's or M.2 NVMe are the go to here)

                  Graphics/Video Card/GPU (The most expensive piece that is currently inflated as all hell)

                  PSU/Power Supply Unit (Works in Watts and is dependent on your builds GPU and extras like fans and RGB)

                  Monitors (Knowing your resolutions/refresh rates panels and response times makes for better overall PC experience)

                  plenty of other things but get these down and in your head you'll be sweet.

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                    @DMak92: thanks a lot!

                    • -1

                      @belongsinforums: you should start mining tomkun, you're gonna be RICH like the rest of us here!!

                      • @non-LHR: need a 30 series gpu first!

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                          @belongsinforums: I don't know why you get voted down when your questions seem sincere enough, people here can be true a holes tbh.
                          Linus on YT is pretty good for the layman, but there is an Aussie guy who is pretty relevant too.
                          You need to ask yourself what you want out of your pc and then possibly check out YT vids for that specific.
                          Intel and AMD offer very different solutions just as AMD and nVidia do.

                          The major issue here is you're in a market where demand is higher than supply for GPUs so you're paying much higher than their intended RRP.

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                      @belongsinforums: No worries, I myself moved from consoles in 2018 i know how daunting all the new info can be haha

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                        @DMak92: i have issues with my current budget build so i want to get all decent parts to minimise risk of further issues (i have a shitty psu that might be causing my issues)

                        • @belongsinforums: OK PSUs are really easy to replace but there are a few PSU bargains to be had on here, keep an eye out as for around $100 you can get a steal.
                          Ironically enough I am still waiting for mine to arrive from this.

                          • @DisabledUser409314: The whole build is budget parts so I'm just replacing the whole thing because the graphical stutters drive me nuts

                            • @belongsinforums: Before spending any money, you need to understand 100% why you get stutters. It can be anything as simple as settings, or as complicated as or PSU which is aged enough to cause your GPU not to be @ 99% efficiency.
                              If it is a specific game you're having issues with, checking out videos for technical issues could be the 1st thing you want to do. Throwing money at a problem could only add to the problem.
                              It's hard to understand what the issue is with very little information but this topic needs it's own thread.

                              • @DisabledUser409314: 1) dota2 stutters/crashes/glitches even for pros in pro tournaments, so i think there are some unavoidable issues there.
                                2) lots of shit happening at once in a game makes any game shit the bed for my pc. i dont have spare parts to isolate the problem but i do know that lowering graphical settings prevents crashes.
                                3) i have one of those shitty allied psu from a techfast deal and the pc was damaged during shipping with a DoA gpu so there could be other issues that i simply want to move away from. i can gift the pc to someone else or use it as a spare so its no biggie

                                • @belongsinforums: Buy a whole new PC and fwiw DOTA2 is not that demanding.
                                  You do NOT need an expensive build, but the GPU will be expensive due to high demands.
                                  Set yourself a budget and work from there.

                                  • @DisabledUser409314: my rx 580 struggles with it even though, according to benchmark websites, it shouldnt. occasionally ill play more demanding games or do some video editing so i will buy a decent computer. probably will look for a deal on a 3070 for black friday

                                    • @belongsinforums: Not your GPU trust me, and don't throw money at a problem thinking it will solve it, I can say more than likely your PSU could be failing, so when the GPU ramps up, that's where you could have a power delivery issue.
                                      3070 is way overkill for your needs.
                                      For video editing I use Davinci Resolve, I have a 980Ti and I can edit fairly well with it.
                                      I run a 3700x and 32 GB RAM, mostly edit in 4K. It's a good solid rig but for gaming I choose Series X as I don't want games on the PC. I have too many problem solving matters when drivers get updated or w/e, I use my PC for making music.
                                      When you're ready to buy, you should start a forum over in discussions and that way many can assist you.

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    no os, b460m, single channel, questionable choice of ssd, noname case, bronze psu… yeah idk. but i guess you're buying these for the gpu.

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      Tecware - not sure about their cases but their Phantom mechanical keyboard is exceptional.

    • +1

      I've been pretty happy with the few Tecware products I've bought. Cooler, case and fans.

  • B460 can't run 3200mhz only 2933

  • Hows their after sales services? warranty claim easy or painful?

  • OP you mf

  • bunch of old bargain bin parts + a 3070


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