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[eBay Plus] $10 off $100-$499 Spend, $50 off $500-$999 Spend, $100 off $1000+ Spend on Eligible Items @ eBay


“Eligible Items” means items listed at on where a link to these terms and conditions and the coupon redemption code PLBFSS is found in the item listing, or the item appears in the following URL:

“Discount” means the amount saved per transaction as set out below:

Save $10 when you spend $100 - $499 in one transaction; or
Save $50 when you spend $500 - $999 in one transaction.
Save $100 when you spend $1000 or more in one transaction;

It seems the coupon code can be applied on some items that are not on the offer page. Try your luck.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Any caveats to look out for when buying refurbished iPhones from bigger Aussie eBay stores like Mobileciti?

    • tempted to buy it too

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      Not specific to eBay but generally used iPhones work really well. But do remember that any phone that is more than 2-3 years old will probably need a battery replacement soon.

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      My current iPhone 7 was a 'Refurbished' one from Mobile Citi. It was in fact a new one that Apple typically hands out for warranty replacements (Sealed in slim Apple Box) I'm tempted again as well. Has anyone else out there had the same positive experience as me?
      Edit I rang Mobileciti and can confirm they are pre owned so battery life will potentially be diminished.

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      Lately I've been looking at getting an older phone with touchid (iPhone 8 plus which is the last large phone with touchid) and found out a few things to look out for:
      - Some models can be overseas models and the one to be aware of is the Chinese mainland model that has Facetime audio disabled and they've removed the Taiwanese flag from emoji and renames or autocorrects 'Taiwan' to something like Republic of China. Something weird with wifi as well, they've changed it to 'wlan' and its slower than normal wifi.
      - Japanese models have the camera sound set to max and can't turn it down or off.
      - Other country models have facetime audio disabled as well.

      • Refurbed touchid can have issues.
      • Refurbed models are no longer waterproof guaranteed (pretty much means don't get them wet)

      This is general info, not related to any specific vendor. I've just noticed some sellers on eBay have picture of their iPhone with Chinese on the lockscreen and some state 'import model' in the description.

      I've also read some buyer feedback and they've received nothing close to sellers' description of the condition of the refurbed iPhones. That's put me off getting refurbed models. If I have to get one (still looking for a used model from a 'real' used seller with actual photos of the model they're selling and not stock photos) I'll look for one in-store so I can physically see it.

      • Thanks heaps. These are good tips to watch out for!

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        yup - I bought an as new iphoneX from ebay a few years ago and it was otherwise perfect but turned out to be a Japanese model with the max cam volume. Pretty annoying as it was for my partner and we had a bub on the way - you can imagine how the peaceful tranquility of a sleeping baby was shattered by a max volume happy snap :P

        • Ok thanks for this. Probably won’t buy from eBay now.

  • Hmm doesn't work on the items I actually need. 😅 Do Ebay still do $5 coupons for Plus users?

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    $10 off $100 spend also get $10 back

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