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$10 off (Min Spend $49) + Delivery ($0 to Major Areas) @ Pet Circle


If you used 2 previous coupons for $10 off:

Here is another coupon: number1petstore

Works with new or existing customers.

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    I can’t praise enough to order from Petpost Over Petcircle. A lot of products are cheaper and you hit the referral button on OB and get 15% off any time.

    • I don't know about products for other animals, I only buy for rabbits. PetCircle seems to be the cheapest one. I checked PetPost, and they are all higher price. Also, PetCircle has price match, if you can find anywhere selling cheaper, a quick online chat with supporter, you will have the cheapest price.

    • +1

      Wow I didn't know about the referral button. After 15% off they got best prices for Ziwi.

      • +2

        That’s what I’m talking about all the time when Petcircle pops up here on OZB, but all the time the Petcircle fanboys and girls vote me down most of the time ignoring facts!

        • +2

          Mate the problem is you sometimes make generalised remarks which are not true for everyone or all products. The products you buy/compare i do not for starters. Both are good stores with deals to be had. Just word it a bit better and you'll be fine.

      • +1

        Me either - just used to get 40kg of Black Hawk and 6 months of Nexgard for under $233! Thank you! Pet Circle was my go-to, generally good prices and super quick delivery, but that 15% plus lower prices on both those products made it impossible to go passed.

      • Ziwi Peak is currently 25% of as part of the Black Friday sale.

        I don't think their standard prices are cheaper, on some products.

  • +1

    With the current AusPost standard parcel service being almost paralysed, PetCircle delivers mine sooo quickly. I dwell in Oakleigh VIC and they send from NSW, only takes 2 days! Insanely fast to me.

  • +2

    Please stop with the codes!

    In the last month, I have spent more on my fluff ball than on myself in 1 year.

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